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(2/147) know what? I'm tired. I have been browsing Twitter for the past couple days, looking at the NFT landscape and economics. I have seen many people promising money for everyone, so I bought an NFT for 186k dollars. I had to take a loan, but eventually someone will buy it
(3/147) for 500k, so of course it's worth it! But now I have found the other side of NFTs. There are many good for nothing villains out there saying that it's a bubble without understanding how they work. So many people who are jealous of the success of NFTs, and find joy in
(4/147) screenshotting, right click and saving, or whatever form of stealing NFTs they can find. And not only am I now a #Rightclickvictim, but even my wife is against me. She left to live with her parents, and she has been talking about custody of our two children. I can't
(5/147) believe this. The love of my life may actually be thinking about divorcing me because she can not understand the business of the future. I tried to explain it to her, it's not just an image, it's an investment. I buy it for 186k, someone else buys it from me for 500k.
(6/147) The previous owner gets money, and the next owner will also get money when someone else buys it for a higher price. But she doesn't understand, this is NOTHING like the tulip mania. If you actually understood what you are talking about, maybe you would see the
(7/147) differences. But she doesn't care. All she's thinking about is divorcing me and getting custody of our children because of my "shitty financial decisions". She doesn't understand that it's not a joke, this is a real investment, just as valid as Microsoft, Apple, Tesla,
(8/147) and whatever other companies Wall Street is dealing with. You buy stock, then someone else buys the stock for a higher price. Simple. But NFTs are even better, because they are NON FUNGIBLE tokens. Stocks are all the same, it doesn't matter which ones you have, but NFTs
(9/147) are the future because they are ALL UNIQUE. They can have artistic value, sentimental value, historic value, etc that normal stocks or currencies can not. Jealous people seem to enjoy turning us NFT bros into #RightClickVictim s, but I WILL NOT stand for this. I will
(10/147) show my wife how wrong she is, thinking it's right to divorce me for buying an NFT for 186k. Mark my words, for this is not the end of NFTs, but the beginning. A new era of currency, where we will NOT be oppressed by the government, and there will be no poor people. I
(11/147) may be at a low point in my life, my wife may be trying to divorce me, and it is possible I will lose custody of my children, but I DON'T CARE. This is nothing but a small valley right before the Everest of my life, the absolute peak of human achievement. One of the
(12/147) first trillionaires in history, preceded only by other fellow NFTbros. Because I have a plan to make NFTs the supreme currency. An infallible plan that will make history, in the same way that people like Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein did. After all,
(13/147) there is no difference between insanity and genius in the eyes of the common man. Maybe NFTs are ahead of their time. That's ok, even if my previously happy life with my wife and children might be gone, I am determined to see this through to the end. The fifth
(14/147) industrial revolution, the #NFTrevolution, where we will finally see #nftjustice. GONE are the days of being subjected to a 9 to 5 job under shitty bosses and management, GONE are the days of being told what to do over and over, knowing that if I speak up I will be
(15/147) replaced in the blink of an eye, and soon, GONE will be the days of poverty and world hunger. Look at yourself, are you happy with who you are? Are you happy living for work, living with barely enough money? Look at your surroundings, there are people even less
(16/147) fortunate than you EVERYWHERE. NFTs can solve that problem forever! Don't you see? Just for a few laughs on the internet you steal NFTs, at the cost of the future of humanity. Millions of years of evolution have led to this point, millions of years of unfairness, the
(17/147) law of the strongest an IMMEASURABLE amount of blood shed, all for this very time in history. #NFTartists and owners will spearhead the next era of humanity, where we can finally be free of everything that made humans hopeless. We can fix it ONCE AND FOR ALL, but you
(18/147) are making it harder. Please, reconsider your actions, even if you don't believe in NFTs. You are actively trying to stop humanity from reaching the next step, the necessary step for our salvation. This planet is being destroyed by climate change. NFTs CAN SOLVE IT.
(19/147) Once everyone embraces NFTs and there is no poverty, we can all solve climate change TOGETHER. What is so hard to understand? This is not a get rich quick scam, it's a way of life, a movement that will change society as we know it. And you may be wondering about my
(20/147) plan. How am I going to change humanity? How am I going to make everyone embrace NFTs? How am I going to enforce anti right click and anti screenshot? How am I going to bring #nftjustice and #nftprotection to the world? Well, I am so glad you asked. NFTs are very big
(21/147) right now, nobody can deny that. However, they have so much more potential it's incredible. Words can not explain the sheer size NFTs can take, they are nothing but a drop in the massive ocean that they will eventually be. So while right now we have some millionaires
(22/147) here and there, eventually millionaires will be the norm, with a bunch of billionaires and a few trillionaires. We need to get to that point, so for now just keep trading NFTs. Buy an NFT, then sell it for more money. Simple, you just got a profit and created more money
(23/147) in the process. When I sell my 186k NFT for 500k, I will have made a profit of 314k, creating that much money, and adding to the wealth of all NFTbros. The more money we earn, the more money we can spend on NFTs, and the more money we can create. Keep trading, just
(24/147) keep trading over and over and over, make the movement bigger, get it to unimaginable heights, until it surpasses even the US dollar itself. In a few years, after that is done, we can stop and make strategies about how to take over the world. Raise money from all NFT
(25/147) bros, we shall all contribute towards the greater cause. Make a big pool of ethereum and NFTs, and use it to buy the biggest governments in the world: the United States, the European Union, Russia, China, India, Japan, the UK, Canada, Australia, you get the point. Of
(26/147) course, we are not going to own the entire government, the point is to act in the shadows, like the feared Illuminati. Take control of what laws are created and removed, manipulate big organizations, put NFTbros in positions of power of big companies like Google,
(27/147) Microsoft, Amazon, etc. We could even take over BlackRock and Vanguard, and push NFTs further to the public. We have the potential to control everything. Big tech, big pharma, governments, the economy, global politics, EVERYTHING. If the Illuminati don't exist, we will
(28/147) become them, and if they do we will overthrow them. Nothing will get in our way once we get enough traction. This plan is flawless, and will give the #NFT community unfathomable power. It's easy, the world moves because of money, so we will control the money, and
(29/147) therefore control the world. Once we have everything under control, we can start imposing our own laws. Make it mandatory for every tech company to check the blockchain every time someone wants to take a screenshot, and if there is an NFT in it, don't take it. Same for
(30/147) right click and save, check the blockchain every time, and don't give the option if it's already an NFT. That alone will almost entirely make sure there are no more unfortunate #rightclickvictim s. Of course, there will always be hackers, and they will find a way to
(31/147) copy NFTs, so every website must also implement algorithms to not allow anyone to post NFTs, or images that are extremely similar to an existing NFT, to avoid having a hacker change a couple pixels and upload it. Since we will also control the law, we can just pass
(32/147) laws to enforce it, and confiscate the NFTs of those who break the law. For hackers who find ways to steal NFTs bypassing the screenshot and right click save prevention mechanisms, we will give them from 10 years to life in prison, unless they delete the stolen NFT and
(33/147) give the owner back as much value as was stolen by paying with other NFTs. Naturally, I don't expect things to be this simple, so when all this happens we will take our time to think about proper punishments, but as a rough draft it's excellent. It's proper of a
(34/147) society based on NFTs, the future. And I am not a tyrant, I will not have my wife imprisoned for not believing in me, it's not her fault that she has been brainwashed into believing fiat is better than NFTs. In fact, I will be waiting for her with open arms. One day
(35/147) she will realize this is the work of genius, not insanity, and she will come running at me, asking for forgiveness. Of course, I will forgive her, since I'm not a tyrant as I said earlier. I will allow her to marry me again, in fact. I am an honest, loyal man. Even if
(36/147) thousands of women were thirsting for me and my wealth of NFTs, (and there will be), I only have eyes for my beautiful wife, who has been corrupted by the greed of centralized fiat currency, which is forcing shut the beautiful potential of an NFT powered world. It's
(37/147) not just about the world, and poverty and hunger, I need to save my wife and my children by any means necessary. But I also see some people talking about how NFTs and ethereum are bad for the environment. Look, I can't deny it, I don't even know why they are so bad for
(38/147) the environment, for all I know they could be 99% of the carbon emissions, but I also have a solution for that. When everyone has finally embraced NFTs, all screenshotters and right click savers have been stopped, fiat has been overthrown, currency has been completely
(39/147) decentralized, and everyone is free and happy, we can just pay scientists to figure out how to stop global warming and how to make NFTs and ethereum more environmentally friendly. Maybe they can even come up with a way to make NFTs reduce the carbon emissions, who
(40/147) knows! We will also be able to plant more trees and remove more sea trash than Mr Beast could ever dream of. He's only a millionaire, while the NFT economy will eventually reach the quintillions easily. Not only will NFTs stop being bad for the environment, but they
(41/147) will in fact become way way better than fiat because of all of this. There's no point in comparing fiat to the future of crypto, and it will be so obvious to everyone in the future. But of course, for now we are marginalized, our belongings are stolen, we are ridiculed
(42/147) on Twitter, just because we are early to the next era. Think of how people were annoyed with Socrates just because he was one of the fathers of philosophy. Does that mean he was insane? No, he was a genius. He is now one of the most famous historical figures. His work
(43/147) has been studied for millenia by many different cultures. This will be the case for NFTs too. Right now we sound insane, making bold claims about earning money, and making the world a better place, but you will see. The future is practically written at this point. NFTs
(44/147) will NOT be stopped or hindered by anything. Even if blood is shed, even if families are broken, even if the world crumbles because of the downfall of fiat, nothing will stop us. Everything will be fixed and back to normal once everyone embraces crypto, and especially
(45/147) NFTs. The #NFTrevolution will wait for nobody. Do you not realize that crypto is decentralized? Nobody can control crypto, it's truly free, it can not be tracked, and it's completely anonymous. It's unbelievable people are still trying to stay with fiat. Fiat is the
(46/147) absolute worst, and I am sick of it. I might even stop using fiat altogether after I get back enough money to pay back the loan I took for the 186k dollar NFT, and then go on to buy more expensive NFTs with the profits. Of course, I will need someone to buy it for,
(47/147) say, 500k first, but that's fine. Eventually someone will come and buy it. The bigger problem is all these screenshotters and right click savers stealing my NFT. The more copies there are, the more widely available it is, and the less valuable it becomes. Please, fiat
(48/147) people, stop. From the bottom of my heart, please, I ask you to stop now. I don't want to hurt anyone, but if you keep stealing NFts you are giving me no other option. If you keep going down this path, maybe I will have to jail you myself in the future for hacking
(49/147) devices to be able to steal NFTs. Please, stop now, realize that what you are doing is wrong and hindering the progress of humanity. Future generations will thank you for understanding. Especially all the youtubers trying to hinder NFTs and crypto,
(50/147) like @OrdinaryGamers and @coffeebreak_YT . Please, you are not busting scams, you are busting the currencies of the future, and quite honestly, you are also busting my balls. Influencers and youtubers should move the world TOWARDS crypto, not AWAY from crypto. There
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (51/147) are no "crypto scams", there are only failed crypto projects. And why do they fail? Because the world is ruled by fiat. How are doge, shiba inu, squid game token, save the kids, etc supposed to succeed? They are constantly facing criticism from every side, and then you
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (52/147) also criticize them when they inevitably fail because the developers are stressed out. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Making fun of influencers who just want their fans to ride the NFT wave early because they appreciate them. I think these detective youtubers
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (53/147) are just jealous because they will never be as successful as the future NFT traders because they are afraid of losing fiat money, so they see it as "risky". Do they even know anything about economics? I would ask how they are allowed to spit misinformation, but then
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (54/147) again, maybe they are brainwashed like my wife. But still, history will see them as villain, and that can not be stopped. Although even considering that, SomeOrdinaryGamers is dangerous. He goes on the deep web, hacks videogames with "virtual machines" and plays with
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (55/147) computer viruses for fun. Please NFTbros, be careful not to let your NFTs be stolen. Even if right now all it takes to steal an NFT is having no morals, when we control all major governments and pass pro-NFT laws (see my proposals above), only skilled hackers will be
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (56/147) able to copy NFTs, and SomeOrdinaryGamers looks pretty dangerous. Please NFTbros, don't be deceived by their words, especially SomeOrdinaryGamer's. Maybe it was him who deceived my wife into believing fiat is better than crypto. That makes sense. She likes to watch
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (57/147) youtube sometimes, so maybe that's it. Or maybe it was the kids, they are always watching youtube. I really don't trust these guys now, they look like a danger to the future crypto society that we are trying to build. Please NFTbros, do NOT watch SomeOrdinaryGamers or
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (58/147) Coffeezilla, they must have a plan to steal your NFTs, or promote screenshotting or right click saving. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Or it may also be possible that they have no idea what they are talking about, but why risk it? Just don't engage i conversation with them, don't
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (59/147) show them your NFTs, don't show them your crypto. #nftjustice will be served when they are put in jail for their crimes against humanity, that is, preventing the progress of the entire world. I will make sure myself they are prosecuted when the pro-NFT laws are passed
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (60/147) for the entire world. If possible, I will be the judge or the prosecutor. I will show my wife that I am willing to do anything for her. Maybe she doesn't realize it now, but I am trying to save her. She just doesn't understand my intentions. I love her so so so much,
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (61/147) and it pains me to watch her being dragged down by the outdated centralized currency mindset. It's just, why? Why can't you see that this is for our own good? And for the good of the entire world? She doesn't even let me explain. Why is it so bad to take a loan to buy
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (62/147) a lazylions NFT for 186k USD? Fiat is worthless, it's outdated. Once the NFT plan (see above) starts taking form, fiat will be worth less than dirt, and we will be billionaires, maybe even among the lucky few trillionaires and we will be spearheading the #nftrevolution.
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (63/147) Why is it so hard for so many people to see the truth? It's not rocket science, it's just basic modern economy. But she keeps ignoring me and she is in her parents' house, so I can't get a chance to explain the economics of this buiness. Actually this may be worth a
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (64/147) shot: please honey, if you see this come back, I miss you so much, please don't divorce me, I will give you a massage every day, I will try to get along better with your parents, I will stop leaving the toilet lid open and I will learn to cook for you. I will treat you
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (65/147) like a princess, and we can be rich together, but please come back, this house doesn't feel full without you and the children. I feel my sanity decreasing by the moment since you left, please please I beg you, I just need to explain to you that the 186k USD loan will
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (66/147) be paid EASILY as soon as I get to sell the NFT. Honey I love you, you know it, please come back, don't let centralized fiat currency break our marriage. I promise that if you stick with me, you will see wonders. You will see how the NFT and crypto communities take
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (67/147) over currency and drive fiat to the ground, but you have to trust me. And if even then you don't decide to trust me until it actually happens, please please don't tell the children lies about me. You know I only want the best for them. I know if you fight for custody
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (68/147) you will win because the judge won't be able to look past the fiat currency to see the future of NFTs, so please let me just ask you to see them every once in a while. I don't think I can live without them, this house doesn't feel like a home anymore without you and
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (69/147) the kids, I don't want to live like this forever. And I know I won't, because I will be a billionaire from NFTs, but I have to admit even decentralized crypto and NFTs can't buy love. I only love you, I really can't replace you. Just know that when I am rich in the
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (70/147) future and have hundreds of rich billionaire NFTbros and many women are drooling all over me, I will know deep in my heart that they only want my money, unlike you. You have been here for 5 years, before I become an NFT billionaire. If you don't come back to me now,
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (71/147) just know that I will always be ready to welcome you back home. But anyways, let's get back to business. I'm wondering, should we get Elon Musk to help the NFT community? He has been involved in bitcoin and doge before, so maybe it's worth a shot. Are there any NFTbros
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (72/147) who are friends with Elon? If so, I think we should give him a few NFTs and slowly convince him that he should invest in NFTs if he wants to pass Jeff Bezos in net worth forever. He's a pretty cool guy, so I'm sure he won't be too against the idea. We just have to
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (73/147) shill shill shill and shill more until he buys and tweets about it. It will be so funny seeing all the NFT screenshotters and right click savers crying as soon as Elon starts shilling lazy lions, bored apes or cryptopunks. There is even an Elon Musk NFT collection out
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (74/147) there, maybe he will be more open to shilling NFTs if we show it to him. Imagine the first NFT funded space mission. Maybe even the first human on Mars could be NFT funded. Something like that would be international news for years, I think it's really worth it. So
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (75/147) basically, if any NFTbros are willing to convince Elon Musk to shill for NFTs, please do it immediately, there is no time to waste. Hey, while writing this I'm getting a message from my wife. She says she has decided she wants to divorce me. So it's really happening
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (76/147) huh. I guess that's it, I'll have to do as much as I can to push NFTs forward so she will eventually marry me again. Maybe saving the marriage is impossible right now. But I understand. I am angry and sad, very sad, but I understand that if I thought centralized fiat
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (77/147) was good, I would also be weirded out by a 186k deposit for what seems to be just an image. Of course it's not just an image, it's an NFT, but she doesn't understand it yet. She deserves understanding, not anger. I understand what she is going through, and eventually
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (78/147) I will show her that this is not a horrible financial decision worth ending the marriage over, but exactly the opposite. An utterly genius financial decision that will mark the future for generations to come. The ultimate display of technological advancement, the
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (79/147) possibility to own digital assets. The future is now, and it will only get better from here. I have said it multiple times, but this is the beginning of a new era of humanity, the next step of evolution. So what if I spent 186k USD on an NFT of a lion? It will easily
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (80/147) be worth millions in the future and I will pay back the bank loan with no difficulty. And the bank will go bankrupt anyway when they realize fiat is worthless compared to NFTs. I could eventually buy the bank and reform it to deal with NFTs and crypto instead of filthy
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (81/147) centralized fiat. By the way, did you know there's a company called Fiat? I think it would be very funny if NFTbros bought it and rebranded it to Crypto. That would be an interesting power move and would teach screenshotters and right click savers to not mess with us.
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (82/147) I think I will do that when I become an NFT billionaire, yeah. We have to expand our influence as far as possible, and then more. It looks like in 2018 they were worth around 100 billion USD. I think we will be able to buy them with 10 to 20 average priced NFTs in the
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (83/147) future, after the plan above has reached at least the first step. We will be able to drive in Crypto cars if we actually do that. Drive in Crypto cars to the white house, buy ourselves positions in the government, bribe politicians with NFTs to make pro-NFT laws, etc,
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (84/147) you know how it goes, but all while driving in cool Crypto cars, instead of puny Fiat cars. The only problem is that Crypto cars will 147far overshadow Tesla if we do this, and Elon Musk will be our ally, so that could make him depressed. Maybe we should instead buy Fiat
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (85/147) rename it to Crypto, and then give the company away to Elon Musk so he can make it a child company of Tesla or something. We can easily afford that, it's not a big deal if we give away a 100 billion USD company to our dear friend who will have helped us in our journey.
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (86/147) NFTs of that kind of value will be traded like pokemon cards among the upper middle class of the future NFT based society, it's not a big deal. Bigger and more important targets are Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook (not Meta), etc. We need to buy all
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (87/147) of big tech if we want to make sure they make it as hard as possible to screenshot, right click save, or slightly edit NFTs, or whatever other methods hackers can ever come up with. But I think we can buy the entirety of wall street to be honest. What are they going to
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (88/147) do when fiat becomes useless? One kinda big NFT will be enough to buy huge percentages of the stock of any company. They just will not be able to resist the offers. Wall street runs on investors spending money in lots of companies, so let's go to wall street and
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (89/147) absolutely and utterly outinvest everyone that gets in our way. That's how we get NFTbros in big positions of huge companies. Buy, buy, buy your way to the top. The world has been working like that since forever, so don't feel bad. It's just a change in currency, and a
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (90/147) change in who holds the power. As long as we don't do anything unethical, everything will be fine, everyone will be happier and richer, and big humanitarian problems like poverty and world hunger will be completely extinguished. And of course climate change after we
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (91/147) fund scientists to find lots of ways to make NFTs more environmentaly friendly and more efficient. This can only go right pretty much. I can't see a flaw in any part of the plan. We will succeed no matter what the screenshotters and right click savers think of us, so
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (92/147) rise NFTbros, don't let your spirit be crushed by the brainwashed sheep who don't understand the genius economics behind decentralized crypto and NFTs, they think the blockchain is evil. Don't pay them any attention, most of them are just lost in this world of rapid
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (93/147) change, and the few who never accept NFTs and keep trying to steal them after the rest of the world realizes that NFTs will save us, will be prosecuted and jailed for theft. Come on guys, just push forward, towards a world for NFTbros, by NFTbros. We shall not let
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (94/147) anything bring us down. No matter how much people on twitter try to tell you that NFTs have no value, keep your head up and fight. There is no need to argue with fiat sheep. They will eventually realize the value of NFTs when everyone is making money thanks to them. In
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (95/147) fact, hasn't the IRS already realized that? They are taxing NFTs now. Don't worry about it NFTbros, no matter how much they tax us, if we follow the plan described above, we will still get so rich that even the IRS won't be able to compete with us. Then we bribe the
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (96/147) IRS to put NFTbros in high positions of power and stop taxing NFTs and crypto. Then with that the growth of crypto and NFTs will be even greater, and we cam easily move into step 2 where we bribe all the governments to give NFTbros more positions of power and make pro
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (97/147) NFT laws, etc. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING will stop the growth of NFTs. Anything short of a nuclear war will NOT be enough, and we can easily get rid of nuclear weapons when we get to the power positions, so don't worry about it. A world of NFTs is a world of peace,
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (98/147) freedom, virtual ownership and practically unlimited wealth. Maybe some fiat sheep are jealous of our achievements and riches, and that's fine, if I wasn't brave enough to take a 186k USD bank loan to buy my NFT, I would be jealous of the courage of NFTbros too. Such
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (99/147) admirable and brave souls, working for the greater good, and not for their own greed, like most of the fiat based world. Especially Elon Musk, he is one of the most successful in fiat, but he will still be willing to help NFTs and decentralized crypto if that's what it
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (100/147) takes to make the world a perfect utopia with no greed. Such courage makes me cry tears of joy. Elon Musk will be one of the mightiest NFTbros ever, there is no question about it. It's expremely important we get him to shill for as many NFTs as possible right now. The
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (101/147) earlier NFTs become a global phenomenon, the more people will be saved from fiat greed. For example, Amazon employees. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk's eternal rival, is one of the biggest villains in this world. Not only is he the second richest person, but he treats his
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (102/147) workers like shit. Wake up, Amazon workers, once you realize that NFTs are the future, you could even surpass Jeff Bezos himself in wealth once the future NFT society starts to take shape. It's only a matter of time until he is dethroned and left in the dust by tens
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (103/147) of thousands of future NFTbros. There will be no mercy against the fiat shillers, they shall be treated similarly to screenshotters and right click savers and the hackers who will try to find ways to copy NFTs even with the technological restrictions. That's why Elon
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (104/147) Musk and his knowledge of decentralized crypto and NFTs are essential. Currently he is one of the few who can fight the government and Jeff Bezos. If you don't understand the importance of this mission, don't worry, just stop screenshotting and right click saving
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (105/147) NFTs, and everything will be made clear as society starts to accept and embrace cryptocurrencies and NFTs as they should be. There is nothing to lose, there are only wins ahead of us. Even if your family starts to think you are crazy, even if your wife leaves you and
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (106/147) tries to take the children, don't worry, this is a long term investment, the ultimate long term invetment in fact. My wife wants to divorce me and take the children, but I have nothing to fear. Sure, I may be scared, I may be angry, I may be sad, but none of this
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (107/147) matters. All that truly matters is the future I envision where NFTs will bring everyone together and abolish poverty. When that is done, my wife will finally see the true worth of everything I have been doing these past days, the sacrifices, my vision for the future,
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (108/147) all of it will finally make sense and she will come back to me, and I will be able to laugh with my children again. None of this will be in vain, just you wait. Karen, my beautiful wife, please, if you are reading this, reconsider now, I am completely serious, don't
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (109/147) take the kids please. But if you don't understand yet, that's fine, you will eventually, and I will welcome you back home with open arms. After all, there can be no revolution without sacrificing something. But I am determined. This is my path in life, and I will take
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (110/147) it. I will not be the first or the last to sacrifice my own happiness for a revolution that will bring more happiness to future generations. But this is only the beginning. I have only spent 186k USD on an NFT. As soon as someone buys it for a price of 500k or 1
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (111/147) million, the magnitude of my contributions will only skyrocket. I will buy as many NFTs as possible. So many that eventually the default way to measure value won't be centralized fiat currencies like dollars, but decentralized cryptocurrencies like #etherium,
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (112/147) #bitcoin, #dogecoin and #NFTs . I can only dream of such a world, but I won't have to for long. It is coming, and it's coming fast. Despite all the jealousy, the fiat shillers, the centralized banks and the brainwashed sheep, I will keep going, and I hope NFTbros will
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (113/147) keep marching towards the future. We were intended to revolutionize the economy, that is our purpose in life, and we MUST fulfill it. Don't give in to your current desires, keep pumping NFTs, keep buying and selling, keep trading, keep making the economy bigger. One
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (114/147) day you will be able to sit back with thousands of multi billion dollar NFTs under your name, and you will be proud to have been part of something bigger. The true future of humanity. True freedom worldwide, true happiness, a true utopia with no greed and no
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (115/147) centralized fiat. But don't get lazy now, we don't live in an NFT utopia yet, that is something we have to work towards. Are there any world leaders who are pro NFT? Maybe we could start our influence by making a decentralized cryptocurency the main currency of a
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (116/147) country, and then it would be easier for other countries to follow their steps. I think it's not very unlikely that out of so many presidents and so many monarchies at least one would be willing to shill for NFTs on twitter. We should try to find them first in big
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (117/147) economies like the United States, The European Union, Russia, China, Japan, the UK... because if we can get one of the big economies to entirely or partially turn to crypto and NFTs, we will already have a big player in the NFT revolution. However, if none of them are
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (118/147) willing to accept NFTs yet, we should start in developing countries. I think India would be a good idea. Recently their access to their internet has been skyrocketing and their population is close to that of China. India seems like a good place to start shilling NFTs.
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (119/147) Are any indian NFTbros willing to shill NFTs and cryptocurrencies to your political leaders? I don't know much about india other than the fact that samosas are damn delicious, so I will leave it up to you indian NFTbros. Maybe we could try to influence the European
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (120/147) Union. Instead of trying to switch them all at once, we could start getting some countries like Greece into crypto and NFTs so that they can finally pay off their debt. Then more countries will slowly start ditching the euro and start switching to NFTs, and in the end
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (121/147) the entire European Union will be forced to adapt to this change. I think this is easier than trying to change the leaders of the European Union and then getting them to change all the countries to NFTs. We could also try this with the United States. Instead of
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (122/147) changing the entire country to NFTs and crypto in one go, we can change one state, then another state, then another state, and the more states that are changed, the easier it will be for other states to ditch the dollar. Then as a bonus Canada would probably switch
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (123/147) to NFTs too, so that's nice. Also we should try to get twitter itself to shill for NFTs. Who better to shill NFTs on twitter than the company itself? Half of twitter would instantly become NFTbros easily. Why has nobody thought of this? They can be of great help in
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (124/147) the crypto and NFT revolution. Same with Facebook (Meta now). They would be a great help in getting boomers into crypto and NFTs, since they believe anything they find on facebook, so we might as well use it for something actually useful. And with the Metaverse
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (125/147) coming, digital ownership will be EXTREMELY important. We will be able to merge the real world with the virtual world when crypto and NFTs become the main currencies everywhere as described in my plan above. Also in the future we will colonize Mars, which means we
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (126/147) will NEED to use crypto and NFTs. Are you going to pay someone 5 dollars from the Earth to Mars? How? The rocket is worth millions, are you sure sending bills between planets is a good idea? But crypto? It's not physical! Just pay them in Bitcoin, and boom, you are
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (127/147) saving yourself millions for a puny 5 dollars. And for big payments you can use NFTs, of course. In the future the richest people will have most of their wealth in NFTs, just like right now they have it in stocks. And then they will have some crypto that they can use
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (128/147) to pay for normal stuff. It's a solid way of building an economy, when will the masses realize it? There is no future for fiat, just switch to crypto and NFTs already. Especially my wife, please, Karen, just listen to me. It's not that hard to understand I promise.
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (129/147) All you have to do is trust me. It's not even that much in the long term, soon someone will buy the 186k USD NFT I got for maybe 500k or even 1 million. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. But you just won't let me explain. If you listened, you would
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (130/147) realize that a 186k USD bank loan is not a big deal, we can cover it easily with the profits from NFT investing. And you could help me too if you don't divorce me. Please stop thinking about divorce, I will not drive this family to the ground, I will only elevate it
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (131/147) to the heavens by spearheading the #NFTrevolution. We can be billionaires, and we can help the world. But you have to stop and listen to me for a moment. Please Karen, just listen, I think you are being irrational, but I still love you too much to let you ruin
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (132/147) yourself over this. NFTs are the future. NFTbros are everywhere already, shilling for NFTs all day long. Soon we will even have Elon Musk in our side, don't you see? The revolution is already starting. Why would screenshotters and right click savers be so jealous of
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (133/147) us otherwise? It's because we are making too much money and they are insecure about their puny fiat. Please stop being irrational, let's talk this out. Come back home, and bring the kids too. It's really lonely in here without any of you. But if you don't come back,
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (134/147) don't think I will stop my quest towards a better world. I know that sacrifice is necessary. Maybe I'm just trying to remove the necessary sacrifice in vain, but it's worth a shot. I shoudn't feel too bad though, I know you will eventually come back, but I would
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (135/147) rather you come back now than after the entire world has acknowledged NFTs and crypto. You can be in the good side of history starting now. But it's your choice, and I won't force you. If you think opposing crypto and NFTs is the correct thing to do, so be it, but
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (136/147) remember I will always love you, and I won't shame you in the future for making a mistake. I understand what you are going through. So yeah, tldr: We NFTbros are unstoppable, NFTs and cryptocurrencies are already booming, but we need to keep going. Buy NFTs for a
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (137/147) higher price than you found them online, and then sell them for an even higher price. It's really simple. The previous owner makes money, you make money, and then the new owner will make money when someone else buys it for a higher price. If we keep doing that over
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (138/147) and over, new money will be created everytime someone gets profit, and NFTs will be worth more and more, which will lead the entire NFT community to be worth bilions, trillions, quadrillions, and eventually quintillions. The more money you make, the more you can
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (139/147) spend, which means you can create even more money. We will surpass every centralized fiat currency with our decentralized cryptos and NFTs. Millionaires will be the norm, many will even be billionaires, and some will even be trillionaires. Once that's done, we can
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (140/147) focus on collecting crypto and NFTs to bribe the major governments like the United States, Russia, China, the European Union, etc into putting NFTbros in positions of power, stop taxing crypto and NFTs, and make pro NFT laws against copying NFTs. Also we will buy
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (141/147) pretty much all of wall street, turn all of blackrock and vanguard to NFTs instead of their current assets, and buy Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and such companies and make their technology check if a screenshot has an NFT in it by checking the blockchain, and if
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (142/147) it does, then don't take the screenshot. Same with right click saving, don't give the option if it's an NFT. And we will make sure all websites implement algorithms to make sure nobody uploads NFTs or a slightly modified NFT other than the owner of the NFT. And there
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (143/147) will be hackers trying to steal NFTs by other complex means, of course, but we can jail them or make them pay for their crimes. Then once it's all done, fiat will finally die, everyone will have money, there will be no poverty or hunger, and we can all come together
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (144/147) to solve important problems like global warming. Some people say that NFTs are very bad for the enviroment, so we can just fund scientists to make NFTs more efficient and better for the environment. And we can also buy lots of trees to plant and machines to remove
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (145/147) trash from the ocean. And even if your family thinks you are crazy, don't worry, just wait and see how the #nftrevolution will change their minds. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but that won't be enough to lead me away from NFTs. I know their worth and their potential.
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (146/147) Even if she divorces me and takes the kids away, I know she will eventually understand. The 186k USD bankloan is worth it if it was for an NFT investment. But I understand not everyone is aware of the potential of NFTs yet. Anyway, I'm sorry if this thread was a
*now Meta

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