Industrialization is what made a middle class possible & what will destroy it.

How many desks or sweaters could a laborer make in a day? Just enough to subsist. With machines, enough for a small town. Pay rises.

Digital is on the same curve—cheaper but wider distribution.

The redistribution needed to sustain a middle class population of ex-laborers is both essential & destructive.

Work creates pay, but more importantly skills, purpose, discipline, socialization, resilience.

Money is necessary. Alone, it's poison.

Redistribution demands a fundamental re-calibration of education & life skills that can help you fill days in ways that *feel* meaningful & can take up a day.

But it still requires MARKETS. They provide pricing & essential value signals—even for simulated meaning.

Crypto & NFTs exemplify simulated meaning + markets.

An infinite, digital chasm of learning & busywork, yielding earnings from inventions w/no real-world utility.

Soon this will occur inside a game-like metaverse.

Our challenge is to add utility. Or improve the simulation.

• • •

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7 Oct
Tina Turner Sells Out🧵

This is a good analysis of why Tina just sold her catalogue & entire essence.

But the future of the music industry isn't that simple. The fates of distributors (Spotify, Apple, etc), labels, top artists & the rest vary wildly.

Music Distributors

Amazon, Google & Apple don't rely on music to make $'s & will only gain leverage over time.

I proposed in early 2018 that Spotify must pursue podcasts to become profitable. Since, it has.

Diversification means they'll all be fine.
Music Labels got a stay of execution. After years of sales declines, they were rescued by streaming. You can see how in this chart/thread.

The only value labels now offer is vetting & marketing. They need to more to thrive, but bought themselves time.
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6 Oct
So much about this Facebook whistleblower & her media pageantry seems conspicuous.

Especially her legal team's connections to powerful politicians and the CIA:…

Are they juicing public outrage as pretext for govt action? TBD
Hardly Rosa Parks, but I guess she's performing some sort of service for somebody. For the children? Everything is always for the children...until it isn't.

I really do resent always having to be suspicious of everyone's motives - public officials, media and other institutions. I'd much rather just trust their integrity, competence and expertise. But their history warrants scrutiny. So here we are.
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11 Sep
A 9/11 Lesson

I lived in NYC on 9/11. My mom worked at WTC & was rescued by a guy who pulled her into a subway station as the first tower was collapsing. She was missing for 10 hours. We feared the worst. Cell towers were down. She trekked through subway tunnels to Brooklyn.
The heaviest relief came when we finally reconnected. It never came for so many.

As the smouldering stench that permeated the city for months subsided, so did their hopes.

You'll hear plenty of platitudes today. But I try to take one lesson from that experience each year...
This year, that lesson is "freedom", but not in the way you think...

The same people who created the Taliban & Al Qaeda manipulated an emotional nation into a preposterous idea: imposing our definition of freedom on others - with war.

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7 Sep
In the last few years, journalism has failed is in so many ways.

A big part of the problem is expectations...
We are not on the same page as to what journalism should be - and need to decide soon. It might be too late, as the market has decided for us...

...and we need to adjust.

Many already are.

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6 Sep
Are friends and allies one and the same, or mutually exclusive?

Genuine question.
This is relevant but I'd distinguish between nations & individuals. I agree with de Gaulle not because France was unique but because nations can't be "friends". Too much personification. Allies is the best they can hope for. Thinking through individuals...
Analogously, I think of fans as allies. People who listen to my podcast, subscribe on Patreon, read my articles, share, comment, review - are allies in my mission to grow my voice. Few are friends. I don't hold that against friends - or expect to plan a vacation w/my patrons.
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29 Jun
It's wild that 800K voters decide who's mayor of a city of 8.4M.

Since there's no viable opposition party in NYC, the Democratic primary is the election.

What if @KGforNYC and/or @AndrewYang decided to mount a GOP or 3rd party campaign for November...?…
Bloomberg did this. His first win was as a Republican, then Democrat, then Independent. Some of his people are working w/Andrew Yang, so it's not inconceivable.

I'd say this shuts the door to a future in the Democratic party, but so does being an outsider or becoming NYC mayor.
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