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$link A short 🧵:
The market hasn't worked out where the long term value capture is. The oracle problem is worth more than all of crypto combined😲

#web3 #defi #crypto #cryptocurrency
#link #btc #eth Image
>Blockchain = Computer
>Blockchain + Oracles = Computer + Internet
>Blockchain + Oracles + DECO (CL component) = Computer + Internet + TLS/SSL

$link is Layer 0 (see CCIP), the blockchain of blockchains without a blockchain. Image
Abstraction layer that will be used by everyone, in the end crypto = the "Chainlink Cloud" and everything else will be plug-in's and adapters to said cloud. $link building the worlds first trust network which is an extension layer to the entire Internet.
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1/ @AptosLabs and @aptosnames have come together to build out the most robust naming service across any network!
2/ @protonsale_apt Devnet Presale Contribution Round 2 with 200$ for winners

And more news below 👇

#Aptos #AptosEcosystem #Web3 #NFTs Aptos ecosystem update
3/ @BlueMoveNFT using @crew3xyz to help build the BlueMove community & giveaway some Discord roles😍
4/ @PontemNetwork Liquidswap DEX is now fully audited by Halborn and OtterSec🙏
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Kicking off a recap of my eventful 3-day #web3 weekend in #Tokyo!🗼🤩

Pics🖼️, video🎦 and more in the replies below; LFG! 👇🧵

#NFTCommmunity #NFTs #cryptocommunity #Crypto
⭐️ Heading into the 3⃣ day weekend for Autumnal Equinox Day (秋分の日)🍂, I collabed with @RicePowderCake to put the finishing touches on this video for @_NFTJPN_ covering @snns_sanonatsu's animated generative project, #Chimerative Monsters.

Full video ▶️
⭐️The next day I had to check out the @MEGAMINFT 🖼️ exhibition at @ultrasupernew 🆕 in #Harajuku where I got to finally see 2 of my lovely #MEGAMI on display, printed on the awesome @GASHO_2_0 raised metal 'canvas', alongside over 300 other amazing MEGAMI! 🤩
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1/ @martian_wallet has crossed 160k downloads & wait for mainnet launch🔥
2/ @TsunamiFinance_ was thrilled to partner with the @Zellic_io
3/ @OpenBlockWallet introducing the first MPC wallet for #Aptos

And some new here 👇

#Aptos #Web3 #NFTs Aptos ecosystem update
4/ @retroboysclub has reached 10k followers on Twitter🙏
5/ @MoveMarketCap pleased to announce a Partnership with @plasmaversexyz 🥰
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@AptosLabs has crossed one million APTOS ZERO NFTs Testnet mint
@martian_wallet have a big #Giveaway in Discord🎁
@TopazMarket just released a new logo🚀

And something interesting👇 Like & RT to support us!

#Aptos #Web3 #NFTs Aptos ecosystem update
@UnicornsesNFT Website update 3.0 Improved design and added roadmap🔥
@houston_swap release article about difference between Concentrated Liquidity and traditional AMM Models🚀
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Some cryptocurrencies gave up their gains yesterday as $BTC slid below $19,000, and $DXY took a rally to 112, which is considered negative for #bitcoin price.

In #Coin360 Daily Digest: Image
2/ $BTC failed to break $19,500 today.

It is trading under $18,800 at the time of writing, posting a 1.4% drop in the past 24h. Traders are waiting for Powell's comments at the "Fed Listens" event.

Macro, #BTC & #ETH technical analysis:… Image
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As a dev, have you ever had difficulties borrowing funds from a LP whose assets are on another chain?

As an investor/LP, have you ever experienced difficulties lending assets to a dev on another chain?

Join me as I discuss @RDNTCapital’s Solution to Fragmented Capital in #DeFi Image
The fragmentation of capital across multiple chains has been a major hurdle for lenders and borrowers seeking to lend and borrow fund/assets.

Lenders have to choose a chain to provide funding from, and their assets must remain in that chain. For instance, a lender whose assets…
… are on the #Eth chain can only provide funding to a borrower on the same chain. This results in an inefficient lending and borrowing system in #web3.

@RDNTCapital solves this by developing the first true cross-chain lending protocol, where users can deposit any asset…
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🤔 Why do Zero-Knowledge Proofs Matter?

A Zero-Knowledge Proof (#ZKP) has evolved from an idea in GMR’s paper 20 years ago to a technology that empowers many Web3 companies.

Why is it so important and why is @MantaNetwork betting on it? Here’s a thread:
In cryptography, encryption is a process of converting plaintext (readable text) into ciphertext (unreadable text). #ZKP, however, is a higher-level encryption on computation. It’s like proving you know 3+5=8 without revealing how.
Why do we need #ZKP in #Web3? Blockchain builds trust through a distributed-ledger system with nodes/computers around the world repeatedly racing to solve the same computations. That’s why consensus is so expensive.
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1/ Learn & Earn is a great way to spend the bear market.

Popularized by Binance, Coinbase and CoinMarketCap campaigns, they offer rewards for learning about #DeFi or NFTs.

But two projects are bringing this concept to a new level🧵
2/ The 1st one is Rabbit Hole @rabbithole_gg

It curates high quality Web3 projects to help users learn about DeFi, NFTs and DAOs.

For example, $DYDX is currently running a campaign for $50 USD and “Quest Hedgie” NFT rewards.
3/ Every time a user completes a task, the participation is recorded on-chain to build RabbitHole Credentials.

These are soulbound NFTs proving your knowledge and experience in Web3.

It's like your on-chain CV helping 'crypto projects find the right person for the right job'.
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Climate change and underlying global warming induced by the effects of massive CO emission is a global menace threatening our natural environment as seen in recent floods and ice packs melting.
This is why I am bullish on individuals and entities championing environmental compliance in #web2 & #web3. One of such individuals is @Koleyayyc.

@Koleyayyc is building @absoluteburner, a company focused on producing a revolutionary near flameless burner tech…
…that guaranteed zero CO emission and an ultra low NOx.

@Koleyayyc is also the director of @Blockchain_CBC, the Canadian Blockchain Consortium focused on educating Individuals about blockchain technology and the digital economy. @Koleyayyc also co-founded @CBAW_io
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Estos son los 4 [PRINCIPALES ERRORES] que cometen los [PROYECTOS DE #NFTs] y hacen que haya demasiados [ESPECULADORES] en la comunidad 🤑

Nota: enseñaré adenás una forma [100% EFECTIVA] de evitarlo✌️🏻

🧵👇🏻 Image
Muy a menudo habrás visto a fundadores de proyectos quejarse de los flippers en su comunidad y comentar que solo quieren a gente que les interese el proyecto en el largo plazo.
La mayoría de veces que aparecen tantos especuladores es debido a errores que comete el mismo proyecto, veámoslos:
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𝗕𝗢𝗢𝗠!!! 💣

After ten long weeks of working with the guys at @Aberdam, we are finally ready to announce this BEAST 🔥


#Blockchain #NFT #Web3 #Crowdfunding #FastFood


Aberfam is the creation of ABERDAM's unique business-development network aimed at helping them raise £408k to scale the business nationwide over the next 12 months 📈


Using the @Solana Blockchain, we have built a digital identification system centred around NFTs for ABERDAM's reward-based crowdfunding campaign.
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[Thread] 🚨🚨🚨 Quel est le profil qui réussit habituellement sa #reconversion dans le milieu du #Web2 ou du #Web3 ? Quel est le profil qui ne réussit pas habituellement ? En tant que formateur dans différentes écoles, je vous réponds.
1. Commençons par les gens qui ne réussissent pas. La première cause c'est de ne pas avoir compris le métier de développeur et d'être dans l'illusion la plus complète. A ce moment là, faire face à la réalité est rude. Non, être developpeur ce n'est pas "comme dans Matrix". 😅
2. Etre développeur c'est plutôt lire des documentations en anglais à longueur de journée afin de résoudre un bug débile qui fait foirer le code depuis début août alors qu'on se dirige vers fin septembre. (j'exagère à peine). 🥲
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Do we know what is #web3?
Unlike #web2, #web3 is still in an embryonic stage and we cannot know with high accuracy how it will be like in the future. However, the following features seem to be shaping the foundation of this movement:
#decentralization: all users owning platforms used to make business or communicate instead of single entities doing so.
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1/10 Wanna Stake $SNX on #Optimism but you don't know how to get $SNX in your #web3 wallet?

@synthetix_io partnered with @layerswap to ease $SNX deposit from Centralized Exchanges such as @coinbase, @FTX_Official , @kucoincom .

Follow this tutorial if you have @binance 👇 Image
2/10 First go to, and select your CEX (@binance here), #Optimism as destination chain, and choose between 3 - 1000 $SNX to be transferred. Image
3/10 First time only, you will have to put your email address: and click continue to receive an email with a 6-digit code you have to enter here: ImageImage
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🇨🇳🇺🇸 La Chine dépassera-t-elle les USA dans la course à la suprématie technologique d'ici 2025-2030 ?

D'après un document du think tank @scsp_ai, les USA ne seraient pas en mesure de rattraper leur retard, notamment sur la 5G, l'IA et la microélectronique.

THREAD 👇 Image
🇺🇸 Présidé par l'ancien patron de #Google, @ericschmidt, le @scsp_ai a été créé en octobre 2021. La première publication de l'organisation est sortie lundi dernier et est intitulée "Mid-Decade Challenges to National Competitiveness". Image
🇺🇸🇨🇳 Selon le document, les États-Unis et les nations partageant les mêmes idées pourraient ne pas être en mesure de maintenir leur avance sur la #Chine.

Le @scsp_ai affirme que trois technologies - la microélectronique, l'IA et la 5G - détermineront la puissance nationale.
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Wipro found 300 of their employees who were working for Infosys (and other competitors) too.

Working-from-home at two companies at the same time.
A blockchain-based secure employee database would have solved for this. #Web3
They found this using Income Tax (TDS) fillings.
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70% of the value in web2 comes from companies who had some form of network effect built into their product—Amazon, Uber, Facebook, Google—you name it.

And #web3 is built on network effects.

Here’s everything you need to know about how it works

A 🧵
A—How to think about network effects

Think of the telephone.

If only one person has it, it’s of no use because no one can connect with that person.

If another person gets a telephone—the first (and the second) telephone all of a sudden becomes useful.
The two people can now connect and communicate with each other.

If two more people join the network, every telephone can connect to three other people. You can have 6 links now.
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What comes to your mind when you read the word #Metaverse? 🤔💭

Do you believe that Metaverse = #gaming or trade of virtual real estate?

Well, let's take you through a whole new perspective & show you what the MILC #media Metaverse is building for the global audience!🌎

MILC #Metaverse, powered by #UnrealEngine5, presents a #3D #VirtualReality

It's not just limited to a gaming platform. And we don't trade in virtual land, rather we'll provide free townhouses to the #MILCians 🏘️❣️

So what can be traded here?

#content media industry is set to be revolutionized with the birth of MILC Metaverse & #web3 social community. 🔥

🔹Trade media assets like movies, television, streaming, music, online publishing, etc.

In a first, it allows direct interactions btw the traders of content 👏
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New to #Algorand? Check out all these videos to get you up to speed!

Heads up, this thread may be absurdly long!


🧵 1/ Image
Let’s start with #Algorand #DEX’s

@pact_fi interview:

@HumbleDefi interview:

@AlgodexOfficial interviews: ,

Older @HumbleDefi interview:

@algofiorg ⬇️
🧵 2/
Onto #Algorand #Lending protocols! (And @AlgoFoundation #defi governance options)

@FolksFinance interview:

@algofiorg interviews: ,

@algogard interview:


🧵 3/
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AvengerDAO has arrived, and user experience on #BNBChain just got more secure 🛡️

Our flagship security initiative represents a significant step forward in user safety for #Web3 by creating a community-run security mechanism.

[1/7] 🧵
#AvengerDAO has already seen @Hashdit integrate with @PancakeSwap, allowing users to directly scan token contracts they encounter.

The integration is indicative of a communal effort that sees the following projects come together as founding members of #AvengerDAO

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1/ @PlayStation is now making #NFT but with a twist. 🌀
2/ As you may have heard, @Ubisoft launched an NFT collection called "Digits" in December last year through Ubisoft Quartz.

3/ This was so negatively received by the gamer community that the launch trailer was deleted and it made some other big companies reconsider their strategy toward NFT.
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Want to know more About Blockchain, @QuaiNetwork, And how you can earn more tokens? For example, in the @QuaiNetwork Quest 3 which will be starting soon, the winner will be awarded 15,000 $QUAI tokens to their Mainnet rewards balance.
A Beginners friendly Thread 🧵 Please open.
Most of you heard about the merge that happened days back where ETH moved from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake but you don't even have an idea of what these words mean or what they entail. well, today I will explain all this to you.
Now, what is blockchain in simple terms?
Blockchain is a method of recording information that makes it impossible or difficult for the system to be changed, hacked, or manipulated, and each of this recorded information is distributed to everybody, yes including Me and you
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$link Most won't take the time 2 read this
For those that do, enjoy
A while back there was a clip that circulated where a $btc maximalist said something to the effect of "if someone were to solve the oracle problem, it would be worth more than all of crypto"
#btc Image
He then went on to give the standard counterargument that Sybil attacks fundamentally prevent resolution of the oracle problem.
He was almost right
Here's the reality: in isolation without external factors this is correct. Image
Put differently: if all of crypto was created de-novo and no data/api providers existed before the advent of chainlink, there would exist an equilibrium at which sybill attacks would be more profitable than delivering quality data or outputs. Image
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