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Wow read this! The Maduro Diet: Food v. Freedom in Venezuela…
So the Clap boxes of food of expired humanitarian aid of #Mexico is causing children to die?

Link to tweet:
Here you see a women in #Venezuela receiving one of these Clap boxes of humanitarian aid from #Mexico! which they have to fucking pay for $12 from some reason from the government.
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#Immigrant felons come from #ElSalvador #Guatemala #Nicaragua & #Mexico The seeds were planted in 2014 by Obama. The Caravans are carrying BUBONIC PLAGUE, LEPROSY, TYPHUS, malaria, STD’s, HIV, PNEUMONIA,DIPTHERIA, measles (There is a State of Emergency right now in Oregon)
2/ TUBERCULOSIS, Mumps, rubella, POLIO, & a flesh eating bacteria, as well as an eye disease affecting children the CDC cannot name or treat. The #illegals put their children in our PUBLIC SCHOOLS. This is not a HEALTH CRISES, it’s a WMD. The CDC predicts 50% of our
3/ population could be affected by airborne diseases. Flying anywhere? Who is on that plane & where did they come from? TUBERCULOSIS alone could cripple our economy.…
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1/ We don't know a great deal about what is happening with the rollout of the #asylum plan – the Migrant Protection Protocols – that forces people to stay in #Mexico while they're waiting their US court dates. But over a week after it started in Tijuana, here's what we know.
2/ There have been 36 people released so far, according to @INAMI_mx. Every one I talked to was an adult who had requested asylum alone. We've watched them come out of the footbridge at San Ysidro with a transcript of their interview and a notice to appear in court in late March.
3/ The US gov said that they are going to expand this across the border, but for now only a trickle of people have been sent back to Tijuana. The majority of them have been men. It's unclear whether families will eventually be released, but so far that has not happened.
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People are slamming so-called fact checkers @NPR, @politico, for their overt bias in analyzing portions of President Trump’s #StateOfTheUnion speech.…
#NPR: The most egregious example was from @NPR, which provided a “fact check” of Trump’s statement praising the record-high number of women in Congress.

NPR responded to the statement by admitting it was completely true, but tried to inject partisanship into the equation.
#POLITICO: Despite @MSF_USA reporting in 2017 that 31% of female #migrants said they were sexually assaulted while traveling through #Mexico, @Politico rated the statement only “partly true.”

It was not made clear how the statement was only “partly true.”
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Daryoush "Darius" Mohammad Bunyad #California chiropractor who fled the country 2years ago after being convicted of sexual battery female patients (minors) captured in #Mexico…

Stop Use of #Islamaphobia in Law Enforcement Publications!!…

Stop Use of #Islamaphobia in Law Enforcement Publications!!
@threadreaderapp unroll please
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Lets Go Ahead & Get It Out In The Open @realDonaldTrump

One Question To All #Daca #Mexico #Mexican #Mexicans #IllegalAliens #IllegalImmigration
#Refugee #RefugeesWelcome #Refugees Especially The Children.When You Entered The US Border How Much Blood Did They Take From You?
Never Speak Of This But We Will Let You In & Help You Stay If You Donate Blood & Or Plasma

@realDonaldTrump This Is Why #humantrafficking Must Stop aside From Previously Stated Reasons But You Know...Dont You?
Did @realDonaldTrump Cut Off All The #DeepState #humantrafficking
#Blood #Plasma #Adrenachrome Supplies??? Is That Why They Are Traveling Out Of The Country So Much????
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1.#Putin’s preference for #Trump over other #USA presidents is also pivotal to the oil diplomacy between #Russia and #Cuba. The ‘America First’ doctrine has opened #Russia to advance its geo strategic interests in #Cuba

#Trump #Russia #Cuba #Putin #TrumpRussiaConspiracy
2.The Americas has become a region of economic significance for #Russia ,In countries such as #Cuba, #Mexico, #Venezuela, #Brazil, and #Argentina, especially for #Russian Energy companies

#Trump #Russia #Cuba #Putin #TrumpRussiaConspiracy…
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Everyone has questions about #Democrat #Corruption now. Why won't top #Democrats consider building the Wall? We should ask my frmr boss and friend, past DHS Sec. Janet Napolitano. That's her with #Mexico Pres. Enrique Peña Nieto. Forget about a handshake. That's a HUG, friends.
By now, everyone knows about a certain article that has been circulating in the press. It's no secret. #Mexico guys, don't be mad at me. You guys control a big piece of this newspaper. Your newspaper printed this article. Just going to leave it here.…
Satire, anyone? "Democrats. We realized Trump was mopping the floor with your party. We realized you were weak at fundraising. Don't worry! Mexico has ample funding we can filter up to you, through 1,000 different clever methods!" Sadly, it's not necessarily far from the #TRUTH.
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1. The Truth About Nicaragua
The CIA's Dirty War in Nicaragua
2.The Truth About Nicaragua
Violent Coup Fails in Nicaragua, US Continues Regime Change Efforts
3.The Truth About Nicaragua
Sanctions Backfire: US Is Being Left Behind
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#Breaking: Murder rate in #Mexico rise by a third in 2018 to new record.
#Update: Mexico’s national statistics office (INEGI) also calculated a record number of homicides in 2017, at 31,174 murders, or 25 per 100,000, using other methodologies. INEGI has yet to present its data for violent crime in 2018.
#Update: So if "INEGI" should present the numbers would be around 41.565 murders or 31 per 100.000 people.
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Here it is kids! From @BrookingsInst
All the factual reasons why a #Wall is simply a bad idea.
✔️Unknown price tag
✔️Won't stop human trafficking, won't stop drugs, won't reduce crime
✔️Won't help the U.S. economy
✔️Will hurt communities & the environment…
✔️Unknown price tag
Now, in case anyone actually thinks the Democrats are just being obstructionist for the sake of obstructing let me remind you that, in this case, the "Tax and Spend" party is actually being quite reasonable.

#TrumpShutdown #NoWall…
✔️Unknown price tag
If nobody, including the President himself, has no clear idea of how much a phantomatic #BorderWall could eventually cost why should the US Taxpayers even begin to give the govt. their money?
#TrumpShutdown #NoWall
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#Maricopa County recorded Adrian Fontes is a native of Nogales, Arizona, a border town where #ArizonaMafia #4, Marco Lopez, my former friend and business partner, grew up with Fontes...Fontes handled vote count in Kyrsten Sinema's election where a "last minute surge" was seen
Considering the way #ArizonaMafia members work, their influence on the U.S. #Democrat party and otherwise, they are a hard charging, aggressive group. They use scorched-earth tactics themselves and through others ... everything they do is brute force.…
"Fontes responded angrily to [a] Goodyear [Arizona] voter, Nathan Schneider, who complained that the election date was hard for him and his mother to find on the mail-in ballot..."

Fontes responded by asking if Schneider's mother ran his campaign and writing "go F- yourself."
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President Trump’s tweets 01.18.2019!!
1. 8:22:53 EST
2. 9:00:17 EST [38] min Delta
3. 9:08:24 EST [8] min Delta
4. 9:13:56 EST [5] min Delta
#WRWY #WWG1WGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
President Trump’s tweets 01.18.2019!!
5. 10:02:41 EST [49] min Delta
6. 10:58:37 EST [56]min Delta
7. 10:59:35 EST[1] min Delta
8. 11:00:07 EST [1] min Delta
#WRWY #WWG1WGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
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1) A U.S. #Immigration thread.

Feb. 2018 @POTUS writes "Democrats Have Lost Their Way on Immigration"…

Jan. 2019 @POTUS writes Letter on #BorderSecurity to Congress, includes obstructed @SecNielsen crisis Presentation.

#BuildTheWall #WWG1WGA #MAGA
2) @SecNielsen attempted to deliver her humanitarian crisis Presentation during a meeting with Congressional leadership in the @WhiteHouse Situation Room. @TheDemocrats' leadership refused to let Sec. Nielsen present vetted #BorderSecurity information:…
3) In this meeting obstructionist @SpeakerPelosi forced a tense confrontation, interrupting Nielsen’s presentation on #BorderSecurity and Illegal #Immigration, telling her “I reject your facts!” @DickDurbin and other obstructionists followed in protest.…
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#Hilo Dato duro (verificable): central de almacenamiento de @Pemex en Azcapotzalco tiene capacidad para 211,250 barriles de #gasolina. Contenido agotado desde martes a las 6:41am. #NoHayGasolina (aunque digan q el problema es de distribución). #Crisis q se niega... empeora.
Por eso se miente al ‘explicar’ q retraso se debió primero a un ‘accidente’ en ducto hacia esa central (disque no estaban usando ductos) y un día después a un supuesto ‘sabotaje’ (no muestran evidencia, hay q creerles). #NoHayGasolina
Los datos son de la Gerencia de Almacenamiento y Distribución Centro de #PEMEX (oficiales) reportaban desde antier que de los 311,291 barriles de capacidad p almacenamiento quedaba existencia de apenas poco más de 2 mil barriles y solo 11 mil barriles en tránsito (para resurtir).
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A multi-tweet thread on Potus' Oval Office message: 1) Saying there is a national security crisis on the border does a huge disservice to how the US & #Mexico have worked together since 9/11 to ensure our border is not used by terrorists to undermine our common security. 1/7
2) Per Customs and Border Protection data: CBP encountered only 6 #immigrants at Ports of Entry along the US-MEX border in the first half of FY2018 whose names were on a federal government list of known or suspected terrorists. 2/7
3) Overall, 41 people on the Terrorist Screening Database were encountered at the border with #Mexico from October 1, 2017, to March 31, 2018, BUT 35 of them were U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents. Six were classified as non-U.S. persons. 3/7
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Many of my followers know Dec. 14th, 2018, I filed a lawsuit against my old colleague, frmr. #FastNFurious U.S. Atty Dennis Burke, in Fed. Court for the District of MA. ▶️Today, a First Amended Complaint was filed. New info starts on page 51, para. 222.◀️…
Remember, frmr. U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, my old colleague, was the United States Attorney who resigned in shame during one of the best known scandals of the Obama presidency, known as Fast and Furious, in which guns were trafficked to Mexican drug cartels. #TRUTH #MAGA #TRUMP
In the Fast and Furious scandal, Burke was called a "leaker and a liar" by frmr. Dep. A.G., James Cole. My lawsuit connects Burke to corrupt interests, including the #NXIVM cult. Burke has recently been named by prosecutors in the #NXIVM investigation.…
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This is an absolutely terrifying, TRUE story my old #Democrat friends don't want you to hear.

Friends, we need to RT this thread to educate all patriots about this important information about dangerous threats from #Mexico.
About ten years ago, late at night, a heavily armed tactical team of eight tall muscular men approached the front door of a house in Phoenix, Arizona, apparently, to serve a warrant. If you would have seen this team, your brain may have registered the familiar image of a SWAT
team we see in the Media: Bulletproof vests, Kevlar helmets, black boots, and Phoenix Police "raid" shirts on top of their body armor. With pistols and AR-15 rifles, the team broke down the door of the house without announcing they were the police, or that they had a warrant.
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Here's my honest opinion about conservatives, politics and the rule of law. Sorry if it's too simplistic. Many of you know I became (almost by accident) the founder of the first Hispanic Social Network in the USA, Quepasa Corp., which grew to 50 million users ... (cont'd) #MAGA
Sorry if this sounds too "politically incorrect" but I'm a "white guy" who grew up in Southern California to caucasian parents. When I started the Quepasa internet business 20 years ago, I taught myself Spanish. Wanted to help out, somewhere in the world I thought needed help...
And so I did. Quepasa launched, in our first year we passed up Yahoo in Spanish, our only competitor online at that point in time. We had national advertising campaigns, our brand became big, I travelled to #Mexico and met top businessmen there, and political figures. Later,
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#MAGA friends, as you know, I first spoke 2 you about #Democrat #Corruption in 7/18, when I revealed the existence of frmr DHS Sec. Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia. In July, I spoke of convs. I heard btwn DHS officials about visas. This has now been reported.…
"According to the government, Dennis Burke aided and abetted NXIVM with visa fraud. Burke was previously disciplined by the Arizona and Washington, D.C. Bar Associations for misconduct. It made national news when Burke resigned during the Obama-era Fast and Furious scandal..."
"where weapons were trafficked to drug cartels in Mexico. There are reports on Frank Report of Burke allegedly intimidating or coercing NXIVM witnesses."
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Patriots, #MAGA friends, thank you for your patience and attention, we're going 2 want 2 ➡️re-tweet this thread⬅️ FAR AND WIDE about a 👉 NEW YEAR'S MIRACLE that has happened because it's an important one, please bear with me as I write it @annvandersteel @realDonaldTrump #NXIVM
It's an extraordinary story as to what's happened now and I believe a moment of celebration and joy for all #Patriots, as we get closer to the #TRUTH in our shared desire to fight corruption and dismantle evil in all its forms in the #USA
According to many of my trusted new #MAGA friends, a sequence of events has taken place in this case that are not only extraordinary but possibly signal divine intervention, please let me know your thoughts about that after you read the entire thread. It is truly remarkable.
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“Huachicoleo“ es el nombre mexicano para el robo de combustible de tuberías de @Pemex. Un sistema protegido por *muy* poderosas mafias (y quizá uno de los mayores retos del @gobiernomx).
¿Por qué ponemos nombres raros a crímenes? Ni idea. Pero eso: cuando escuchen o lean #huachicoleo significa eso. Las redes más abundantes están, como es de esperarse, en estados petroleros o estados con muchas tuberías de distribución de combustible en México. Como Puebla.
El robo de combustible en #México involucra a trabajadores de @Pemex. Porque esto no es que uno va con un martillo, un clavo y una manguera. Para extraer combustible de tuberías que trasladan A PRESIÓN el combustible se requiere maquinaria especial. Y alguien que la sepa manejar.
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1. In the last spending bill #Congress didn’t give #Trump money for his border wall #Mexico will never pay for it
He has since been asking his administration to use #DOD funds and other to fund it.

#Trump #BorderWall #Congress #ImpoundmentAct
2.#Trump has spoken at length during the year with outgoing Sec of Defense #Mattis using #DOD money for the #Wall
#Trump said that #Pentagon was getting 700 million some of it could be used for the wall.

#Trump #BorderWall #Congress #ImpoundmentAct
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53 journalists have been killed in line of duty worldwide this year.

Read their names and stories in the following thread. #pressfreedom
Unknown assailants on January 13 killed veteran journalist Carlos Domínguez Rodríguez (77) while he was driving through the city of Nuevo Laredo in Mexico’s Tamaulipas state near the Texas border.

Suspected source of fire: government officials…
Jefferson Pureza Lopes was assassinated on the night of January 17 in #Brazil’s Goiás state, located southwest of Brasilia.

Lopes was at his home in Edealina, a town of around 4,000 people, when 2 men with motorcycles shot him dead as he was watching TV.…
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