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Blazing hot (and yet, freezing cold) take: A lot of people talking about "We should find a bunch of pedophiles, put them in a house, and burn the house down #savethechildren" are real mad that Biden's ATF director pick was there when the ATF did exactly that in the 90's. A THREAD
Like no, the government probably shouldn't have burned a house down with like a hundred people inside (even if inadvertently), but also don't act like David Koresh WASN'T fucking a bunch of teenage girls. He is not the good guy in the Waco story. There are no good guys.
The Branch Davidians were not good people. They were a cult who was hoarding huge amounts of guns for exactly this situation-- so they could defend their "fucking children and illegally modifying guns that would have been used in a lot of street crimes" cult.
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Brave whistleblower @ArtisticBlower
Maria Farmer's powerful new paintings show the deep levels of systemic corruption behind transnational intelligence asset #GhislaineMaxwell who sent continual death threats after she reported her & #JeffreyEpstein to FBI, ignored for 25yrs. 2/ ImageImage
2/Maria's ground-breaking and equally challenging new series of paintings (⏬⏬) don't hide the truth of the sick & corrupted people with too much power in our societies
Her testimonies likewise expose those are shown here unmasked, begging us to ask - WHY aren't they in jail? 3/ ImageImageImage
3/ The series in order of their creation -

Retweets, shares, tagging of media outlets, art reviews and any who will be courageous enough to discuss and share Maria Farmer's art 🙌
She is currently fighting 3 types of cancer- all support appreciated🙏🕯️
4/ ImageImageImageImage
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TIME FOR A THREAD! This thread talks a lot about sex work/porn because sex work/porn are being thrown under the bus in order to convince lawmakers that elimination of ALL privacy in online posting for every Canadian citizen is a good idea. You should care a lot. Buckle in.
It’s going to be a wild ride, but it’s worth it. Today we’re going to deep dive into the ETHI committee. It’s a House Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics.…
There’s currently an issue in front of this committee titled “protection of privacy and reputation on platforms such as PornHub”. Remember that NYT article about PornHub that made Visa and MasterCard cut them off? It’s those people.
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The same folks who claim they go to rallies and tweet crazy Q shit all day will tell you they do it for their kids. But like every other self indulgent adult in this world, their kids are sitting around neglected while their parents slide deeper into their pyschosis.
Take @jennajameson for instance. A women who has been babbling for years about Q, Pedo Sex cults and using the hashtag #SaveTheChildren - But meanwhile her own ex husband says she hasn't seen her ACTUAL children in over 6 years.
Like all online based "political activism", it's done for clout, a need to fit in and the dopamine rush that comes from getting RT's and likes. Sitting around with your kids helping them with homework doesn't provide the same dopamine rush. So these kids are neglected.
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Joy in Liberty stands for peace:

We pray for peace.
We support peace.
We work for peace.

Here are some links to our content dating back to 2019 that show how passionate we are about seeking non-violent ways to expose and address corruption.♥️🤗

"If you see ANY tweets encouraging violence or even hinting that violence may be a good solution, do all you can to shut that down. Patriots want justice, but remember that the deep state is trying to frame us as violent. We want PEACE."

"let's get organized and out in the streets too. Let's show our support for Trump and America, and our disdain for dishonesty. (Peaceful yes, but forceful.)"
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Warning ⚠️ Graphic Content:
If you thought this video was hard to watch then imagine living it.
This is how children are trafficked. In boxes, on planes ✈️ , on boats 🚤 , in shipping containers 🚢 & underground. Would you know if 8 million children were transported this way?
This is disturbing. A young girl recorded and advertising herself for sale.
Isaac Kappy released this video before his alleged “suicide”. Young girls in a Turkish bathhouse suspected to be on Epstein Island 🌴
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Buen Dia🌈Mis Queridos AMIGOS, gracias🙏 a todos por estar pendiente de mi.
He estado recopilando lo mas relevante para hacerles un resumen, como ya todos saben el presidente @realDonaldTrump se mantendría hasta el 6 de Enero en bajo perfil.
Voy con un🧵 en el siguiente Twitte↕️

Parece ser que "El presidente TRUMP dio permiso al nuevo FISCAL GENERAL en funciones, Jeffrey ROSEN, para usar INFORMACIÓN CLASIFICADA para las acusaciones del gran jurado. Hace días, POTUS también emitió una orden para

La administración TRUMP acorrala a todos los actores del estado profundo.
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Finally someone describes this in a way that makes some sense to me, and that coherently explains why these Trump-loving people can't tell me what news sources they trust: They're not interested in the news; they're game addicts. They get their worldview and rules from the game.
"You're not stuck in traffic; you're traffic."

People who are able to describe and interpret an emergent phenomenon (and what lies beneath) are truly undervalued.

At the point where the Trump/QAnon anti-masker asks me to "prove that Trump is a criminal but don't quote CNN or BBC, because they're fake news," I ask them which news sources they trust, so that I can attempt to limit myself to those; then the conversation stops.
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Why you should, get your self's involved with there kids life's more. You need to know the sights NOT TO GO ON THEM PEOPLE... But to know what they are if your kids hop on these sights...
It is important to stay informed about this sorry others feel this is not true.
Pedophiles trade Child Porn through Dropbox Links on Instagram, this kind of info is important I feel for parents to inform them self's on and keep informed!…
#SaveTheChildren #Pedohunter #pedogate2020
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#YEMEN The ministry stated yesterday on the occasion of International Children’s Day that the warplanes of the US-Saudi led-coalition killed 2,643 children and injured 4,205, noting that this is an evidence of the criminality and malice of the enemy.

It added that the suffocating siege on #Yemen imposed by the US-Saudi aggression coalition kills hundreds of thousands of children and millions of them waiting for the same fate.

The number of children under five years affected by malnutrition are
nearly 2 million, including 400 thousand in critical condition, and 12 thousand passed away, the ministry pointed out.

#InternationalMensDay2020 #InternationalMensDay #Yemen #YemenCantWait #SaveTheChildren #SaveOurChildren

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How I reconnected with God after a lifetime of abandonment, neglect, and abuse -- A Thread.

#childsexabuse #childsextrafficking #humantrafficking #healing #recovery #therapy #emdr #savethechildren #survivorstory #cpts #pts #osdd #triggerwarning
My parents lived on a cult compound for the first decade of their life together. Upon leaving, they turned inward to meet their religious needs. When I was old enough to attend school, they decided to introduce religion into our lives. I received a scholarship to attend a...
private Lutheran school starting in second grade.

From that moment, I was raised in fear. For a Lutheran church, they were rather fire, brimstone, and damnation. I convinced myself that every horrible moment in my life was a form of penance for my impurity...
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Sitting in the present often fills my body with a sense of great unease. I find myself looking around the room frantically searching for the trauma I am about to endure. I am temporarily transported out of time.

#cptsd #ptsd #csa #childsextrafficking #humantrafficking
While my body sits safely in my home or office, it simultaneously replays the most intensely awful sensations of fear. It starts an invisible silent countdown to the moment the camera light turns red and my uncle films my sexual abuse for profit.

#savethechildren #wwg1wga
I can be sitting perfectly still in relief & suddenly the sense of vulnerability hits & I am in torment.

This weekend I spent a few moment reflecting on Friday's therapy session in which I felt a great sense of relief when my therapist acknowledge my hesitancy to trust.
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1/ With 6 days until #ElectionDay, let's talk about the disinformation and misinformation hitting our social media feeds this campaign cycle.

What's real? What's fake? And what's at stake for voters?

We turn to the experts: 🧵
2/ First, what's the difference between disinformation and misinformation?

📌 Disinformation is the deliberate creation and sharing of information known to be false.

📌 Misinformation is the inadvertent sharing of false information. Image
3/ Researcher @cward1e has identified seven types of problematic content in our information ecosystem.

Each type sits on a scale that loosely measures the intent to deceive — from satire or parody to intentionally fabricated content. Image
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Aanhangers van #savethechildren stellen vaak niets te maken te hebben met #QAnon en slechts tegen pedofilie en kindermisbruik te ageren. De aanvoerders van de nieuwe Partij voor de Kinderbelangen associëren zich echter openlijk met de samenzweringscultus (draadje). Image
Zo verspreidt lijstduwer ex-Ajax voetballer Bryan Roy veel extreme propaganda van de samenzweringscultus op z'n twitter-account. Hij weigerde ons eerder een interview maar verwees naar een hardcore QAnon-filmpje waarin een onuitputtelijke reeks complotten aan elkaar werd geregen. ImageImage
Lijsttrekker Henriette Nakad retweet o.a. dit soort posts van complotdenker en stalker Micha Kat, die is veroordeeld voor doodsbedreiging, valse bommeldingen, bekladding, laster, smaadschrift, belediging, belaging en vernieling en Nederland is ontvlucht. Image
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Joe Biden's political career has been funded & supported by the #DuPont family/company since the 1980s.
Duponts also heavily funded Beau Biden's campaign for Delaware AG in 2013 after Beau agreed to the corrupt plea deal for the pedophile Dupont heir.…
After agreeing to a lenient plea deal for a billionaire incestual pedophile, Beau Biden announced partnerships with child protecting orgs in Delaware that are funded by the Duponts.
(Prevent Child Abuse Delaware is funded by Nemours Children Health System)…
Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children has Hunter Biden on its board of directors along w former FBI dir Louis Freeh & Ashley Biden, who allegedly took 'inappropriate showers' Joe Biden when she was a child…
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NEW: We spoke to QAnon believers in Los Angeles at a march through Hollywood that portrayed itself as an anti-pedophilia protest.

You can watch the full report at this link:…
If you've seen loved ones share posts with the hashtags #SaveTheChildren or #SaveOurChildren, they may be unwittingly sharing QAnon disinformation.

The campaign has nothing to do with the real and respected @SavetheChildren charity.…
The organizer of the protest told me he doesn't follow QAnon and is only interested in saving kids.

He told me that while being flanked by people holding QAnon signs. He had also shared a post about QAnon on his Instagram the day before.
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What distinquishes evidence based systems like science from conspiracy theories like QAnon and fakenews?

Now is a good time to explain it again because QAnon's #SaveTheChildren is hurting innocent children and helping Trump to make more victims.…
QAnon is extreme but not so fringe anymore, now that we have Republican senators and Trump gamely embracing it.

You and I might "know" that it's a load of crap, but how can we explain the difference between QAnon and evidence based science?…
It's all about the scientific method and how it uses empiric evidence that can be challenged and must fit into a plausible theory that can be disproven.
The wikipedia entry is short but good (…).

But even more than an elaborate method, science is a mindset.
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1/10◾¿Porque es tan difícil creer en nuestros hijos cuando nos cuentan que han sufrido un abuso?◾

Se requiere de una gran valentía poner en palabras un echo que hasta ahora solo podía expresarse en emociones, síntomas físicos y psicológicos.

2/10 Sin embargo a medida que avanzamos con este proyecto vemos día tras día que la mayoría de los responsables o adultos a cargo de esos menores abusados han minimizado ese dolor, esa realidad que el niño (o el ya adulto) decide enfrentar y sacar a la luz.
3/10 Sabemos que el 80 % de los abusos ocurren en el seno intrafamiliar la víctima conoce a su abusador la familia también, han compartido cenas, días festivos e incluso el día a día .
Creemos que por ser familia no hay posibilidad de "que sean capaces de hacer eso"

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Today, we protested at Scheveningen Beach, the Netherlands, against pedophile networks, child sex trafficking and ritual abuse. Many survivors and relatives of survivors spoke. This is Lisa's mother. Her shocking story was also subject in a radio documentary of @Argosradio1.
The atmosphere was one of overwhelming love and acceptance, in spite of difference in religion or outlooks on life. Many bikers were going to join us, but the police stopped (!) the majority of them and prevented them from reaching Scheveningen. One group made it, though.
They were with us to show their solidarity, to speak out with us: "Till here, and no further!" and "Stop the pedophile party PNVD!!" They gave us such a good feeling, they felt like brothers, protective brothers. It was interesting... they were keeping their distance, they...
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Holy hell. Just had a look at my list of QAnon groups and pages on Facebook and it's bloodbath out there. Absolute bloodbath. I'm down to 31 groups and 49 pages. I had 220 groups and 205 pages just last week 😮 On Instagram, I'm down to 258 accounts, I had nearly 400 last week.
The lucky ones that have survived the cull have already pressed the panic button. Warnings are going out to members to avoid any references to Q or QAnon. Backup accounts and channels are already being set up. They all seem to have grasped this time Facebook looks serious.
On my list, there are now only five Facebook groups, nine pages and 19 Instagram accounts remaining with more than 10,000 members, likes or followers. I can't stress how huge this is. Gone are pretty much all the major QAnon groups/pages with tens of thousands of members/likes.
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"For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the #trump of #God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first..."


#GodWins Image

1 JOHN 2:22

Who is a liar but he that denieth that #Jesus is the #Christ?
He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

😇🙏💪 Image

If you haven't read Part 1 here is a link😇

Also read the Book of Revelation please😇

Also download the Book of Enoch please😇

Enoch is an amazing text to have on hand Image
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THREAD: I've spent the last day of September trying to come up with as accurate a number as I can possibly arrive at for the number of times QAnon-related hashtags have been used on Twitter in the first nine months of this year. And I now have a figure: 20.6 million times ImageImageImage
These are the hashtags I've used. I decided to stick with hashtags rather than specific terms and phrases as those quarterly samples included many tweets from news organisations, journalists and ordinary users. While samples with only hashtags mostly featured tweets by QAnoners ImageImageImage
There are 4.8 million tweets in the first quarter (1 Jan-31 Mar). #QAnon (2.8m) #WWG1WGA (2.1m) are the most popular ones in the period. Biggest tweet of the quarter is full NESARA GESARA. The global geographical spread of the hashtags shows QAnon is still primarily US-centric ImageImageImageImage
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Dit gerucht is vanochtend geplaatst door Q. Voor degenen die nog niet overtuigd waren van de politieke invloed van de #QAnon complottheorieën.
#savethechildren gaat harder op #Facebook dan de NYT-primeur over Trump’s nihile belastingafdracht.
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