Well .@TrussLiz you talk about using "food as a weapon" but omit Global Britain's history of Operation Starvation:

Ireland - ‘famine’ of 1845-52 in Ireland engineered by British. Over 1 million Irish starved to death. 1.5 million ethnically cleansed, many left on 'coffin' ships
"During ‘Black 47’, the worst year of the so-called famine, almost 4000 vessels left Ireland carrying food to the ports of Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool and London, to feed English people. If we take butter alone, over 800,000 gallons was exported from Ireland at gunpoint"
"Mass starvation was a regular feature of life in India under British rule. The last ‘famine’ that was inflicted on India was in 1943 when over four million people died in Bengal."
Famines that killed millions in India when under British colonial control:

The Great Bengal Famine (1769-1770) – over 10 million deaths
Madras City/surrounding areas (1782-1783) and Chalisa famines (1783-1784) – total deaths for both was over 11 million
Doji Bara Famine (1791-1792) – over 11 million deaths
Agra Famine (1837-1838) – close to 1 million deaths
Upper Doab Famine (1860-1861) – 2 million deaths
Orissa (Odisha) Famine (1866) – over 1 million deaths
Rajputana Famine (1868-1870) – over 1.5+ million deaths
Bihar Famine (1873-1874) – the relief effort for this famine was deemed ‘excessive’, it was decided future relief to be “thrift”.
Great Famine (1876-1878) – 5.5+ million deaths
Ganjam/Orissa/Bihar (1888-1889) – hundreds of thousands of deaths
Indian Famine (1896-1897) – millions of deaths
Indian Famine (1899-1900) – 1+ million deaths
Bombay Presidency Famine (1905-1906) – hundreds of thousands of deaths
Bengal Famine (1943-1944) – over 4+ million deaths
"Britain’s imperial project in India, its aims and methods, was not to prevent ‘famines’ but to engineer them."

‘Malayan Emergency’ of 1948-1960 the British introduced a ‘food denial’ programmed called Operation Starvation. Included spraying Agent Orange on food crops - all because Malayans objected to GB looting of resources.
British armed mercenaries in Nigeria during Biafran war of 1967-70 to protect GB looting of oil resources. Siege of Biafra led to mass starvation & use of term 'biafra' became synonymous with horrific images of distended child bellies:


Britain’s Commonwealth Minister George Thomas stated in 1967 the “sole immediate British interest in Nigeria is that the Nigerian economy should be brought back to a condition in which our substantial trade and investment in the country can be further developed..
..and particularly so we can regain access to important oil installations”
#Yemen - more than 23 million Yemenis are being starved & deprived of medicines & medical treatment due to UK neocolonialist project in alliance with #UN #US #UAE #KSA #Israel

In #Iraq Global Britain participated in starvation and deaths of 500,000 children.
In #Syria UK/US/EU/Israel/Turkey are deliberately blockading Syrians, depriving them of water, energy, fuel, agricultural crops which are being burned or stolen. @TrussLiz is another in a long line of criminals projecting her own complicity with war crimes onto Russia.
This is not an exhaustive list. Do feel free to add any other Operation Starvation to the thread.
And 'food' for thought on the much regurgitated Holodomor 'myth' from historian & author @ehret_matthew


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❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Highlights of Russian Military Operation in Ukraine on June 15, 2022

▪️ZSU have shelled Sereda in Belgorod region.

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May 30
Dear @realGonzaloLira would you please stop talking about the "Arab Spring" as if it is real. They were #CIA #MI6 manufactured destabilisation campaigns weaponising Muslim Brotherhood, just as they weaponise Nazis in #Ukraine. Thank you.

And nobody bleat at me about "waaaaaaaaaah infighting". If you have a influential platform you have a responsibility to provide evidenced opinions to the best of your ability.
I would always recommend people watch "the Revolution Business" by Journeyman (Egypt):

On #Syria follow @SyrianaAnalysis @KevorkAlmassian & check his YouTube channel for evidence of who was behind the "uprisings".

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May 20
To all "Slava Ukraini" supporters, you are facilitating torture of Ukrainian people who have resisted fascism, you are enabling Nazi torture of civilians, rape, waterboarding. #NATO proxy war crimes.

Laurent Brayard

#Donbass #Mariupol
These crimes are known to #UN and @RedCrossUkraine who remain silent to cover up extent of horror inflicted upon Ukraine by NATO.

Laurent Brayard #Donbass #Mariupol
Mass graves & mobile crematoria in #Mariupol used by #Nazi brigades & #SBU to cover up genocide & mass reprisals against Russian speakers & civilians who reject fascism.

Laurent Brayard #Donbass
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Apr 21
It is irresponsible to spread rumours about #GonzaloLira "execution ". I am also receiving "information " from the Dark Web via sources but it is still UNCONFIRMED. For all we know this is an Intel PsyOp to frighten off dissenting voices. Please don't share clickbait from anyone
Please remember Lira has family. 2 small children. They are worth your thoughts over and above likes on Twitter.
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Apr 11
"European press has run a story about a prayer service in Borodyanka, #Ukraine which had been attended by #Nazis wearing SS insignia. Naturally, this failed to embarrass the media editors in the West.
Western authorities, especially the children and grandchildren of the Third Reich SS members, have long made no secret of their worldview. Nonetheless, not all the Europeans bought the whitewash

On the photos: the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) wearing the insignia of 14th Waffen division of SS Galicia that was formed from ethnic Ukrainians during WWll & took part in mass murdering Jews and Poles in Western Ukraine and executions of partisans in Slovakia & Slovenia"
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Mar 14
"In October 2014, Human Rights Watch reported that Ukrainian government forces and pro-government militias were responsible for the widespread use of cluster munitions in populated areas in Donetsk city."

"Igor Kolomoysky has been a top funder of the Azov Battalion since it was formed in 2014. He has also bankrolled private militias like the Dnipro and Aidar Battalions and has personally deployed them to protect his financial interests."

"The Pandora Papers -Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky & TV production partners were beneficiaries of a web of offshore firms created in 2012, the same year Zelensky’s production company entered into a deal with Kolomoysky’s media group."
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