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#HGTP, powered by @Conste11ation, is set to revolutionize #IoT with the largest global mesh network. Lite nodes streamline participation, handling only essential data while full nodes validate. Explore the potential of lite nodes in Metagraphs! #Blockchain $DAG ⬇️ Image This capability of validating and notarizing data from a moving vehicle has already been demonstrated. Someone like Uber ( 5.4 million drivers worldwide in 2022) could easily build a metagraph and turn all of their drivers into lite node on the network
Jun 1 17 tweets 4 min read
Seriously @IOHK_Charles you should take this call and I'm sure you have 10min to explore this possibility

@Cardano $ADA and @Conste11ation $DAG could potentially address some of major issues issues

👇 Advantages of Cardano
Parallel Processing from the UTXO Model: Cardano uses the UTXO model, which allows for parallel processing of transactions. This model is more complex than the account model, but it's more efficient when it comes to parallel processing.
Jun 1 18 tweets 5 min read
Top 10 AI/ML Priorities of Space Operations Command (SpOC) and their implications for the future of space missions. #AI #ML #SpaceForce Image At the top of SpOC’s priorities is "data" - a shared priority across many Defense Department components. The ability to process and interpret vast amounts of data quickly and accurately is crucial for effective decision-making in space operations.
Jun 1 16 tweets 5 min read
$QNT is trending and for good reason! At the recent Financial Times Digital Assets Summit, the #BankOfEngland's director for central bank digital currency, Tom Mutton, and @quant_network's CEO @gverdian shared their views on a #DigitalPound. Here's a summary of the event. 👇 Image The panel session, titled "Central Banking in the Age of Decentralisation", was moderated by Joy Macknight from The Banker. The discussion revolved around the UK's central bank's objectives and progress with a digital currency.
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🔄 Retweeting this insightful video on Dor Traffic Miners! 🚀 A must-watch for anyone interested in the growth of the $DAG ecosystem.

The introduction of $DOR and its expanding utilities through partnerships with data giants like Snowflake & Foursquare is indeed a strategic… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… $DOR Token: The $DOR token is a utility token, which means it gives the holder access to features. The most impactful utility is that 1 million $DOR will be required to run a node. Other utility is that by holding and staking $DOR you will earn more $DOR.
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📣 End of month tech update from @Conste11ation $DAG

1️⃣ Metagraphs: Increased stability on TestNet with recent bug fixes. We're testing increased per-snapshot data limits from 50kb to 500kb, enhancing token transaction throughput. Focus for the next month: stability, security,… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… The Currency Framework Data API is a significant development in the @Conste11ation ecosystem. It's a feature that allows Metagraphs to define custom data types, validate data transactions, and store Metagraph data in a custom-defined data store.
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Well @Justin_Bons that is why $DAG exists 😉

Let's explore together how @Conste11ation validates data at the edge and why Metagraphs are the perfect solution for integrating AI with Blockchain
#edgecomputing #EdgeData #BigData
Ready set go 🚀
Down the #HGTP rabbit hole 👇 Image AI is only as good as its data. With the rise of IoT devices and real-time data processing, the need for efficient and scalable edge computing solutions is paramount. Enter HGTP and Metagraphs by @Conste11ation $DAG #AI #EdgeComputing
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Unleashing the Power of Interoperability:

$QNT 🤝 $DAG Partnership

Let's dive into the exciting partnership between @quant_network and @Conste11ation a collaboration that is set to redefine the landscape of #bigdata, #IoT, and #AI production.

Let's dive in 👇 Image The integration of #Quant Network and #Constellation Network will enable companies to build cross-platform and interoperable big data, IoT, and AI production, and sandbox test environments. Image
May 30 14 tweets 9 min read
$BioFi Everything you wanna node 🧵

Biometric ecosystem leveraging blockchain technology to safeguard personal data. It's a utility token that binds together a secure set of solutions developed by @Finnovant, Inc., and key providers. #BioFi #Blockchain #Biometrics Image $BioFi addresses concerns about personal data protection and fraud. The $BioFi utility token is available through an online ecosystem that contains secure products, easy to download, activate, and purchase with the $BioFi token. #DataSecurity #Crypto
May 29 7 tweets 3 min read
The rapid expansion of #IoT brings new vulnerabilities. @Conste11ation is creating a protocol for secure, efficient data transmission across networks.

Let's look at throughput, mobile nodes and cross-network communication 👇 Image #Throughput: @Conste11ation 's $DAG auto-scales for high IoT throughput. It employs a unique consensus model for each interaction.
May 29 10 tweets 6 min read
$JCO 🧵
Game-changer in the health data market. @JennyCoInc tackling a $40 billion industry where health data is traded and analyzed without user consent, leaving individuals unable to benefit from the estimated $1500-$5000 value of their own data. #HealthRevolution Image 📱 $JCO solution is an innovative app that empowers individuals to participate in the health data market. Users can build comprehensive health profiles with DNA data, wearables, and impact questions, lease their data, and receive $JCO rewards. #UnlockYourHealthData Image
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🚨 @ErasTourResell @erastourticks We hear your frustration with @taylorswift13 #Ticketmaster
@tknevents is here to change the game. Blockchain-based platform ensures fair ticketing, curbs resale exploitation, and prioritizes fans first. Let's make live events about the… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… ImageImage 🎫With @tknevents , the frustrations of ticket buying are a thing of the past. Our mission is to revolutionize the fan experience, making ticket purchasing fair, transparent, and rewarding. Here's how They're doing it:
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Dear @IOHK_Charles, Today, let's dive into the future potential of $DAG federal partnership which isn't instantly impacting token holders, but holds larger implications. Also, we'll explore how our public network could redefine Web3. Exciting times ahead!" #Web3 #Blockchain While the federal partnership doesn't directly affect $DAG holders right now, it has far-reaching potential. This partnership serves as a proof-of-concept, demonstrating the potential of #blockchain in securing & scaling the world's data in highly critical use cases.
May 26 12 tweets 3 min read
$DAG HGTP will be the 👑 of data-types

Let's dive into exactly how this will work 🧵👇 @Conste11ation Network leverages a unique data structure called a Directed Acyclic Hypergraph for data processing. This allows the network to model group relations and preserve a chronological sequence of events.
May 26 7 tweets 4 min read
1/7 🧵 The importance of #data in our digital economy is becoming more pronounced. By 2025, the total amount of data generated is expected to reach a staggering 175 zettabytes, with enterprise data increasing at a 42% annual growth rate. #BigData 2/7 This vast volume of data births the "data economy", a digital ecosystem where businesses, individuals, & government agencies gather, share, and monetize data, tapping into unexplored markets and serving with data-driven products. #DataEconomy
May 8 15 tweets 5 min read
Isomorphism vs Hylomorphism:
@Cardano and @Conste11ation Synergy

Isomorphism and hylomorphism are two different approaches to managing data and transactions in the blockchain space, with Cardano employing isomorphism and Constellation using hylomorphism. Image Both concepts are grounded in mathematical theory and offer distinct advantages for their respective networks.
May 7 20 tweets 6 min read
Those fading $DAG gonna regret it!


@Conste11ation is not just a Layer Zero protocol; it's a game-changer in the world of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Image Its modular blockchains provide a more scalable, flexible, and efficient alternative to traditional monolithic blockchains. Image
May 6 6 tweets 2 min read
Funny seeing people start connecting the dots that I've been pointing for years.

Diggles came into my channel Yesterday and mentioned "data clearing house" and this got some people thinking 🤔

Now who already told you about the thousands of government contractors paying? Here 👇
May 5 5 tweets 2 min read
Short $DAG thread Image Image
May 5 4 tweets 2 min read
🌐 @ChainStatsPro #NodePortal enables multi-chain consensus, offering a holistic view of the blockchain landscape! Access insights on transaction volume, user behavior & market trends. Join us!
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#DLT #ChainStats 💡 Image 🌟 ChainStats aims to unlock on-chain data at scale for everyone - retail participants, SMEs & large institutions. Our #NodePortal extracts & analyzes data from multiple blockchains simultaneously, providing comprehensive insights. 🌐
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The Power of Location Metadata: Unlocking the Potential of DTM Data for Foursquare, Snowflake, and Beyond Image In an increasingly data-driven world, location metadata is becoming an essential tool for businesses to understand and engage with their customers.