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Former Governor of New Jersey; former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency; President, Whitman Strategy Group
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1 Jun
.@realDonaldTrump, Please stop injecting yourself into crises. Don’t try to tell governors what to do. Instead of calling for calm & for the nation to unite, you were sequestered in the White House basement & silent. Governors and mayors, on the other hand, were actively (1/5)
engaged in trying to bring order to their cities and towns. The #NationalGuard has been deployed across the country and most of the demonstrations were largely peaceful. While you only seem to feel the need for the use of more force, local elected leaders tried to (2/5)
control things in a way that will allow them to build for the future. While you just want to condemn people, real leaders are acknowledging the very real racial issues we are facing. In times like this, real leaders step up, and deal with the immediate problems while (3/5)
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30 May
#COVID doesn’t respect geopolitical boundaries, it doesn’t care about age or sex. It isn’t impressed by wealth. It is a challenge shared across the world that currently has no solution. We will find the vaccine and treatment, but we won’t find it on our own. (1/4)
We won’t be able to produce enough without help. It will take the best minds from across the world to wrestle this to the ground. That is precisely why this is the worst time to walk away from the one organization that brings the world together to find the answers we need (2/4)
to combat this virus. Is the @WHO perfect? No. Can it use some reforming? Yes. But does that mean that the US, its largest contributor should walk away from the organization? Absolutely not. We are facing a world-wide challenge and it will take the world working in tandem (3/4)
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1 May
In March 2016, @BarackObama nominated Merrick Garland to a position as Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court. At the time @senatemajldr refused to hold hearings saying that the American people would deserve to be heard In the Presidential election that was 9 months away.1/6
In fact, #McConnell refused to hold hearings even though the Senate had confirmed Garland several times before for lower court benches. Now, that same Senate leader is saying that, should an opening on #SCOTUS occur before this fall’s election, now only 7 months away, he (2/6)
would certainly move it through. Even without a #SCOTUS opening, and in the face of important bills needed to help the country through the pandemic, #McConnell is going to call the Senate back to push through lower court appointments that are extremely important in their (3/6)
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17 Apr
Here we go - the perfect pivot. Say that you didn’t mean it when you said you were in charge, it’s the states, call on them to open fast, don’t give them the tools & tell everyone to blame them for trying to save lives. States want to open. They are being hit hard in both (1/2)
lives & budgets & many have balanced budget requirements in their state constitutions, unlike the federal government. It’s another example of “I have no responsibility”. Yes you do, Mr. #President, you are “all powerful”, as you said. (2/2) #Trump #COVID…
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1 Feb
To say that they believe that @realDonaldTrump did ask for foreign interference in our domestic elections and not need to hear more and yet refuse to vote for removal because they like his policies is mind boggling. They argued on the floor of the #Senate that the #Democrat (1/4)
case had come forward because the #Democrats didn’t like the President’s policies yet that now becomes the reason not to call for witnesses. Trying to undermine a domestic election with the help of a foreign government is prohibited by the #Constitution. That is exactly (2/4)
what the #President did and they know it. What has happened to the #RuleOfLaw when even lawyers lie? What has happened to standards? What lessons are our children learning? What is happening to our country and its position in the world? (3/4)
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22 Apr 19
Now that there has been ample time to digest at least the outlines of the #MuellerReport, there are two main takeaways: 1/ The Russian government seriously and systematically attempted to influence the outcome of the 2016 election and are prepared to do so again. (1/5)
2/ But for the refusal of some key staff to carry out his orders, #PresidentTrump would have thrown this country into a #ConstitutionalCrisis. The 1st should be extremely concerning as it seems no effort is being made to prevent interference in 2020. The protection of our (2/5)
electoral system should be one of the first responsibilities of government. To ignore this threat is reckless in the extreme. The 2nd shows us a #President with little or no respect for the law, someone who looks at the office as his personal fiefdom. That is the stuff of (3/5)
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