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I asked my girl why she change sheets everyday she say "Cause they dirty since we slept on them." I'm like "they still the same color tho."
Then she made this "rule" that I can't get into the bed with my "outside" clothes. Which I just don't understand at all.
Came home to clean folded draws one day & life flashed before my eyes wondering if she saw them before. I was scared to look her in the eye.
I'm terrified of a chick washing my draws and she just did it with no issues. Then she said "I didn't bother the sock in ya bottom drawer"
Also, when I was single I had one pillow. Now we have 32. I'm like why do we have 32 pillows. She said for decoration. FOR WHO?!
Btw Yal ever heard of some shit called decorative towels? She got some decorative towels that I apparently can't dry myself with. WHY GOD
This shit work both ways, her car was fucking up and she was gon take it to the shop and I fixed it for her. She looked like she saw a ghost
My girl oil light was on and she said she ignores it cause it been on for a while. I changed it and it went off she fucking screamed.
Dryer was broke when we moved in, I fixed the motor in it she thought I was a wizard or something. I'm like "You know this a machine right?"
My girl got my hip to the swag of the "Face rag" so now I take 2 rags when I shower. One for the face, one for the body. I feel Godly.
She said "So you just been using one washcloth for everything?" and I'm like "I ain't even own a washcloth before you."
I had an interview, my girl said she left the iron out. Took me a full 3 hours to figure out what to do with the iron and how to use it.
You know how stupid I felt googling "What an iron for." Nigga, google laughed at me before displaying the results.
Let me tell yal bout the shower, she got this fucking double shower curtain I ain't never seen. It's like plastic inside the tub & 1 outside
I was pissed, I said "WHY THE FUCK WE GOT A DOUBLE CURTAIN." She calmly says "So the water doesn't drip on the bathroom floor.

I used to think I was smart but women really got this life shit figured out. I'm not sure how I survived without a girl anymore.
I wonder if every man has a point in relationships where he wonder how he survived without his girl. Cause nigga I was struggling apparently
Check this shit out. She bought me 3 things of deodorant. I'm like "Do I got 3 arms?" She says "No, just in case you run out."
If I'm ever single again I'm not gonna make it fam.
I used to be SOOOO against marriage but being in a relationship like this got me thinking. "Nigga this might be a win."
Bills came in, I'm dreading going through all this shit. She said she organized and filed all of em and I can actually pay online. Huh?!
Your quality of life increase SO FUCKING MUCH when you don't gotta think about little shit.
Like aight, let me tell yal how she did my clothes. Cause this shit is fucking genius.
She got one drawer with my underwear and socks, one with shorts & workout clothes, and she hangs my work shirts up in front & others in back
Now when I wake up for work in the morning I don't gotta search through a pile of clothes on the floor doing the sniff test for 20 minutes!
All my shit in easy to remember places and I'm wondering why I never thought of this before.
Fellas, I can't be the only one, tell me how your girl improved your life? Not with sex or nothing but just ya day to day life.
I wake up in the morning for work, my keys wallet and lunch for the day all sitting in one spot with a little "Take the trash out <3" note.
I'm fucking CONVINCED that women are the key to success in life. Like how I'm supposed to remember all of this shit on my own?
If I'm ever single again I'm not gon make it yal. This is what people work all their lives for. This is it.
All I gotta do in return is whatever she wants. Which is easy shit, killing bugs, fixing stuff, paying all the bills & give her a big dick
Whole fridge looking like a come up. And we got tupperware now so ALL KINDS OF LEFTOVERS AND I CAN EAT THEM WHENEVER I WANT!!!
Now I just wanna be great in life so I can come home one day and be like "THIS ALL FOR YOU" and give her all the shit she want.
I have very specific knowledge, in my field of work, I'm real knowledgeable about shit. My girl knows literally everything else.
I appreciate her not for the things she does, but who she is. The things she does is just the....seasoning on the chicken.
I can square root a triangle but she gives me a reason to do it. Plus she got me hip to exfoliating. Exfoliate niggas.
My mom taught me shit like "Shower everyday, have manners, be respectful." My dad taught me how to work with my hands and have pride.
My girl taught me that it's possible to fold a fitted sheet. I'm honestly not sure who taught me more right now.
This thread ain't saying you can't exist without a S.O., just that, sometimes you don't know everything, and shit can improve ya life.
I learned a lot about how to survive. But growing up we didn't have the time or resources to learn about little quality of life improvements
It's not just the things she does for me that make her great but who she is as a person, she's the sunrise to my day.
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