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This is 1 of first pieces I've read recently, where journos are trying to give ppl an overall picture/understanding of far-right/fascist groups in #Ireland & how they've been operating, issues they're exploiting etc
Just a few important facts omitted imo..
#altshite #antifascist
None of these ppl are "politicians", they're far-right agitators
Article say "right wing" then only describes National Party as "far-right", Irish Freedom Party, The National Party, ACI (GO'D/Waters) these are ALL fascist groups, 100%, agitators not politicians.
Gemma O'Doherty..
is not the only fascist agitator in Ireland spreading neo-nazi conspiracy theory of "the gr*at repl*cement", or inciting hate/violence, racism/bigotry & Islamophobia - the Irish Freedom Party (Yellow Vests), National Party & all their various front groups on sm also spread this
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Fascist groups in #Ireland & U.K. hve been relentless in trying to cause chaos & exploit people's ignorance, anger & fear during #COVID19
Now they're calling for non essential businesses to defy restrictions & all sound scientific/medical advice & open up on Jan 30th
#AltShite Image
This call to businesses to break restrictions is being led by Farage's Irish Freedom Party, who along with Yellow Vests & their other front group, Health Freedom Ireland, led 1000s of ppl, who swallowed their anti-mask/anti-vaxx lies, onto our streets during previous lockdowns
2/ ImageImageImageImage
Another U.K. grouo "White Rose" with same ideology/conspiracies, masquerading as fighting tyrrany, have called for same on Jan 30th
A fascist front group with ties to Irish Freedom Party & Nigel Farage? or else it's a massive coincidence calling for same thing on same date.
3/ ImageImageImage
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Most of the Nazis/fascists who stormed the Capitol bldg to attempt a coup were upper-class professionals & business owners, NOT working class. And even if some of them were working class, these people are Nazis. They are too far gone. They’re dangerous white nationalists. 1 / 5 ImageImageImageImage
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Trump has actively encouraged his supporters to gather in DC on Wednesday, January 6th for another #StopTheSteaI2020 rally/protest.

It's not going to change the outcome. Biden *will* be Inaugurated on January 20th. But many of his supporters haven't accepted that. /1
During the course of the day, Congress will accept the Electoral Votes. Even if signed objections are raised for each of the six swing states that Trump lost, that will not delay the process indefinitely; Congress has rules about how long they can deliberate or recess. /2
It is likely that Biden's win will be accepted by Congress on the 6th, while most of the protestors are still in town.

It is likely that the more dedicated protestors, seeking to intimidate members of Congress, will remain in town until the process ends. /3
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@Diggle_B_Mason @ClassFlat Actually one shot is a subjective opinion on the quality of ONE of #EnochPowell's speeches

From the lefty New Statesman

As are these (subjective opinions not neccesarily lefty)
@Diggle_B_Mason @ClassFlat Actually there's more than one shot to this subject

There's more than opinion on the quality of ONE of #EnochPowell's speeches

The other shot is not just a list of his academic accomplishments

It appears to start with a list of the defence accomplishments of #Enoch Powell
@Diggle_B_Mason @ClassFlat But you clearly think things like these make #EnochPowell a bad person
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THREAD: When the #MillionMAGAMarch reached the Supreme Court this afternoon, antifascist activists were already there to confront them with shields and a banner that read "PUNCH MAGA IN THE FACE."

"Fuck antifa!" chanted the Trump supporters.
While no violence had occurred, riot police moved in between the two sides, facing toward the antifa side.

"Back the blue!" chanted the Trump side. "Trump! Trump! Trump!"

"Antifa f****ts! Fucking homos!" yelled one Trump supporter.
I got around to the antifa side of the fence to film there, and some of the left retreated a bit.

Police took advantage of the retreat to push forward and create a wider gap between the two sides.
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Not #nakedsocialisthistory, because the 9th of November is a day I can’t talk about in a “fun & sexy” way: on 9/11/1938, #Germans came out en Maße to hunt & kill Jews & destroy #Jewish premises. It was the day that even the most naive would have had to realise that... thread: 1/x
#Nazis were/are murderers, their political project was/is essentially a death-cult: mass murder (of European #Jews,
#Sinti&Roma, queers) for the Nazis was/is not only a means to an end - it is at the very heart of what German fascism was/is.

In English, that night is still
referred to by the whitewashing term "night of broken glass", but in German we refer to it as the "night of #pogroms". It happened 82 years ago.

& you know what happened 2 days ago? #Coronasceptics, a movement that from the beginning was strongly influenced by organised...
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Remember when CNN used to report?
They are quite organized. Watch some stream footage. There are about 100+ plus days material out there by multiple streamers.
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1) #Agenda21 A look into the Cabal's plan to herd us into cities, sort us, categorize us, and ultimately destroy up to 80% of the population. These images were created from an official document listing the strategies and goals.
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Proud Boys come to Portland and attack on August 22nd, local antifascists fight back. #ProudBoys #AntiFascist #antifa #PortlandProtests #PortlandOregon #BlackLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter #Portland
Youtube version-
Original thread with video coverage of August 22nd-
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The fake reports of antifa starting fires is bullshit. In reality we're putting them out, we're out here helping you chuds. Humble yourselves. Stop the checkpoints and the bullshit.
#WorkersUnite #AntifaFires #antifascist
#fucktrump #fuckbiden
I saw similar fear mongering when I fought the campfire in '18. Then you all said space lasers. Now you saw antifa is lighting fires. False claims that fuel significant tensions while police departments have issued statements that these claims are false.
The fear is real. Stop spreading rumors. #antifascistfirefighters are working hard and they are straight up worried about being homeless while doing their job. I too wonder if I'll be homeless this week.
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[Thread] Be careful today. Far right violence and threat of violence on protesters is escalating. As was seen last Sat. and at protests in general, there are alot of new people to the scene. This is good that more people are coming out, but also means more behavior....
2)....that puts people at risk physically and legally, due to inexperience. This also leaves those that have more experience, with the responsibility to help those that don't really know what they are doing. Many don't know who these chuds are, just that they are racists...
3)....#bluelivesmurder chuds are now starting to join forces with the usual Fashy chuds. This means radicalization of more "moderate" conservatives to the #FarRight/#Fascism, just like we've seen happen over the last few years with #PatriotPrayer attendees...
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The indigenous peoples of Europe are White, & our lives & RACE matter. We are NOT a social construct, as #BigBrother & his minions would have us believe. We are Native, #FirstNationEuropeans who oppose racial hatred AND racial self-hatred.
Where does this ideology of white racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred, which now dominates the West, come from?

It is a pathological overreaction - esp. on the part of traumatised Jews - to the evils of Nazism & the Holocaust.
Why has this anti-White ideology become so all-pervasive & powerful?

Because it was embrace & weaponised by #BigBrother & his minions (esp. in academia, politics & the media) as an instrument of socio-political intimidation & control.
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Quick propaganda lesson...
A Thread.

Image 1: May 30th Politico article repeating Trump/Barr's claim that Antifa & left wing extremists are responsible for violent protests... Image
The article actually says "Neither Barr nor Trump has offered any evidence backing their assertions of who was behind the violence and vandalism."

# 2: A twitter profile of a resident of Australia posts on June 2 that "AG Barr threatening to release Antifa communications to show which elites & politicians played a role in coordinating these riots." No link. No substantiation. No articles available reflecting that claim.
2/ Image
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Re: @Econbrkfst False Logic:

"I'm not sure why Mr. Eng is so concerned with my alleged transphobia, sexism, general bigotry" (your perspective)

"and not that of Mr. Eng's new friend/obsession Brandon Farley or that of Eli Richey"
(False Conclusion)

Of Course i am Concerned.
why does Nick Lee of @Econbrkfst engage in wild speculations and false conclusions

about the accounts of people he Pre-emptively blocks, excessively writes about, and leavs with no easy way to respond.
Nick Lee of @Econbrkfst engages in the very impolite form of debate, by getting easily triggered and offended, blocking account, passive aggressively tweeting outrageous things about blocked account, and violating privacy of his twitter account blockee.
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Medieval Europe was dominated by a coalition of aristocracy, who provided the muscle & power of the sword, & clergy, who provided the brains & power of the Word, i.e. moral authority.

The West is still dominated by power-wielding elites, acting in their own self-interests.
Members of these elites claim to be acting in the interests of society at large, but are deceiving us, & themselves.

Money, as the most versatile form of power, has largely taken over that of the sword, while that of moral authority lies in anti-fascist & anti-racist ideology.
#AntiFascist & #AntiRacist ideology goes to the opposite, but equally insane, extremes of Nazi racial ideology, often referred to as post-racial multiculturalism & DIVERSITY, from whence Big Brother & his minions claim their own moral authority & the power that comes with it.
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Ik ben geen aanhanger van het communistisch gedachtengoed.
Het initiatief tot #Februaristaking op 25 februari 1941 was wel het werk van de ‘linkse’ Communisten, aangesloten bij de illegale #CPN.
Bizar, stupide, infaam dat Thierry Baudet beweert dat het fascisme links was.
Hier doet Baudet zijn stupide uitspraak dat het #fascisme een linkse stroming was.
Volgens hem was #Mussolini een Communist.
Deze richtte in 1919 de fascistische beweging op.
De Italiaanse Communistische Partij werd pas in 1921 opgericht!
Het waren de #antifascisten en #Communisten Piet Nak en Willem Kraan die het initiatief namen tot de #Februaristaking.
Respectievelijk vuilnisman en stratenmaker.
Piet Nak ontvingvoor zijn moed in 1966 de Israëlische onderscheiding Yad Vashem.
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In letzter Zeit werden wir oft gefragt, warum wir Antifa –Fahnen auf unseren Demos haben und antifaschistische, sowie andere linke Gruppen Redebeiträge halten dürfen. Wir wollen kurz begründen, warum das so ist und wieso wir das ausdrücklich gut heißen.
Grundsätzlich ist  “Antifa” keine existierende Gruppe, sondern erst einmal nichts anderes als eine Abkürzung für Antifaschismus. Weil Antifa nichts anderes als Antifaschismus ist, bedeutet es für uns auch nichts anderes.
Deshalb verstehen wir uns, wie in unserem Selbstverständnis (1) nachzulesen, als antifaschistisch.

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CAPTURED: #Zucker giving his #FakeNewsCNN zombies his daily #Propaganda orders to deceive the American public. Big buck$ paid to who'll perpetrate the deception. It is #ExposeCNNDay. So, yes, do #ExposeCNN!! Pass it on.
Thank-you #JeffZucker!!

3. #QAnon #Ghislaine started early working on #CNN networking. #ExposeCNN
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Avoiding eye contact or acknowledgement, Portland Police file in front of a nervous, neck-bearded Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler busy checking his notes one last time before speaking at press conference on #AntifaTerrorists.
2. The slightly disheveled Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler prattles furtively from his notes in garrulous fashion on congratulatory themes.
3. No, we don't "have exactly the same goals".
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Andy Ngo & his buddies talk a lot about people staging fake attacks for publicity purposes, & this happens. Some interesting coincidences here:
From that article about RIght Wing groups planning to impersonate Antifa:
Now look at the video where Andy Ngo is attacked & look at the person who ran up out of nowhere, punched him, then ran away. It's an interesting 'coincidence' that the attacker was someone dressed & behaving exactly as the Proud Boy said his guys would. #Antifa
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Frente Nacional Identitario - a Spanish far-right organisation with links to Fascist and Nazi groups across Europe - allowed to march to Catalonia's parliament square to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the fall of Barcelona to Franco's forces.…
Always a warm welcome when the Fascists and the Nazis come into town
Via Laietana
#Barcelona #antifascist
Plaça Sant Jaume
#Barcelona #antifascist
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