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You asked for a wall. @realDonaldTrump is going to give you 19,495 of them. But they won't be on our land. They wall belongs to Raytheon. And to protect us all from terrorism each will be guarded with the guns of #SpaceForce.

It's not a country it's a prison yard. #5G
2) The razor wire is 5G. Every plant. Every animal. Every mineral and every human will be surrounded by a 60GHz boa constrictor. Only the vaccinated can pass underneath.

Novus ordo seclorum.

Mission Accomplished
3) PREDICTION: The trans-national #5G border will be armed by automated drones all of which will run on the blockchain. There will be no humans to appeal to. This will all be in the name of national security. Once the military runs on blockchain every decision will be automated.
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1. What does @POTUS mean when he says “The world is at war with a HIDDEN ENEMY?”

2. What does he mean when he says “We will defeat an INVISIBLE ENEMY?”

3. What did he mean when he said we're “going to MARS very soon?”

Are they related?

I say yes!

I DON'T think he is referring to the #CoronaVirus

I think ... get ready for this ... he's telling us that we're going to War with the Roman Empire which has been hiding in...



I guarantee this will be the best thread you read all day!
3. You're probably thinking "How in the actual the f@ck did you come up with that crazy a$$ theory?"

I know it sounds crazy

I swear I'm not crazy

I promise


Follow me down a DEEEEP rabbit hole

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QAnons are not fearful. #WhiteHats have provided every detail necessary. That which was gained without permission, falls away when the criminal activity involves the overthrow of the government. #FeedGITMO
^Every little drama, Act 1, 2, 3 of the Russian probe was #Mueller dealing, wondering, is there anyway to shield the [DS] players (((embedded))) in #Uranium1? 20% of our Uranium... NO.

#EzekielsWheel #Disclosure Much more coming, maybe some JUSTICE. The (((world))) is waiting. >
^Are you 👀ing this...? @SSG_PAIN @EM_KA_17 @StormIsUponUs

New topics will be discussed. NASA's not commenting weird how that satellite feed was turned... Malfunctioning at that moment.
WE ARE WAITING #Disclosure >
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White vinegar aka Acetic Acid eats up chemtrails/unblocks the sun. Will the United States Space Force kill the chemtrails in the sky? Will the #coronavirus disappear? Ultraviolet rays.
The morning sun brings heat
Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Q 1543
Morning sun brings heat.
Full moon coming.
Undiscovered stars learned.
Missions forward.
#QAnon #SpaceForce #UnblockTheSun #chemtrails #WWG1WGA
FEEL THE HEAT! First mission launch. United States Space Force.
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To honor my upcoming 1000th Follower I decided to make a thread of #QProofs

Not all are #QAnon followers and it may be new information to them or anyone who scrolls past

Plus it's just amazing to see all the evidence laid out

So off we go!!!!

We'll start with my favorite #QProof

A image posted by POTUS where the thumbs formed a Q.

But even more impressive when downloaded the file name began with DO IT Q!


There are NONE!

Q and POTUS both post about Iran

Q Drop 1320
POTUS tweet on 1-3-20
Both with 7:44 time stamp

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89) Disruption Escalates: Proctor And Gamble Says Over 17,000 Products Potentially Impacted By Coronavirus #Q17…
90) Can it be any more clearer or is this just another trillion to 1 coincidences? 😉 #Q17
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Listened to this last night. Gen. Kwast correctly claims we have technology right now that can be put together in a way to solve world hunger, eliminate pollution, and provide clean water and energy to everyone on Earth. #SpaceForce #ReleaseTheTechnology
How would Gen. Kwast know?
Military/corporate tech has always been years (sometimes decades) ahead of public knowledge. The Northrop B-2 Spirit wasn't revealed for 8 years, and the RQ-180 might have been started in 2005 and still hasn't been revealed.…
So when Gen. Kwast says we're likely to see this technology in 10 years, it means it has already likely been available in the classified world for some time.
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The retired general who allegedly recruited or was part of the recruitment of Trump for president who recently retired, is now on the board for lockheed.

Trump is secretly taking over the military industrial complex.👇
"President Donald Trump said Monday that retiring Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford was an influence on his decision to run for the White House."…
"Lockheed Martin has added Joe Dunford, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to its board of directors, the company announced Friday."…
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1/ Yesterday the Air Force delivered the first report to Congress on how it plans to stand up the #SpaceForce (…). Thread with a few things I found interesting in it:
2/ First, a reminder of just how early in the process we are for figuring out what the Space Force will actually be like and do. It will be years before some of the fundamental issues like acquisitions and recruiting are fully dealt with
3/ This list of guiding principles looks good on paper, but will be hard to stick to in reality and there's quite a bit of wriggle room
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What constellations/stars/planets are these?

Could those on the left be the Pleiades?
Maybe mirrored?

#SpaceForce #symbolism #QAnon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump #Trump #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #QArmy #DarkToLight #UnitedNotDivided #disclosure #DeepState
Just brainstorming and collecting some info here.
The Air Force Space Command logo is very similar.
It has seven five-pointed stars.
Like the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades.

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Everyone is talking about chevron on the #SpaceForce logo. I’m more concerned with the star constellations. Two of the three on the NASA logo are also on the space force logo. I believe these 2 are Cygnus and Draco.
#Trump #MAGA @realDonaldTrump
They did not choose to represent the Orion constellation on the space force logo as they did on the NASA logo. Also there is a lone bright star in the upper left of the space force logo which is not represented on the NASA logo.
Perhaps the lone bright star on the space force logo, is Sirius?
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Wondering is @CBS / @StarTrek plan on suing for this blatant ripoff of their IP? #StarTrek #SpaceForce…
@CBS @StarTrek I mean given rule 4 of their fan film rules exist, a whole lot of Space Force films are about to become a thing... or will they require the Airforce to add “A STAR TREK FAN PRODUCTION” to their recruiting posters?
@CBS @StarTrek would @CBS then be entitled to a percentage of any merch? "The fan production cannot derive revenue by selling or licensing fan-created production sets, props or costumes."
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19 stars plus four big ones. 23 total.
Anons? ....
Orion is the first that comes to mind. 19 stars make up this constellation. If you haven't seen #TheKnowledgeOfTheForeverTime yet, don't waste a minute. Ill provide the link at the end of this thread.
23 stars comprise a few constellations (that we know of) and one of them is Pegasus.
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Wheels down. Multiple post. White House photos by William Moon. Time 22:25
Q 2225
Moon landings are real
Programs exist that are outside of public domain
.@POTUS waving a couple of times...
Q 2527
Define 'unified'
SAT knockout forced new...
There are 11 different posts with the same tweet. Apollo 11?

#SpaceForce. Vital to our National Security. Unhackable SAT systems? Take out BlackOps SATS on the Moon? #WheelsDown. Military planning at its finest. Peace is the prize. This is our time. WH photos by W. Moon. Thank you @realDonaldTrump. ThanQ!
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #FactsMatter
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Jack Sarfatti, world-renowned theoretical physicist, has published a paper theorizing some tech to manipulate gravity, pointing to the construction of an anti-gravity-driven vehicle.

VERY important. This goes in the direction of those recently revealed… (cont. >)
(< follows) … U.S. Navy patents with the same objects.

It looks like a pattern of disclosure.

Thanks to @svalvolatovalvo

#Disclosure #DarkToLight
#UFO #SpaceForce #physics
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I believe that as Anons,

Citizens, Brothers and Sisters,

Critical Thinkers, and Patriots...

We have already been shown the answer real-world.

Space Force is a Department of the United States Military.

Real World
It happened smooth as silk, and right in front of us.

I may not have the answers, but maybe we will if we pose the right questions together.

Has anyone really asked WHAT IS THE SPACE FORCE?

Excuse me Mr President,

I'm a reporter from XYZ...

What is the Space Force?
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As #SpaceForce is showing off its new uniforms today let's look back at the history of a genuinely iconic EVA space suit: the Apollo A7L! #SaturdayMotivation
A spacesuit is an astronaut's personal spacecraft. It duplicates all the systems of a spacecraft in miniature. Without it an astronaut would be dead within 20 seconds.
An EVA spacesuit has to do a lot of jobs: it protects against the vacuum of space, provides air for breathing, helps to force air into the lungs, expels carbon dioxide, regulates temperature and protects against radiation and micrometeoroids.
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Tonight, a friend of mine shot some great footage of the #Falcon9 as it raced across the Florida sky carrying Starlink satellites into space.

More importantly, it was the night @SpaceForceDoD went to space.

Historic moments need hype videos...

#SpaceForce #SpaceX #MAGA
@SpaceForceDoD *Scroll up for video*
Most days on Twitter I feel like I'm in space. Shouting into the void where nobody can hear me. Apologies in advance for all of the tags. @Bruno062418 @beer_parade @stormypatriot21 @_Luke_Slytalker @QAnon711 @paul_serran @FurorRises
@Cordicon @usairforce
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#Soleimani #IranWar Plan was to use Gulftainer.
A shipping country that Obama gave a 35 yr lease of Florida's Port Canaveral.
Owners brother is Saddam Hussein's Nuclear Scientist Dr.Jaftar.
Gulftainer was going to use
K club missile system disguised as shipping container.
Gulftainer is now merged with ROSTEC.
Russian State owned CO that produces the K Club Missile system.
Port Canaveral is next a strategic U.S. Naval Base
Gulftainer’s Iraqi co-owner Hamid Dhia Jafar
is the brother and business partner of Saddam Hussein’s rogue nuclear physicist
Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar

Dr. Jafar created Saddam’s “Arab Bomb,” a miniaturized nuclear warhead known as the Iraqi “Beach Ball.”
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.@mitchellvii on with @JesseBWatters talking about the 48 hour rule. Whenever you hear big breaking news you should wait at least 48 hours before you react because it could be #FakeNews.
.@JesseKellyDC @mitchellvii @KurtSchlichter on with @JesseBWatters talking about the Jussie Smollett hoax.
.@mitchellvii says the American people now realize whatever is reported on mainstream media is probably the opposite of what’s really going on.
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"Child exploitation" right next to "illicit tunnels" in this tweet, y'all



What would the counterpart of "ill-icit" tunnels be?

Legitimate ones.


#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening

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1)Military synchronicity

5 min Deltas yesterday and some already today.

One team, one fight!🔽🔽🔽🔽
#AirForce RT 5 mins after Army

Then #USMC and #USArmy
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