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History is written by the winners, which is why #Luddite is a slur meaning "technophobe" and not a badge of honor meaning, "Person who goes beyond asking what technology does, to asking who it does it *for* and who it does it *to*."… 1/
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Luddites weren't anti-machine activists, they were pro-#worker advocates, who believed that the spoils of automation shouldn't automatically be allocated to the bosses who skimmed the profits from their #labor and spent them on machines that put them out of a job. 3/
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In lead-up to upcoming Twitter Space at 6pm EST about 🇺🇦fundraiser we are about to launch, I thought I’d take a few minutes to tell you about me, being an artist on Twitter for more than a decade, & how the war in 🇺🇦 has shaped me since 24/2/22. 1/
2/ I came to Twitter to discover ppl curious about #GraphicNovels, #BobDylan, #artistbooks as my work on my collaborative (w my daughter) GN “Long Time Gone” following its exhibition at @massmoca in 2008. I connected with my heroes like @1michaelgray1. It was great.
3/ later, I began work on an 8 year project to make a new edition of #Dante’s #DivineComedy. I hand-lettered entire poem in Italian (from 3 different MS sources) & illustrated every page. Published in 3 languages (IT/English/German) in 2021.…
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🧵Rare for me publish in Hungarian media but 60th anniversary of 1st of Grandpa’s HAPPY DAYS IN HELL / Pokolbéli víg napjaim = good reason for piece in @MagyarHang this week. Please do purchase if you are in #Hungary. Contains super cute picture of me aged 2 btw.😉
@MagyarHang Hard to appreciate seismic impact the book (a bestseller) had in UK that year. It was = first full length gulag memoir published in English years before Solzhenitsyn‘s work (by which it was later overshadowed) became available. Picture of 1st edition in dust jacket here (Ebay).
The work‘s success was due not only to narrative force / symbolic artistry but outstanding quality of the translation by Kati Szász/ Szász Katalin who rendered the text into beautiful literary English. Sadly I lack a picture of Kati to illustrate this thread (can anyone help?).
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Been thinking of what would be the best way to capture my #Infocomm22 story. Being a part of the community (#AVTweeps #AVintheAM #AVHappyHour) and getting active on social media has been so important to me in this journey. So here it is:
🌟🌟Infocomm 2022 - Thread 🧵 Alert🌟🌟
2/ That badge truly summarizes everything. My @Audinate fam would joke that I was highly 'decorated' and I'd say how I wore every one of those ribbons with pride! Being an #Audinator has been an amazing experience! We are not co-workers - we are family. Just ask @thesmoothfactor
3/ Being a speaker and getting to share knowledge is something I really love! Im grateful for all the opportunities I got! Tuesday 06/07 kicked things off with the #PMvEng session with my dear friend @jacobyaudio. Here are some pics (thx @noreenesson and @ChewieDaWookiee)
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As promised @LauraMorreale, a tweet about effigial tombs in #medieval and #Renaissance #Florence /1 Jacopo della Quercia, Tomb slabs of Lorenzo Trenta (d 1439)
Some of what follows can be found in "The Sepulchralization of Renaissance Florence" in @MIP_medpub Memorializing the Middle Classes in Medieval and Renaissance Europe… /2
In Purgatorio 12.16-21, #Dante describes effigial tombs:
Come, perché di lor memoria sia,
sovra i sepolti le tombe terragne
portan segnato quel ch’elli eran pria,

onde lì molte volte si ripiagne
per la puntura de la rimembranza,
che solo a’ pïi dà de le calcagne /3 Genoese artist, 1350-75. Illustrated Dante. Bodleian Library
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#Tolkien & Art MEGA THREAD alert!
Ever get that feeling where a picture reminds you of a fave #LOTR character? Well, if you've follow me you'll know its a little obsession of mine. So tonight, hitch a ride on the eagle that is Pictures that Should Have Been Tolkienian (Gandalf?)
A Silent Watcher guards the entrance to Cirith Ungol.
No sorry, that single head is a no-no. Actually this is Resistance, or The Black Idol (1903) by Orphic cubist and symbolist František Kupka. Based on the Colossi of Memnon, but with a Bram Stoker vibe #Dracula #Tolkien
The Black Riders kick back post-Weathertop. No, sorry, this is the Dance of Death by Michael Wolgemut (c. 1493) Featured in Hartman Schedel's Nuremburg Chronicle, this charming little #woodcut conjures the horrors of the Black Death. complete with Satanic snakes #art #Tolkien
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Último hilo del mes de mayo dedicado al #ApocalipsisArt para el #TwitterCultural.

Conocéis esta cúpula ¿verdad? Es la famosa cúpula del #Duomo de Florencia, ideada y construida por #Brunelleschi. Tan famosa que, a veces, se nos olvida mirarla por abajo.

¿Venís a mirar?

La cúpula de Santa María del Fiore, o del Duomo (Catedral) de Florencia, fue ideada, proyectada y construida por Filippo #Brunelleschi, 1era obra del #Renacimiento italiano en arquitectura, aportando grandes conceptos teóricos y constructivos para las épocas siguientes.

Si nos abstraemos de la brillante respuesta constructiva de #Brunelleschi, entramos en la catedral y miramos desde abajo ¿qué vemos? Pues vemos esta maravilla pintada al fresco de Giorgio #Vasari, finalizada por Federico #Zuccari y su equipo: este fabuloso #JuicioFinal.

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Seguimos con el mes de mayo dedicado al #ApocalipsisArt para el #TwitterCultural.

Acompañadme a ver cómo del #Gótico se evoluciona al #Renacimiento en Italia. Acompañadme a ver el #JuicioFinal de la Capilla de los #Scrovegni pintado por #Giotto en 1302-1305.

Sigue👇🏽 Image
Enrico #Scrovegni era un hombre muy rico de Padua, Italia, y llamó a #Giotto para que la decorase.

Entre 1302-05 Giotto completó un programa decorativo sobre la vida de la #Virgen, sus padres y la vida de #Cristo, cerrando el ciclo un inmenso y complejo #JuicioFinal.

Sigue👇🏽 Image
Fijaos en lo complejo de la disposición del programa decorativo e iconográfico, porque son tantas las imágenes (y poco el espacio) que #Giotto lo ordena de manera geométrica en tres niveles, excepto en la última imagen, el #JuicioFinal, que ocupa todo el muro oeste.

Sigue👇🏽 ImageImage
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È incredibile come a Gorizia sposti una foglia e viene fuori una storia. La nostra città è davvero uno scrigno millenario in cui mai si finisce di “pescare”.
Oggi è la giornata dedicata a Dante Alighieri e voglio condividere con voi alcune storie bellissime che collegano Gorizia al sommo poeta e stiamo approfondendo in previsione delle iniziative che intendiamo organizzare in settembre, Covid-19 permettendo.
Com’era oggi riportato nelle pagine culturali de @il_piccolo, il “nostro” Dante, o meglio ciò che rappresentava, divenne simbolo di italianità e la realizzazione di un suo busto provocò, addirittura, nel 1866, lo scioglimento del consiglio comunale da parte del governo austriaco.
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Sigue el mes temático #ImpresioMarzo dedicado al #impresionismo, sus obras y autores para el #TwitterCultural.

Hace días que hilamos sobre el impresionismo en la escultura con el gigante del arte Auguste #Rodin. Hoy su obra máxima: "La puerta del Infierno" (1880-1917).

Sigue👇🏽 Image
"La puerta del Infierno" es un complejo escultórico monumental creado por #Rodin, con la colaboración de la escultora francesa Camille Claudel, por encargo del gobierno francés para ser la puerta del Museo de artes decorativas y se inspira en la #DivinaComedia de #Dante.

Sigue👇🏽 Image
#Rodin se inspiró no sólo en la #DivinaComedia, también en "Las flores del mal" de Charles #Baudelaire y en la "Metamorfosis" de #Ovidio: una fusión compleja para hacer la antítesis de "La Puerta del Paraíso" (1425-52) del Baptisterio de #Florencia de Lorenzo #Ghiberti.

Sigue👇🏽 Image
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Been down the rabbit-hole of #Croatian #folklore - here's a #thread of what I found:


This one is especially close as its my family island.
'From #Folklore to Fiction: Early Literary Manifestations of the #Vampire Motif'

Fun fact: the term 'vampyr' first appeared in an 11th century Slavic manuscript vilifying #Bogomils, a #Gnostic dualist heresy that was endemic to the #Balkans
'#Witches' Zoopsychonavigations and the Astral Broom in the Worlds of #Croatian Legends as (Possible) Aspects of #Shamanistic Techniques of Ecstasy (and Trance)'…
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#BIN ¿Cuál es la situación amaneciendo este domingo? Primero, una noche y madrugada con muchos rumores, ruidos, carrerones y hasta (dicen que) tiroteos. En resumen,la masa no está "pa' bollos" y los sabe hasta "María la bollera". Luego, lo interesante, la situación del régimen...
#BIN El régimen veinteañero (cumple 20 años en 5 días), que tanto se ufanó de ser "pacífico pero armado", ahora recién descubre que quedó reducido "a tiros de salva". Lo que fueron los ciudadanso (evitaré en lo posible llamar oposición), muchos huesos sin músculo, ahora son ellos
#BIN #ElEstadoDeLaNación 1. Se apoderaron de los dólares, los malgastaron en armas, nos debilitaron, otros huyeron, se apoderaron del CNE, de la FANB y del TSJ, todos sucursales de PSUV; se apoderaron de la soberanía y crearon una fraudulenta "ANC", para minimizar al parlamento.
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#BIN Y esto es así, porque en nuestro ADN venezolano hay un componente donde reside el segundo principio heredado de la época colonial: "Dios está en el cielo, el rey está lejos y YO MANDO AQUÍ". No es nueva nuestra tragedia, es que la lucha entre civilización y barbarie continúa
111. #Derecho es un conjunto de normas, escritas o no, de carácter general, útiles para dirigir a la sociedad, a fin de solventar conflictos y evitar la autoinjusticia y la imposición de la "ley del más fuerte". Es decir, para evitar la barbarie...
112. Es decir, donde no existe el #Derecho, existe la barbarie. El Derecho es el camino establecido para tratar de encontrar esa quimera, más valiosa que #ElDorado, llamada #Justicia. Cuando se tuerce el derecho, se actúa enloquecido como #Aguirre...
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So I’ve been wanting to be play this game..Finally going to do it... Image
1. (#Damon & #Elena) #Delena |You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger..#TVD
2. (#Liam & #Steffy) #STEAM | No one can stop us. You know why? Because we are written in the damn stars.
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