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¿Cómo analizar un proyecto Crypto?🔍

Dentro hilo🧵
Antes que nada, debemos tener en cuenta el #WHITEPAPER:

Nos permite saber qué información tiene esa criptomoneda, cuál es el proyecto, cuáles son sus fundadores y qué problema viene a solucionar.
En segundo lugar, los #DATOSTÉCNICOS:

- Supply del proyecto
- Nº de holders
- Volumen diario
- Gráfico histórico
- Capitalización de mercado.
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John Hagel | A Future of More Human Work | Global Summit 2018 | Singular... via @YouTube #freedom #life #property not the routinetask mindset but heartset @CocaCola #ceo be free and enjoy the work and help us to be this future #everypersonaspacelab
#productivitysolvers #examples #EveryPersonASpaceLab it can be done, we say:" it needs to be done" for all our institutions now so we needf to create more value! @CocaCola_NL #MarcelVerwei re-define work #zoomoutzoominapproach #experiencecurve show how performance is all #MarcelV
De toekomst wacht op jou dus help mee en start in onze beweging door emotioneel ook wereldwijd empathy te verhogen en vooral online
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Here’s how I went from hustling 16 hours per day, 7 days per week (and ruining literally all of my relationships)

…To tripling my PROFIT while spending 90% of my time in my zone of genius and eliminating anything other than the stuff I choose

🧵 🧵 🧵
Hi - my name’s Lauren Tickner… and I’m an entrepreneur and founder of a multi-million dollar business.

If you spend 2 minutes with me here, I’ll break down exactly what I did to get my time back and finally get to live a little… 👇
As entrepreneurs, we tend to…

👉🏼Have dozens of great ideas each week and want to do them all right now (aka yesterday)
👉🏼Know that the job will be done right if you do it yourself
👉🏼Have goals so big that other people think you’re crazy
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#Thread #Parenting

Have we failed in bringing up.our ‘modern’ kids?

A very distressed neighbour shared that he had driven home after a long day at work. As he entered, he saw his wife in bed with fever. She had laid out his dinner on a tray.

Everything was there just as he wanted it. The dal, vegetables, salad, green chutney, papad and pickles… ”How caring,” he thought,
“Even when she is unwell, she finds the strength to do everything for me.”

As he sat down to eat, he realised that something was missing.

He looked up at his grown up daughter, who was watching TV and said,

Beta (child), can you get me my medicine and a glass of water, please?

She rolled up her eyeballs to show her displeasure at being disturbed, but did the favour nevertheless.

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Gavin Hamilton, #CEO of Red Tiger Gaming added: “A key incentive to work with NetEnt was to tap into the reach and #Markets it has built up. I’m very excited that the early collaboration between the two companies since the deal was completed has allowed NetEnt customers to go… live seamlessly with Red Tiger too.” NetEnt Connect is a rather smart aggregation system, as it has a unique structure that makes it possible to cater to various international markets and make integrations possible across various markets with multiple… regulatory bodies in charge. Another great option is the possibility of integration with NetEnt’s Engage, the gamification and reward engine.

In the coming weeks, NetEnt will slowly validate and monitor the initial launch of their
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@verge 调查称 孙宇晨@sunyuchentron 涉嫌 #内幕交易 等罪名,孙宇晨回应称其为 #诽谤…
2021年12月份,波场基金会 @tronfoundation 宣布将于明年解散,孙宇晨@sunyuchentron已被格林纳达委任为常驻 @wto 大使…
#孙宇晨 想用大使身份逃掉法律的制裁
#孙宇晨 是有钱,但余生会像个国际 #流浪汉 一样生活
@HooExchange 虎符交易所的CEO 王瑞锡像个国际 #流浪汉 各国漂流般的生活了
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The role of a #founder & #CEO needs to evolve over time and be aligned with #startup’s stage of maturity.

4 questions for 4 stages to help you focus:

How? —> #Idea stage
What? —> #Product market fit stage
Who? —> #Scale stage
Why? —> Big company stage

Thread 👇
1. #Idea stage. How?

“How will we make this idea a reality?”
This includes nailing down the pain in the market and articulating how you’re planning to cure that.
2. #Product-Market fit stage. What?

“What is the #market telling us?”
This includes looking at product-market fit indicators and iterating your #solution. If you’ve nailed the pain and know what are leading indicators of #PMF - this stage is actually easier than perceived.
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Is your Procrastination killing your Dreams?
I guess, we spend more time thinking about things that are out of our control. Some things that we have not seen. Thus, we never move forward.

~ *thread* ~

There is a simple ideology that I follow, first, try to start with a small thing. Small enough to experiment out everything that you would have done all the way if you were the one.
There is a story behind how I came up with this.
1/ My friend always thought of becoming a CEO, starting his own company, and stuff like that. But, it is definitely not easy.
The tension of finding the right idea for the people along with a good business model always kept him stuck. I guess everyone faces this once.
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@THL ja sen #KRAR eivät ole nopeuttaneet kolmatta rokotekierrosta vaikka ⁦@valtioneuvosto⁩ on näin pyytänyt. Miksi?

Onko syynä #Lasten_rokotuskokeet? Onko sama syy maskittomiin kouluihin? Maskitonta 👧👦-dataa ei #Pfizer saa kuin Suomesta.…
#Suomi🇫🇮 #LastenMaski_ikäraja on omien tietojeni mukaan kai maailman korkein kesästä 2020. Muualla normaalia on alle 10v. #MaskiEmeriitta-tutkimus 2020 oli 💩, kuten @OHelve uusin, #Tartuntatautilaki ja WHO-rikkovaan Helve & @mapetti kirjelmään. Mikä on #RokoteTutkimusOy osuus?
#Pfizervaccine💉 #Lasten_RokotusTestit🇫🇮 osallistujavaltioiden MASKI_IKÄRAJAT:

-US 2v
-Espanja 3v
-Puola 6v

-Suomi🇫🇮, oli 16v, sittemmin pitkin hampain 12v. Pfizer saa testata maskitta Suomessa 6kk-11v. Koska sopimus on tehty ja ketkä hyötyvät siitä?
#RokoteTutkimusOy & #KRAR
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There's no better time to stake your claim at income & wealth creation by building for the #DigitalEconomy. Serial #entrepreneur & my good friend @SamGichuru & I used to meet at AvanteGarde, a #cyber hapo #CBD when starting out on our various #technology inclined businesses. This isn't Avant Garde but represents the general look and f
hio na ingine ground floor Barclays Plaza had the fastest connections in town. ETouch by #AfricaOnlineKE whose #CEO was tech entrepreneur turned investor @AyisiMakatiani also dotted the place lakini bei /min + I couldn't negotiate a flat rate for the day ... #MwelekeoNiInternet
Today, with @SafaricomPLC #4G and #5G #mobiledata connectivity, you can build a business and thrive from virtually any town in Kenya! #MwelekeoNiInternet
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.@fpjindia in association with SIES is organising a discussion on "The emerging challenges for the power sector in India" today at 3 pm with Praveer Sinha, CEO & Managing director, @TataPower.

#power #energy #ceo #solarenergy #cleanenergy #renewables

Praveer Sinha, CEO & Managing director, #TataPower says for the last ten years Tata Power has been worked a lot in the renewable energy space.

Watch the session here:
Praveer Sinha, CEO & Managing director, #TataPower says Tata Power has shown leadership, both in thought and action, to become the first one in the country to meet the net-zero carbon targets.

Watch the session here:
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RBI issues instructions on governance for banks, incl Pvt Banks, SFBs, Wholly Owned Subsidiaries of Foreign Banks

Circular not be applicable to foreign banks operating as branches in India

Post of MD & CEO or WTD (Whole Time Director) can't be held by same incumbent for >15 yrs
*THREAD* (RBI on Bank CEOs)

#RBI: #Bank MD & CEO/WTD can be re-appointed after a gap of 3 years if considered necessary/desirable by the board (once 15 years completed)

WTD, MD & CEO cannot be associated with a bank in any capacity during 3-year cooling-off period
RBI: Upper age limit for #MD & CEO and WTDs in pvt #banks would continue to be 70 years

MD&CEO or WTD who is also a promoter/ major shareholder, cannot hold these posts for > 12 years

RBI may allow promoter WTD/MD & #CEO to continue up tp 15 years in extraordinary circumstances
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I guess as an OB 😁 of @newvisionwire (23 years) who has been through the reign of 2 CEO/MDs, 4 Editor-In-Chiefs, 3 News Editors, 2 Finance chiefs, and about 5 HRs, I qualify as an expert to comment on the succession plans there underway. Short #thread loading....
@newvisionwire 📌 It was actually a dream 26 years - 3 as freelancer, 23 staff!

✳️ Wrote my first article for @newvisionwire July 1989, during vacation @MakerereU, retired in December 2015. In that time, 2 CEO/MDs, 4 Editor-In-Chiefs, 3 News Editors, 2 Finance chiefs, 5 or so HRs

The job of CEO of a profit making government 'mouth piece', as the haters used to call us, is obviously a balancing act.

William Pike was it all!

Robert Kabushenga made it look so easy. It isn't!

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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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#Thread Aujourd'hui, #Simplon fête ses 7 ans et demi 🎉 ! Pour l'occasion, on a invité nos partenaires et soutiens pour discuter de tous les sujets qui font Simplon 🚀 Retrouvez-nous toute la journée en live sur Twitter pour vivre l'événement avec nous #lagederaison #weareSimplon
Et comme on n'a pas pu faire intervenir tout le monde, on voulait profiter de cette journée pour remercier les partenaires qui nous soutiennent, depuis le début ou depuis quelques mois, parce que c'est grâce à elles et eux qu'on en est là aujourd'hui 🙏#lagederaison #weareSimplon
On profitera aussi de cette journée pour vous partager des témoignages d'apprenant.e.s Simplon, parce que c'est pour elles et eux que toute l'équipe se lève tous les matins depuis 7 ans et demi. Bravo à nos 10 000 Simplonien.nes à travers le monde 🤩 #lagederaison #weareSimplon
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How to with a BREAKUP, Google?...

A Thread 🧵🧵on Allegations on Google by US Govt.

@Abhishekkar_ @FI_InvestIndia
@Sanjay__Bakshi @dmuthuk @ipo_mantra @RichifyMeClub @Rishikesh_ADX @FinKrypt @Vivek_Investor @join2manish #scamdemic2020 Image
The Department of Justice (DOJ) in the US has filed a lawsuit against Google, which could potentially break-up the company.

#Google #Commission #StockMarket #USA #DOJ #Scam1992 Image
But, why the case?

The Government alleges that Google is using unlawful tactics to maintain its dominant position in the search and online advertising market.

#DigitalMarketing #MarketingDigital #marketingtips #Scam1992TheHarshadMehtaStory Image
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The #UKGovernment Torture Report

This is a very short overview of what the #UKAuthorities have done in the case.

#PraiseTheLORD #PraiseGod #Borisjohnson #Downingstreet #PritiPatel #UKParliament #Dailymail
In 2005, I set up a business selling CDs, namely mixtape CDs after graduating from Uni.

In 2006, my home was raided & my business was stopped. They said the CDs I was selling were in breach of copyright.
It was a complete shock as the exact same CDs I was selling were prevalent on most high streets and supermarkets. They were selling in their thousands in places such as #Tesco & #HMV. And #Woolworths were the actual UK Distributor of these CDs.
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The UK Government Torture Report

This started in 2006 & to date it has not been addressed because successive UK Governments have green lighted a targeted operation to sweep the problem under the carpet.
In 2005, I set up a business selling CDs, namely mixtape CDs after graduating from Uni. They were prevalent in stores such as HMV, Tesco's, Woolworths and more. And Woolworths were the actual UK distributor of these mixtape CD's in 2005.
Within 1 year of trading, my home was raided by Richmond Council, The Metropolitan Police and The British Phonographic Industry. They said the CDs that I was advertising for sale were in breach of the Copyright, Patents & Designs Act.
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In conjunction with the International Youth Day, I'll join #CEO
& #YouthGen tomorrow to take a hike at Bukit Jugra! Youths play a major role in nation-building, we should learn to adapt their views which sets a new perspective. Image
Don't undermine their ability and knowledge! We should engage more and empower them. Happy International Youth Day Lads!! Selamat Hari Belia Sedunia!! #DekadIniDekadAnda Image
Take a Hike with us!

We welcome people of all ages & abilities to join in a day hike to Bukit Jugra on 16 August 2020 (Sunday) at 7 AM

We will leave from Masjid Al-Muttaqin Permatang Pasir by 7 AM and our hike includes lite breakfast by the sea of MORIB.
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This new C-suite sanctimony about no longer treating shareholder returns as the sole purpose of the corporation is all well and good, but did these latter-day Princes of the Church ever actually ASK the owners of the property over which they dispose if that's what THEY want?
Their predecessors showed similar arrogance in taking the widow's mite -offered in Christian charity- from the collection box, as well as the tithes levied ostensibly to support their mission, & lavishing it on self-enrichment, artworks, even wars. Look how THAT worked out!
Moreover, there's a certain insidious sundering of duty from privilege, of risk from reward, involved here.
"I am a philanthropist-by-proxy," the #corporate Croesuses can say: "so I don't have to run the businesses to generate income, just plaudits fom my equally-smug peers."
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Don’t take my advice - Dnt listen to any consultant- listen only to your customer - talk only to your customer - that’s enough to understand what is needed to grow your practice. Having constant touch with customers is the sure way to grow any kind of business
When you talk to customers , you have very steep learning curve. You instantly know how market is changing and consequently how clients needs are changing. You can take first hand feedback about your product or services and also about your team members.
When you keep in touch with your customers they feel strong support and feel that you care about them and you are listening to their suggestions and issues.
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Matí de fer una ullada al #CEO
Estimació al #Parlament

ERC: 25,4% [38-39]
JxCAT: 19% [29-31]
PSC: 18% [24-25]
C's: 12% [14-16]
CeC: 10,2% [11-13]
CUP: 7,3% [9-10]
PP: 4,3% [4-5]
VOX: 2% [0-2]
...sobre la independència de Catalunya

Sí: 43,7%
No: 47,9%
Ns/Nc: 8,4%

...sobre l'autogovern de Catalunya

Insuficient: 61,8%
Suficient: 21,3%
Massa: 6,2%

...preferència territorial

Estat independent: 36,7%
Estat federal: 21,7%
CA 28%
Regió: 5,9%

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#Neuroscientists worldwide are increasingly studying #myelin and its amazing impact on rapid #learning, mastery, and neuroplasticity. So keep your circuits strong with deep, focused practice, but remember: #myelination requires quality versus quantity.
What Is #Myelination?
Myelination is the process of “insulating” a new neural pathway to strengthen it and to forge new default #behaviors. Heavily myelinated neural pathways are up to 300 times faster.
They’ve been optimized for speed and #efficiency. Increasing #myelination via intentional #practice helps us become more emotionally agile.
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