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23 Feb
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The arrest of Disha Ravi was a blatant example of state terror and the violation of freedom of speech and expression. It sparked a fire within us to get to the streets right away and raise our voices for Disha and everyone else who has been silenced by the state.

To that end, Fridays For Future West Bengal, a few concerned citizens, and the student organisations ISU, AISA, AIDSO, RSF, and PDSF organised a protest and submission of a deputation to the Governor of West Bengal.

Around 70 people attended the protest and the spirit was unbelievable and didn't quiver for even a moment.
Our banner and pledge read 'We all are "Disha Ravi". Arrest us all!' We did not get to meet the governor but we were able to get our deputation sealed.
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28 Sep 19
Unfortunately, @KolkataPolice stopped our march midway despite prior permission. We decided to stand our ground by sitting in front of the barricade.
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2 Sep 19
Here's a thread on the carbon footprint of war. It is hard to estimate the exact carbon footprint of war due to its highly chaotic nature but available data shows that it is one of the greatest sources of greenhouse gas emissions.
Another reason why it is difficult to estimate the carbon footprint of war is because the US negotiated an exemption for reporting military emissions when the Kyoto Protocol (1997) was being drafted.
The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement that mandates signatory countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Although the US did not ratify the agreement, the exemption for reporting military emissions stuck for other signatory nations.
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1 Sep 19

Dear people, Fridays For Future Palestine is going to do their first big strike on 27 September. 🌍 🇵🇸

Since there will be various costs for transport, material & media, we have started a fundraising campaign to support their endeavor:…
It will be a few more years until climate change unfolds its full destructive potential in the Western world. In Palestine, however, this is already everyday life, severe droughts and extreme water scarcity threaten their existence and it gets worse every year.
Their difficult political situation doesn't allow them to participate in climate negotiations, or to take effective measures themselves (even if they try very hard!) On top of that, the climate crisis is destabilizing their region due to increasing struggle for resources.
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