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The PM's announcement is way off the mark of what's needed to #BuildBackBetter. Combination of old news, tiny sums of investment, low ambition on climate and false solutions to nature protection. All eyes on @RishiSunak's announcement next week to up the game. 1/
30k ha tree planting = good to get a mention, but old manifesto commitment, less than half of what's needed & still no policy to deliver 2/
4,000 zero carbon buses = useful step but was already announced in Feb and, in combination with the other transport spend announced in March Budget, is still only a fraction of what's needed for public transport investment. As context, there are about 50,000 buses in the UK 3/
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What the Prime Minister announced today is nothing like a ‘new deal’ and certainly not Green.

He used our branding on his podium. He used our language in his speech. But it was greenwash.
This isn’t radical. This isn’t different. This is a doubling down on business as usual.

He has clearly learned nothing from this crisis about the importance of addressing the #climateemergency and repairing our relationship with nature.

A real Green new deal looks like this:
100,000 new council homes a year, built to the Passivhaus or equivalent standard. Insulation for office buildings and every home, and an additional 10 million homes deeply retrofitted by 2030 and powered by renewable energy.
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My latest piece: As we emerge from one crisis and confront the next, Let Youth Lead, Serve and Vote via @TheTyee #ClimateEmergency… Thread follows...
As the young people in our society come to the end of a school year unlike any before, and those in their teens and early 20s in particular wrestle with what the coming year or two will look like, Canada’s Second World War story has some useful guidance to offer. 3 ideas 👇
1) Let youth lead: As in the war, youth are once again mobilizing to secure our collective future. More than any other generational cohort, polling indicates millennials understand the climate crisis & want to see real action. Help is on the way, and we should support it.
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#SriAgenda in 15m | #June17 4pm CEST

The #SustainableRecovery, investor collaboration on Covid-19 recovery and the #ClimateEmergency | Webinar 1 of Investor Action on Climate Webinar Series "@LSEplc @PRI_News…

#sustainablefinance @andytuit @SRI_Natives
@LSEplc @PRI_News @andytuit @SRI_Natives @MCL1965 @BNPPAM_COM #airpollution is one of the biggest 'killer' worldwide, especially in the largest Asian megalopolis, says @MCL1965 (so-called '#Airpocalypse')

#SustainableRecovery #climateemergency #COP26 #sustainablefinance
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Small #netzero infrastructure investments, writ large, @RishiSunak: @eeiguk today sets out #energyefficiency's offer for net-zero compatible stimulus and resilient recovery:…. Coverage here:… THREAD 1/
First off, @eeiguk is a growing and broad-based coalition of over 25 industry groups, NGOs, charities and businesses asking for rapid improvement in energy efficiency for UK homes and buildings. It's vision is set out here:… 2/
The 2-year stimulus of £2.8bn public investment, unlocks £3.4bn from homeowners, social landlords and the public sector. It would support 42,500 jobs, while 1m households would save £270 on their bills. It dovetails into a programme that puts homes on track for #netzero 3/
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Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay and this years theme is #biodiversity!🦁🐸🦍🐧🦋🐘🐬🦞🐝🌳🍄🌍
To mark this day, we'll explore why biodiversity is so important & why we need, and how to implement, whole system change to reduce biodiversity loss & tackle the #ClimateEmergency.
First, let's celebrate some of the UKs precious biodiversity. @WWF has selected some snapshots of UK nature & wildlife – from land & ocean species to breathtaking plant life – to raise awareness of the ongoing fight for our 🌍 & its vital biodiversity.
Why is #biodiversity so important?
As this @UN page explains, biodiversity is a concern that is both urgent and existential.
Biodiversity is the foundation that supports all life on land and below water, affecting all aspects of human health.
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மீண்டும் சொல்கிறோம்:

சின்ன அம்மை,போலியோ போன்ற நோய்களை மனித சமூகம் வெற்றிகொண்டதற்கு இரண்டு முக்கியமான காரணங்கள் உள்ளன. முதல் காரணம்,அந்த நோய்கள் கிருமிகளால் மட்டுமே ஏற்பட்டன. சின்னம்மைக்கு காரணம் வரியோலா வைரஸ்,போலியோவிற்கு காரணம் போலிசாமியிலிட்டிஸ். இந்த இரண்டும் விலங்கிலிருந்து
மனிதர்களுக்கு தொற்றிய கிருமிகள் அல்ல.மற்றொரு காரணம், சுகாதாரத்தில் (Sanitation) ஏற்பட்ட முன்னேற்றங்கள்.ஆனால் எய்ட்ஸ், எபோலா,monkeypox,bovine tuberculosis, Lyme disease, West Nile fever, Marburg virus disease, rabies,hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, anthrax,Lassa fever,Rift Valley
fever,ocular larva migrans, scrub typhus,Bolivian hemorrhagic fever,Kyasanur forest disease,Nipah, கொரோனா போன்ற நோய்களுக்கு காரணமாக உள்ள கிருமிகள் விலங்குகளிடமிருந்து (Zoonoses) தொற்றியவை.பெருவாரியாக இவ்வகை நோய்கள் சூழல் சங்கிலியில் ஏற்பட்ட சீர்கேட்டால்/மாற்றங்களால் ஏற்பட்டவை.
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WEF coverage on #COVID19 is like a lesson learned of the #TheLeft championing #Globalist ideals thru the lens of COVID19 (catalyst) climate (destination)

#GlobalistLeft view the pandemic as a stepping stone to change policies on health, social, economics

#thread ...
Jun 2019: A new agreement with WEF World Economic Forum gave multinational corporations influence over matters of global governance. #WEF & #UN signed a memo of understanding to partner with each other. UN quietly turned itself into a public-private partnership
2008 Labour #British PM Gordon Brown & #French President Nicolas Sarkozy made calls for a new International Governance System for a (#WEF Global Redesign) to overhaul the int'l financial architecture” akin to the 1944 Bretton Woods…
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Finally got a chance to listen to @emorwee's Heated podcast with @AliVelshi.

Velshi was awesome—smart, honorable, and remarkably forthright—freely admitting that "our [mainstream] media is not built actually to acknowledge" the #ClimateEmergency.

Some takeaways in a thread...
Velshi sees the #ClimateSilence of TV news, rightly, as a symptom of the systemic power of the fossil-fuel industry, which makes its message simply what passes for news & information.

"You may not know you're getting [its message] all the time, but you're getting it."

Compounding that, the punchy, visual, crisis-driven aesthetic of broadcast news has also seemed to constrain its capacity to cover climate.

"We have [ways] of doing things, and they don't lend themselves to large conceptual discussion."

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Welcome world tyrant Larry Fink.
US Fed. Reserve appoints BlackRock to manage its massive corporate debt purchase program in response to the Covid-19 crisis…
EU EC appoints BR to advise… on environmental, social & governance factors
Look at the graph The impoverishment of Emerging Marktes, EM, is now 5x harder than in the crisis 2008 bc non-residents, ie foreign "investors" like Larry Fink pull money from them to put it where 4% dividend is still possible - during the pandemic.
>1.5yrs of Covid dance around PPE until a vacc is ready, paired with acute crop loss due to climate change, is the tipping point on which the Anthroposphere will now slide into ruin if we don't stop Larry.
The $ crisis is too massive and bc of climate, no relief is on the horizon
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Wise analogy: "The curve is flattening; we can start lifting restrictions now = The parachute has slowed our rate of descent; we can take it off now."
@Helmholtz_HZI model: a very strict lockdown for 2 months is the end of Covid.
I suggest: make it a global synchronous lockdown

We can secure🌍food & home guarantees by going non-profit. It also stops the threat to the world order where obscene profiteers shift "investments" from poor and shaken nations to locations which still promise 4% dividend.

Covid will prove to be THE tipping point in the Anthroposphere:

*If nations are too poor to even feed their ppl they won't get rid of FF energy

*Existential fears makes people susceptible to rightwing nationalists -who don't act on the #ClimateEmergency
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"If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."

On the HEATED podcast, @emorwee is showing how the fossil fuel industry is using coronavirus relief packages as a way to achieve their policy objectives.
As oil & gas execs meet with the President looking for bailouts, Congressional Republicans hoot down the inclusion of measures that would improve the lives of <every living human being.> #COVID19 isn't partisan, neither is the climate crisis.
“I’m not going to allow this to be an opportunity for the Democrats to achieve unrelated policy items that they would not otherwise be able to pass.” - Mitch McConnell
That's why the EPA used the cover of #COVID19 to stop enforcing health regulations.…
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The Rainforests of Africa:

🇨🇩 DR Congo
🇨🇬 Republic of the Congo
🇬🇦 Gabon
🇨🇫 Central African Republic
🇨🇲 Cameroon
🇬🇶 Equatorial Guinea

will suffer from a totally new climate of unprecedented heat from 2025 onwards, with staggering consequences for all life on Earth.
This 2013 study projects 'climate departure':

Equatorial Guinea Malabo 2024- 2030
Gabon Libreville 2024- 2028
Cameroon Yaounde 2025- 2032
Central African Republic Bangui 2028- 2036
DR Congo Kinshasa 2028- 2038 Republic of the Congo Brazzaville 2028 -2038

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We need some inspiration. Join us to celebrate people fighting for our planet w/#30EarthMonthHeroes. The rules: 1⃣Tag a person who does great things to protect the environment 2⃣tag+thread another the next day 3⃣Repeat thru April. Explainer via @TaotaoTasi…
1) One of our #30EarthMonthHeroes is our previous president @brooke2cents. Beyond the leadership she provided us, Brooke trains conservationists on how to design outreach plans that motivate action. Check out her work on sustainable fishing in Mongolia:…
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@KsapaOrg @FBaddache#Tax evasion
✅ Ruled using #bilateral investment treaties
#Data collection, usage, sharing

the 3 key themes in @KsapaOrg's approach to #BizHumanRights being highlighted by @FBaddache

#webinar #HumanRights #duediligence #engagement #HRDD #BigData #cybersecurity #UNGPs
@KsapaOrg @FBaddache three areas directly impacting #business in respect to #humanrights:

1. comply w/ mandatory transparency & #HRDD - in operations, joint ventures & #supplychains

#webinar #BizHumanRights #engagement @UKAntiSlavery @ModSlaveryReg @pcarrier26 @InvestForRights @FinComSlavery
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Thread | While some people enjoyed #hailstorm in #Delhi with their children, a 10-year-old in Uttar Pradesh feared what his father (farmer) will do when he will see the destroyed crops in the morning.
#weather #India #ClimateChange @PARInetwork @hridayeshjoshi
This fear-stricken child assures his father that he will study hard and bring him out of the vicious cycle of farm loans. This child’s father – a landless farmer lost all his crops.

#hailstorm #rains #DelhiRains #weather #India #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
Now he has to pay rent for the land, arrange money from a private lender to buy the seeds again and restart his life.

#India #agriculture #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
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Droughts are currently having widespread impacts around the world.

E.g. in Thailand

“Many rice mills are refusing to sell due to uncertainty over supply during this dry season" ..."Many parts of the country’s rice growing area have been hit by drought"

#ClimateCrisis #food
Whanganui farmer worries about drought, not coronavirus

"The world needs to eat - coronavirus or not - and farmers can take heart from that"

#ClimateCrisis #drought #NewZealand
Drought in Africa, Southern Europe Threatens Durum Crops

"deterioration of rainfall in late January and February and exceptionally high temperatures in February have caused low planted areas and low crop performance” 

#ClimateCrisis #foodsecurity #food
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The Government has made an ad about the Coronavirus and its surprisingly honest and informative 🌍🦠

👉 Spread the message not the virus: #FlattenTheCurve
I wasn't planning on making an Honest Government Ad about the Corona virus, I was already working on something else, but a few days ago it became glaringly obvious that we needed to make this video.

Because it's a shitshow...
It's an unusual HGA: we take a break from counting the ways our Government is shit*, in order to *help* Govts communicate a vital public health announcement: #FlattenTheCurve

* (We made an exception for the US Govt whose shitfuckery is going to get a lot of people killed)...
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