Very quick thread on #FreeJimStewartson @jimstewartson

(I added his username in anticipation of a positive result from his appeal below. Also FW @radicalizedpod please & subscribe to their podcast. It's brilliant, as is Jim.)

I am sick to death of having to beg Twitter to reinstate accounts that are actually on the good side, ie law abiding people volunteering their time and throwing everything they have at the dire emergency caused by far right fascism throughout the GOP.
#FreeJimStewartson is one of the pro-democracy activists I first started reading on my journey out of the "maga" mvt culminating on 1/6/21, almost one year ago today.

His evidence & arguments are among the best I've seen. H/t @rickyx2001 @gal_suburban @davetroy for pic:
Some of those in the photo are indicted 1/6 rioters and planners. All are under investigation, I'm sure.
Twitter isn't biased against "conservatives."

Twitter is biased against anyone they want to remove, for whatever reason.

All the same tactics I saw used on maga folk for 5-6 years are used on the other side (and on those with no side in the ongoing American crisis.)
I spent 4 yrs trying to get folk on my "side" to patiently wait for DOJ investigations to deliver, after a sufficiently long time period. It was a waste of energy.

As a #spoonie, I do not want to do the same now I'm on the other side. I can't.

Jim's content kept me informed.
For a long time I've been in occasional DM communication with Jim, offering information and encouragement, sprinkled with moments of reciprocal schadenfreudian humor.

I wasn't aware of the attack campaigns against him until now.

I'm so pissed about this latest suspension.
Experienced anti-disinformation activist and @radicalizedpod co-host @jimstewartson will either be reinstated by Twitter or he won't be.

Either way, his work will continue unabated & the thousands of supporters will keep working, even harder, to fully expose American fascists.
Bc if we don't, the most powerful country in the world is likely to fall to fascism.

We have already lost (easily more than) a million innocent souls bc of TFG's gross, intentional, dereliction of duty regarding the pandemic.

On 1/20 these flags represented some of them:
In ~48 hours we will commemorate the first anniversary of America's darkest day in living memory. (I compare the "bigger picture" impact not the body count.)

Arguably, 1/6 was more like Pearl Harbor than more recent events. Because it too could've been prevented.
In the years leading up to Pearl Harbor the isolationism of powerful overt and covert "America First" far right fascists contributed to a policy of appeasement and a lack of national security readiness.

Just like 1/6.

As a result, I lost loved ones here in New Zealand.
That's a whole nother story but essentially, all allied countries contributed to appeasement and non-readiness. The delayed US entry into WWII cost a lot of lives, globally.

History has already started repeating itself. We have to (lawfully) fight fascism again. And we will.
My goal for this week, which I recommend to others, is to stay calm, stay focused on my nearest& dearest, & not to let the bastards grind me down.

The crisis didn't get this bad overnight, so the fightback won't be quick either. Just keep taking one step forward, however small.
The 1st anniversary of 1/6 will be one of the hardest, bc we have little to show for our efforts to date, & the online disinfo war rages on with intensity.

I will say a prayer for the dead & maimed, knowing that in time, we can & will avenge them by restoring democracy.


• • •

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6 Jan
That's true, the level and type of co-ordination became clearer after the event.

But days prior (see my next tweet) and on 1/6 itself, there was already enough publicly available info to know this was a coup attempt with a terrorist attack involved.

Sickening isn't it?
I gotta provide some context about my 12/27/20 tweet below. I was almost out of the cult & had accepted #TrumpLost. But I kept an open mind about supposed "evidence" GQP Senators promised to reveal on 1/6. That was the last possible legal "remedy."
I had underestimated the level of violence, but plenty of people closer to the subject gave explicit warnings on Twitter, that evidently were ignored by authorities before 1/6.

From early on I wrote about the yawning gaps in routine security planning:

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2 Jan
Her post is a good eg of the fact-free "logic" used in the far right fascist GQP. It's an educational tool. (MTG is just a tool.😉)

On the upside, her Twitter a/c had about 500k followers, and at Telegram it's 150k. Many are bots. But in any case, the vocal minority are TINY.
My advice to fellow pro-democracy fighters:

Always remember how tiny the group of literal anti-Americans is. An unknown number of 2020 R voters left within weeks of the election & they're not going back.

So do not let this place get you down, ever.
Both sides claim to be "the silent majority" all the time.

Right now the actual silent majority includes D voters, #XGOP folk like me, and everyone who didn't vote R last time. That's a huge number.

To win 2022 we* have to Get Out The Vote like never before.
Read 6 tweets
1 Jan
An interesting thread of points from the attached opinion piece.

A couple of points I want to add:

The pandemic stagnated the population as a whole in 2021, and that is temporary...
Travel restrictions are the main reason for declining lawful immigration worldwide. When immigration came to a screeching halt, most countries were worse off as a result. Skilled labor shortages were enough of a challenge before the pandemic... it's gone crazy now.
The idea that even the US can be functional without skilled foreign migrants and temporary guest workers is a nonsense.

Demand levels in specific industries are too fluid for the long process of domestic education and training to respond in time. Even truer outside the US.
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1 Jan
#ProCovid losers on the right are claiming this is some kind of bombshell admission, lol. We have known this from pandemic Day One.

They do not, and cannot, #science.

Much easier to take a quote out of (ANY kind of) context. Dishonest. So don't fall for it.
During a pandemic it's essential to any hospital patient's safety to be tested for the virus. Because it may affect the care they need, period.

It affects others, too. Because every aspect of this pandemic is a public health issue that can seriously affect other people.
The US Constitution and laws have ALWAYS allowed governments to declare a national security / public health emergency and TEMPORARILY suspend SOME individual freedoms, in order to SAVE LIVES and maintain national security. These are the most important rights enshrined in law.
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31 Dec 21

Remember the never ending stream of 2016 celeb deaths, capped off by George Michael on Christmas Day, of all days?

I'll never forget Betty White. Catchy song #ThankYouForBeingAFriend was loved *before* Golden Girls even began. It says so much. Playing it on blast. Image
Dare you not to cry happy tears playing this and thinking about all the friends you have known over the years. Some of mine died, others moved away, or I did.

You are on my mind rn, thanks to Betty White.

Poignant we'd learn of her death on New Year's Eve, of all days. She didn't make it to 100 and I'm sure she didn't care (Jan 17th).

Like that other famous person taken during this terrible year, just 3 months short of 100. He said with a smile at 90 he didn't want to make 100. Image
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30 Dec 21
See what I mean? Using the term "parasites" is exactly what antisemites did in the 1930s. Not standing up to them led to WWII and the Holocaust.

If you find a tweet by this RWNJ that appears to breach Twitter rules (eg hate directed at a protected group), please report it.
This whole controversy today with MTG calling for a "National Divorce" aka civil war like so many other Trumpy public figures do, is a near-perfect object lesson for our time. I'll explain why...
How did we get to the point where saying "These people are parasites, ruining one place after another" is no big deal to a group of many millions of American voters - and is even applauded?

Because they weren't stopped when they were a much smaller group.
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