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Italy, mystification and lies on the Ukraine issue. A thread 🧵

I am writing this thread because the situation has become intolerable and it is no longer possible to accept reading false narratives based on lies and mystifications regarding "the Italian position." 1/24
All sources will be listed at the end of the thread. Let's start:

1. Italy does not deliver arms to Ukraine, or does so slowly? FALSE, IT'S A LIE: Italy was among the very first European countries to supply armaments to Ukraine. 01/03/2022: Exactly 8 days after the start 2/24
of the war (24/02) we were already supplying the first arms deliveries to Ukraine. On some deliveries the Italian government put state secret [1] and all the first deliveries were under this rule. Putting this rule of state secret made it possible to send weapons to Ukraine 3/24
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Alright. This about wraps it up for #Scholz.
Now this is reported speech, not quotations, but the source is legitimate.
#Scholz deliberately limits both military assistance and boycotts in support of #Ukraine and is not oriented towards a vision of Ukraine winning.
He believes this ensures he will not be Kaiser Wilhelm II - Emperor in the First World War.
I presume this relates to the contemporary myth of "the sleepwalkers" - as if supplying weapons for a defensive war were comparable to invading Belgium.
I struggle.
#Scholz doesn't see Ukraine prevailing, he sees the end game as #Putin declaring he's done, and he also neither wants to maximise help to Ukraine nor maximise the squeeze on Russia. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. At the expense of Ukraine.
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I am now being told/warned to stop investigating the Orthodox oligarch, Patriarch Kirill, KGB name Mikhailov, real name Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyaev.
Why this is happening now after all these years must be a sign that I'm getting too close to his assets, financial and others.
The more I'm warned off the more insistent I become to dig deeper and reveal the truth. I know this can put me at risk but I'm not giving in and never will to thugs.
The truth about the Patriarch will be revealed!
However if I do appear to go off the grid then you know why..
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The tragic USA "Baby Formula Shortage" proceeds apace...

A surprise introduction to the global news, but CCTV manages to tie it into the "Ukraine Situation" with editorializing that alternates between deft and daft. Image
CCTV snags three unidentified American "parent" interviews:

1) "Pretty scary to realize you might not be able to feed your baby."

2) "I say honey, we gotta go find this formula!"

3) "Baby doesn’t understand shortages." :-( ImageImageImage
CCTV then provides some dramatic footage from the baby formula lane in a big supermarket. Image
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🧵Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has swiftly changed the security landscape of Europe. And as our own @ckafura lays out in @Diplomat_APAC, the war has also opened up a debate in Japan. For #ThreadThursday, we take a look at that debate:
The war in #Ukraine has prompted a much different reaction from Japan than past international crises. Since February, #Japan has imposed broad and escalating economic #sanctions on Russia in coordination with G-7 allies.…
The stronger Japanese response to this crisis is not solely driven by policymakers, but also by the public’s reaction to the war in Ukraine. In @nikkei polling, 61% favored sanctioning #Russia– 2x what polls found after Russia annexed #Crimea in 2014 📊⬇️
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How India fought back when the United States imposed sanctions on India.

A thread 🧵 - 1/17

#India #nationaltechnologyday #pokharan #sanctions #Indianeconomy
Though the war between Russia and Ukraine is being fought with weapons, Russia is fighting another war with a different set of weapons. The United States and its allies are in an economic war with Russia with sanctions.

Almost 24 years ago, India faced a similar situation when the United States and its allies imposed sanctions on India.

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🧵 [1] JUST OUT: The 2nd report I’ve coauthored with the recently-formed International Working Group on Russia Sanctions, coordinated by @FSIStanford @McFaul outlining urgent comprehensive energy embargoes & sanctions on Putin’s regime.

[2] 🇺🇸🇪🇺🇺🇦Working Group is comprised of a stellar lineup of Transatlantic security experts that coauthored this report, including: @Nataliia_Shapo, @AmbDanFried, @maria_shagina, @edwardfishman, @RichardMNephew, @FukuyamaFrancis, @kath_stoner, @steven_pifer, @OlgaBielkova & more!
[3] For our second report, we have focused on a comprehensive set of “smart embargoes”, sanctions, and policy measures to rapidly limit the ability of the #Kremlin to raise further state revenues via energy sales abroad to the greatest extent possible.
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Did you know that there is NOBODY from any U.S. agency to enforce ‘end-use checks’ of goods shipped to Russia and only 2 people in China? Putin kicked out U.S. officials after the Russian takeover of Crimea in 2014. The Biden Administration declares their ‘export controls 1/4
With the foreign product rule that prohibits any items containing U.S. technology’ to be subject to the export control regime. Funny thing is when we ship said products to China who then ships them to Russia, THERE IS LITERALLY NO ONE on site to oversee such transfers/sales. 2/4
The joke is on anyone that believes our sanctions are actually biting. We have only TWO INSPECTORS on ground in China where the government forces us to SCHEDULE a time and place for our inspections. @SecRaimondo and Matt Axelrod are disingenuous when they say sanctions 3/4
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The #Crumbling #Empire & its #EU #Vassals are #Locked in an #Economic #War of #Attrition with #Russia, which it did NOT #Expect & against which it has NO #Plan on how to #Win it.
The #Increase of ever #More #Sanctions on #Russia are #Hurting both the #US & even more>>
the #EU-part of the #Empire more than #Russia,
in a steady #Rising way, creating more & more #Resistance against it, both in the #US as in #Europe.
In the #Battlefield- #War-#Theatre however, its clear that the #Russian #Allies are slowly, but #Decisively & #Grindingly>>
#Destroying the #Ukraine #Army & its #Infrastructure, that was #Constructed, #Armed & #Trained by the #NATO-allies in the 8 years since the #Maidan #Coup & #Start of the #Ukraine #Civil #War in 2014.
When the #Policy of #Fighting instead of #Diplomacy continues,
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Western sanctions on #Russia are impacting people beyond Russia. It is enough to have a connection with Russia in any form to be affected. In #Latvia "Local banks refuse to service the accounts of recipients of Russian pensions."
Sputnik on Telegram
When we look at the sanctions against #Russia, the 'us versus them' paradigm promoted by #Ukraine & the West does not hold. We've seen how much the #EU depends on Russian Gas, but we still have to realize how former Soviet republics are still part of the Soviet demographic space.
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Europe has made a huge and far-reaching political gift to Russia with its own hands. Sanctions have divided the entire Western (and above all European) world into anti-Russian and pro-Russian. And Russia has done nothing for this. Everything was done by the European authorities
The pro-Russian community is still in the minority. And it represents to a greater extent countries that are heavily dependent on Russian energy raw materials. But trends will change, and the secret will become clear. Anti-Russian sentiments are
popular among radicals. While pragmatists and realists firmly secure the label of "agents of the Kremlin". The fact that a rational and reasonable vector has been and remains almost the main approach of the Russian authorities in building partnerships with European countries all
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We are LIVE tweeting this panel discussion @AslanTV, @RauZbigniew, @MFA_Lu, @GLandsbergis, @londonvinjamuri and @RachelRizzo

Stay tuned for updates!

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
Watch it LIVE here:

.@RauZbigniew: #Poland is opening its borders and hearts to the #Ukrainian refugees. The social composition of the #refugees includes women and children dominantly, but this is a challenge for us as it is hard to accommodate such a large population.

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Why we need to #ArmUkraineNow :: daily thread #6
Tens of thousands estimated dead, far more under Russian boots and hundreds in bunkers being bombed in #Mariupol, unreachable because Ukraine doesn’t have the firepower to rescue them.

We should have two months ago, but...
#ArmUkraineNow /2
The purpose here isn't to document daily horrors, but a reminder to direct our collective frustrations toward pressuring our representatives to do the right thing, so Ukrainian lives stop being ruined & cut short.

THAT's why we need to...
#ArmUkraineNow /3
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Today might be D-Day for the Digital Services Act!

Together with the European Parliament & Council, the Commission has worked in record time to protect 🇪🇺 citizens online.

Here are the 10 things you need to know about the #DSA ahead of our (hopefully) final trilogue.

1️⃣ With great power comes great responsibility 🕷
The DSA is setting clear, harmonised #obligations for platforms – proportionate to size, impact & risk.

2⃣ A harmonised system to fight ALL forms of #illegal content – from counterfeit or dangerous products to hate speech 🥷🏻
Any national authority will be able to request that illegal content is removed, regardless of where the platform is established in Europe.

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Yesterday #Russia missed its first debt payment.

Today #SriLanka did the same.

In 30 days they will be in default.

Another 30 countries could follow.

What is happening and what does it mean? 🧵 Image
A debt default happens when a county can’t keep up with regular repayments.

It can happen because the economy tanks, there’s a sudden drop in revenue, the cost of the debt increases, there is too much debt, or because of external shocks.
But before we get to #Russia, #SriLanka and those other countries at risk of default, let’s talk about debt.
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THREAD on What’s next between #Russia and West? This is crucial Q-n, directly influencing Western reaction of RU aggression. Declaration, that RU is commenting #WarCrimes doesn’t necessarily mean readiness of the West to reshape and rebuild its relations with RF 1/
Scenario 1. West wants to preserve relations as such, continue business with RU while accusing it for aggression and authoritarianism. It means support to “peace deal” btw #Ukraine and #Russia regardless, whether it will bring strategic security either for UA, or for Europe 2/
In this case, RU will be treated as aggressor, but won’t be economically and politically punished to possible maximum. After “peace deal” or in case of protracted conflict, West will return to “rational” co-existence with RU, meaning “business” cooperation. 3/
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In early march, we published a study on how Russians feel about the #war in #Ukraine.

We repeated this survey in early April with 1508 interviews in collaboration with @mowebresearch.

The survey took place before the atrocities in #Bucha became public. Results in a 🧵👇(1/n)
To obtain genuine & honest answers, the survey was conducted online. Since the first survey, the #propaganda has intensified and #pressure on critical voices in #Russia has increased. Therefore, any changes to march results only serve as an indicator for mood changes. (2/n)
57% of Russsians support Russia's "military intervention" in Ukraine (+9% since March). Support is increasing, but is lower than in other recently published polls, possibly due to online methodology where less pressure is present compared to phone/face2face methodologies. (3/n)
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Questions about the #Negev_Summit:
1. As a supporter of #AbrahamAccords, I would have loved nothing better for the Negev Summit to have been a meaningful opportunity for a constructive & frank exchange of ideas building on the foundation between participants.
2. Alas, once again, it appears to be nothing more than another hastily organized photo op. I don't see clear follow-ups that would indicate a substantive basis of support to the points raised to the summit.
3. #Morocco's FM Bourita, for instance, once again went around claiming credit for #Israel's allegedly growing support on the Kingdom's sovereignty over Sahara. But where's #Israel's consulate in #Dakhla? And why is Govrin still a liaison and not a full Ambassador to #Morocco?
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(1/4) Is it #Russia or the #UnitedStates that’s overreaching? I hoped, when I voted for him, that age could have made @POTUS wiser as a leader -- but flaws remain -- a Cold Warrior conditioned by the past, despising #Putin with insults and accusations that require diplomacy.
(2/4) Presidency under siege, @POTUS sticking to worn-out @HillaryClinton-neocon playbook of the new, hawkish Democratic party. Pushing #NATO and #sanctions to new levels of risk in order to maim Russia at practically any cost short of WWIII - though (god forbid) that may change.
(3/4) Please see this devastating deep-state analysis of the U.S. economy by @profwolff and #MichaelHudson. Wordy but worth it, it sticks with me as true to the present world. Very interested in your reactions.…
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Russia’s invasion of #Ukraine has triggered Europe’s gravest security crisis and human suffering in decades.

It also started to shape and raise new questions for the 🇪🇺EU’s foreign policy.

@LisaMusiol and I assessed them in this piece - THREAD:…
It’s hard to overstate the EU’s response to Russian aggression.

Despite long-standing divisions over 🇷🇺's threat, the EU’s initial response came with scale and speed rarely seen before, with the strongest sanctions in 🇪🇺 history and an instant surge of direct military aid to 🇺🇦
In doing so, the EU broke several long-standing taboos.

This could create momentum toward a bolder EU foreign policy in the future. For that to happen, the EU will have to answer complex questions, which have been largely brushed aside while the EU is in crisis mode.
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I spent two weeks in #Colombia with @dickinsonbeth studying how US #sanctions have affected peace in that country as part of @CrisisGroup’s research on US #sanctions in conflicts around the world. Some observations from my trip, a 🧵1/
In 2016, a 52-year insurgency ended when the FARC and the Colombian state signed a historic #peace deal. While the FARC formally dissolved and laid down arms, the group remained designated as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO) until 30 November 2021 2/…
On my trip, I learned how US #sanctions truly started to sting after the FARC laid down their arms. As one former combatant told me, “We were not affected by sanctions in war, but we were affected in peace” 3/
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A few legislative initiatives from around the world to seize assets in connection with #sanctions on #Russia and transfer them to #Ukraine directly or Ukrainian focused charities



UK considering…
The Ukrainian central bank is making the argument for reparations from frozen Russian foreign currency reserves…
More broadly, there is some precedent in international law. Here are some overviews and recent decisions. This is obviously not comprehensive

Red Cross…

International Court of Justice…

Academic overview…
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THREAD| Key #narratives spread by Russian governmental organisations and #propagandists. #Russia’s ‘humanitarian assistance’, ‘Selfish West that does not think about the prosperity of the Global South’ and more ⬇️
🗣️Ukrainian people need humanitarian assistance but the #West sends them #weapons instead - says #Zakharova
💭Let’s make it look like we help people, care about the consequences, and let's try to shift attention away from the causes
🗣️There are #US-funded #biolabs in #Ukraine (see more at @StopFakingNews, @EUvsDisinfo)
💭Let’s appeal to all #conspiracytheories abroad to shift the attention, it seems to be working

#disinformation #RussianPropaganda
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1/8 Russia is demanding that European buyers pay for their gas in roubles. The driver for that is the freezing of #Russian foreign reserves and the #sanctions on the central bank.
#SanctionsRussia #NaturalGas #EnergyCrisis
2/8 Nominally, buying Russian gas is not banned, but that supposes that Russia will accept currency instruments it can't sell to support the rouble.
3/8 Hence the strange-sounding alternative to straight rouble payments that Russia has proposed: Gazprom's clients would open rouble accounts with Russian banks, but still pay in EUR or USD.
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