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1/ 🎨🤖 The AI Art Revolution is coming! How can artists stay ahead of the game and thrive in a world where AGI & ASI can create stunning works of art?

Follow this thread to learn how you can adapt and evolve in the age of AI-generated content! #ArtistsInAI #FutureOfArt

2/ 🔍 Embrace your uniqueness: As AI-generated art floods the market, focus on what makes you, as a human artist, special.

Your personal story, experiences, and emotions are powerful tools that no AI can replicate. Use them to create authentic and relatable art. #BeYourself
3/ 🌐 Build a strong online presence: Establish a unique brand and style that sets you apart from AI-generated content.

Cultivate a loyal following by engaging with your audience and showcasing your creative process. This will create a sense of connection with your work.
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- Digital Art 🎨
- Music 🎶
- Domains 🌐
- Gaming 👾

The intent of this thread is to help newcomers get off on the right foot!

#NFTs #Digitalart #Music #Domains #Gaming #blockchain #crypto #ethereum #Bitcoin Image

🎨💻 Did you know that NFTs are transforming the world of digital art?
💫🚀 With platforms like @superrare_co, @niftygateway, and @AsyncArt leading the way, artists can now sell their digital artworks as unique #NFTart on the blockchain. Image

From establishing proof of authenticity to enabling creators to earn revenue from their work, the possibilities are endless!
🖼️💰 With the rise of #digitalart, NFTs provide a new and innovative way to connect with art collectors and showcase unique creations.
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Royalties for Art for HODL’ng vs Royalties (or lack thereof) for more tradeable PFPs via aligned incentives.

Maybe it's not either:or?

Hear me out on why all this can still be a net positive as the space matures. An attempt at a 🧵🧵 on the subject...
Royalties for Art: I personally believe artists deserve to sell their art, and a perk of NFTs from the moment I joined the space was the tech’s ability to monetize ongoing income thanks to appreciation and/or their art changing hands. (2/13)
(R4A Cont'd) With lower supply collections and especially 1/1 art @SuperRare has shown its continued prowess. Can something similar remain? Via any/all marketplaces where its set up as such? I feel many agree as to where a collection or #NFT asset belongs categorically (3/13)
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#Freemint Lifeform Cartoon Avatar #NFT

1. Download Lifeform Cartoon app.

2. Open the APP and Login with your wallet in $BSC Network.

3. Input my wallet address to get 500 points: 0x68834d6829268faa7306b0242916022500fd9D32

4. Click ‘CREATE’ to mint your Avatar

#nftart #nft
You'll need 0.0015 BNB to pay gas fee


Investors below :
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Today the @MonkeDAO dropped news that they will be releasing a new collection. I did a deep dive so you don't have to all in a 2 minute read 🧵🔥
Exciting news from @MonkeDAO! The official SMB Gen3 Collection has been revealed and the proposal is now live. This new collection boasts three key objectives - Legacy, Relatability, and Appeal. Get ready to experience iconic and unique art that appeals to a diverse audience.
The SMB Gen 3 collection promises to bring a new level of fun and excitement to the Monke community. The 32x32 pixel canvas is easily recognizable, timeless, and perfect for the next generation of the Monke brand. #NFTs #Solana
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Meet some of India's most renowned and best-selling #NFT artists who are disrupting the perception of #art and how it should be viewed.⁠⁠

#NFTArt #IndianArt #Talent #MakingIndiaProud
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Asterium is going live in ~24h, so I wanted to share some thoughts on the project while we wait :)

Evolving pieces have always inspired me, especially since they really show the versatility of generative art. I've tried experimenting before but...


#genart #nftart #tezos
But never as in depth and complete as asterium. The idea was intially to make it grow forever, getting thinner and thinner as time went on.

But after researching how formations form within space I realised this is not at all how it should work, it should, reach an equilibruim... Original look after 500 days of evolving, not really getting
And it made me think about how we grow, do we grow to become more and more spread out, or do we grow to become more condensed into something we want to become?

Through this question I decided to "curate" a growth timeline, which all the outputs follow. A goal to reach...
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Asterism is launching this Saturday on #fxhash.
It's my way of summarizing the journey of life.

Where looking back is the best way to look forward.
Where looking forwards is not a possibility.
Where each day is uncertain.

19-11, 22:00 CEST.
More info below!

#genart #nftart
More info on the story behind it:

Asterism symbolizes the journey we all go through in my mind. And one we can share, and enjoy! The token will grow each day, evolving from the past. After a total of 365 days grown it will reach it's equilibrium, where it will reside forever.
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About time for a thread on why I'm so god damn bullish on @AIPESnft_

Go read it. Or don't. You do you

I can't not start with the art. Our artist/founder/cult leader Kin Gape has created a collection of 11k beautiful pieces of AI artwork using the BAYC + MAYC base images to create her own masterpiece's.
She uses AI to create the image and then has individually touched up by hand all 11k images plus many more which she's burned along the way as didn't meet her standard
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1/n We were trekking in Ko Valley unknown to most world & true nomadic land left side of Phobrang village. We were given special permission to explore and document this area. I must say this hidden jewel of Ladakh.
Images of Thogom Tso at 17355 feet.

#Ladakh #India #lakes #trek ImageImageImage
@utladakhtourism @incredibleindia @kstanzinladakh @darterphoto 2/n Next a stiff climb to a pass known as Chota La, it wasn't Chota in any terms, it's high enough to take your breath away in every term. It stands at 18170 feet.

And of course, it was an amazing lunch spot too.
A clear day can sunburn you so easy.

#Ladakh #India #lakes #trek ImageImageImage
3/n Chota La wasn't just a lunch spot but gives one of most amazing views of Yushup Tso (17850 feet) and you are in a different world.

If you see an areal view of this lake it is like a bow. There are stories attached to every lake in this region.

#Ladakh #India #lakes #trek Image
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How’s your #mentalhealth today?

Ask yourself and ask a friend. #askthequestion

#disability #mentalhealth #identity

What do you see? 101/1924 790/1924 624/1924 579/1924 ImageImageImageImage
#askthequestion I’ll go first

I’m feeling frustrated to realise that #Twitter shortened a url and I didn’t notice, shared a dead link to my #nftart a few times. Proof: not a #bot!

Feeling anxious about some things next week. Trying not to lose myself.

How about you?
926/1924 926/1924
Offline #answer, shared with permission: #askthequestion

‘I’m #struggling a bit in all honesty. I’m just so #tired all the time and having trouble bouncing back from the whole #heatwave after #heatwave situation’
#disability #identity


101/1924 Image
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GM, GA, GN everyone!
Great Friday to all!
We are glad to celebrate 4 months of art exhibition at!
So we decided to make a thread showcasing all featured artists until today and make an invite for the future exhibitions.
Our first featured artist is Mauricio Negro, our dear friend and co founder.
His awesome collection Symbiosis & Synapses talks by itself.…
#nftart #NFTartist #nftgallery @Negro_Atelie
Brute dance by Orlando Pedroso is a collection of digitalized drawings portraying the plastic movements of fight with humour.…
#nftart #NFTartist #nftgallery @orlandopedroso
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04/August 🔥Gems Supported by Whales (24h)🔥

❤️Most Bought: Rare Apepe YC by @RareApepeYC
👯‍♂️Most Minted: NFTiff. by @TiffanyAndCo 💍
💃🏼 Celebrating CC0 by @harsha_nik Earns Most Social Impact & Followed by 192 influencers🔥

#NFTs #NFTart #NFTCommunity #Web3 #NFTProjects
1/ Top 5 Collections Bought by Whales:
🥇@RareApepeYC bought by 15 🐳
🥈@miragegalleryai bought by 14 🐳
🥉PARTICIPANTS NFT bought by 10 🐳
🏅Rubber Duckz Honoraries by @RubberduckzNFT
🏅@dmitricherniak Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak
2/ Top 5 Popular Collections Minted by Whales:
🥇NFTiff. by @TiffanyAndCo 💍
🥈@miragegalleryai minted by 22 🐳
🥉@Uniswap's Uniswap V3 Positions
🏅ChainFaces HD Undead by @secretproject
🏅@dmitricherniak Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak
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Don’t know how to read a smart contract properly?

Don’t know how to mint from the contract itself?

Looking to create an NFT project but don’t have the capital to hire developers?

Here at Carver Labs, we got you covered.

🧵A thread on our future.🧵
At Carver Labs, we will teach you how to properly read a smart contract and etherscan to understand and feel more safe when minting.

We will also teach you how to mint directly from the contract itself, for extra security.

Too many scams out there, better to be safe than sorry
All holders of @TheStoneAgeNFT Chomp NFT will have access to these benefits for FREE.

All holders will also have access to a solidity development team to help you drop your own NFTs / project.

Mint is still live!👇
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The newest pre-mint project recommendations


Reason: It's a @MEMELAND & @9GAG production, which has a very large social presence and high reputation in NFT market. It's followed by 187 influencers.
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Before the #Subnet was released, the #Avalanche ecosystem had mainly focused on the #DeFi market with the substantial rise of prominent projects such as @traderjoe_xyz (DEX), @BenqiFinance (Lending),...

A thread🧵👇 Image
1/ Meanwhile, the term #NFT is also a topic that seems to be hot again with solid development on the @solana and @ethereum ecosystems.

In this article, we will share our perspective on the @joepegsnft project - a new NFT Marketplace platform for the #Avalanche NFT market.
The article consists of 3 main parts:
- Market opportunity of NFT Marketplace on #Avalanche
- What are @joepegsnft? The next piece completes the @traderjoe_xyz ecosystem
- Forecast for Joepegs with current NFT market
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On April 23, 2022, I registered with Florida Department of Corporations
Entity Name: 1equal1, 1=1, #1=1, One Equal One, 1e1, 1ae1, ONE EQUAL ONE, One_Equal_One, ONE_EQUAL_ONE, Inc.
@threadreaderapp unroll
(as proof of Payment; undeterred by delays. happy to comply with #consumerprotection #law #regulation)

[Mirror] (…)

Today, May 17, 2022 I had the courage. I applied for a #Grant @OpenSea.
My submission for #grant

1equal1 is……
with the Power of #NFTCommunity
@threadreaderapp unroll

1equal1, the project is a personal commitment and movement to advance civil rights and social justice by inspiring, advocating, and mobilizing via digital art in the blockchain.
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Follow this thread to find out why you NEED one if you are focussed on #passiveincome


#NFTProject #NFTCommunity #Nodes #NodeEvolution


The Ghost Trader NFT is transforming the humble NFT into a super-charged savings account (NFA)

No longer 'just art', the funds of your NFT are traded in traditional markets by The Ghost Trader Team

Each month the Trading profits are distributed to NFT and $GTR holders
The GENESIS NFT earns its share of 52.5% of the distributed profits

Subsequent NFTs will only earn their share of 50% of distributed profits

Grab a GENESIS #GTRNFT now from a community member on TG
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Hi #NFTCommunity thank you so much for all of your love and supporting me and my artwork. Today am writing my first twitter thread :-

"AN ART Collection" 1/5
"My NFT & ART journey" 6/10

(Please ignore grammar mistakes 😅)
🧵1/10 Image
AN ART is hand painted art collection based on 3 artworks of historical monuments painted on 5ft to 6ft canvases which took years to complete now listed on
@foundation ▲⬤■
All artworks and their details 🔽

1st artwork of AN ART collection is painted on a 5 Ft canvas, Painting of Istanbul city of Turkey, took almost a year to complete.
Owned by @techbubble ♥️🙏

#nftart :…

3/10 Image
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Selamlar.. @toonlandsnft koleksiyonundan 4 kişiye #NFT 2 kişiye #AVAX toplamda 6 kazanan!

Katılmak için:

- @playumm - @toonlandsnft takip edip
- RT - LIKE atmak yeterli..

#NFTs kazananlara sadece NFT değil + olarak Arsa!

#NFTGiveaway #NFTCommunity #nftart #NFT
1- @toonlandsnft 10.000 adetlik NFT serisi çıkarıyor ve her NFT kendi yarattıkları metaverse'de bir alan olacak.

Bu alanları istediğiniz gibi özelleştirebliyorsunuz.

Yani #NFT sahipleri ve çekilişten kazananlar arsa sahibi de olacak.
2- Harita içerisinde parti, eğitim, oyun, turnuva gibi etkinliklere katılabilinecek ve bu etkinlikleri kendi alanınıza ekliyebilceksiniz.
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Drop some more 🇹🇭Thai #NFT artists and projects!

Really love Thai artists and want to collect more amazing artworks🤩

#nftart #NFTthaiartist #NFTThaicommunity #NFTTHAILAND Image
Introduce some good Thai artists in my collections

@sunnysoul18 (had a good time building the Rurus community 🐱👧
@UNDEAD4641 (so dope art 🎴

and welcome @haningwaslost @intheicewetrust
@Boo_ioi @AumsterNFT join my collections 🤩

Drop more!!! 🔥🔥
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Time flies in the metaverse, another round up of the biggest stories from crypto twitter. Enjoy!

#DeFi4All #DeFi #Bitcoin #Ethereum #nftart

1/12 Image

• US authorities recovered ~$4bn of bitcoin that was stolen from the exchange @bitfinex in 2016, and arrested a NYC couple.

@KPMG_Canada has added $BTC to it’s books, institutions are definitely here!

@binance is making a $200m investment in Forbes, @cz_binance will head a financial and media empire.

• Russia makes plans to accept digital assets, a potential way to get around new US sanctions.

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1) #HBARbarians! Let’s talk #NFTs. #NFT skeptic? 🧐Read this 🧵. NFTs go far beyond #jpeg & are the future of #Web3, “gateway” to #crypto, & will be larger than #cryptocurrencies. This aims to educate #Hedera community & raise awareness to our #HBAR #NFTartists. Wallet flex 💪👇
2) #HBARbarians who think #NFTs are a bubble or do not want to buy an #NFT. That's fine. But #NFTs are vitally important for #HBAR to appreciate in value. See #Solana ($SOL) this year? Yep, #NFTs 🤯 (1)
3) Even if you don't buy an #NFT, you can help. See a #Hedera artist whose art resonates w/ you? Simply hit "like", "RT", or "comment" something nice. It goes a long way in ushering in new #HBAR buyers & #NFTartists.
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As I talk to more people about crypto/NFTs, the aha moments have come from real world analogies. Although web3 is new, the concepts are not. Here's my oversimplified explainer of the space for newbies. Don't let the lingo turn you away, it's not as complicated as it seems! 1/X 🧵
First, let's talk about "the blockchain". It's a system of recording information. That's it. And it's used to record transactions. Imagine a general store in the 1800s. They had a paper ledger where they kept track of who bought what & who owed who & how much everything cost 2/X
But if the ledger was stolen, lost or burned, you lost track of all of that information. 3/X Image
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