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🚨 BREAKING: #Shiba Inu Testnet Blockchain 'Puppynet' Crosses 20M Transactions 🔥

Discover the Incredible Rise of #Shibarium and its Impact on #SHIB Tokens 😱

A thread 🧵 Image
1/ #Shiba Inu's Puppynet just smashed through the 20 million transaction milestone, marking a crucial step towards its mainnet release 🚀
2/ Puppynet, the incredible testnet of #Shibarium, has garnered immense attention in the #crypto community due to its blazing-fast average transaction time of just five seconds! Image
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How to trade meme coins systematically... Image
2/ FAQ1: How to trade this move on #PEPE?

Me: Don't trade individual coins. Trade portfolio of strategies and coins.

FAQ2: What if I want to trade a Meme Coin anyway?
3/ This question is STILL quite common.

A lot of novice traders don't get it and are still trying to catch a lucky break on some new trending coin.

If I had to, how would I trade them?

Breakout strategies are my solution...
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🚨 The 8 Events That Shook the #Crypto World 💥

Brace yourself for the jaw-dropping moments that shook the industry to its core 😱

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ Mt. Gox Hack (February 2014):

👉 The closure of Mt. Gox, once the largest #Bitcoin exchange, following a massive hack that resulted in the loss of 744,408 #BTC, leading to bankruptcy and investigations. Image
2️⃣ Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork (August 2017):

👉 A disagreement among #Bitcoin developers led to a hard fork, resulting in the creation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which aimed to address scalability concerns by increasing the block size. Image
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🧵 After 3 years attempting to expose the Broken Settlement System & PROVE the insane # of #counterfeits created & traded in their name, it seems there’s only a few options left at their disposal to do it alone, without the need for litigation, that COULD FORCE a $gTii buy-in.
As we sit waiting for Justice in the form of a @JWesChristian lawsuit against Credit Suisse, multiple brokers & 50+ unnamed John Doe’s…
figure NOW is as good a time as any, to take a trip down memory lane & look back to appreciate EVERY arrow slung.
This IS The Story of $gTii …
Following the company paying-off their ‘Debenture’ (loan) to a repeat-offending, multiple-X SEC-charged known Toxic Lender, $gTii 4 months later offered a Warrant to SH’s, main goal to PROVE there’s many more shares trading than the company issued in their ‘ float’.
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Just a REMINDER 🧵 on this beautiful weekend…
$gTii is an OTC company holding a TRAPPED ‘someone’, deep in the red. And the only way out is to buy back all the #counterfeits they’ve created & sold.
So when, IF it goes… no DARKPOOLS and ‘Options’ to manipulate the share price.
There’s multiple recorded phone calls of independent “brokers” recently calling large-block holders offering to “purchase” shares of a shitty revenue-less company, because they care & want to save YOU in the long run. Good folks want to relieve you of your $gTii “bags”. How nice.
The original Toxic Lender, let’s call him “Charlie”, left a voicemail asking to “work some numbers” illegally in the backroom, to buy back millions of shares HE SHORTED, which were NEVER on the books as FTD’s. But YOU’RE CRAZY to believe there’s an actual short problem in $gTii.
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#SHIBARMY, time for a contest!
Want 100 USD in #SHIB?💸

1. Follow @ShibInformer @ShibaWeavers @ShibaTelevision @shibernetics
2. Visit the link, find your favorite project, REPLY to this tweet mentioning the project's Twitter account

Ends Sunday 23:00 GMT… Image
Every project in the Dog Show can win! But the ones with most mentions will have a better chance to win.
The winning project will get a #ShibTheMetaverse land!🏡

For people replying, we will pick one winner randomly! You can reply many times but will count as 1.
If we pick a winner that does not follow all 4 accounts, we'll re-roll again until we hit the lucky one that followed the instructions.

Have fun discovering what people are building for the #ShibArmy and keep being #SHIBARMYSTRONG as always!
You are the best community in #crypto
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推荐书:《自私的基因》,meme一词就出自于本书,每当我因为meme币感到fomo或者焦虑时,我都会重读这本书,引用本书的“我将违背我的天性,忤逆我的本能,永远爱你”,读书可以让我们从情绪中走出来,寻找真正的财富密码 #doge #shib #pepe… Image
2/8 本书主要探讨了生物进化的基本原理,以及基因在生物进化过程中的核心地位。道金斯提出了“自私的基因”这一观点,认为基因在进化过程中追求的是自身的复制和传播,而非个体或物种的利益,并提出文化基因meme的概念。但由于篇幅有限,我会更多分享与MEME有关的内容以及我的一些思考,探讨MEME传播的本质
3/8 万倍暴涨的meme是什么?
meme(模因)是一种文化现象,指通过模仿和复制在社会中传播的信息、想法或行为模式。这个词最早由生物学家理查德·道金斯(Richard Dawkins)在他的著作《自私的基因》(The Selfish Gene)中提出,用于解释文化进化过程中信息的传播方式。……
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1/49🧵- Unraveling teh Connections of $CAW 🕵️‍♀️🔎 Image
2/49🧵- First of all, what is $CAW? Imagine a decentralized social network that empowers the people and ensures freedom of expression. That's exactly what $CAW is all about. Image
3/49🧵- When $CAW was first created, it was a complete mystery. There was no website, no information on CMC, no social media presence, absolutely nothing. But that didn't stop the community from trying to unravel the mystery behind $CAW. Image
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To all the #bettingtwitter folks out there!

Introducing $BCB - Blockchain Bets which is a fully decentralised betting platform which includes tons of sports and live casino games

Bet, Earn, Repeat 🚀💯🤑🚀

Let's dive right in! @BCBerc20 Image
What is $BCB?

A decentralised gasless betting platform that offers a unique combination of sports betting, online casinos, and staking rewards to the users.

$BCB does not require any KYC verification, making it an easy and private platform for users to engage in online betting. Image
What do they offer?

A fully functional decentralized betting platform with tons of sports with the best odds.

There are different betting features like Asian Corner, 1X2, Over/Under goals, 1st Half Goal Line prediction etc..

Check it out ->

#ETH #bcb Image
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We've seen HUGE gains from future #Shibarium projects

I've collated a list of noteworthy projects for you to investigate

Links to their socials 👇

⚠️ As always, you must DYOR.

I have not been sponsored or paid to provide this post or done deep dives on each project.

💭 Please degen responsibly, and long live #SHIB.
The project's Twitter accounts;

🐶 $BONE - @Shibtoken
🐶 $PAW - @PawShibarium
🐶 $LEASH - @Shibtoken
🐶 $SHI - @ShinaToken
🐶 $FUND / $xFUND - @UnificationUND
🐶 $KENNEL - @KennelLocker
🐶 $WOOF - @woof_work
🐶 $NFAi - @nfalabs
🐶 $SHIBP - @ShibariumPadETH
🐶 $SNS - @dogtag_id
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Breaking news! Elon Musk has announced that he's making #Floki the #ShibaInu the CEO of Twitter. That's right, a dog is now in charge of one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

It's a bold move, but Elon has always been a bit of a maverick. And with #Floki's popularity, he could be onto something big.

Of course, this raises some questions. Can a dog really run a company? And what does this mean for the future of Twitter?

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Vì sap #APT tăng x6 trong tháng vừa qua, mình note lại cái này để mọi người có thể suy luận sang các dòng khác.

Đây cũng là cái để giải thích lý do vì sao xảy ra xu hướng tăng của thị trường crypto hay $BTC những ngày qua👇
1. Các token #DOGE, #SHIB được đề cử giải "máy bơm" trong năm 2021, và mở đầu năm 2023 vinh dự ô nhục này được dành cho #Aptos, tăng gần 500% với "chẳng lý do gì cả, như một con chó meme".
2. Nói lại Aptos có khả năng xử lý 10k tps hướng tới 100k tps, dùng Move đc đánh giá cao về bảo mật và dễ sài. Huy động đc $200M, định giá $2B phần chính là FTX Ventures (đã hẹo), Binance vào sau mức định giá tới $4B, ngày ra mắt định giá $12B
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1) The study of on-chain analysis is often difficult and overwhelming.

Tracking wallet-holdings however is incredibly rewarding and a game-changer.

What if YOU could spend less than 1 minute and see everything in a visual map? 🧵👇
2) Blockchain has blessed us with a new level of transparancy.

Gone are the days of hiding holdings or secret transactions.

Each token has its own explorer page like the example below 👇

Raw data is easily accessible but how unattractive and unorganized does this look?
3) What if you could visualize this data in a map with bubbles?


• Each bubble represents a single wallet.
• The most important wallets are shown.
• The bubble size represented the wallet size.
• Two bubbles are connected if there's at least one historical transaction
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#Tfacts n.31

- 2.5 billion monthly video views.
- 67 million Prints.
- 100+ million monthly Web visits.
- 200 million consumers Worldwide

Who is the new Validator of @Theta_Network and Sub-chain partner?
Let's find out more about 🧵⤵️

#theta $theta
TMB is home to some of the best-known and most-loved media brands in the world. Their brands span across a wide range of verticals, from home and garden to food and nature.

TMB will be one of @Theta_Network 's Sub-chains, $theta stakers will be able to earn TMB's #crypto token.
TBM's portfolio of brands, including @failarmy , @Family_Handyman , @PAAVideos (People are awesome), @readersdigest , Taste of Home, The Healthy and the Pet collective will be powered by #Theta's Edge Nodes! Let's check TBM's brands one by one!

@Theta_Network $theta #crypto #btc
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早上看到@PiCoreTeam被火币关注可能上币的资讯,我打算详细写一下这个我们AC内部专项分析超过1年的项目, 本文将从多个角度介绍什么是Pi,为什么是Pi这个哲学问题

1. 什么是Pi?

Pi Network诞生于2019.3.14。其实质是号称基于Stellar,可以“手机挖矿”的APP。Pi的宗旨是建立一个高可接入性、低成本的去中心化数字货币网络(可视为MINA那样的轻节点概念)

挖矿方式很简单:用户每24小时点击一次按钮,每24小时为一个挖矿周期,到期需要重新点击。整个过程完全免费 Image
2. Pi的传播机制

- 先锋是默认身份
- 贡献者需要通过挖矿3天解锁,并且通过添加已有Pi用户或手机联系人用户的方式,建立“安全圈”。建立后可以获得额外的挖矿算力,每个人加0.02,最多奖励0.1(5人)。
- 大使:邀请手机联系人或新用户邀请码注册成功后可成为大使 Image
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An hour ago,2,473,966,699,162 #SHIB (20,533,923 $USD) transferred from 0x7cd...1e3e5 to 0x7f6...f6ac,It can be found from the tracking address that the earliest holding address of the source of this shib is… on September 7, 2021. ImageImage
From the binance K-line chart, it can be seen that shib was at its lowest point before the final rise on September 7, 2021, and the rise reached 1600% within 50 days.@Shibtoken #SHIB #ShibaDoge1YearAnniversary ImageImage
The $shib holding address will be transferred to the $shib address from time to time, so the transfer is not intended to sell $shib, the return from the address is as high as 1600%, it worth 200 million US dollars at the time. The address is likely to be a diamond owner of $shib.
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Open Question: I'm going to show a set of images and I'll ask the question at the end.
#Algorand #Algo #Algofam
% gain from 12/31/2020
- Market Cap: 36.41% [white]
- Token price: +32.67% [purple]
- Difference: Market Cap +3.74%
% gain [loss] since 12/30/2020
- Market Cap: -25.66%
- Token Price: -26.97%
Difference: MC + 0.5% (negligible)
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$gTii in < 2 years…
▪️purchased Picasso & Warhol to digitize & fractionalize as a dividend
▪️Dividend 1- Warrants issued; MANY ‘undelivered’ to SH’s
▪️; Fabian Alsultany
▪️authorized share count (never released; FINRA Investigation?)
▪️Dividend 2- #SHIB Digital dividend; DENIED by FINRA & DTCC
▪️Brokers calling SH’s to loan shares/RegSho List

$gTii IS trying…driving blind into new territory, getting pushback & learning on the fly. Attempting to Draw a blueprint. Many attempts. No success… yet.
Let them dot the I’s & cross the T’s, at THEIR pace, and get this 3rd Dividend done RIGHT, so we don’t need a 4th.

For TWO YEARS & with NO 💲, $gTii has attempted to force settlement of a TRAPPED 🩳’s trades & #squeeze them out. And they’ll continue on… w/ or w/o you.
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El exchange #CryptoCom manejó $507.506.463 en transacciones solo ayer 🤯

Y hoy es tendencia por los rumores sobre su posible insolvencia.

Pero, no os preocupéis, acá os dejamos un hilo con toda la información importante que necesitais saber.

(¡Spoiler! No pinta bien😥) 🧵⬇️
#CryptoCom actualmente administra 5 wallets en #Ethereum y 6 en #BTC, donde encontramos ≈$3B en activos distribuidos en:

👑#BTC (31%)
🐕 #SHIB (19%)
🖥️ #ETH (16%)
🏦 #USDT (7%)
🔵 #CRO (3%)

Lo cual es muy preocupante... 😨


De hecho: nos damos cuenta de que solo el 60% de los activos en el intercambio son líquidos, incluidos #BTC/#ETH/#USDT/#USDC/#DAI/#BUSD 🏦

...lo que deja un 40% de activos no líquidos 😱
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L'#exchange Crypto(.)com a géré 507'506'463$ de transactions rien qu'hier 🤯

Beaucoup de rumeurs circulent sur son insolvabilité: j'ai résumé toutes les informations importante à connaître dans un thread 🧵

Surprise, c'est pas très beau 😥 👇
[0 - 9] À la fin de cet article, vous aurez toutes les informations résumées pour mieux comprendre la situation sur l'#exchange #crypto.

Certaines sources de cet article viennent de @LeJournalDuCoin, @cryptoastblog et de ce thread anglais 👇
[1 - 9] #Crypto(.)com gère actuellement 5 wallets sur #Ethereum et 6 wallets #BTC où on trouve pour ≈ 3Md$ d'actifs répartis par ordre croissants en:

👑 #BTC (31%)
🐕 #SHIB (19%)
🖥️ #ETH (16%)
🏦 #USDT (7%)
🔵 #CRO (3%)

Ce qui est très inquiétant... 😨
Read 11 tweets How to fake your Proof of Reserves Season 1.

(1) Let’s dive in:'s cold wallet – $600М in #SHIB, some #tether, the rest is shit. Shit noone’s ever heard of. That tells us close to nothing.…
(2) “So in a few weeks you think you will have 1:1 reserve to liabilities!” This means you cannot confirm it now, which is generally your job. Not confirming that you have more assets than liabilities makes me consider that you just don’t!

(3) Crypto Dot Kaboom, you call that Proof of Reserves? But hey, they say they will be fine. 😎

Proof of Reserves means you show both sides of the book: assets + liabilities. You showed us all only your assets, and they are not a pretty picture for a stadium-owning company.
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Back again with another thread, on #CDC this time!'s cold wallet - $230m in literal #SHITCOINS #SHIB, $70m in #DOGE, some tether, the rest is also shit I've mostly never heard of. But hey, they will be fine.…
I bet they have done the FTX, borrowed $$$$ against those shitcoins. And now liquidations will be cascading.

I am also curious the extend to which they have borrowed agains CRO. Wait till that starts to dip.
They got 70 mln bag holders and they will dump at some point. How much can they buy back with clients' #SHIB. 😀
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FTX有挤兑风险,顺路提个醒,根据@lookonchain 的数据看。Alameda目前可随时操作且价值超过100万美金的代币主要有:




有相关币种的朋友可以关注走势,早做判断和对策 Image
SBF投资的币种 ImageImage
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With great pleasure I share this great thread about the consequences of twitter acquisition from @elonmusk, from my friend @SmallCapScience after he did the same with my post about $DC in the past.

But i want say it miss a part, specially $CAW ...and $O $QOM . Let's see why👇
As you know I am a big supporter of meme culture, consequently of @RyoshiResearch vision who created something magical together with the power of community, a magic potion that made great $shib , a token who reached 41bln mcap, causing the #meme season.
Today we are seeing a lot of hype around $bone, as you know I have been alarmed by such potential from 0.35$ from May, being #SHIB chain next gas token, #Shibarium , with millions of users behind.
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