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Saturday, March 5th, 2022
News you can use. 🧵
I'm going to keep repeating it:

#NATO, or The U.S. and other partners, need to make a #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine now, or the blood of this #WarInUkraine is on their/our hands.

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For America and the world’s safety, it’s time to arrest domestic terrorists Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Peter Thiel, and Erik Prince. They are a clear and present danger.
DHS terrorism alerts don’t write themselves.
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💥#Opschortingsjournaal editie 2 van 2022 🤓

Twitter heeft weer een fraaie set malicieuze 'teleurgestelden' opgeschort. Lange 🧵 met een selectie van wat ik voorbij zag komen sinds 2 januari.

Spot jij jouw grootste ergernis? Speuren naar het nieuwe accountje dan maar! 🤪😭😂
Eerst even jullie aandacht voor deze *vergissing* van Twitter. 😠

Amerikaanse (Anti-)QAnon-reporter Jim Stewartson is (opnieuw) opgeschort na massale rapportjes rondom de herdenking van de Capitoolbestorming. #FreeJimStewartson

Deze onwijze mafkeltel deRedacteur licht ik gaag opnieuw uit na de opschorting van 10 januari. 😊
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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
News you can use.

Try not to laugh...
#ErikPrince and James O'Keefe are the ratf*ck extroardinaires #RogerStone Steve #Bannon needed. Sprinkle a little #Flynn in there, and you've got a military grade political hack squad ready to fill their own pockets no matter how bad it is for the U.S.

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12-2-20, Tony Shaffer, who is indefinitely suspended from posting monkey gifs on this platform, joined a press conference in his function as the Amistad Project's lead investigator. About two weeks later, they used forged documents for their "GOP electors."

According to the Washington Post, Tony Shaffer was a member of the Trump campaign’s advisory board at that time.

And Trump attorney Jenna Ellis served as special counsel at the Amistad Project's parent organization, the Thomas More Society.…
At the time of this article, Ellis has been paid more than $172,000 by Trump’s campaign, filings show.

These people love money at the expense of democracy.

Shame on them. All of them.

#FreeJimStewartson @jimstewartson
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🧵 Dear @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport @Twitter,

@jimstewartson’s work is important.

It is essential that you restore his account so 45,000 tweets on his timeline are accessible to the @January6thCmte and other researchers.

He broke no Twitter rules. #FreeJimStewartson

This is the 3rd time @jimstewartson was permanently banned in the last two months for not breaking Twitter rules.

The first time was for “hate speech” for saying “Joe Rogan is Steve Bannon’s g*mp” after Joe Rogan blatantly promoted neo-nazi ideology.

The second time @jimstewartson was inauthentically suspended was for “abuse and harassment” after responding to being called a “felon” and a “sexual predator” by an insurrectionist named Tony Shaffer who was finally suspended this week.

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🧵 CodeOfVets, OathKeepers, Flynn.
h/t @jimstewartson #FreeJimStewartson
- Accepted $100K via friend Michael Flynn on 1/5 (his own non-profit?)
- Promoted Oathkeepers; friends with Stewart "God’s warrior" Rhodes
- Claims $5.4 million in 3 yrs. How much to Oathkeepers?
"If protesters can be paid? Why can’t we pay our veterans to step in?!

I know a few who would do what needs to be done to support and defend! #VeteranStrong #Oathkeepers #DefendAmericaNow"
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I noticed first hand how Tony Shaffer was openly harrassing people here on Twitter. He did so with @JimStewartsom, @jennycohn1 @visionsurreal and to a lesser extent myself.

@TwitterSafety I hope you can restore Jim's account. #FreeJimStewartson
@jennycohn1 @visionsurreal @TwitterSafety After this happened, I came to learn how closely Shaffer worked for a group that tried to overturn the free and fair 2020 United States presidential election. The group which is The Amistad Project.
I have detailed in my current pinned thread what The Amistad project has done. I'll leave the legal aspect and consequences to the lawyers.

But Shaffer's documented bullying looks like an effort to obstruct investigators to find out more about his role.
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Very quick thread on #FreeJimStewartson @jimstewartson

(I added his username in anticipation of a positive result from his appeal below. Also FW @radicalizedpod please & subscribe to their podcast. It's brilliant, as is Jim.)

I am sick to death of having to beg Twitter to reinstate accounts that are actually on the good side, ie law abiding people volunteering their time and throwing everything they have at the dire emergency caused by far right fascism throughout the GOP.
#FreeJimStewartson is one of the pro-democracy activists I first started reading on my journey out of the "maga" mvt culminating on 1/6/21, almost one year ago today.

His evidence & arguments are among the best I've seen. H/t @rickyx2001 @gal_suburban @davetroy for pic:
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More and more, everyday, I'm realizing that any form of centralized social media is fatally compromised. We've seen over and over again how Facebook and Twitter default to protecting fascists and their corporate overlords. And then when any sort of firebrand anti-fascist

like #freejimstewartson gets a following, they are living on borrowed time until they "slip up" and express anger or use a word that might be taken as a slur. Then the people who are fighting hate get accused of hate. This is a living example of violating the

Paradox of Tolerance. This is Karl Popper's wise and prescient idea that in order to maintain a tolerant society, we must not tolerate intolerance. The right routinely hides behind "civility" and calm forms of speech that nevertheless express vile hatreds.

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Earlier this week @MeidasTouch exposed antivaxers and got suspended from Facebook. Now @jimstewartson has been suspended by Twitter after exposing Mike Flynn. This is a real problem.
Turns out @jimstewartson got suspended for referring to @joerogan as “Steve Bannon’s gimp”. Sounds like someone’s fans aren’t the free speech avengers they claim to be.
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