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"Done in [30]" CONF? 😜

8 pgs Flynn Supplemental
[8] days DELTA btwn last to
New Q3988 ending 8?
On fact
8 d, 4 h, 8 m,
45 seconds btwn #Q drops…
Puzzle coming together??
Two, if by Sea.
Think @WhiteHouse.
Note recent @GenFlynn
#ReturnsToTwitter Thread Addendum:
"Done in [30]" highlight per @StuBeale🐸🔥

Note apropos EXACTLY to historical context of the XMAS Crossing Era & #Q çlues 🇺🇸
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I've gotta say the most frustrating part of being a #CriticalWorker during the #Coronavirus outbreak? Putting our lives on the line for people that hate us. Why should we risk our lives for people that call us deplorable racists?
These people are working from home, reading articles about how "orange man is bad" asking us to risk our lives while at the same time planning to vote for people that despise everything we stand for. Why should we do a damn thing for them?
They don't give a damn about the deplorables working on the front lines and the sure as shit don't care about the millions of people out of work. They have theirs and don't care what happens to people like us.
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Donald Trump taking down human sex trafficking 🚨🚨🚨
🚨🚨🚨 the cabal (Gates, Clinton, Hollywood etc) uses CHILDREN'S blood called adrenochrome as anti aging devices 🚨🚨🚨
With Trump taking away their adrenochrome 🚨🚨🚨
Hollywood is going insane. That's why De Niro Lady Gaga Media FAKE NEWS hate him
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The journalists who occupy the White House briefing room don’t ask the tough questions

Why .@ChanelRion hasn’t anyone asked Dr. Fauci about the IHME model and it’s association to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

He’s on their leadership council…
We have based everything on the IHME model

Doesn’t that pose a serious conflict of interest?

How does Bill Gates benefit from mandatory COVID19 vaccinations?

Isn’t Gates directly funding the vaccines?

Why is Fauci making decisions when a conflict of interest exists?
The Gates Foundation and the WHO also pushed for a global push for vaccines entitled the “Decade of Vaccines” starting in 2012.

Take a guess who were major proponents?

Gates and Fauci…
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🎯💣🧐👇 1) New thread on #TRAITOR Michael Flynn - How he lost his job in 2⃣3⃣days, betrayed #PresidentT and our COUNTRY! #Flem is most definitely guilty of #Treason! He sold our country out....over, and over again. 💰💰💰#spying #CoverUp #LockHimUp #TickTock ⌚️
2) January 22, 2017 Let's begin with #PresidentT swearing in ceremony of 30 senior staff. 9 minute video of #POTUS45 speech and #VP reading oath. Please listen and watch. 🧐👉
3) January 24, 2017 - FBI interview of Flynn's conversations with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Somehow the media & Mueller Report glossed over the real collusion of Flynn....lobbying in December to the UN on behalf of ISRAEL! Source👉…
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The World's most influential and loved couple...

President Donald J Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

Gods Speed to their family and team working tirelessly at Keeping America Great.

The Best Is Yet to Come.


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@PatriotsSoapbox #POTUS live now! He says the Republican party is more unified now than ever before. That's so important!

#PatriotsUnited #TrumpRally #PromisesMadePromisesKept
@PatriotsSoapbox .@realDonaldTrump says one of the most important promises he is keeping is ending the #ForeverWars and bringing our brave #Troops home! This is very important to me, personally and to all who have lost a #ServiceMember ✝️🙏
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As in medicine, Liberals apply their narrative pro-actively, as a palliative and as a pre-emptive strike. Never ones to allow a “good crises go to waste,” they don’t wait for the question before applying an answer to a problem you never realized you had. It’s their specialty.
2/ What do conservatives DO about disintegration of our education system, religions, conservative values & way of life? Too little. When we discover this answer, we will ALL be fighters like #PresidentTrump & stop waiting for the fight to come to us. We will go to IT. #VoteRed
3/ @threadreaderapp please unroll
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In @USATODAY the front page article written by Susan Page, the Washington Bureau Chief for that paper, was writing an acceptable piece until this, “Trump’s resilience will be tested again in November, when he will be the first impeached president to stand for re-election.” No.
2/ Bill Clinton the first and only impeached President for LIFE. #PresidentTrump was ACQUITTED. For life. Bill Clinton was accused, and duly impeached, as ratified by the Senate. Ms Page clearly knows the difference, as the rest of her article was factual enough. Until the final
3/ paragraph. Larry Jacobs, Director of the Center for the Study of Politics & Governance at the University of Minnesota was quoted, “The brilliance of Ronald Reagan is that he not only survived but thrived with strong, sustained popularity for long periods of his presidency”...a
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1)The #PeacePlan unveiled yesterday by #Trump & #Netanyahu is absurd. Nearly all key elements presented as measures of stability are actually antagonistic to #Palestinians. Cont’d settlements will further incite more extreme contingents to carry out attacks on Jewish Israeli soil
2)A peace deal, ANY deal, requires a DIALOGUE between involved parties, in this case Palestinian & Israeli leadership- not a list of orders penned by the US. Not to mention, Trump's son-in-law goes on TV expressing hope that Palestinians weren't "screwing up another opportunity"
3)Palestinian leadership not consulted in this "deal," showing fractured relationship #PresidentTrump has dev'd with its peoples. As concession for all territorial disputes going Israel's way, Trump offers $50b in unsourced funds. Someone tell him this is not a real estate deal.
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@realDonaldTrump Flashback Quote from 9 senior British senior officers:

We, the undersigned have all held senior commands.
Including fighting commands across the spectrum in her majesty service.
We believe that #PresidentTrump asked a valid Question, and that it deserves a...
@realDonaldTrump ..serious reply. In #GreatBrittans case the following points are a frame work for that reply.
They call for a 10 year program of rebuilding and realignment to begin with the eminent modernization defense report that must reflect the scale of responsibilities.
We respectfully
@realDonaldTrump ..remind the prime minister that uniquely in government, she and her ministers do not control how much money is needed to provide adequate defense of the realm.
Our potential enemy determine how much money is needed.
This is an eternal truth there is no waver.
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The War Powers Act was passed after Nixon unilaterally bombed Cambodia. But it was also virtually ignored by Reagan, who sent a “police action” into El Salvador, Nicaragua, & Grenada; Clinton, who continued bombing Kosovo beyond 60 days allowed by Congress, Yugoslavia, Bosnia,
2/ Iraq & Haiti. The Act was set aside by GWB under the new Patriot Act when troops were sent to Iraq. Under Obama there were multiple incidents (#Benghazi #Syria & #Iraq ) where the War Powers Act was ignored under the guise of “fighting terrorism.”…
3/ Trump did not violate the War Powers Act. #PresidentTrump simply used the very same AUMF of 2002 (Authorized Use of Military Force) used by Bush & Obama.…
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Q !!
Dec 17 2019 17:03:45 (EST)
First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.
First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction.
They will fight but you are ready.
Marker [9].
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn 3717 & 3716
Q sent this post 2 times. #Q emphasizes what is coming.
No later than [9]❓
Between today and the 26❓
If #Patriots, have not already done it...
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1/ #PresidentTrump's letter (highlights below) to #SpeakerPelosi is written directly to the Enemies of the Constitution and Our Republic. [It's no wonder they identify as Democrats - a Form of Government the Founders unequivocally rejected.…] #KAG #QAnon
2/ HIGHLIGHTS of President Trump's Letter to the Ages. 1st Let's sneak peek the END (CAPS ADDED):
"One hundred years from now, when people look back at this affair, I want them to UNDERSTAND it, and LEARN from it, so that it can NEVER HAPPEN to another President again." #KAG
3/ Now to the beginning:
"The Articles of Impeachment introduced by the House Judiciary Committee are NOT RECOGNIZABLE under ANY standard of Constitutional theory, interpretation, or jurisprudence.…
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Holy 🤯 the capital letters of @realDonaldTrump’s tweet is an anagram of #TripSwitch. #Qanon posted seconds before @POTUS tweeted to verify! This is after Q said the new trip code will be verified by #PresidentTrump. Undeniable 💯 proof of their coordination. Best #Qproof yet!
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MOST people do not run for public office because they see the abject humiliation the Left imposes on candidates. We think our past is the past. We learned from mistakes & moved on. But the left thrives on those “mistakes,” & magnifies them to use as cudgels to destroy good men.
2/ Nevermind there is probably not one politician in #Congress without skeleton(s) in their own closet. But they gleefully dredge up whatever mud they can find & throw it. The Bible says, “May he without sin cast the first stone,” & it is intended to make a sane person pause &
3/ take personal stock of his OWN life before indicting another. The Democrats have no such compunction. They will lie, find others to corroborate those lies, & “discover”people willing to take money for whatever falsehood they want spread. It is no wonder that intelligent,
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1/News reports are #PresidentTrump refuses to bring in war room & handles #impeachment matters himself. But I have identified WHO has been giving him (& #RandPaul) their strategic advice to attack #whistleblower. Follow evidentiary logic through this thread & you'll clearly see.
2/Watch typical #Trump tactic against #WBer. Ask a question. Suggest he doesn't know answer. Then encourage a negative answer.

3/#Trump's latest surrogate is Sen @RandPaul, who is threatening to reveal name of #whistleblower. Many GOP colleagues fortunately disagree with his view but will that stop him? What is Senator's latest strategy?…
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It was to be expected in DC. Fortunately, the Presidentvwas with his beautiful wife and son, several Republican Representatives (including Matt Gaetz) and others. It was only fitting that the Washington Nationals got crushed. God is STILL angry that the Democrats took him off
2/ their platform in 2012. Fortunately, Texas never walked away from God, and they are not about to walk away from #PresidentTrump Texas is RED. Washington #Nationals might want to consider a name change. Obviously, they don’t know what’s happening outside the Beltway.
3/ The “Washington Beltway Players” Has a familiar ring to it, anyway. @Nationals are an embarrassment. @realDonaldTrump
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#Democrats may appear to have no message, no platform & no viable candidate, but all of that is irrelevant. The Democrats ONLY quest is to destroy our President at any cost. And I do mean ANY. Getting #Hillary back in the White House was merely to give Democrats access again
2/ the government printing presses. America was to finance the entire NWO and the Elites along with it. The #DeepState is an elaborate cover used by BOTH sides of the political aisle. I find it highly ironic the DNC has been exposed, along with Joe Biden, his son, John Kerry and
3/ HIS son, as well as Nancy Pelosi & her son, as beneficiaries of countries like #Ukraine #China & #Iran We have heard stories of different companies funded handsomely in large part using TAXPAYER DOLLARS & at the behest of AMERICAN covert agencies: the CIA, the FBI & NSI;
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Well #Liddle is trending! Time to redpill the world! #AdamSchiff is involved with trafficking children. Tied to #JeffreyEpstein #RayChandler and #TheStandardHotel the more you know. Just check out if you don’t believe me. #TickTockLLC
I forgot to put it in the above tweet but Adam Schiff is involved with #NXIVM, the convicted child sex trafficking cult in Albany, New York which was also tied to Chuck Schumer. Big money kickbacks to Schiff to keep the border open and control Cali ports! #AllisonMack knows, ask!
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Corey Lewandowski called failed Democratic Presidential Candidate Eric Swalwell, "President Swalwell" during an official #HouseJudiciary Hearing. 😂

Priceless thuglife moment 😎 #housejudiciarycommittee #PresidentTrump #DonaldTrump @realdonaldtrump
Video credit to… on Instagram
The lady in the back of Cory 😂😂
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Want to ensure victory in 2020 .@realDonaldTrump

Cc: .@parscale

Here are so issues that are important

- Dump the red flag laws. Do not make a deal with the Democrats. They will use their controlled tech avenues to take away guns from good people
- Educate yourself about vaccines. There are serious issues with vaccines. People are not vaccinating their children due to vaccine injuries. Why are leftists pushing vaccines so much?
- Social media censorship. Why are big tech companies still getting away with unfair practices against conservatives?
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AND THIS, MY FRIENDS, IS WHY ( @realDonaldTrump ) #PresidentTrump IS INTERESTED IN PURCHASING #GREENLAND. *** #URANIUM *** BRILLIANT!! BUSINESS MAN, BAR NONE. ==> Greenland closer to building world’s fifth-largest uranium mine #MINING.COM
@realDonaldTrump (2) THIS ARTICLE BREAKS DOWN and EXPLAINS the U.S.'s POTENTIAL INCOME by PURCHASING #GreenlandPurchase #Greenland. ==>…
@realDonaldTrump Uranium's atomic number is 92. It has 92 proton's, 92 electrons and 6 valence electrons.

#QAnon's what's that add up to? That's right, "17".

Coincidence? I think, not.
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