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I’m from Birmingham, Alabama. Let me tell y’all right now, white folks in Alabama do not care if Roy Moore touched a 14yr old girl. It will not stop them from voting from him. If any of you think Christian values matter to white Alabama voters, you do not know my state.
The State of Alabama overwhelmingly voted for Trump, a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women. White Alabama voters consider Trump more of a Christian than Obama. Please understand, Roy Moore could squish a kitten on live TV, and they’d say the kitten had it coming.
White Alabama voters will blame the girl, say it’s cool for a grown man to talk to underage girls, just outright dismiss the story, say it’s a democratic ploy to trick them, or say a Republican who tries to have relations with underage girls is still better than a Democrat.
The vote is between Roy Moore, a racist, homophobic, anti-equality candidate who solicits underage girls, and Doug Jones, the man who prosecuted the Ku Klux Klansmen who bombed a black church in 1963, killing four black girls.…
I need to reiterate that, a man who stood up to the KKK has an uphill battle winning against Roy Moore, who says U.S. cities are under Sharia Law and thinks Putin is right to imprison and kill gay people. That’s Alabama.
Bama will always be my home. And I love the consistently non-conservative Black people who try so hard to make it a better place, but Alabama is a conservative bastion, addicted to white supremacy. This isn’t me being pessimistic. This is just the reality of Alabama
Folks, look at this. Government officials in Alabama are using the story of Joseph and Mary, out of the Bible, to justify Roy Moore trying to make advances on a fourteen year old girl.

I want to be proven wrong. I’m praying that Alabama proves me wrong, but I also know my state.
For those of you who want to learn more about @GDouglasJones, you can find him here. I hope what I’m saying helps and/or helps people to understand how much Alabama needs change.

For my non-Southern readers, you have to understand this about the Deep South. You are probably from a place that’s deep blue, or at least, can swing from Blue to Red or vice versa with a good candidate, scandal, revelation, etc...
That’s not how it works down South, especially in Alabama and Mississippi. They are so staunchly conservative, they could put Darth Vader on the Republican ticket, and it would damn near be impossible to stop his eventual election.
A corruption scandal doesn’t get a politician out of office, but an infidelity scandal can, BUT ONLY if he doesn’t immediately go to his Pastor, ask God for forgiveness, and voters quote a random verse out of the Bible to forgive him.
Even if we do elect a Democrat in a majority progressive area (i.e. majority black) we still have to deal with the State legislature or Governor stopping most progressive policy, or being outright hostile.
Republican candidates aren’t measure on their policies, cuz they’re all terrible for everyone who isn’t white and wealthy. They’re based on personality, dog whistles, ideology, faith, and white identity politics (whether soft or blatant).
Changing white voters mind in Alabama has nothing to do with policy. Roy Moore is a twice removed judge who thinks Sharia Law in the US is real, believes gay marriage is unconstitutional, the only faith that’s real is Christianity, and put the Ten Commandments up at a courthouse
Republicans lean on white identity politics, especially in the South. White rage, Christianity, hatred for minorities, and white nationalism. Roy Moore embodies all of this.
That’s why Roy Moore trying to solicit a 14yr old girl doesn’t matter to them. He embodies what Alabama loves. Doug Jones does not cuz most white voters do not care he stood up for black people, and honestly, it’s going to hurt him with many.
And yes I said that. Doug Jones prosecuting the KKK for The 16th Baptist Church Bombing will hurt him more with white Alabama voters than Roy Moore’s sexual advances on teenage girls.
That is a summation of Alabama (& Deep South) politics. White Rage. White Supremacy. White Nationalism. Extreme White Identity Politics. Racism. Xenophobia. Personality > Policy. Homophobia. Lack of Accountability Via Sexual Crime (unless done by non-Republican/Conservatives)
For those of you wondering how Roy Moore responded. Simply put, the worst way possible.

Alabama Voter’s response to Roy Moore:
I urge all of you to 100% not believe this. If Republicans truly felt this way, they would’ve disavowed Trump. This is pure lip service. Roy Moore will be welcomed with open arms if elected.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind about Alabama. Big change for the state tends to *MOSTLY* come from national and/or global disgust with our state. Doug Jones isn’t in the race right now if Alabama is not in the national news being humiliated due to Roy Moore.
If you take it back to the 60s, it legitimately took global outrage from seeing black people being beaten by Alabama police & white citizens for much of the change to happen.
You’re shocked that Republican Alabama officials are using the Bible to defend pedophilia. I’m waiting on them to directly say God is a pedo for impregnating Mary with Jesus so that’s why Roy Moore has done nothing wrong.
If you want to help Doug Jones, here's a way you can.

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