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20 Jan
Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas on #InaugurationDay: 👇
"Now it is time to seek common ground - the new US Administration has already indicated a return to #WHO & #ParisAgreement. We will not always agree with each other but we will never give up working on solutions." @HeikoMaas #InaugurationDay
“Rituals such as today’s inauguration demonstrate that the democratic institutions of the #USA are working – despite the difficulties of the past days and despite the polarization of US society.” @HeikoMaas #InaugurationDay
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2 Jul 20
"During our EU Council presidency, Germany will advocate pragmatic cooperation and constructive dialogue between the European Union and Turkey", Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas after a meeting with his colleague @MevlutCavusoglu Image
"In Syria, the humanitarian situation is still disastrous. Germany remains committed to those in need and pledged additional 1.58 billion € this week“, @HeikoMaas after meeting @MevlutCavusoglu Image
„In Libya, the moment has come for progress in the 5+5 talks and a ceasefire agreement. This requires stopping the supply of arms to both sides as well as taking the conflict parties to task.", @HeikoMaas Image
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29 Jun 20
European sovereignty, as I understand it, means that Europe can act independently and decide to pool its resources in areas where the individual states have long since lost their ability to shape globalisation to the major powers. (1/6)
The fact that🇪🇺 now imports almost 90% of all essential medicines from🇨🇳 or🇮🇳 illustrates where action is needed. Or just think of 5G, IT, logistics, energy & the natural resource sector. The first step must therefore be an unsparing analysis of our strategic dependencies. (2/6)
We will have to think about how to better contain the conflicts in Europe’s vicinity, even without the US. For that reason, too, we want to finalise work on the European Peace Facility & establish a European Centre of Excellence for Civilian Crisis Management here in Berlin.(3/6)
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29 Jun 20
I don’t think I need to use many words to describe what a revolutionary progress is contained in the recent Franco-German proposals.Olaf Scholz rightly spoke of Europe’s “Hamiltonian moment”. (1/5)
We can overcome the errors of the past. Whether the euro and financial crisis or the confrontations surrounding migration and displacement – all these have deepened the divides between our countries. And that danger exists this time, too. (2/5)
It is all the more important that from the outset we anchor our national measures in a European recovery programme. And that is why agreement on this and on a future budget for the next seven years will be the top priority of our Presidency. (3/5)
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29 Jun 20
To date, more than 100,000 Europeans have lost their lives as a result of#Covid19. The consequences of the emergency braking in the economy will occupy us for years to come. And quite possibly the test of our societies still awaits us. @HeikoMaas @ecfr (1/4)
Whoever assumes the Council Presidency in times like these needs to be aware that high expectations will be placed on them.We want to use this unprecedented crisis to set in motion unprecedented changes in the European Union. (2/4)
And these changes centre on two words that describe the entire programme of the German Presidency in a nutshell: solidarity and sovereignty. (3/4)
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16 Jun 20
I am relieved that the Polish-German border has been re-opened. Poland and Germany were separated by the Corona virus, but German-Polish friendship remains intact. As Europeans we must overcome the consequences of the pandemic together - @HeikoMaas in Warsaw Image
We have also discussed our proposal on a Europan recovery fund to help all countries emerge from the crisis as quickly as possible. We need to prepare Europe for the future and invest in the sustainable transformation of our economy and society - @HeikoMaas in Warsaw Image
A modern EU budget also means that tax payers’ money can only be allocated in a transparent environment based on the rule of law - a value shared by all member states. We welcome that the European Commission gives this matter due attention  - @HeikoMaas in Warsaw Image
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3 Jun 20
Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas: "The global travel warning will be lifted from 15 June for the EU, Schengen-associated countries and the UK and replaced by travel advice for individual countries." (1/4) Image
@HeikoMaas "However, we cannot allow ourselves to be complacent. Together we have to ensure that the restarting of tourism does not lead to a second coronavirus wave in Germany or elsewhere." (2/4)
@HeikoMaas „The lifting of the travel warning will depend on the local situation. And it must also be clear that there will not be another repatriation programme this summer." (3/4)
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16 May 20
Within the framework of the in the neighbourhood dialogue, I will be holding a video conference next week with all of Germany's neighbouring countries to discuss how border controls can be lifted and to clarify other related issues. - Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas 1/4 Image
In the 2nd round of the neighbourhood dialogue, I will sit down with countries that are the important European travel destinations for Germans. We want to talk about how it will be possible to visit these countries again - f.e. for summer vacation. - FM @HeikoMaas 2/4
We want to reach arrangements with these countries that make clear where it is possible to go and under which circumstances. We want to ensure the greatest possible safety for the citizens when deciding where to go on vacation. - Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas 3/4
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4 May 20
“If the pandemic can be brought further under control, we can gradually scale back the travel warning. However, we cannot afford to take any rash steps in this regard. We will not be able to bring back a quarter of a million people from their holidays again,” said @HeikoMaas.
@HeikoMaas FM @HeikoMaas continued: It pains me as a committed European to see borders and barriers at the heart of the EU again. But we must adopt a controlled and coordinated approach also when opening borders to avoid jeopardising progress made in the fight against the virus.
@HeikoMaas “The virus won’t stop at national borders in the future. This is why we’re supporting weaker healthcare systems in Europe, not only with over 400 million euros of EU financial aid, but also with the expertise of @rki_de & in the procurement of protective equipment” - @HeikoMaas
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6 Apr 20
Article by Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas & Finance Minister @OlafScholz today in @LesEchos 🇫🇷, @LaStampa 🇮🇹, @elpais_espana 🇪🇸, @Publico 🇵🇹 & @ta_nea 🇬🇷: “A response to the corona crisis in Europe based on solidarity”. #COVID19 #WeStandTogether [1/6] Image
“Europe’s founders knew that European solidarity is not a one-way street, but a life insurance policy for our continent. We must act in this historic crisis with this in mind. Germany is willing to do that.” @HeikoMaas @OlafScholz [2/6]
“We therefore propose that eurozone countries should be allowed to use ESM money to fight the coronavirus. We don’t need a troika, inspectors & a reform programme for each country drawn up by the Commission. What we need is quick and targeted relief.” @HeikoMaas @OlafScholz [3/6]
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14 Feb 20
We can draw three conclusions from the crisis in international cooperation and the emergence of a new world order, says Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas at the opening of @MunSecConf #MSC2020: Image
1. When it comes to building a 🇪🇺security and defence order, it is no longer about the if, but about the how, says Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas. 🇩🇪 is prepared to become more involved in this most important 🇪🇺 design task of the 2020s. #MSC2020 Image
2. We need concrete policies for European sovereignty: political, economic, technological and value-based, says Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas. We want to ensure this together with the @EU_Commission and within the framework of our EU Council Presidency. #MSC2020 Image
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26 Nov 19
Happening now: FM @HeikoMaas opens this year’s #BerlinForum on multilateralism. Follow @KoerberIP’s livestream! #MultilateralismMatters
@HeikoMaas @KoerberIP FM @HeikoMaas: We are encouraged by recent developments in #Ukraine. Working together with 🇫🇷 on the implementation of Minsk Agreement in the run up to a summit in Normandy format in a few days in Paris. #BerlinForum Image
@HeikoMaas @KoerberIP FM @HeikoMaas: @NATO is alive, even if there are other diagnoses here and there. We must continue to develop #NATO conceptually and politically. NATO's strength lies in its cohesion. #BerlinForum Image
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26 Sep 19
Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas speaks during #UNGA74 at the General Assembly: “It is time to do more than just talk about sustainability. It is time to act sustainably – including in foreign and security policy.”
#MultilateralismMatters Image
“A sustainable foreign policy is one that seeks lasting solutions to conflicts. One that involves all stakeholders. One that focuses on prevention & viable agreements. Sustainable foreign policy is multilateral foreign policy.” Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas at #UNGA74
“Far too often, crises and conflicts are not discussed in #UNSC until shots are being fired. The UNSC must move from being a crisis response body to being a crisis prevention body! It must also look at the causes of conflicts.” Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas
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28 Aug 19
@HeikoMaas on the opening of the exhibition “Protecting Memory”: Despite the inconceivable dimension of the crimes, the “Holocaust by bullets” still receives far too little attention. At 15 sites in Ukraine that has now finally changed, thanks to the “Protecting Memory” project. Image
“There are two ways of tackling the rise of anti-Semitism: education and speaking out! We need to join forces to promote respect, tolerance and cohesion and to prevent the past from being forgotten or distorted.” Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas Image
More than one million Jews in what is now Ukraine were murdered in mass shootings by the German occupying forces. The “Protecting Memory ”project is transforming forgotten and neglected mass graves into memorial and information sites. For more information:
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26 Aug 19
‚Never alone’: In the coming days, the more than 200 ambassadors and consuls general of the German missions abroad will meet in Berlin for the annual Ambassadors‘ conference and discuss the future of international cooperation. This year’s motto: shaping #multilateralism. #Boko19 ImageImageImageImage
"Never alone - our economy depends on free trade, our science needs exchange, our security is based on strong partnerships. Our influence in the world stands and falls with the unity of Europe"-@HeikoMaas at the opening of the annual Ambassadors' conference. #Boko19 #EuropeUnited
Whether in Mali, Sudan or in the rescue of the Brazilian rainforest: "There can't be a reasonable alternative to #multilateralism for us", says @HeikoMaas at #Boko19. "Multilateralism means international responsibility" #MultilateralismMatters
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21 Aug 19
FM @HeikoMaas met 🇷🇺 FM Sergeij Lawrow in Moscow: In Eastern Ukraine, making progress is cumbersome. We agreed that with the election of President Zelensky there is a chance for progress. The Minsk Treaty remains the foundation, we need constructive contributions. ImageImage
"We observe the situation in #Idlib, Syria with great concern. Russia should use its influence on Syria’s regime for the protection of civilians. We urgently need the establishment of the constitutional committee." Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas
Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas in Moscow: "With regard to Iran, we agree that the preservation of the #JCPoA is common interest of all parties. Our message to Iran: de-escalatation in the Strait of Hormuz is essential." Image
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12 Jun 19
If not us, then who? If not now, then when? The German, French, Chilean, Ghanaian and Canadian Foreign Ministers call for international cooperation. #MultilateralismMatters@HeikoMaas⁩ ⁦@francediplo⁩ ⁦@GhanaMFA⁩ ⁦@Minrel_Chile⁩ ⁦@CanadaFP
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FM @HeikoMaas: Global developments such as climate change, terrorism, digitalization cannot be shaped by national solo efforts. Where this is attempted, it either remains ineffective or is at the expense of the weakest. #MultilateralismMatters
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11 Jun 19
Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas is meeting representatives of 16 countries today at #StockholmDisarmamentMeeting to discuss the Non-Proliferation-Treaty #NPT. What’s on the agenda? (Thread) 1/5
The #NPT has been the cornerstone of the nuclear order for 50 years. Without it, many more states would have nuclear weapons today. It consists of three pillars: 1) non-proliferation 2) disarmament 3) peaceful use of nuclear material 2/5
The problem: The #NPT is undergoing a crisis. The nuclear-weapon states must do more to live up to their responsibility and disarm. At the same time, there is a danger that more states will acquire or have already acquired nuclear weapons (e.g. Iran and North Korea) 3/5
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31 May 18
Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas after talks with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi: “As two major trading nations, Germany and China have no interest in returning to the past as regards trade policy. Protectionism and isolation must not be allowed to gain the upper hand.” Image
@HeikoMaas Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas: “We warmly welcome China’s announcement that it will open its markets further. Germany and the EU see this as an important sign, also as regards lowering import duties.”
@HeikoMaas Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas: “China’s Belt and Road Initiative offers opportunities and raises questions. The project’s reciprocity and transparency are very important to us. Both sides want a rules-based solution that ensures competition and market access.”
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