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Beautiful views in Sydney for the third day of #RANZCP2022! The third day sessions will start soon.
Below is a thread of 5 key takeaways from sessions I saw on Day Two, a day which focused on priority populations and the impacts of climate change.
1/ Important to embed cultural safety into mental health service provision that is based on authentic co-design, allowing culturally appropriate and flexible methods of sharing knowledge - Dr Kashyap #RANZCP2022
2/ Healthcare workers, including psychiatry clinicians, need to be open, honest and acknowledge own vulnerabilities - A/Prof Coleman #RANZCP2022
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Much-anticipated session starting soon at #RANZCP2022 on the #ClimateEmergency and #MentalHealth, with a headline keynote from Tim Flannery. Thread to follow below
Our chair for this afternoon is Charles Le Feuvre from Psychology for a Safe Climate #RANZCP2022
Flannery is dialling in from Geneva, where he is teaching a course on #ClimateChange to economists, politicians. Every day he says he confronts the phenomenon of climate grief. Some go from shock to denial. This has been my life over the past 20-odd years #RANZCP2022
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The first of today's concurrent sessions are about to kick off! To prepare for this afternoon's keynote by Tim Flannery on #ClimateChange and #MentalHealth, I'm going to catch up on and tweet out yesterday's symposium, which is now available on demand. #RANZCP2022
Follow @coopesdetat who is going to jump into the 'training during pandemic' session and also #RANZCP2022 for more Congress discussions!
Chaired by Dr Cybele Dey, presenters incl A/Prof Fiona Charlson, Tara Crandon, Georgia Langmaid & Charles Le Feuvre @DrCybeleDey #climateactionnow #forhealthssake #RANZCP2022

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Will be tweeting next from a trainee forum at #RANZCP2022 featuring @skyekinder, @mbismark, @SellittoT, @SArunogiri and others. Should be good! Content to thread below
The intrepid @croakeynews will be catching up with some on-demand content on the #ClimateEmergency, so follow along with her tweets, which should serve as a nice entree to this afternoon's session with Tim Flannery #RANZCP2022
@skyekinder getting us underway for the trainee session. Past 48 months have seen significant disruption to training due to #COVID19, exacerbating underlying issues in the College including paucity of trainee representation, she says #RANZCP2022
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How many climate scientists agree with this I wonder? #ClimateCrisis #GlobalWarming #ClimateActionNow #ClimateEmergency ImageImageImage
These diagrams are so completely wrong that they all deserve to be memes.
@pmddomingos, has it ever occurred to you that the greenhouse effect as virtually always taught (and depicted, above) doesn't make any sense from a physics perspective?
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I was recently invited to debate with a representative of @bp_plc about what the net-zero target means for UK energy policy.

Here's a🧵based on my slides about why the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's letter is scientifically illiterate 1/n
First things first. I was asked to participate in this debate, as I'd been arrested taking part in this protest with @ScientistsX at @beisgovuk. Our demand was simple & science led, that the UK end all NEW oil and gas exploration.

Read more here: 2/n…
As @antonioguterres, the @UN Secretary General, made plain at the launch of the @IPCC_CH WG1 report we are now at #CodeRed for humanity.

This is (as the UK parliament declared) a #ClimateEmergency 3/n
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Already on February 24 - the day of the 🇷🇺 invasion of 🇺🇦 - the "liberators" appeared at the #Chornobyl nuclear power plant, who were there until March 31.
All this time, they held hostage the staff of the plant, as well as the National Guard soldiers who guarded it.
The power plant did not receive the external power required for safe storage of spent fuel. Forest fires also broke out in the Exclusion Zone, and the occupiers did not allow them to be extinguished.
Before leaving the #Chornobyl nuclear power plant, the occupiers drew up and signed the "ChNPP Acceptance and Transfer Act". It stated that the troops of the 🇷🇺 National Guard allegedly "guarded" the #Chornobyl nuclear power plant from February 24 to March 31. "
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Just finished @billmckibben's 1989 @NewYorker essay THE END OF NATURE (took me a few hours, split up over the weekend).

Written the year after I was born, it demonstrates how much of the science of #ClimateEmergency has been known for decades...🪡🧵1/10…
Every Bill McKibben text is the Very Best of creative non-fiction, but this piece hits hard more than 3 decades later:

"As long as the desire for endless material advancement drives us, there is no way to set limits.

If our way of life is ending nature..." 2/10
" is not radical to talk about transforming our way of life."

I was moved by how close this is to @antonioguterres' statement just 3 weeks ago that it's those pursuing fossil fuels, not climate activists, who are the "dangerous radicals". 3/10
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I've recently asked my journalist friends about why the media is not addressing the ecological breakdown and the latest devastating news from scientists.
The answers: 1/11
1. "Hadn't heard about that."
2. "You can't make news of something that 'may' happen."
3. "I trust the authorities. If the situation was really bad, they would start dealing with it." 2/11
About no 2: Not true, of course. News are full of things that "may" happen. "Russia may use nuclear weapons," "Stock market may go up/down."
But with the ecological crisis, the problem is that there is no NEWS, since it's been developing for decades. 3/11
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1/. #THREAD (read until the end)

As people around the world mark #EarthDay a QUESTION...

Would you buy grapes that were individually wrapped in plastic?
#ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #plasticpollution #ClimateJustice #EarthDay2022 #ClimateActionNow
2/. “Every single grape wrapped in plastic! What the actual *#@*!”

You’d probably be outraged like my friend Diane was! #FridaysForFuture #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #plasticfree #EarthDay #EarthDay2022
#ClimateMarch #ClimateJustice

The individually wrapped grapes iaren’t real

The plastic wrapped passion fruit are

Britain is the world’s 2nd biggest producer of plastic per person

Plastic waste kills millions of birds, sea mammals & fish each year
(Clip @GreenpeaceUK)
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NEW: Gov. Pete Ricketts (R-Neb.) hosts the "Stop 30x30 Summit" in Lincoln, Nebraska on April 22. The 30x30 plan has a goal of protecting at least 30% of America's lands and waters by 2030. Yes, it’s really being held on #EarthDay2022.
American Stewards of Liberty, a Texas-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting private property rights, fighting the “radical environmental movement,” & delisting endangered species, has organized and promoted the Summit.
On the agenda are Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), who introduced the 30 x 30 Termination Act in May 2021 in their respective congressional chambers.…
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According to the @UN, around one million species are at the risk of disappearing from the planet due to human activities.
As reported by @UNESCO, 29 coral reef World Heritage sites will disappear by the end of the 21st Century if the emissions are kept unchecked.
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As inconvenient as @XRebellionUK protests in London are, I'm not sure what else can be done. Talking has been tried. Writing to MPs has been tried. What do you do once all other options have been tried? If you think this is inconvenient, wait to see what the #ClimateCrisis does!
Hundreds if not thousands of rigorous papers have been published by the scientific community. Everything is being presented clearly. But it's all about money now. Sod the lives and the finances of the future. The #ClimateEmergency is going to cost millions of lives and £trillions
If you don't like the protests, what's your suggestion? How would *you* do it? Don't come to the table with complaints. Come with ideas and solutions. Things that could work and make a difference.
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Why Are Environmentalists Failing to Stop the Climate Crisis?  #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction… via @Kalpana39215949
@Kalpana39215949 All across the world, environmentalists cannot provide a greener lifestyle. There are several reasons behind it.
Concerning the environment sector, most people, specifical environmentalists, focus on their job; instead of the environment’s welfare.
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So you've made that critical, brave decision to step up to the greatest challenge in human history. A #ClimateActionHero is always born asking the exact same question as those born before:

"So...what the heck do I do now?"

Take heart.

You're not alone.

This 🧵's for you
Answering a call to action (after first ignoring or refusing it) is textbook superhero origin story material, which means the first steps of your adventure are already taken. But Climate's been in popular culture since 2006. Something specific's compelling you now. What is it? /2
Something drove the point home to you. Activated you. Take a moment and enshrine it because you'll be explaining it time and time again, to allies, detractors, society's gate-keepers and even future #ClimateActionHeroes just like you. It's #TheBigWhy & every hero's got one /3
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VIDEO THREAD: This afternoon, climate activists including scientist Rose Abramoff @ultracricket chained themselves to the White House fence to demand President Biden declare a "climate emergency" over shifting global temperatures.
One connected herself to White House fence with a bike lock around her neck.

"This is me saying, 1.5 C [limit for global temp rising]," she told me.

"We need to listen to scientists. We need to listen to indigenous people."

Says she chose bike lock out of opposition to cars.
Two connected themselves inside a PVC tube on the other side of the White House fence.

"We're here to defend the Earth," one told me. "Biden needs to step up his game and call a climate emergency."

The other tells me of value of listening to Earth, rather than to people.
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The essential takeaways from the #IPCC #ClimateScience report in 10 pictures!

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction 🧵 1/10
Here we skip the doom and gloom part. Cause we all know that by now. Here we focus on action. #IPCC

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“The jury has reached a verdict. And it is damning.” Powerful, prophetic words from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the release of the latest #IPCCReport. See thread below for excerpts and video of his 5 minute Word to the World about the #ClimateEmergency. 🧵
“This report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a litany of broken climate promises. It is a file of shame, cataloguing the empty pledges that put us firmly on track towards an unlivable world.”
"Climate activists are sometimes depicted as dangerous radicals. But the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil fuels," Guterres continued. "Investing in new fossil fuels infrastructure is moral and economic madness."
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The IPCC is crystal clear:

We must end #fossilfuel development and rapidly scale up the low carbon economy. The world’s best scientists have the ‘tools and the know-how’ to safeguard our future. The factor we are missing is political will. 1/ #bcpoli…
Last week in the #BCLeg the @bcndp & @bcliberals MLAs debated a motion on the #LNG industry.

It was a shameful competition as they tried to out-spin one another in their support for fossil fuel subsidies. 2/ #bcpoli #ClimateCrisis
Under the @bcndp BC’s #oilandgas subsidies have gone up year over year.

BC deserves a gov't that recognizes the reality of the #ClimateEmergency. To build a sustainable, resilient economy we must stop subsidizing the industries that work against it. 3/ #bcpoli #ClimateCrisis
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I'll be live tweeting the debate on this motion.

As a third party we haven't been given the opportunity to be on the speakers list for the motion. #bcpoli #ClimateCrisis #LNG #oilandgas
Debate on #LNG motion begins with BC Liberal MLA Mike Bernier suggesting that BC LNG can “help” with the transition away from coal.
LNG is not a transition fuel. The methane emissions from #fracking intensify the #ClimateEmergency
MLA Bernier states “we are losing billions in investment.”

No mention of billions in subsidies to prop up oil and gas industry.

Climate change is already costing billions.

Consider the costs of wildfires, droughts, floods.
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🔥April mobilisation update!🔥
We proudly announce that hundreds of rebel scientists will carry out direct non-violent actions of civil disobedience in 27 countries across the globe in our rebellion week on 4-9 April. 🧵1/n
We will be joined by climate scientist Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman, Ecologist Aaron Thierry @ThierryAaron, conservation scientist @CharlieJGardner, Earth Systems scientist Niko Froitzheim and many others willing to risk arrest to further the cause of climate justice. 2/n
Our rebellion has spread to Africa and we can count with many rebels there as well. 3/n
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The rain event that flooded Lismore collapsed landscapes.
It shattered hillsides. Roads broke apart and fell down valleys.
Hillsides fell on houses.

This thread gives a glimpse of the cost of inaction on #ClimateDisruption

For every 1°C of #GlobalWarming, the atmosphere holds an additional 7% water vapour. The extra heat (energy) means more extreme events.

On Tuntable Creek Rd, a neighbour measured 810mm. That’s 32 inches.

This is our road.

#nswpol #auspol
These impacts are across the whole Northern Rivers.
This is a landscape collapse event.
The word ‘flood’ does not describe what happened here.

Images in this thread were captured by many people & shared on social media

#nswpol #auspol #LismoreFloods

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Yesterday, @DefraGovUK proposed a new statutory national water efficiency target under #EnvironmentAct.
So far so good.
But the proposed 20% reduction in water company 'Distribution Input' by 2037, per capita, is pathetically weak.
It means no action at all, here's why... 1/n
Putting the target on a 'per capita' basis means any gains in water efficiency for the environment could be negated by population growth.

In an extreme scenario, if popn growth is 20%+ by 2037 then MORE water could be taken from the environment and target would still be met
ONS's projections suggest population will rise by ~10% between now and late 2030s. If so, it means actual use of public water supplies need only fall by 10% to achieve the target. Image
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Scotland could lead the way for a greener send off…
'Cheaper and greener' water cremations could soon get the green light in Scotland for the first time
The process, also referred to as aquamation, sees the body put into a stainless steel vessel and surrounded by a solution of about 95 per cent water and five per cent potassium hydroxide. A coffin is carried by two people out of shot
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