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Top free #DataScience resources :

1. CS109 Data Science…

2. Data Science Essentials…

3. Learning From Data from California Institute of Technology
4. Mathematics for Machine Learning by University of California, Berkeley…

5. Foundations of Data Science by Avrim Blum, John Hopcroft, and Ravindran Kannan…

6. Python Data Science Handbook… #Data #india
7. CS 221 ― Artificial Intelligence…

8. Ten Lectures and Forty-Two Open Problems in the Mathematics of Data Science…

9. Python for Data Analysis by Boston University…
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Thread 1/9 #crisiscom
🚨 Increase in natural #disasters due to climate change in the past few years. 🚨
Time to talk about #emergencymanagement and #crisiscommunication! #aThread Source: https://www.munichr...
2/9 A natural #disaster is a disruption of #society. Time to take action, emergency management! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️
3/9 There are scenarios that will increasingly affect #Germany and #Europe!
🔥 Wildfires
🌪️ Storms or hurricanes
☀️ Droughts
🌊 Floods
🌍 Earthquakes
🌋 Volcanic eruptions
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Let’s dive in to explain what we are about with a couple of highlights:

1. We are excited to share with YOU our pitch presentation that premiered at @Conste11ation’s #Hyd3f22 event on 08/06/2022.

“Considering that people in general but especially the younger generation -the very people who are early adopters of web3 technology- have a very short attention span, I made the decision to create a pitch that people remember regardless of their opinion about it.” Aranka W.
2. In our presentation we have touched on certain points that are problematic and are the pains of our current #funding industry.
⁃PHILANTHROPY (aid dependency, no trust)
⁃CROWDFUNDING (investments = donations)
⁃FUNDING BIAS (DAO; research)
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Join us for @CynthiaKubuPhD's Presidential Address happening now! #SCNatAPA2022 #APA2022 Live 🧵👇 1/x
Dr. Kubu discusses the importance of empirical data, values, & in Neuroethics #SCNatAPA2022 🧵 2/x
Balance is essential when deciding between two options, particularly when there are pros & cons of each decision 🧵 3/x
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1/ You’ve sequenced your samples and identified variants. Great! 🙌

Now, here's how you can use @ensembl to find out the effect of your variants on #protein structures and interactions. A thread...🧵

#genomics #bioinformatics #tweetorial #Ensembltraining 🧬 A screenshot from Ensembl's Alphafold protein viewer with va
2/ The Variant Effect Predictor (VEP) is what you’re going to need for this task. You can find it in the blue header from the @ensembl homepage:…

#VEP Screenshot of Ensembl's homepage with annotated arrow pointi
3/ Click the ‘Launch VEP’ button to open the VEP web tool and enter your input data using instructions in the documentation:
👉… Screenshot of Ensembl's VEP web interface documentation and
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Loading libraries has become like a R-itual 😎 before doing any analysis but do you know there are different ways to do it and a method which could save your time ?😲
A micro 🧵 covering ways to load libraries in R.
#VivaLaR #r #rstats #DataAnalytics #DataScience #Data The bar plot shows the amount of time each function took in
The good old way of calling library! 🏴‍☠️

🛠 Base R function
🛠 No package installation required.
🛠 Best when you need only 1 or 2 libraries.
What if I install & load both are handled by the same function🤔

Use install_load(”<package_name_here>”)
📦Function in install.load package.
📦Package installation required.
📦If package not installed, installs the package first.
📦Best when you need multiple libraries.
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In the last week, not only 27 Opposition MPs have been suspended (4 in #LokSabha, 23 in #RajyaSabha), but as many as 97 Questions asked by these MPs have been DELETED & Govt has avoided answering these Qs!
There is NO provision in RULES to permit such deletion of Qs!
This dubious practice, which isn't permitted by Rules & has no logic, was first noticed in #MonsoonSession 2020, repeated in Monsoon Session 2021, Winter Session 2021 and now happening again in current #MonsoonSession2022.
See our earlier #Thread-
In the current #MonsoonSession, following is the tally of Qs 'DELETED'. Also, see pics of some Deleted Qs.
- 11 Qs asked by 4 suspended Opposition MPs in #LokSabha
- 86 Qs asked by 23 suspended Opposition MPs in #RajyaSabha

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I think the message in #DataScience needs to be: Don't believe everything you read. 🧵

I'd like to thank Rafael Nicolas Fermin Cota for pointing me to this modified graphic from a recent Harvard Business Review article on "Prioritizing Which Data Skills Your Company Needs".
You hear Harvard Business Review, & you think this must be legit.

Well, in this case, they dropped the ball.

If you're coming up with an educational plan for your org in 2022, here are some tips...
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Tomorrow a new market analysis will be out, followed by updates on the new macro data. This week will be huge.

meanwhile today I'm watching at something no one is looking at.

#Whales are accumulating they say.

A short thread 🧵

#onchain #BTC #Bitcoin Image
So let's take in consideration for a minute the fact that we can divide the cohort and call them as we want.

@glassnode divide the 2 cohorts we are gonna talk about today like this:

#Whale (1,000-5,000 BTC)
#Humpback (>5,000 BTC)
Meanwhile here we are looking at:
#Whale (1,000-10,000 BTC)
#Humpback (>10,000 BTC). ImageImage
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🧵 Νέα #δημοσίευση: **Όλοι** οι 🇬🇷 εφοπλιστές που μεταφέρουν ρωσικό πετρέλαιο εν μέσω πολέμου στην 🇺🇦.

❗️50% των τάνκερ είναι 🇬🇷.

🔎 Ανάμεσα τους οι καναλάρχες Βαρδινογιάννης, Αλαφούζος, Μαρινάκης.

✍️ @SotSideris @maltepioti @boublis @Chondrogiannos…
2⃣ Τον Μάιο του 2022 το #ReportersUnited ξεκίνησε τον «Ανιχνευτή Ελληνικών Τάνκερ στη Ρωσία», μια #data έρευνα που:

❗Καταγράφει όλα τα 🇬🇷 πλοία που μεταφέρουν ορυκτά καύσιμα από ρωσικά λιμάνια.

❗Εντοπίζει τον πλοιοκτήτη τους.…
3⃣ Την ιδέα της έρευνας έδωσε το @RUTankerTracker, ένας αυτοματοποιημένος λογαριασμός της @GreenpeaceUK στο Twitter που σε πραγματικό χρόνο καταγράφει όσα πλοία φορτώνουν πετρέλαιο & αέριο από ρωσικά λιμάνια.
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#metaverse reflections
#nfts the keys
#Metaverse the doors

@McKinsey defines @Metaverse as
metaverse encompasses immersive environments, often (but not always) using #VR or #AR technology
#metaverse consumer #data

@AkwyZ @enricomolinari @kuriharan Image
#NordVPN research study with industry found only 14% respondents could explain #metaverse
Part 3 The challenge with #metaverse is the same in the inception of #web #internet

Who is going to host, own, manage the platforms that will manage the #web3 ownership of content and related #business
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Congrats to editors @manusporny, @rhiaro, @peacekeeper and @drummondreed for the newly published @w3c #WebStandard "Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) v1.0":… #timetoadopt!!
DIDs are a new type of identifier that do not require a centralized registry. It empowers everyone on the Web to generate their own identifiers and take control of their own #identity and relationships while also providing greater #security and #privacy A simple example of a decen...
Coupled with #w3c Verifiable Credentials, DIDs are being used across a number of markets (such as governments, retailers, etc.) where #identification and #data authenticity is a concern. Read the numerous testimonials from W3C members and the industry:…
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#Data is the driving force of many fields in the future. Its industry is fresh, untapped and full of possibilities.

This is where @oceanprotocol comes in to explore the benefits of data to its full potential by catering for a seamless exchange of data.


A #thread
This year, @oceanprotocol plummeted into adoption with the release of serial updates:


These programs focus on incentivizing the community and #building talents.


The 'Data Bounty Program' is a special one:

@Oceanprotocol leverages on existing #data to provide real world solutions, and accelerates adoption by incentivizing #data-driven insights.…

First Bounty is live with @dimitratech
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If u want to start Data analytics, one of the best courses to start with is Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. D course is beginner friendly and u get every skill you need to start your career as a Junior Data Analyst

Here's how to get financial aid for the course🧵
1. Click on the click here…

The link will take you straight to Coursera where you'll apply for the financial aid.
Once you click on the link, here's what you'll see. Click on financial aid and start your application.

NOTE: There are 8 courses under this course and you have to apply for financial aid for the 8 courses separately. Image
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Just IN: More than 100 #FGM Victims In #Liverpool Seen By #NHS Services Last Year🤦🏾
#uk: More than 100 victims of female genital mutilation were seen by NHS services in Liverpool in the year to March, new figures show.
NHS Digital figures show around 130 FGM #survivors in the NHS
Liverpool CCG area were seen by health professionals in the year to March – up from roughly 90 the year before.
Of these, approximately 100 were having their injuries reported for the first time.
Only approximate numbers are recorded in the #data to prevent the identification of
individual women.
Across England, roughly 6,380 #women who attended GP practices or other health services were identified as having undergone FGM in 2021-22 – and around 2,735 were newly-identified individuals.
In the UK, FGM has been banned since 1985.
#uk #BorisJohnson #Johnson
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Vous avez aimé le conseil métropolitain et le conseil régional de cette semaine ? Vous allez adorer le CONSEIL MUNICIPAL DU JEUDI 7 JUILLET !!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳
Ce conseil municipal va être chargé : pas moins de 20 pages de délibérations... Et va rentrer directement dans le vif du sujet avec une q° du 7e ardt sur la place Gabriel Péri.
La loi PLM enfin en action. Cheval de bataille de
@NPG_Lyon sous les mandats précédents, l'inventaire des équipements de proximité dont la gestion a été (enfin) déléguée aux arrondissements va continuer à être alimenté.
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Below is an on-going list of DD I have written. Each subject is organized into general topics with more DD tweeted and linked respectively. Any and all of my future analysis and research will be added to this pin.

The DD is never done.

The #Algorithm. The Ouroboros: Characterizing #GameStop share price and reverse engineering #HFT #algos.

10/4/21: Part 1…

11/18/21 Part 2… Image
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So far this month at $OCEAN was incredible! There was overwhelming development,media coverage and activity on V4 #Web3 data marketplace
Datasets | Users | Total $OCEAN locked | TVL is/are already better and greater than in V3
Here's a recap/summary of this glorious month 🧵
a)At @wef's #Davos2022 $OCEAN founder @BrucePon put forward his vision on the future of Ocean,Metaverse and the new #DataEconomy
It was a massive success,many firms were attracted including @cypher_capital and it brought spotlight on $OCEAN Image
b) There was a demo by @EuProGigant & @deltaDAO where they shared the vision of the manufacturing industry's internet of tommorow as a #data exchange platform,audience was there
This initiative is powered by $OCEAN and it is a key part of it Image
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#PrivacyResearchDay C'est parti ! La CNIL accueille aujourd'hui des chercheurs internationaux pour présenter leurs travaux sur la #vieprivée et la protection des #données.
Suivez l'événement en direct en 🇬🇧 ou en 🇫🇷👉…
Suivez le thread ⬇️
La présidente de la CNIL Marie-Laure Denis accueille la communauté internationale au 1er #PrivacyResearchDay ! Des chercheurs qui travaillent et enseignent en Allemagne, Belgique, Espagne, Singapour, Suisse, Royaume-Uni, Luxembourg et France.
La CNIL utilise la #recherche de multiples façons :
👉 Lors de la rédaction de recommandations et de lignes directrices.
👉 Dans l'un des cas sur les #cookies, la CNIL s'est référée aux résultats de deux documents de recherche.
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Aanleiding voor #boerenprotesten #boerenopstand is de kaart uit de #startnotitie van @MinisterNenS Hoe is deze kaart tot stand gekomen? Daar hebben de #boeren zonder het te weten flink aan meegeholpen. Draadje 🧵1/…
Dat wás te lezen op deze website…
Echter, een dag nadat #boeren hier vragen over gingen stellen, ging de website 'toevallig' opeens op zwart: pagina niet gevonden.... Gelukkig hebben we de plaatjes nog #boerenopstand #boerenprotesten #stikstof #data
Emissieregistratie vormt de basis voor de #boerenwegveegkaart van @MinisterNenS
Voor #melkveehouders 3 opvallende zaken: er wordt gebruik gemaakt van data uit #kringloopwijzer data van @Qlip_BV en data van @Eurofins_AgroNL en En @ZuivelNL faciliteert...
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1/ Do you need reference sequence files from #Ensembl? All of the different files available can be confusing. Here’s a thread to help you decide which files you need…🧵

#genomics #bioinformatics #tweetorial #Ensembltraining🧬
2/ Whole-genome reference files for each species in Ensembl can be found on the FTP site 🧑‍🤝‍🧑🐭🐄🐶🐟


If you’re studying non-vertebrate species, you’ll need to use the Ensembl Genomes FTP site 🌾🦠🦟

3/ Let’s explore the different directories and files available
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I reviewed the FDA #data for the under 5s #Pfizer #vax @ClareCraigPath has made a number of factual errors in her well publicised criticism of it

Bare in mind Clare early on vaccine was exposed wanting sow the idea vax caused covid 👀👇🏻

Let me explain her errors 🧵
Pls Retweet
The first error Clare makes is to claim 3000 children dropped out ... that’s not true ...

Let’s check how many actually dropped out of this #vaccinetrial

The number that “dropped out” was not 3000 ... anyone care to guess
Turns out just 13 dropped out the 6-23 months group &
45 from the 2-4 year group

So that’s 58 - (25 of which were in the placebo group where the ratio vaccine to placebo was 2:1)

58 ≠ 3000

#covid19 #VaccinesWork
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