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Top 10 #funded projects last week!

There were 20 financing events in the global blockchain last week and the total financing amount of the top 10 projects last week exceeded $150M.

Check it out below👇

#funding #cryptocurrecy #investing Image
0/ Weekly Funding Roundup: According to PANews,(11.7-11.13)there were 20 funding events, which is the second lowest this year so far, only higher than the beginning of February.

The rest highlight is as follows: 🧵🧵🧵
1/ 8 of them reached the scale of $10 million, focusing on infrastructure and tools, CeFi sector

Infrastructure and tools: The infrastructure and tools sector has cooled down, with 6 events announced, including @FordefiHQ announcing a $18 million seed round led by @lightspeedvp.
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Is .@FTX_Official a preview of US economy and dollar?

.@SBF_FTX did what the .@WhiteHouse does and look.

Will #BRICS cause liquidity crunch in #USA ?

#Putin #XiJingping & others will sell their #dollars & buy BRICS currency.

Could we see real hyperinflation?

#Russia #China
My #cryptocurrecy friends know that when you remove liquidity, the #cryptocrash

The #USD about to have $34B of liquidity pulled.

This does not include what they sell to buy #BRICS $.

BRICS need liquidity too. #Crypto is programmed to do what money does.

What will USD do...
Like #Crypto & the #cryptocrash the USD will drop in value when liquidity is pulled or their is a liquidity crunch. Who else provides liquidity for the USD?

What if they all work together to dump USD & buy BRICS?

Just how much liquidity do they own?

#Russia #China #India #USA
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How We Are Using
Blockchain Technology
For Real Estate Investments
🧵: 1/11 👇
RealEstate.Exchange (RE.X) is being built on @DigiSharesDK and @Balancer technology.
We're an exchange using decentralised technology that enables you to trade tokenised #RealEstate investments through #blockchain technology.
🧵: 2/11 👇
Thereby tapping into +100 real estate property owners and massive liquidity pools (billions of #Ethereum compatible currencies). This also means we’ve received funds from @BalancerGrants and DigiShares.
🧵: 3/11 👇
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Here is the story of @cz_binance overtaking @SBF_FTX

How @SBF_FTX and @AlamedaResearch lost today

Total Surrender

One of the fastest wars in business history

🧵A thread for those who missed it

#cryptocrash $bnb $sol

#BNB ImageImage
Fuck around > Find out


@milesdeutscher wrote a great thread about Sam Bankman Fried and Alameda

Here is the gist of it:

SBF was hailed as a hero in the past

Moving the blockchain space forward, doing a service to the industry @linkchainlink
Sam Bankman Frieds net worth grew close to $15 Billion

He started to invest in companies (@Aptos_Network and @SuiNetwork e.g)

and had enough fire power to bail out Blockfi and considered even helping Celsius.

He also heavily got into politics and started donating

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Exploiters minted over 1 Billion in $GALA tokens on BSC & fears caused a 20% drop in GALA.

The problem is caused by a misconfiguration of the @pNetworkDeFi bridge.

#GALA #galatoken #breach

🧵👇 $1B Crypto Hack Fears Spur ...
➡️ Hackers immediately sent the freshly minted GALA to #PancakeSwap.

➡️ The attacker dumped a total of 10.72 billion $GALA and earned a total of 12,977 billion $BNB ($4.4 million) by draining the PancakeSwap pool to zero.

#news #Hack
@pNetworkDeFi stated that a new pGALA token will be created to replace the old compromised one and will be airdropped to those who had pGALA before the pool was drained in the coming days.

#DeFi #cryptocurrecy
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1/9🧵 @Cointelegraph reports that “43% of professional investors currently hold digital assets, and 19% plan to buy them in the future.”
2/9 As more institutions are engaging with #blockchain technology, the question of how much of the crypto market cap is covered by professional investors still remains.
3/9 In this report sponsored by Finoa, Cointelegraph interviewed 84 wealthy investors across Asia, Europe, and the US to understand the institutional demand for #cryptocurrecy.
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Ultimate Gamefi Thread (2)

In 2021, the video game industry generated $180.3 billion

Tencent made $32.2Billion in 2021
Microsoft/Blizzard made$21 Billion in 2021
Sony made $19.2 Billion in 2021

All of them are moving into crypto

🧵Why gamefi ecosystems will explode

#GameFi Image
Ultimate Gamefi Thread (2)
Part 1 Introduction of high potential projects
Part 2 Gamefi Ecosystems
Part 3 ....? Coming soon

For those of you who missed part 1

$BNB #SolanaNFT #CardanoNFT #PlayToEarn #cryptocurrecy #altcoins #NFTGame #Avalanche
The biggest gaming companies in the world are either experimenting with blockchain gaming technologies and NFTs or are already investing to create the future of gaming

> Tencent
> Microsoft
> Netease
> Bandai Namco
> Square Enix

Just to name a few

#nftpolygon #PlayToEarn
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#QNT On-Chain 🤯

A short thread 🧵



$QNT #cryptocurrecy #Crypto #Cryptos #cryptoworld #cryptomarket
Last week I released a mega thread breaking down $QNT from a technical perspective. If you haven't read that yet check it out:

Today, I want to share with you 1 simple on-chain chart that has blown my mind. I haven't seen anyone else mention this 👇

We know that Metcalfe's law is a great way to derive the value of a crypto asset. It states that the value of a network is equal to the square of the number of users. More users = more valuable network. Let's look at a chart of the active users of #QNT:👇

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Last day I provided my trading team (they adjust our algos and monitor the market and our PnLs) a list of books that would be great to read if you start being interested in HFT.

#Trading #HFT #cryptocurrecy
Market Microstructure in Practice - Good book especially about the fragmentation of the market (which is a very interesting topic in the crypto universe), some basic stuff related to the algorithms in HFT Image
Algorithmic Trading and DMA - Very good book related to the AlgoTrading. A lot of knowledge about order types, DMA, execution algorithms etc. I recommend it for the first book after you gain some basic knowledge. Image
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Decoding #Ethereum Rollups: zk, zkVM, zkEVM

Last week, a trio of @Scroll_ZKP, @0xPolygon, and @zksync announcements had something in common:

Each company implied it would be the “first” to bring a zkEVM to market.


➚➚There are several applications for zero-knowledge proof in blockchain scaling and privacy since it can ensure computational integrity, accuracy, and privacy.

➚➚Both zk-SNARK and zk-STARK have advantages, but their combination offers more possibilities.

➚➚ZkVM provides zero-knowledge proofs for applications, and it can be divided into the mainstream, #EVM, and newly-built instruction sets.

➚➚Equivalence, specification-level compatibility, and EVM compatibility are all types of EVM compatibility.

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SEVEN Questions Blockchain developers and security professionals must ask in advance—🧵

1/ What are the highest impacted areas of code?

2/ How could incident response protocols be affected?

3/ How will vulnerabilities be reported?

4/ How will users be supported to elevate risks?

5/ How will user permissions be managed, and what kind of interoperability across wallets, chains, etc., should be accounted for?

6/ Is the organization prepared for community-participant governance?

Follow➡️@QuillAudits for the latest #Web3 security updates!

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The Graph's $GRT AMAZING "Secret" That Predicts Crazy Future Growth!

What if you as an average #Crypto investor could "see into the future" of a protocol?

Well with @graphprotocol you kind of can! I'll explain below. #GRT #TheGraph #altcoins #cryptocurrecy
A 🧵👇
You may already know that The Graph makes data that exists on chain available to search.

However, unless you are a real die hard I'm going to guess you don't know that in Q4 2021

there were over 1.7 Billion searches made Per DAY!
The Graph has been actively gaining users since 2018 and been doing a VERY good job of it! (Obviously)

In an earlier thread I pointed out that adoption for this protocol has skyrocketed over the last 3 months.

It turns out there is a really good reason!

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$Teddy Doge developers pull out $4.5M in alleged ‘soft rug pull.’

What is the difference between—

‘Soft Rug Pull’ and ‘Hard Rug Pull’


Rug pulls come in two forms: hard and soft.

Malicious code and liquidity stealing are hard pulls, whereas,

soft pulls refer to dumping an asset.

#cryptocurrecy | #Web3

🪡Hard rug pulls occur when project developers code malicious backdoors into their tokens.

Malicious backdoors are hidden exploits that have been coded into the project’s smart contract by the developers.

#SmartContract | #NFT | #crypto
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Before turning specifically to the terms and conditions of slot tourneys, it is important to note that the rules may differ dramatically, depending on the online casino and the type of tournament. Naturally, the more you play, #crofam #cryptocurrecy… will dive into the nitty-gritty of various competitions, figuring out the websites with events that suit your preferences. At the outset, however, it is necessary to set aside enough time and read carefully all the provided info including the fine print… there is no other way to be sure you’re at the right spinning party.

To start with, some casino slot tournaments featured on the dedicated page or advertised in the newsletter may have specific participation requirements or
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Very interesting behavior on BinanceFutures related to the trades on APEUSDT. It looks like there are simultaneously done orders on two sides with a big market impact. There is the more interesting thing if we will see closer...
#trading #HFT #cryptocurrecy #Binance
Every such behavior looks similar. What is really strange is that the last timestamp related to market sell is always the same as the first market buy. Assuming that those two orders are created by two different players - it is almost impossible that they know each other.
Market impact on those trades is more than average -> mean of the market impact of the market order is about 0.22 ticks (if we exclude all market orders without market impact - it is 1.39 ticks). Here we have more than 30 ticks on this market sell.
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$50BN was wiped off the value of @netflix $NFLX this week.
To understand why I'd like to take a different perspective.

I will break down the #brand & #business failings that led to this loss.
In the simple & small thread below 🧵👇
#marketing #brand #Netflix Image

We live in an increasingly impatient world.

We live in a world where we expect everything immediately. We can buy whatever we want, with one click. We can order a taxi, instantly. And stream endless content, whenever we want.

In this increasingly impatient world, $NFLX had a great product-market fit.

-epic amounts of great content.
-content that dropped all at once, no need to wait, just binge it all straightaway.
-no distractions, 100% ad-free.
-very cheap monthly fee.
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Ya hablamos de Lemon, ahh pero.. ¿y @buenbit? 🤨

Ahora le toca pasar por el scanner a Buenbit y nos ponemos a fondo a chequear esta plataforma para saber dónde y cómo estamos parados frente a BCRA-AFIP cuando usamos esta app. ¡Empecemos!✨sale #criptohilo🧵
2/ Buenbit es una plataforma, entiéndase app móvil y web, en la cual podemos intercambiar #Criptomonedas y acceder a ellas también mediante pesos y USD, lo cual genera la entrada de muchas personas a la adopción cripto, fabuloso. Pero no termina acá. 🙌
3/ Desde la app podemos acceder, a criptos como $ETH $BTC $DAI $UST $USDC $DOT $BNB $MATIC $ADA $SOL y hacer staking de las mismas. Además cuenta con un tarjeta prepaga internacional que al usarla obtenemos un cashback del 2% al azar en cualquiera de las criptos mencionadas.
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Something that i see very often is that people seem to not really understand what orderblocks actually are. If you ask them the answer will be "the last red candle before an up move" and vice versa. But what does that mean? What is the reason for those levels to be relevant?
The name pretty much describes it. Orderblocks are simply a lot of orders sitting at a certain price level.
When price comes down and suddenly has a strong impulse to the upside (and vice versa), late shorts are under water, and some long orders might not get filled.
Here a graphic to simplify it: Image
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What is Decentralization? And how are cryptocurrencies such as:

• Bitcoin
• Dogecoin
• Ethereum
• Tether
• Binance Coin
• Solana
• Polkadot are governed by decentralization?

Let's find out ⤵ (1/6)
Decentralization refers to the transfer of control and decision-making from a centralized entity (individual, organization, or group thereof) to a distributed network.


To understand decentralisation, we must first understand what is blockchain technology.


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Hello 🐫 day!

I've moved on, but the 🐫 hasn't

With IVOL/RVOL in $SPX of -33, what could possibly go wrong?

Let's dig into the 🧮!
Ex-Japan, with its own unique set of problems, Asia closed broadly ↗️

$NIKK 28027 -0.8%
$SSEC 3267 +1.95%
$TWII 17741 +1.1%
$HSI 22213 +1.3%
$KOSPI 2747 +0.2%
$IDX 7053 +1.0%

Australia ↗️
$ASX 7514 +0.65%

India ↗️
$BSE 58583 +1.1%
The "hope of ☮️" rally in Europe gives way to some selling ↘️

$DAX 14625 -1.35%
$FTSE 7527 -0.15%
$CAC 6721 -1.05%
$AEX 732 -0.45%
$UBEX 8545 -0.8%
$MIB 25117 -0.75%
$SMI 12262 -0.5%
$MOEX 2474 +2.7% ⬅️🪆

$VSTOXX 26.58 🔻
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Until now, the #GSX has been a listing platform for big Bonds. But they have all the right licences that a Tier-1 European Exchange needs to create a Global exchange - just like the #LSE & #NYSE. But the OLD #GSX didn’t focus on using the full capacity of the licences they have.
The #GSX will be globally disruptive exchange in the not so distant future, being central to #Gibraltars global strategy not just for crypto, but importantly for normal global listed equity, debt and derivatives. Just watch this space. @keremkaradagcom @Exchange_Invest @Wolfiez
With @FrontierFinance Pioneer & Exchange Builder who brings the experience, skill and the vision. Alongside the business acumen of @RPoulden and @leashless, Founder & CEO of Mattereum. Leading figure in blockchain space, coordinated the release of the blockchain platform #ETH
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Impact of TDS (Indian Crypto tax):

Overview : 1% TDS is levied on every transaction (trading or transfer) implies 1% of each transaction is deducted and can be used to pay you capital gains if any or will be refunded back end of year. What does it imply : 1/7
For Traders :

This is a death blow for spot trading - 1% of your money is locked in after each transaction. At 1 txn per day, 97.5% of your money is locked with the government by EOY. Thus, we see trading become unprofitable and a cliff drop in volume 2/7
For Long Term Investors:

While TDS has low direct effect, this rule can create inefficient markets. The high TDS rule would throttle market making activities which ensure your local exchange has the same prices as global exchanges, thus you pay high premiums and unfair price 3/7
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