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45 different men have served as US President. And 11 of them have been voted out of office. Losing is not in itself something to be ashamed of. It happens. About a quarter of the time.

But Donald Trump is the only POTUS in history to deny and try to overturn his loss.
Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush all spent their post-Presidential careers after being voted out as respected elder statesmen. They all used their experience to help those who came to office after them in one way or another.
In contrast, Donald Trump is going to spend the rest of his sad life pathologically denying the fact that he lost while trying to overturn both his loss and dismantling democracy itself.

Getting voted out of office is not the thing that makes a former US President a “loser.”
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Trump is continuing to lie about the fact that he lost the 2020 Presidential Election and a lot of Republicans believe him. And so here, again, are a series of facts which anybody can check, which corroborate the fact that Trump LOST and that he's LYING.
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(1) When did you first realize Trump's habitual dishonesty was worse than his contemporaneous politicians?

For me it was on 4/5/18 when he paused for a microsecond before answering a question on Stormy Daniels.

(2) I hear ya, everyone is gonna try to say they wised up to him as early as possible, whether we did or not.

Gratuitous lying doesn't come naturally to me so I choose to mea culpa every time when it comes to #Cult45 and the past 5-6 years.

This lie was the first step for me.
(3) I've tried to become as skilled as I can be at reading body language. It can save you a lot of trouble in your life, because actions speak louder than words.

It's one of the most important life maxims to remember.

Actions speak louder than words.
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(1) Unless this TN GOPer can show statements made at the right time, he is no better than those currently failing to properly endorse the vax. Which is most of the party in office, and their anti-vaxxer in chief.

Source for tweet (2016 article):…
(2) ICYMI, #VaccinesDontCauseAutism.

The approximately 1% of people in the world with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and their families, allies, and doctors, would like a word with those pushing this lie since the 1990s.
(3) The malign crank who published a deliberately dishonest article in the UK's Lancet journal has been exposed perhaps more than any other anti-vax industry leader in history. Pre-pandemic, that is.

I'm a family member & ally of people with ASD.
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I am reposting my series on facts about the 2020 Election, which I call the #TrumpLost project. Here's a bunch of facts that show that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, for anyone who has been listening to Trump's lies and needs to be reassured that he lost.
If Trump had somehow managed to win the election, it would have been at odds with a LOT of historical patterns. Presidents as unpopular as Trump don't get re-elected. And when the economy tanks as badly as it did in 2020, the incumbent party doesn't historically win.
Trump may be loved by the #MAGA crowd and those at @CPAC. But he was deeply disliked by moderate voters and he lost the support of Independents. Generally speaking according to historical patterns, this results in losing a Presidential election.
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There are people in this country who, because of Trump's Biggest Lie, do not believe or at least doubt the fact that Trump did in fact lose the 2020 election.

I have done a lot of research on the election and here are some facts that corroborate the fact that Trump DID lose. Image
I have dozens and dozens of these and keep finding more. I don't have time to put these together all at the same time but I am going to keep adding to these here for anyone who needs to see them or share them.

This thread will continue to grow as I add more facts.
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No bamboo was detected during the discovery of these facts. Image
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Just because a lot of the types who go to events like the #TrumpRally and who tweet out things like #TRUMP2024ToSaveAmerica might still believe his lies about the election, I’m here to help.

#TrumpLost. And it’s time everyone made their peace with that fact. Here’s some facts …
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In the last 30 years, every time the party holding the White House has lost more than three of the states that it won during the last election, that party has lost the Presidential Election.

Trump lost 5 states (and Nebraska's Second CD*) in 2020 that he won in 2016.
Regardless of whether the incumbent President ran for re-election (like Trump in 2020) or is term-limited (like Obama in 2016), no one since 1988 has won a Presidential Election after losing more than 3 states their party won the last time.
And, of course, the explanation for Trump's losses of the five states that he lost in 2020 is incredibly simple - even if you don't go into things like his approval rating, exit polls, etc.
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Comparing Trump's election performance in 2020 against 2016, his margins decreased in 43 states.

Meaning that he either won by a smaller point margin (even if he got more raw votes in 2016), lost states he won in 2016 or lost states worse than he lost them in 2016.
In 22 states, Trump won them in both 2016 and 2020. But he won by a smaller point margin in 2020 than he won them in 2016.

In 5 states, Trump won in 2016 but lost them in 2020. Trump calls these states "stolen."

And in 16 states, Trump lost both times but lost by more in 2020.
This in itself isn't that unusual historically, as we'll see as we go through this. There have been a lot of elections in which the incumbent party does worse than it did before in this many states.

That President or their party just usually doesn't keep the White House.
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The GOP has NEVER won a Presidential Election in which its candidate lost both Arizona and Georgia. Never.

And, speaking of which, let’s talk about the GOP’s woes in Arizona and Georgia in the Trump era.
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The GOP lost margin in Arizona and Georgia in two elections in a row. Not only did Trump do worse in these states in 2020 than he did in 2016 (he lost in 2020). But he also did worse in AZ and GA in 2016 than Romney did in 2012.

They’re not that into you, Donnie.
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And since Trump took office in 2017, the GOP has lost the following in both Arizona and Georgia:

- Lost 2 US Senate seats (in each state)
- Lost US House seats in 2018 which it did not regain in 2020. In Georgia, the GOP lost a House seat in BOTH 2018 and 2020. ImageImage
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Since 1972, the GOP has never won an election in which it won white men by less than 24 points.

In 2000, when Bush barely won, he won white men by 24 points. In 2004, when he barely won again, he won white men by 25 points.

In 2020, Trump won white men by 23 points.
1972 - Nixon won white men 66-31 (+35), won election
1976 - Ford won white men 51-47 (+4), lost election
1980 - Reagan won white men 59-32 (+27), won election
1984 - Reagan won white men 67-32 (+35), won election
1988- Bush won white men 63-36 (+27), won election
1992 - Bush won white men 40-37 (+3), lost election
1996 - Dole won white men 49-38 (+11), lost election
2000 - Bush won white men 60-36 (+24), won election
2004 - Bush won white men 62-37 (+25), won election
2008 - McCain won white men 57-41 (+16), lost election
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For those in the CPAC Universe, nothing will probably convince you that Trump lost the election (or that the moon landing wasn’t faked or that George Soros isn’t controlling the weather - but I digress).

But here is some attempted cult de-programming, anyway ...
More facts about the election. The election which Trump LOST.
Trump didn’t just lose AZ, GA, MI, PA and WI in 2020 after winning them in 2016. Trump’s entire PARTY got wiped out in these and other states in the four years Trump was in office.

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If it weren't so tragic, the fact that people think the only way Trump could lose an election is if it was stolen from him would be laughable. So I guess it's time start listing all of the reasons why Trump should have lost and did lose. Here are some. 1/13
I'll start w/ the 1/4 million Americans that have been killed by a virus that he chose to lie about. He put a blindfold on America while the virus went around randomly shooting some of us in the back of the head while he watched with eyes wide open. 2/13 #TrumpLiesAmericansDie
Next, he seems to think the stock market is the economy, it's not. And while he brags about the market breaking records, millions of Americans are jobless, hungry and on the verge of being homeless. His disconnect from average Americans is unavoidable. 3/13
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McEntee, who was escorted out of Whitehouse by John Kelly over security clearance problems, threatened to fire agency staff 4 cooperating w/ transition process too
YO @SenateGOP
As #TrumpVirus RAGES, Dr. Fauci says any delay of transition is HARMFUL 2 PUBLIC HEALTH

Trump doesn't give a flying fu*k if we live or die

His thug McEntee is firing staff HE deems disloyal & anyone willing 2 help #BidenTransition
Trump's so busy taking a wrecking ball 2 democracy that he's "tuned out" the #Covid19 pandemic

U know who doesn't get that luxury?

✔10.9 MILLION INFECTED W/ #TrumpVirus
✔11+ million out of work &/or facing eviction
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Litigation put forward by the Trump campaign has not included any proof to support allegations of fraud. Nothing campaign officials have put forward would change the outcome in any state. #TrumpLost
But Trump is being urged by his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, attorney Rudy Giuliani & campaign adviser Jason Miller to hold rallies throughout the USA pushing for recounts of votes, sources close to Trump told Jake Tapper. #TrumpWantsRecounts
3. CNN reported earlier Saturday that Kushner had approached Trump about conceding the election. It also emerged that he was trying to placate Trump by suggesting rallies. The goal of a messaging blitz was to raise enough doubt about the results that
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