and really this is what the failure of #capitalism boils down to: capitalists hate *equilibrium*. a healthy planet full of life is a physical system—one of profound complexity, but still, a system in dynamic equilibrium, maintaining an approximately steady state over time.

"steady state", in economic terms, would mean a #business that continues to provide approximately the same services or products over time to a steady clientele—not a *constant* number of clients but one that varies up and down with time, oscillating about a steady average.

and this #business would continue over time to charge about the same for its products or services, and the profit rakeoff going towards workforce and #management pay would also remain about the same. this approximately stable state would be a business at equilibrium.

this state of affairs is to the liking of nobody in #capitalism. no corporate #executive or #manager wants to see "steady" anything. no #conservative gasbag like @DouthatNYT or @thomaschattwill, no "centrist" gasbag like @jbarro or @mtaibbi, wants this. they want "growth".

they want profits ever increasing, they want output ever increasing, they want more and more of everything, all the time—more customers, more products and more *expensive* products, more #managers and #executives, and always more #money raked off for the corporate elite.

capitalists generally feel entitled to infinite profitability over time, because that is how #interest payments accrue in an ideal (i.e. non-real-life) profit-making system.

the bulk of money made in #capitalism is made by the perpetual accruing of interest payments.

the salaries of elite #CEOs like @pmarca and @jack (@elonmusk probably doesn't count as an elite #CEO these days) is always ballooning from this endless collection of interest payments, which accrue *geometrically* in mathematical terms. the curve rises faster and faster.

no physical system can behave like this indefinitely; infinitely rising curves are not seen in material reality—but #capitalism and capitalists, as you might be able to tell, do not quite live in reality. @elonmusk, @pmarca, @saylor, etc. are people who prefer fantasies.

stable equilibrium, as I have said, means oscillatory behavior—rising up and down about a mean value, an average. it means that statistics or "metrics", like size of a customer base or revenue over time, are always rising and falling. #capitalism hates this fact of life.

all of @elonmusk's fascıstic and antiscientific blather about a "population crisis" (blather which Musk's acolytes like @mtaibbi and @ShellenbergerMD fully endorse, it would seem) is a stark example of how capitalists are incapable of grasping how equilibria work.

human population, if it's to remain healthy and stable, can't always increase. rising AND falling around an average is healthy behavior.

a population drop is not a "crisis"—but @elonmusk, @mtaibbi, etc. are kept stupid by the unhinged, unrealistic values of #capitalism.

capitalists want all the lines pointing upward, all the time, so #capitalism needs more and more of everything. more resources, more water and power, more humans toiling.

it's not physically possible. capitalism is incompatible with the realities of matter and physics.

@elonmusk and his cultists like @BillyM2k and @Timcast daydream about #space and @SpaceX supplying the infinite greed of #capitalism, but it is a futile dream, especially for #ElonMusk himself.

his career is soon ending.

~Chara of Pnictogen

• • •

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Jan 22
oh right. I was going to say something about "God"—the being whom right-wing Christians seem to worship, the "God" who seems like so much *smaller* a thing than a truly omnipotent Creator—and how He's a demonstrably loyal friend to authoritarians and bloodstained tyrants.

#Christianity was permanently warped by its growth medium—the authoritarian and bureaucratic structures of Roman rule. Rome was a harsh and brutal state; "Western civilization", #Christian civilization, continues to imitate the tyrannical Roman model to this very day.

not once has "the West" ever lost its fondness for rule by absolute monarchy. right-wing blowhards like @DouthatNYT and @MattWalshBlog reflexively fall at the feet of every military strongman or corporate dictator or @GOP politician in whom they sense Great Man potential.

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Jan 22
okay, time to wind down.

incidentally we've been watching the 2006 documentary film "Jesus Camp" intermittently today. we've only watched forty minutes so far; it's upsetting material. right-wing #Christianity is an upsetting thing to deal with; just ask the *victims*.

@dalepartridge, whom I've given special attention this day (the feast day of St. Agnes—but that's just a coincidence; also it's #NationalHuggingDay) might be attempting to console himself with imagining that I'm a mere vengeful *victim* of right-wing Christianity. I'm not.

I'm an apostate #Catholic whose personal experience of Catholicism was in fact rather mild and not without its positive qualities...though there was also a lot of sadness and disappointment. I wanted to reach out to God. I reached out and felt...a void. mournful emptiness.

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Jan 22
we've played this music a few times a day, routinely, for a long while now. Kajiura Yuki's theme music for #FateZero: "Back to Zero". it's one of my favorite pieces.

we've used it for grounding ourselves—it is, after all, right there in the name.

"Fate/Zero" is fiction. our present-day world may have magic in it, for surely magic is as eternal as anything that's woven into the Beatific Vision; magic, I tell myself in hope, can never completely die. but it has no magic like that of the mages of the "Fate/" universe.

it is perhaps well that this is so. one of the lessons of the "Fate/" universe ought to be that humanity perhaps ought *not* to have magic, because magical crimes are truly nightmarish in scope and scale. a little handful of mages almost bring about the end of the world...

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Jan 22
so let's talk a bit more about this "God".

"God" falls easily from the lips of the world's worst human beings. @MattWalshBlog thirsts to impregnate children, and perhaps has actually done that—and he's a "man of God". his child rapist friend @joshduggar—a "man of God".

@dalepartridge is a grifter, a confidence trickster, a squalid grasping man of #business consumed by avarice and pride—but, a "man of God". @laurenboebert habitually embezzles public money for her private use—but she's "faithful" to "God".

it's an astonishing phenomenon.

clearly "God" is something different from what @dalepartridge &c. all pretend He's about, i.e. infinite everything. all power, all knowledge, all love, etc. etc. etc.

in fact this "God" is defined by the *absence of definite qualities*. omnipotence is void, featureless.

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Jan 21
this may alarm some of my readers, so I feel like I ought to explain and qualify my words somewhat.

it is my considered opinion that a *certain conception of God* must be laid to rest. I've loosely termed this conception of God "the #Christian God", but that's tricky...

...since #Christianity is such a fearfully atomized and scattered assortment of different cults, all of them centered in some way on the #Bible and the spiritual event known to Christians as the Incarnation, that the very word "#Christian" no longer has a certain meaning.

it cannot be denied, however, that there is a #Christian mainstream in Western society; its American manifestation is particularly noisy, very well-funded from money trickling down from wealthy capitalists like the Koch Brothers, and fascıstic in its political inclination.

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Jan 21
@jordanbpeterson a sure sign @jordanbpeterson is really a dunce, is that he *talks* like a dunce about science. this muddled, profoundly ignorant man—who undoubtedly pretends, like all #Christian fanatics do these days, to be a champion and guardian of science—*makes fun* of science.

@jordanbpeterson global warming isn't tough to grasp if you know a few basic things about science. @jordanbpeterson could learn these things, if he weren't dedicated to *remaining* the dunce that he is.

the _carbon cycle_ of the Earth involves the interchange of carbon between physical phases.
Read 19 tweets

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