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and really this is what the failure of #capitalism boils down to: capitalists hate *equilibrium*. a healthy planet full of life is a physical system—one of profound complexity, but still, a system in dynamic equilibrium, maintaining an approximately steady state over time.

"steady state", in economic terms, would mean a #business that continues to provide approximately the same services or products over time to a steady clientele—not a *constant* number of clients but one that varies up and down with time, oscillating about a steady average.

and this #business would continue over time to charge about the same for its products or services, and the profit rakeoff going towards workforce and #management pay would also remain about the same. this approximately stable state would be a business at equilibrium.

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🧵 THREAD N°21 : les DAO

Il y a quelques mois, une #DAO a levé plus de 47 millions de dollars en 3 semaines pour racheter un des exemplaires originaux de la constitution américaine.

Que sont les DAOs et quelle est leur utilité ? Thread du jour👇 Image
1/ Une #DAO est une "decentralized autonomous organization", une communauté décentralisée et auto-gérée.

Une DAO réunit des personnes qui souhaitent s'associer dans un certain but : créer un produit ou service, lever des fonds pour acheter la constitution... Tout est possible.
2/ Mais pourquoi ces personnes créeraient-elles une DAO plutôt qu'une #entreprise si elles veulent créer un produit ?

Pourquoi ne créeraient-elles pas juste un groupe #Facebook pour s'organiser autour d'un but commun comme l'achat d'un objet rare ?
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Are you a BAD Manager? What makes a #manager good or bad? You need to realize that the correct answer is not a definite point on a scale. Like most quality measurements, the answer would have a range…
Like how sweet is a cup of tea? Or like salt to taste. Being a "Good" or "Bad" #manager has a range. Also, there is no one size fits to all approach to #management and #leadership
It helps that we have a range to play. Makes conformance easier and realistic. You have a real chance to be “Good” and an equal probability to be “Bad”. The choice is always ours.
#Management #Leadership
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Sadly, #MedicareForAll will not help #healthcare costs until the underlying problem with MEDICARE and the ENTIRE HEALTH SYSTEM is FIXED, a LONG 🧵 1 of 24 #Medtwitter @somedocs @AmerMedicalAssn @WCMSSM @MichStateMedSoc References:
2/ b/c @SenateFloor @HouseFloor & @CMSGov are yet again not fixing the true problem & instead are again targeting #Physicians by decreasing payments by another 9.75% on top of the fact that reimbursements to providers has already been decreased by 22% over the past 2 decades
3/ On average only 40% of the what your #insurance , including #Medicare , pays your doctor actually goes to the doctor as #income . The overhead costs to be a doctor takes at least 60% of the payment a doctor gets from Medicare or Insurance equivalent.
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Most new #Leaders #managers I have met suck at conducting #oneonone the right way
- It’s not their fault I suck too every now and then, so I created some ground rules.
Here is a thread which talks about everything I did wrong about conducting #oneonone meetings.
🧵 Image
1. It’s not your meeting managers - One-on-one meetings are not manager’s meetings, they are direct report’s meetings. Let them talk 90% of the time.

I am very talkative and made this mistake many times in my career of taking over these meetings.
2. Give one-on-one the importance it deserves - Do not schedule it just for the sake of it and find reasons to postpone/cancel. Make sure your reports also understand the value of this meeting.
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Gezellig. Allemaal mensen die vertellen hoe belangrijk managers wel niet zijn.

Voor de duidelijkheid mijn visie op dit gebeuren:

1. Het eerste wat je als manager moet doen is zorgen dat je team zonder jou gewoon functioneert. Onmisbare managers zijn slechte managers.

2. Het tweede wat je moet doen is met je bemoeizieke reet van de werkvloer afblijven, vooral als je mensen kampen met een crisissituatie en ze echt geen tijd hebben om jou te woord te staan, maar te beleefd zijn (en hun werk graag willen houden) om te zeggen dat je op moet rotten
Dus wat je kunt doen is vaste momenten pakken om mensen even aan te spreken om te zien of ze nog iets nodig hebben. Goede managers weten wanneer dit voor hun mensen het beste uitkomt.

Het lijkt me duidelijk dat dit niet is als ze hun derde patiënt vd dag staan te intuberen.
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Realising that 30s is the time to reflect.

Less but better.
Slow down
But sometimes am confused if I should write on twitter or one note privately.
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I've just bought @GalZellermayer's new book "Manager in Shorts". I've read the first chapter (chapter 0) and can't wait for reading more.

"This book will make you aware." Image
@GalZellermayer Quote as I go thread

Chapter 1

"Aim to master 4 domains: T & 3 Ps:
Technology - you know: coding, design, architecture, databases, frontend, and so on.

Product - what are we building and why? Process - plan and execute.
People - (-:

“In this order”
Chapter 2

@GalZellermayer identified the above quote is lacking agility and accuracy. He mentions that @jewelia noted (and better expressed) that too, in her tweet
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👆#TurnKey,Inc.: #SEC turning the (same)key in the lock

Surprised that commentators think there is anything new in this decision. It is simply a different type of argumentation. It is for the first time a #negative #definition of #ICO #regulation by #securities#laws. Thread👇
👉1. In Munchee Inc., SEC claims (…):
⛔️Munchee has no viable product
⛔️tokens sold are not usable, but will possibly be in the future
⛔️ICO will fund the development of the project
⛔️MUN price will vary AND reasonable expectation of future profits
⛔️#profits (or losses) depend solely on efforts of #Munchee #managers
⛔️#marketing MUN token in the manner to induces the purchasers to believe there is a profit expected solely for buying MUN and reselling it later.
⚠️a positive definition -> this IS a security
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No amount of #assessment is enough to eradicated the need of soft analytics completely. So we have to draw a line and understand when an #UX #interview have gone too far and became hostile. #Hiring #Functional Groups are nothing new in #Software #Industry. How do we hire
establish functional groups like #HR, Scrum Master and PR? A week long #assignment for them too? #Hiring #Managers invest time to evaluate the past work, looking for cues and gaps. Dig deep and ask precise questions to candidate.
A nice read, #Competence #mapping instead of #design titles…
This happened with Law #Consultants, Doctor Consultants, #Business Consultants and this will happen with #UX Consultants too, because Consultation is a Practice. #UXjobs #UXAssignment
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