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🚨 Oil and gas majors are planning scores of vast projects that threaten to shatter the 1.5C climate goal.

A 🧵 on the must-read @guardian investigation into 'carbon bombs' from @dpcarrington & @mrmatthewtaylor…
The @guardian investigation discovered ⚠️ 195 carbon bombs ⚠️

These are gigantic oil & gas projects capable of producing at least 1bn tonnes of CO2 emissions over their lifetimes.

~60% of these have already started production.

22 of these carbon bombs are in the 🇺🇸 alone. 1/
In fact, the dozen biggest oil companies – including @Chevron @Shell @bp_plc @exxonmobil – are on track to ⚠️ spend $103m a day for the rest of the decade exploiting new fields of oil and gas ⚠️

These fields cannot be burned if we are to meet our global climate goals. 2/
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#DefundClimateChaos #MoneyRebellion #NetZeroBanking
🎶 Money, money, money,
🎶 It’s so scummy
🎶 In HSBC’s world

While the #ClimateCrisis escalates, @HSBC continues to pour fuel on the fire. Their post-Paris #FossilFuel financing now exceeds $130 BILLION

These filthy bankers are Europe’s biggest financier of #FossilFuel expansion. Since the #ParisAgreement @HSBC has INCREASED financing of

📈 Coal
📈 Tar sands oil
📈 Arctic drilling
📈 Offshore oil & gas
📈 Fracking

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Overnight we published this ad about @DeutscheBank’s #coal funding in @DIEZEIT, one of Germany’s most read newspapers. Deutsche Bank must not arrange finance for Whitehaven Coal, a company that is planning THREE new or expanded coal mines. #Thread 🧵
Deutsche Bank claims to support the #ParisAgreement and #NetZero2050. Last year the @IEA concluded that #NetZero2050 means “no new coal mines or mine extensions”. More recently, the @IPCC warned yet again that limiting global warming to 1.5ºC means urgently phasing out coal.
Since 2013, Deutsche Bank has loaned to Whitehaven Coal, the largest #pureplay coal mining corporation listed on the #ASX. In February 2020, Deutsche Bank was part of a group of banks that loaned a combined $1 billion to Whitehaven.
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After quick reading @environmentca new Emissions Reduction Plan, two major (& predictable) blindspots have emerged. A short 🧵 #ERP #cdnpoli #climatecrisis 1/7
2/7 FINANCE: describes modest historical process, without providing any path forward for aligning financial regulations with #ParisAgreement for regulated finance institutions/crowns, mandatory #ClimateRisk disclosure, stronger capital adequacy requirements, mandate changes, etc
3/7 FINANCE: Under #SFAC, finance institutions are regulating themselves. Major Canadian #banks lobby against mandatory #climaterisk disclosure & are #greenwashing #sustainablefinance - major policy reforms are needed & are missing here.…
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New SAMP-T 🚀 talks (@NATO summit) confirms our preliminary @ENC_Europe research findings on 🇫🇷🇹🇷🇮🇹 security & 🇪🇺 cooperation.

Title: Is 🇪🇺🇹🇷 relationship worth saving? Why bilateral relations, defence and energy matter.

Thread 🧵 resume of research below ⬇️👇 [17 points]
First some context, what lay at the root of difficult 🇪🇺🇹🇷🇺🇸 relations (including defence):

•PKK/YPG/PYD threat
•Gulen in 🇺🇸 Pennsylvania
•🇹🇷 trade irritants/non-competitive practices
•Discovery of #Eastmed gas, UNCLOS & #JCPOA 🇮🇷 problems . . .
•🇹🇷 EU membership “diluting 🇪🇺” (🇫🇷)
•🇹🇷 MB sponsoring (🇫🇷)
•🇹🇷 #EastMed provocations & 🇺🇳Libya issue 🇫🇷⛴
•🇹🇷 unilateralism in Syria (🇫🇷)
•International systemic changes (🇺🇸🇨🇳)
•Iraq war and “strategic autonomy”
•S-400s, ☢️Akkayu and Blue&TurkStream ⛽️
•Cyprus 🇨🇾 . . .
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(1/17) We've been talking a lot about #carbonmarkets — which has felt like a shift for some of our trad #commodities, #metals, #privacy and #tech listeners. We wanted to share how we see #smartermarkets as the thread stringing them together, in this 🧵:
(3/17) Globally, we've had since the 1800s to understand commodity #markets. #CarbonTrading didn't start until 1997 when 180 countries signed the #KyotoProtocol. With it — 4 types of #carboncredits were created: AAU, RMU, ERU and CER.
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👇 good questions @JohnRuddick2.

first some background…

in 2015 practically every country signed on to the #ParisAgreement — a global compact to limit global warming to well below 2°C and preferably to 1.5°C.
delivering on this agreement basically requires achieving net-zero globally well _before_ 2050.

arguably australia effectively agreed to net-zero before 2050 back in 2015, 7 years and 2 prime ministers ago.
australia has a special interest in the paris agreement:

at 2°C warming we can expect to lose 99% of coral reefs — which are bleaching as i write.

…and, as we have been repeatedly warned, higher temperatures bring about increased frequency and severity of fires and flood.
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Did #COP26 do enough to keep 1.5°C alive? Is climate policy getting stronger fast enough? Or do we need to accelerate climate ambition?
In a new comment in @Joule_CP I ask if the #ParisAgreement’s ratcheting mechanism is strong enough to deliver 1.5°C…
The above link should be open-access for the next 50days, and I've written a blog summarising the commentary that you can find here:…

But for those of you who love an ol' twitter thread, read on...
There's lots of excellent analysis on COP26 already. The consistent message is that we are not doing enough to deliver on the 1.5C target. See here for my favourites:
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Live-tweeting from #IPCC #ClimateReport launch now. @antonioguterres calls it "An atlas of human suffering and a damning indictment. Nearly half of humanity are living in the danger zone, many ecosystems are at the point of new return, NOW. The global energy mix is broken." 1/n
"#FossilFuels are a dead end" for planet, economy. Adaptation investments work, should be 50% of climate finance. "Delay means death, now is the time to turn rage into action" says @antonioguterres.
From #IPCC #ClimateReport press conference here
"We are on course to reach 1.5°C w/i next 2 decades. Temps will continue to rise unless world takes much bolder action. Severe #climatechange impacts are already happening. Adaptation can be effective but there are limits for us and other spp" #IPCC chair Lee. #ClimateReport 3/n
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Wir sind nicht radikal. Die Politik zerstört radikal unsere #Lebensgrundlagen.
Wir brauchen einen radikalen politischen Wandel.
Radikal im Sinne von "von der Wurzel her". Es muss die Wurzel der Probleme JETZT angegangen werden!
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There is so much talk about the risks of being dependent on Russian #gas. But what are other risks of natural gas?🧐 Answers provides this freshly published literature overview on the risks and challenges of #FossilGas:… (1/6)
(2/6) The reviewed literature highlights the barriers natural gas poses to sustainability transitions: Natural gas has a significant negative impact on the climate & natural gas use is likely incompatible with long-term climate targets.
(3/6) Only little research exists on natural gas' potential to delay sustainability transitions, with the few studies identified (by screening more than 4,500 studies with #CADIMA) highlighted on the map. This paper is a comprehensive compilation of hitherto disperse evidence.
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~THREAD~ The @oversightdems hearing on #BigOilLies fueling the #ClimateCrisis brought in leading climate scientists and researchers in to discuss the ways #BigOil spread disinformation that delay climate action & what that delay costs us. Here is a 🧵 of some of the big moments:
2/ Big Takeaway - We have zero time left to wait yet a small handful of the largest #oilandgas companies are undertaking a new effort to keep fossil fuels burning: Climate Commitments
3/ Climate commitments can be a good thing if commitments are based on science & goals are inline with the #ParisAgreement. And of course commitments only work if companies meet them. Thus far @chevron @exxonmobil @shell @bpplc & others haven't met any of these requirements
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Now we'll finally have our new government in the Netherlands (ETA 10 January), with a Minister for Climate and Energy from the @D66 party, I'm rereading the Climate & Energy part of the coalition agreement (…)
"We strive for the #ParisAgreement goal of max. 1.5°C warming". Good!

"We will raise the 2030 emission reduction goal from -49% to -55%. That's a firm commitment, and to make sure we achieve it, we'll aim our policies at -60% by 2030." Smart thing to do.
"We will also aim for -70% by 2035 and -80% by 2040. For that, we will make preparations to introduce road pricing and to build nuclear power plants."
Road pricing is long overdue, imo.
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Many, many experts already discussing the success or failure of #COP26, but on mitigation I must say that the overall progress since mid-2015 has been far beyond my expectations six years ago: (1/n)
First of all, back in 2015 I (either too pessimistic on UNFCCC negotiations or just not a visionary…) didn’t believe that ‘1.5°C’ could at all make it to the #ParisAgreement, which is now even more firmly cemented in the Glasgow Climate Pact (2/n)
Most major emitters now pledged long-term #netzero – even India by 2070 (only 20 years after EU, JPN and USA!) However hollow these pledges may be at this moment, I consider them to be sth like ‘substantive ratification’ of the #ParisAgreement. (3/n)
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Ich habe @COP26 mit dem Gefühl verlassen, dass dieser Prozess nicht geeignet ist, die #Klimakrise aufzuhalten. Dies war meine 22. COP seit 1995. Einige Themen und Abk. haben sich geändert - aber ich könnte meine Artikel aus den 90er Jahren problemlos wiederverwenden... Thread ⬇️
@COP26 (2) Der grundlegende Fehler liegt in der Forderung, im Konsens zu entscheiden. Die gutwilligen Kräfte haben sich selbst gefesselt, indem sie das Schicksal der Welt an die Zustimmung der Händler fossiler Brennstoffe für #Klimaschutz gebunden haben. Thread ⬇️
@COP26 (3) Die Gutwilligen tun so, als ob sie etwas hätten, mit dem sie verhandeln könnten, so wie bei Abrüstungsgesprächen - "wenn du die Anzahl deiner Raketen um x reduzierst, werde ich es um y tun". Das ist ein Drohpotential mit dem sich verhandeln lässt. Thread ⬇️
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A 🧵on #Article6 as #COP26 wraps up.

A6 is the #ParisAgreement’s engine of international cooperation. It’s vital because countries can cut emissions faster & deeper together than on their own.

The decision is not perfect; no text is. But overall it's a step forward. Here’s why.
First, a glossary:

ITMO=“internationally transferred mitigation outcome” (btw 2 Parties)
6.4ER=emission reduction under new UN crediting mechanism
CORSIA=Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation
CA=“corresponding adjustment" to prevent double counting
1/ The guidance has strong provisions against double counting of emissions reductions—the most important safeguard of integrity.

It requires CAs for *all* ITMOs (incl. 6.4ERs) that are authorized for use toward NDCs or “other international mitigation purposes” (including CORSIA)
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Wondering what the #ClimateFinance package in Glasgow means in practise? You may want to read my thoughts on how it is ambitious both in substance & in the forward process. Both of which are essential outcomes here.
On substance, there are 3 key dimensions
1) Delivery of existing commitment by developed countries to mobilise $100bn/year to developing countries for their climate actions.
-- First the developed countries rightly express deep regret at having missed the target date of 2020
-- More welcome are the additional pledges made before & over the 2 weeks and the forward looking delivery plan that sets how countries will make good on their $100bn/year promise as soon as possible and certainly by 2023
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🚨unpacking 3⃣crunch issues at #COP26🚨
Presidency shared new texts this morning but they clearly are just drafts & countries must continue to work until more meaningful/less harmful deal can be concluded!
See in🧵below 3 key issues: #LossAndDamage, #FossilFuels, #Article6
👇1/4 Image
2/🛢️on #fossilfuels: #COP26 ref. MUST be strengthened to become meaningful
➡️current wording gives get-out-of-jail-free card to coal extraction, exports, coking coal (=gift to 🇬🇧+🇦🇺)
➡️damaging qualifiers (unabated, inefficient)
➡️ref. to phase-out weakened into "efforts towards" Image
3/🌀on #LossAndDamage: we need step change in how world is responding
Time for justice is overdue!
draft #cop26 proposal of a new blahblahblah process is disgrace, 14 yrs after Parties agreed to talk about L&D (Bali).
Industrialised countries must support frontlines communities Image
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Some reflections on #COP26 as we enter the home stretch. (🧵)

1: The US-China announcement
2. Progress on Article 6
3. The draft COP decision
4. Where we go from here
5. Are we making progress, or just "blah blah blah"?
6. Bringing it all back home. Image
1/ The US-China announcement is well short of what is ultimately needed—but more than expected and a welcome reset after acrimony of recent months. It builds on April statement in key ways, esp. methane & coal phaseout. And it outlines several concrete areas for collaboration.
2/ Article 6 is the #ParisAgreement’s engine of international cooperation. Good to see Parties at #COP26 making progress on guidance.

AND: We must ensure that markets have high integrity. That means corresponding adjustments for 6.4ERs, and no (or sharply limited) pre-2020 CERs.
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Draft text frm #COP26 president on #Science:
1. 𝑅𝑒𝑐𝑜𝑔𝑛𝑖𝑧𝑒𝑠 the importance of best available science for effective #climateaction
& #policymaking;
2. 𝑊𝑒𝑙𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑒𝑠 contribution of WG1 to #IPCC #AR6 & looks forward to related
@IPCC_CH reports;
@teriin @COP26
3. 𝐸𝑥𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑠𝑒𝑠 𝑎𝑙𝑎𝑟𝑚 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑐𝑒𝑟𝑛 that human activities have caused around 1.1°C of
#globalwarming to date & that impacts are already being felt in every region;
#COP26 @COP26 #TogetherForOurPlanet
4. 𝑆𝑡𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑠𝑒𝑠 the urgency of increased ambition & action in relation to #mitigation,
#adaptation & #finance in this critical decade to address gaps betwn current efforts &
#pathways in pursuit of ultimate objective of the Convention & its long-term global goal;
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THREAD: The UK government says it wants a successful #COP26. Great. But from the government’s position, the word ‘success’ has two distinct meanings
In one, #COP26 is a genuine success, making a meaningful contribution to tackling climate change. In the other, it isn’t a genuine success, but enough happens to allow Boris Johnson to claim that it is
Why flag this now? Because if Week 1 at #COP26 was about one thing, it was about news management. And there is doubtless a lot more to come
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Big #ClimateFinance news - and not from #COP26!
@bankofengland, following the consultation earlier this year, has announced how it intends to green its corporate QE.

A thread (1/19): Image
First, what is corporate QE? Officially named CBPS (Corporate Bond Purchase Scheme), it's one of Bank's monetary policy tools used in implementing its mandate. That mandate, since March this year, also includes support for transition to net-zero economy. (2/19)
CBPS is relatively small (~£20bn, compared to overall QE of nearly £900bn, consisting primarily of purchases of government gilts). Yet it has an important signalling effect for the market - if BOE purchases firm's bonds, it tends to lower their borrowing costs overall (3/19)
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"Climate change is already ravaging the world," @POTUS tells #COP26. "It's destroying peoples' lives and livelihoods. It's doing it every day." Image
"We know that none of us can escape the worst that's yet to come if we fail to seize this moment," adds @POTUS. "We're standing at an inflection point in world history."
US will cut greenhouse gas emissions "by well over a gigaton" by the year 2030, says @POTUS at #COP26. Image
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