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How much creative license was there in the making of “Sound of Silence”?

Full interview here -

Angel Studios-Sound of Freedom US tickets -…

Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) -…
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Wir können viel tun, um die Erde immer wieder ein Stückchen besser zu machen. Es ist kein Film, welches auf die Tränendrüsen drückt. Weint nicht. Teilt es. Es ist einfach das wahre Leben. Der Alltag eines Kindes, welches spielen sollte, mit Freunden, zur Schule gehen.
Wir wundern uns selten über Herkunft der Güter, die wir erwerben aus Unwissenheit, Gleichgültigkeit, mangelnder Information rechtfertigt NICHTS die Opferung des Lebens eines Kindes!
Sogar um weniger für ein Produkt zu bezahlen oder die Gewinnspanne eines Unternehmens zu steigern.
Nachfolgend finden Sie die Petitionen gegen Kinderarbeit und gegen die Ausbeutung des Meeresbodens in jeder dieser Sprachen.
Ab Montag sind Petitionen auf Deutsch, Koreanisch, Hebräisch, Italienisch, Japanisch und Schwedisch verfügbar.
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Time to #ExitTheWho #ExitTheUN #ExitTheWEF

Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Put together by a friend, who is an extremely concerned father and grandfather.
Shocked mother warns the world - The indoctrination of our children continues.

Comprehensive in-depth report here:
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Trailer for Sound of Freedom 2022 by @AngelStudiosInc
Based on the true story of @TimBallard from @OURrescue

See more about @OURrescue here.
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1/10) I remember how I felt when I first learned about Child Sex Trafficking. I couldn’t sleep for days, weeks… I had nightmares and still do at times. I had a tough time believing that this kind of Evil exist, It’s absolutely unimaginable.

Over 1 Million Children vanish each……
2/10) Here is a documentary of the monsters behind child trafficking that will tear your heart to pieces😢💔🤬
3/10) This is indeed a Spiritual War! It’s Good Vs Evil! This has been going on from the beginning of time.
From Satanic Child Sacrifice Rituals to Abortions that has evolved to making billions by selling body parts. There is NO other reason for Democrats to want Abortion up til……
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1/4) #NeverForget Alley Carter she was a VICTIM: "Biden & Obama raped me” Powerful Elites, celebs, demonic sex abuse ring. A very powerful interview from a year ago with #StewPeters
2/4) Alley Carter: “CPS buys, sells and trades children… I have so much evidence…but I don’t know who to give it to…I don’t know if Trump is gonna do something because that is the only reason why I have something to believe in Trump because he has given money to trafficking……
3/4) Alley Carter: The teachers, the schools, and law enforcement are all complicit and knows what is going on. Everybody is worried about the top Hollywood Elite, but you should worry about those who sit next to you everyday. This is decades of tactics, issues and problems.……
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THREAD: Proof that Donald Trump is a Pedophile that worked with Jeffrey Epstein.
On July 18, 2019, Business Insider reported that Donald Trump banned Jeffrey Epstein from Mar-a-Lago after what Trump claimed as ‘attempting to recruit a minor for sex trafficking.” Business Insider Las listed this statement as allegedly but I have the verified documents below. https://www.businessinsider...
Palm Beach Circuit Court stated was a 15 year-old daughter to a member, she was working as a teenage staffer at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. On July 23, 2006 Palm Beach Circuit Court released shows Epstein was being charged with a felony for underaged prostitution file:///Users/domlucre/Down...
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Government Child Trafficking In All 50 States With The Help Of Bill & Hillary Clinton

The states are taking children,giving them to somebody else,for money that they get from the Federal Government
That means ALL 50 states are involved in Government Subsidized Child Trafficking
It's the LARGEST & most pervasive Child Trafficking ring in the history of the world per money & numbers!"

"Children are seized unnecessarily from their families due to the Federal Aid entitled - "The Adoption & Safe Families Act" - put into law in 1997 by Bill & Hillary Clinton
& it's a law that literally steals money from the Social Security fund & gives this money to states to incentivize them to kidnap babies"
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This is Absolutely no doubt Demonic

Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer exposed MASSIVE corruption inside Child Protective Services calling it, "Legal Kidnapping."

Her report is called :
"The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services."

"The report cost me my Senate seat.
However, there are causes worth losing over, & this is one."

In her fight to #SaveTheChildren & expose the MASSIVE corruption in CPS all the way up to the Federal level, in which she called "Crimes Against Humanity For Financial Gain",

⚡️ϕ 🧲
Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer would later go on to lose her life over it, murdered. Shot in cold blood in her home, along with her husband.
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Las #oneges (por organizaciones no-gubernamentales) fueron herramientas esenciales para que partidos de oposición, clanes empresariales y grupos conspiradores desarrollaran las principales ofensivas golpistas.
En @latablablog mostramos algunos episodios de los últimos seis años.
En 2020 una investigación del servicio de inteligencia financiera de Venezuela develó un plan para transferir fondos de origen desconocido a ONGs "humanitarias" locales.

El principal operador de la movilización de fondos fue el italiano Alessandro Tuzza, quien actuaba por cuenta de la #ong británica #SaveTheChildren. Sin embargo actuaba en el país con entidades sin una relación nítida con sus "cuarteles generales".

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@ChristLayla @314Phaethon @VincentCrypt46 @30STMBot @ShannonLeto #echelon Trust, is very important--I will get the blue one to @realDonaldTrump Let's glow instead and be ourselves! This is the frequent-C to be on...I don't want to deal with John...I want to have fun with my tribe
Just got confirmation from my neighbor MACI, that her parents and herself, do support me-I told her to tell her family hello for me and that GOD has this! She wished me luck and we are now washing my hippie clothes with all my fun patterns...Ya'll wanna chill or what? ImageImageImageImage
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Tides Foundation - Wikipedia

Tides was founded in 1976 by Drummond Pike, who worked with Jane Bagley Lehman, heir to the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company fortune.…
Ms. Lehman served on the board of the Save the Children Federation from 1962 until 1978. In 1976, after moving from New York to California, she helped form the Tides Foundation, which addresses environmental and social concerns, and was its chairwoman for the last 12 years.
Save the Children USA was formed in 1932 to help children in the Appalachian mountains during the Great Depression, and modeled on the Save the Children Fund which had been established in Britain in 1919.

In 2020 proponents of QAnon attempted to co-opt the hashtag
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#SaveTheChildren #Holocaust2020-2025
Here We Go! Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins, & the WHO Just Simulated Another Pandemic

Please help Share on twitter 🙏

PLANDEMIC #2: Catastrophic Contagion, a high-level pandemic exercise in October 2022 - Johns Hopkins University - Centre For Health Security

Please help Share on twitter 🙏=hMqcUzOiFwLDp9nayjeHdQ&s=19

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UPDATE ON FLORIDA: The fight is NOT over yet. There is more work to be done before the ban is fully passed and it’s extremely important we all follow through on this. (1/4)

The full board is meeting NEXT FRIDAY, where they will vote to propose the final rule which will start a 28 DAY PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD.

If you are near Orlando, it’s imperative to show up to support the vote to BAN the sterilization and mutilation of children. (2/4)
Once the 28 day comment period begins, we all need to SUBMIT WRITTEN COMMENT as to why these practices must be banned before it goes to a final full medical board vote on December 2nd. (3/4)
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*Exits Stage Left*

2 Minutes 2 Midnights.

HOLY #TRUCK !!!!!!!

Championship Belt Of Truth !!

Easy As 123 !
A Masterpiece ..
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A wee thread, Part II - The boy, the bowl & the tweet that jumped the fence - update. Feel free to RT.

So, as some of you might know, my youngest, Gabriel (12) loves his woodwork. A lot. (1)
Back round Easter I put out a tweet to see if I could encourage a few more followers on his instagram page (clarkie_woodwork) and the whole thing blew up!! 💥💥💥 Over a weekend he went from 6 to 220,000 followers, all thanks to you crazy lovely people. (2)
He had orders for over 20,000 bowls, which he calculated would take over 30yrs to make, so instead he decided to carve just one bowl, his #bowlforUkraine to try and raise £5k for #SavetheChildren. (3)
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Fun with flags
"We don't know how long we'll be able to fly this"
Don't quit your day jobs.....

Oh wait 😅🥳…
Obligatory chanting commences

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A wee thread about a young boy and the tweet that got away. Feel free to RT.

Three weeks ago my youngest, Gabriel 12, came home upset. His love of woodwork was not deemed cool, nor was only having 6 followers on his instagram. 1/15 ImageImageImage
His Dad was upset too. It's hard watching your children battling with life. But what to do? Mum wasn't around, so Dad, the impulsive fool that he is, instead reached out to the lovely people on twitter. Maybe he could persuade some of them to follow his son? 2/15 Image
He was aiming for 60, the magic number in teen world when your instagram page is apparently no longer deemed an embarrassment.

So he posted the tweet and got on with cooking tea. 3/15
instagram - clarkie_woodwork
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This is Donald Trump posing with his close friend George Nader who sold access to the Trump White House and is now serving 10 years in federal prison for transporting a 14-year-old to America for sex. #Groomers #GangOfPedophiles Image
It's true that there are predators on both sides.

But after chronicling more than 700 #RepublicanSexualPredators, @Cajsa says: "I see more pedophiles on the right... the worst predators are drawn to... authoritarian ideology... rules and rigidity."…
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Jersey Jay needs to talk.
Hes been buffering all morning but finally live
Hes waiting for more people to join chat.
First some whining about the rain
"For some reason nothing ever works around here...the weather or the internet."

The internet that the peoples convoy left behind isn't working...he thinks they turned it off 😅😅
Big announcement:
It's a pit of mud and water and everything is hard
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