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(2/147) know what? I'm tired. I have been browsing Twitter for the past couple days, looking at the NFT landscape and economics. I have seen many people promising money for everyone, so I bought an NFT for 186k dollars. I had to take a loan, but eventually someone will buy it
(3/147) for 500k, so of course it's worth it! But now I have found the other side of NFTs. There are many good for nothing villains out there saying that it's a bubble without understanding how they work. So many people who are jealous of the success of NFTs, and find joy in
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۱- رشتو در مورد NFT
این رشتو رو برای دوستای هنرمندتون که کارشون در قالب فایل عکس (عکاسی یا نقاشی) یا ویدیو یا 3D یا آهنگ قابل ارائه هست بفرستید و ریت کنید تا شاید بتونن با فروش کارشون به دلار درآمد کسب کنن.
۲- اول از همه بگم که هر چیزی که تو این رشته توییت میخونید صرفا تجربیات شخصی خودمه تو این فضا و ممکنه بعضی جاها درک اشتباهی داشته باشم و خیلی چیزا رو هم به زبون ساده میگم و چیزایی که لازم نیست بدونید رو قاطیش نمیکنم.
۳- اولین چیزی که به عنوان هنرمند نیاز نیست بدونید اینه که بلاکچین و اصطلاحات مربوط بهش دقیقا چیه. شما فک کنید بلاکچین یه دفتر ثبته که هر اتفاقی تو این فضا میفته تو اون دفتر ثبت میشه و غیر قابل پاک کردن و غیر قابل انکاره. ینی چی؟ ینی مثلا من میام این خیار🥒 رو به شما میفروشم
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Let's play a game ! Choose the piece (and its price) I'll drop in 3 hours.
Pieces are in the thread👇👇

#NFT #nftcollectors #nftcollector #nftart #nftartist #hicetnunc #cryptoart #nftarts #NFTdrops #nftdrop #NFTCommmunity
Piece 1️⃣
Piece 2️⃣
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How to pick a healthy NFT/Metaverse Project? (1/7)

- Thread

#NFT #NFTGiveaways #NFTartist #NFTcollection #NFTshill #NFTdrop #NFTCommmunity #Metaverse
1. Team is one of the most important elements in a project, we've provided complete info on who our team is and what background they work on. We have tweeted several times about who our team is, you can check on our web or IG (2/7)
2. Roadmap. From the beginning, we have also carried the road map very clearly, not only in the first phase but until we reach the metaverse phase. See here:… (3/7)

#NFT #NFTartist #nftart #Metaverse #Meta
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📈 15 ways to make more sales on #hicetnunc, by making your OBJKTs more visible! 📈

Here a list of tips for HEN artists, to be seen by more collectors #thread 👇👇👇

#NFT #nftcollectors #nftcollector #nftart #nftartist #hicetnunc #cryptoart #NFTdrops #nftdrop #NFTCommmunity
📌 Add relevant tags (ex:
📌 Add keywords in title if you want too
📌 The description seems not to be indexed, do not spend too much time on it
📌 Target current events if you can, like #hen500k ( tags: geometric abstract geometry cryptoart color mathematic
📌 Drop during the peak sales period (14-17 GMT)
📌 Do not drop too often
📌 Try to sold out frequently (if you don't, lower the price or # editions, and burn the old unsold editions)
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🔥 New drop on HEN 🔥

Geometry (my first interactive objkt 😎)

📌 5 ed.
📌 2.5+ tez
📌 Interactive (HTML)

🙏 Thank you!

#NFT #nftcollectors #nftcollector #nftart #nftartist #hicetnunc #cryptoart #NFTdrops #nftdrop #NFTCommmunity
3 editions sold already! (2@2.5tez, 1@4)
Thank @historicalive and thenftman 🙏

Next price 10tez
Each time you click/refresh, a lot of params are set with random values.
It's the reason why it's always different :)

Try it:
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@harmonyprotocol approves 12 more proposals for its $300M Ecosystem Fund 💙

💱DeFi: @CryptoFamily3 @AegisCustody @MutualKnowledge @0xMagicland

💳Payments: @grindery_io @HarmonyPayOne @HundredFinance @QiDaoProtocol

🎭NFT: @thecosmicguild @ShowMeNFT @Marketplace_1 Story Line Image
1/ Cosmic Universe @thecosmicguild is a play-to-earn fantasy #CryptoGaming #Metaverse MMORPG on the Harmony blockchain where players explore realms, build advanced settlements, and engage in PVP competitions 🎯


#NFT #Gaming #CryptoGaming Image
2/ Crypto Family Bridge @CryptoFamily3 is a decentralized and permissionless inter-blockchain bridge that allows instant and cheap transfer of assets such as tokens and #NFTs across multiple #blockchains 💯


#DeFi #DeFiChain #Blockchain
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I will hold a #NFTGiveaway to celebrate the number of NFTs I have created reaching 100.

The three NFTs are as follows.

👶 93 Apple Boy
👶 94 Punk Girl
👶 101 Mask Gorilla

To enter:
👶 Follow @filojisan
👶 ❤ & RT
👶 Reply ETH Address

10/20 23:59 GMT Image
The drawing will be done randomly. One NFT per person.
It will be sent to your address within a few days after the due date.

#NFT #NFTArt #AirDrop #Opensea #PixelArt…
As of now Application is closed.🖐️
NFT will be sent to the winners later.☺️
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Okay, everyone! We are selling #NFTs to buy #GoldenVisa and thus


Here, we explain 1) NFTs, 2) golden Visa and 3) why we do this: A thread to explain our contemporary mindfuck.🧵

#NFTCommunity #NFTart #NFTcollector
First of all, here is a video explaining the project in 2 min. English with english subs. 👇🏼
And here the longer version:
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1/ $RMRK provides next-generation NFT LEGO technology bringing NFTs to life!

$KSM native NFTs powered by the most advanced NFT protocol in the world, providing unique futuristic features to NFTs

🔥 Rating: 84% 🔥

@RmrkApp @bitfalls @kusamanetwork Image
2/ Thread Menu

✅ Project Data
✅ What Is $RMRK
✅ What Is RMRK Solving
✅ Value Prop
✅ Under The Hood
✅ RMRK & Statemine
✅ Singular
✅ Kanaria
✅ Fundraiser
✅ Nested NFTs
✅ Forward Compatibility
✅ On-Chain Emotions

#singular #nftart #NFTcollection #Kanaria
3/ Thread Menu

✅ Multi-Resource NFTs
✅ Conditional Rendering
✅ NFTs as DAOs
✅ Metaverse
✅ Token Utility / Rewards
✅ Tokenomics
✅ Roadmap
✅ Partnerships
✅ Investors
✅ Verdict
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Finland's 1st in-person #NFTexhibition

It'll be organized this weekend & I'm curating it from frens' wallets. Some works are printed photos in custom acrylic frames with QR codes & others are in native format on-screen.

#probablynothing #NFTart #NFTtaide #NFTnäyttely #NFTs Image

The exhibition's main objective is to re-examine NFTs in a fine art context by engaging with their aesthetic & historical value – irrespective of their economic value.

This is not to deny or dismiss their exchange value, but since the tech was born in the crypto space ...

... it has just been a natural consequence, that price speculation and trading has overshadowed artistic merits.

'probably nothing' also seeks to compare & contrast the different sub-genres of NFTs in a way that disambiguates diverse approaches from an art perspective.
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🍍Early followers thank you GIVEAWAY!

✅ Follow
✅ Like & Retweet
✅ Comment with the AdaPunks # you would like to win

🥳 Winners will be announced September 15th

#CNFT #CardanoNFT #CNFTCommunity #NFTGiveaways #nftart #nftcollector
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[A THREAD] NFT Market Please Save My Life, First of All, This thread is based on facts and I say according to the circumstances I am experiencing.

#NFTs #NFTCommunity #nftcollector #NFTartist #Nftarts #nftcollectors
I'm a new person in this NFT World, I love art, I love painting, and I heard that the NFT world is the future of art.
#NFTs #NFTCommunity #nftcollector #NFTartist #Nftarts #nftcollectors #NFTworld
They say the NFT world is supported by strong communities and great people. They also smart too.

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Launching from stealth mode, @ContrastiveNFT is a new NFT art collection focused on harnessing our imaginations through generative AI built on @Solana
Contrastive harnesses state of the art transformer models to distill our collective imagination. What prompt do you think led to this image?
We were inspired by the power of generative models to give life to scenes previously locked within our minds. This allows for a new era of personalised expression, and lays the foundations for truly immersive experiences as the technology matures. Holo deck v0.1!
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Documentary photography in the NFT space. The musings of a lifelong photographer or what the heck am I doing here? An illustrated thread in 12 parts. Thanks for taking the time to read.1/12 #nftphotography #nftphotographers #nftart
As a documentary photographer my position towards the NFT space is one of an uneasy truce. Coming from a tradition deeply rooted in the in-depth exploration of people, cultures and events, the digital world has always seemed somewhat superficial. 2/12
Separation is baked into the digital realm. That is one of the greatest paradoxes of an ever growing digital network. I call it connected isolation. We choose what to reveal, what to hide, which identity to play. What has always attracted me to docu is its directness. 3/12
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1/ We’ve been spending some time diving into the world of character IP and its intersection with Web3…. thinking of sharing our thoughts and research with our growing community here. We’ll start exploring the @SouthPark franchise in this monster thread 👇🧵👇 Image
2/ What would happen if Matt Stone and @Trey_Parker, creators of @SouthPark, were Crypto Natives who built the show from the ground up with Web3 principles?
3/ We begin by analyzing @SouthPark, arguably some of the most valuable IP in entertainment. This show often stirs controversy, as it satirizes everyone, leaving little room for political correctness. For many, it is quintessentially American.
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The Ladakh region of India has been one of the most enchanting landscapes that I have wanted to capture through my lens. I have to confess that no amount of photos can do justice.
#NFT #NFTCommunity #nftart #nftcollector #NFTshill
#NFTcollectibles #nft

The Ladakh region of India has been one of the most enchanting landscapes that I have wanted to capture through my lens. I have to confess that no amount of photos can do justice.o the beauty of the untouched nature
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In terms of design and tech, there is no drop of late so perfectly captures the vibe of a high end art toy collection like @TheAlienBoyNFT . Backed by a committed dev team and an engaged community, things are happening. Don't miss the wave and come invade with us. #AlienBoySummer ImageImageImageImage
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DROP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING and READ‼️ What is #HUMBL 🤷🏻‍♀️ BEHOLD this article & thread & if you EVER doubted- that’s about to end my friend 💯 $HMBL ONE APP TO RULE THEM ALL...…
“SOON, you’ll be able to seamlessly SEARCH, EAT, PAY and REVIEW all FROM ONE APP by downloading Humbl Pay…or you could download PayPal, Venmo, Yelp, Etsy, Amazon, & Vanguard - and GOOD LUCK remembering all those passwords!” $HMBL #DigitalTransformation
“The days of waiting for payments to settle are coming to an end. PUT YOUR WALLET DOWN, grab your SMARTPHONE and battery charger….YOUR VACATION JUST GOT SIMPLER” $HMBL #fintech #blockchain #Crypto
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@theweeknd is embracing the wave of #NFTs!

Here's what he's auctioning:
(plus companies he's partnering with)
He's auctioning an unreleased song — which will not be available on any other platforms in the future — plus 3 visual art pieces in collaboration with @strangeloop_s!

#nftart #TheWeeknd #NFTAuctions
Abel is also partnering with the company who helped auction one of @beeple's artworks for $6.9M, @niftygateway, the company who'll now be responsible for his #NFTAuction.
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I think Foundation is not like one month ago. Right now is super crowded, the hype is huge, and every day gets worst. I mean, is still cool to have your work on that platform but all of us, the artists...
we can't take for ground that our NFTs are going to be sold right at the moment we put them there, and I mean the common mortals, not the superstars with 50k-100k followers or another kind of famous people.
All the hype behind getting an invite increase that feeling that you will be rich right away you get a ticket to get in, and list your art. Well, is not like that, at all. Not for everybody. Not anymore (in my opinion).
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More info about Crypto Minis and the #NFT tokenomic 📈
Crypto Minis is a procedural generation of 16 bit warrior sprite.…

#sprite #procedural #pixelart #NFT #NFTcollectible #nftartiste #nftart #nftcollectors #Tokenomic
Each Mini is unique by the element that make it up :
- weapon/shield
- armor
- head
- hair/helmet
- background (rarity, weapon, wing)

Each element has a palette of color variation 🎨

The elements are combined randomly, resulting in high variability of Crypto Minis.

The total cap is limited to 2000 Crypto Minis. No more.
The 2000 Minis are already imported on @opensea

50% of total Crypto Minis are available for 0Ξ ✅

The other 50% are sold between 0.005Ξ and 0.025Ξ depending on the rarity.

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