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Seditionist Stewart Rhodes' news broke on 1/13/22. It was a milestone day for πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.

During what seemed like the longest year ever, the DOJ kept quiet on evidence they already had. Garland is taking each step at a time of his choosing. Charges need to stick.

I really am heartened and relieved to know that this seditionist (one of many to come) was caught and is now in custody. The affidavit is so detailed. It's a clear sign to everyone that the DOJ is "on it." I can understand the skepticism of folk before now, but hear this:
Not only did Garland clearly have the goods on this oxygen thief, he waited until the 1st anniversary had passed. We got to pay our respects to the fallen, injured, witnesses, loved ones, and everyone else directly affected, without this overshadowing that.

And it exposed some.
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Thread: For my fellow American democracy lovers, of any stripe.

This first anniversary was an emotional rollercoaster for me. We'll have to heal ourselves and democracy, while unceasingly fighting for justice at the same time.


Imma watch and re-watch this strong, timely, presidential address over and over. Been waiting for these things to be said, inside that sacred place.

Some more great videos to watch from today.

Stephen Colbert:

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That's true, the level and type of co-ordination became clearer after the event.

But days prior (see my next tweet) and on 1/6 itself, there was already enough publicly available info to know this was a coup attempt with a terrorist attack involved.

Sickening isn't it?
I gotta provide some context about my 12/27/20 tweet below. I was almost out of the cult & had accepted #TrumpLost. But I kept an open mind about supposed "evidence" GQP Senators promised to reveal on 1/6. That was the last possible legal "remedy."
I had underestimated the level of violence, but plenty of people closer to the subject gave explicit warnings on Twitter, that evidently were ignored by authorities before 1/6.

From early on I wrote about the yawning gaps in routine security planning:

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Very quick thread on #FreeJimStewartson @jimstewartson

(I added his username in anticipation of a positive result from his appeal below. Also FW @radicalizedpod please & subscribe to their podcast. It's brilliant, as is Jim.)

I am sick to death of having to beg Twitter to reinstate accounts that are actually on the good side, ie law abiding people volunteering their time and throwing everything they have at the dire emergency caused by far right fascism throughout the GOP.
#FreeJimStewartson is one of the pro-democracy activists I first started reading on my journey out of the "maga" mvt culminating on 1/6/21, almost one year ago today.

His evidence & arguments are among the best I've seen. H/t @rickyx2001 @gal_suburban @davetroy for pic:
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I've been thinking about what the pro-democracy majority of Americans can do with Trump assets that will be seized. The Old Post Office in DC is owned by fed govt & TFG has a license to occupy.

It would make an excellent museum to help us #NeverForgetJan6 & far right fascism.
Mar-a-Lago was built for a cereal heiress who left it to the federal govt in her will. The idea was for it to be a kind of Winter White House. That idea never took off and it was put up for sale in the 80s. The buyer was Donald Trump, who restored and modernized it. (continued)
When his assets are seized the property could again be in the hands of the government. I think the residents of Palm Beach deserve the peace and quiet they enjoyed before 2017, so increasing the traffic and noise is a bad idea...
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(1) Thread: Another terrorist attack in NZ

This happened just a few hours ago at 2.40pm. It's 7pm now.

(2) The only fatality was the attacker, who was shot by police, after injuring 6 people. He was:

>known to police and the courts as an ISIS supporter
>a Sri Lankan national who arrived in NZ in 2011
>on a watchlist since 2016

(3) I've said for years a jihadist attack was inevitable one day in NZ. Relieved no innocents died but the 6 injured are forever changed.

The first NZ terrorist attack in my lifetime was the far right fascist targeting of two mosques on March 15, 2019.

51 people killed.
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Please, Twitter, hire me to edit your draft headlines so you stop embarrassing yourselves concerning hurricanes.

It's not "another" storm. It's the same storm #Ida, after it's been a hurricane but is still a hazard until it is well clear of land.

#HWStormWatch #WxTwitter
There's 3 problems with Twitter's headline.

1. It's absent of punctuation. They use it in other headlines.

2. This causes confusion bc many people don't know how a post-TC is named.

3. Maybe it was deliberate, to generate clicks.
Imma assume it was an innocent mistake on the part of Twitter. Occam's Razor.

If it was deliberate, then it's one of many examples I've seen over the years where potentially saving lives is less important to them than Twitter marketing.
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(1) When did you first realize Trump's habitual dishonesty was worse than his contemporaneous politicians?

For me it was on 4/5/18 when he paused for a microsecond before answering a question on Stormy Daniels.

(2) I hear ya, everyone is gonna try to say they wised up to him as early as possible, whether we did or not.

Gratuitous lying doesn't come naturally to me so I choose to mea culpa every time when it comes to #Cult45 and the past 5-6 years.

This lie was the first step for me.
(3) I've tried to become as skilled as I can be at reading body language. It can save you a lot of trouble in your life, because actions speak louder than words.

It's one of the most important life maxims to remember.

Actions speak louder than words.
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(1) I used to admire Mitch McConnell for his experience and ability but now he says dumb things like "one hundred percent" of his focus is on "stopping this new administration." Dude could have stopped them getting into office by:
(2) By actually standing up to Trump when it mattered, eg during 2020 when Trump was on a political suicide mission by:

>downplaying the pandemic regularly
>enabling, encouraging, and condoning sedition ahead of 1/6.
(3) Trump's biggest blunder in office (and the competition was tough) was not taking the pandemic seriously enough from the start.

For example if #Qdroxychloroquine was so great, why isn't the government of India handing it out to their people?

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