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8 May
BREAKING: B.1.617.2 #Covid19 variant first detected in India is now in South Africa. Department of Health announces 4 cases have been identified.
Network for Genomic Surveillance in SA has confirmed 2 variants of concern, other than the B.1.351 already dominating in SA, have been detected.
These are:
11 cases of the B.1.1.7 which was first detected in the UK.
And 4 cases of B.1.617.2 first detected in India. #COVID19
The 4 cases of B.1.617.2 have been detected in Gauteng (2) and KwaZulu-Natal (2) and all have a history of recent arrival from #India #Covid19
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6 May
Dep of Health the B.1.351 prevalent in SA has more mutations than the B.1.617 which is dominant in India, SA is still able to control the spread of B.1.351 in SA & bring the wave down to a plateau. #Covid19 #CovidVariants
Dep of Health says we have no need to panic about the B.1.617 which is dominant in India because, as with any variant of the #Coronavirus the treatment is the same and the way we prevent spread is the same.
Health Minister Dr Mkhize says scientists are working hard to examine the samples taken from patients that traveled from India. One of the sequences of a traveller has been completed and it turned out to be the B.1.351 variant- the one that is circulating here in South Africa.
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6 May
Day 3 of the #PleaseCallMe case. Nkosana Makate isn’t accepting the formula #Vodacom has used to come to R47m compensation figure for inventing the model. Today Vodacom will continue with its arguments.
#Vodacom says it didn’t have the software at the time to come to the exact profit made by the model. It appears as though calls made within an hour after a #PleaseCallMe was sent has been considered as part of calculating the profits the model brought in for #Vodacom
SC Trengove is now arguing for #Vodacom
He starts off by saying how does one determine a reasonable price for a brilliant idea? It’s like asking what’s the true length of a piece of string, there’s no obvious answer to it, he says. He adds the CEO makes a determination of R47m.
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3 May
The first batch of 325 260 doses of the Pfizer vaccine arrived in SA just before midnight. Vaccines will be taken to a central warehouse and samples will then be sent to the National Control Laboratory for quality assurance. After they will be distributed to provinces #VaccinesSA
Till the end of May SA will receive 325 260 Pfizer vaccines weekly. By end of May SA will have a total of 1.3 Pfizer vaccines. Then 636 480 doses will arrive weekly from 31 May which will accumulate close to 4.5 million doses by end of June. #VaccinesSA
In the meantime SA will continue to vaccinate health care workers with the remaining early access J&J doses through the Sisonke trial. As of Saturday just over 320 000 HCW received the 💉 Once 500 000 healthcare workers are 💉 the country will start with Pfizer. #VaccinesSA
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16 Apr
Anele Tembe is being laid to rest today. Her father Moses Tembe personal tribute is read out. He speaks of how strong his daughter was, strong willed. She never minced her words.
Moses Tembe: “In 2009 I told her I wouldn’t have had any meetings that day. And would give her my undivided attention. 10-year old Anele wouldn’t hear non of it. She made such a scene of my deceit my meeting was moved. Anele was a dreamer.”
Moses Tembe: “We would often have father daughter debates about her life, but it was her life. And she was clear, dad I want to get married as a I develop.” #AneleTembe
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16 Apr
VACCINE REGISTRATION: Phase 2 of vaccine registration begins today. Those 60 and above can register from around 4pm today. Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize says the portal will be live and functioning properly this afternoon.
Health Minister Mkhize says this is a significant moment for the vaccine rollout. Phase 2 is scheduled for May-October. Phase 2 includes the elderly (those above 60)
Essential workers (ideally those who are 40 and above first)
Getting vaccinated is not compulsory,it’s a choice.
When you register, you’ll need an ID a number, cellphone number and correct address. This will allow the system to identify a near by vaccination centre. Correct contact details is NB to be contacted when it’s your turn to get the jab.
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13 Apr
BREAKING: Government has decided to suspend the rollout of the Johnson &Johnson vaccine for now.
This comes soon after the US has asked states to temporarily halt using J&J's Covid-19 vaccine after six people in the US developed a rare blood-clotting disorder. #Vaccine #J&J
SAHPRA1 will have its l first meeting about this the temporary suspension of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in SA. Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize says government is advised by science. And at this point it’s the best way to deal with it. #Vaccine #VaccineSA
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18 Feb
BREAKING: #SAA was stopped by SA Civil Aviation Authority from flying to Brussels to fetch the J&J vaccine due to risk measures not adequate enough/ acceptable with aviation standards. This is why TUI flew the vaccine in. CAA declined the request for the National carrier to fly.
CAA says It is must be noted that SAA had voluntarily ceased operations a while back. However, this does not mean that they had surrendered their Air Operator Certificate to SACAA. Their AOC remains valid even though they had put their operations temporarily on hold.
The authority says any operator who is not conducting regular flights, or their aircraft are not in regular service/operation for any reason is expected, and in line with applicable regulations, to conduct  the required maintenance.
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16 Feb
#SAA update: The Business rescue practitioners say they are pleased to advise that the payment of Cabin Crew and Ground Staff employees who took Voluntary Severance packages at the end of August 2020 were paid their Part 1 of their packages on Friday 12 February 2021.
The payment follows the receipt of a further tranche of R5 billion from the Department of Public Enterprises on 12 Feb, which has further allowed the BRPs to confirm the second payment on 19 February. Since Friday 12 February, the BRPs have received a total of R7.8 billion. #SAA
The #SAA BRPs say that Part 1 of the VSP payment in respect of Management, Specialists and Pilots who took VSPs shall be made on 17 February 2021 and Part 2 on 19 February 2021.
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8 Feb
Former #SAA board Chair Dudu Myeni wants the interim enforcement order against her removed, pending the outcome of any appeal against the main order. Myeni was declared a delinquent director for life last year by the Pretoria High Court. She is appealing the order.
On 22 December 2020, Judge Tolmay dismissed Myeni’s application for leave to appeal against the delinquency order itself which was handed down in May 2020. Myeni is arguing that she is no longer a director on the board of any SOE including the Mangaung electricity entity Centlec.
Myeni argues that her source of income will be removed if she is removed from the boards of other companies while her main appeal is underway. As it stands she is director of the Jacob Zuma Foundation. Enforcement order doesn’t allow her to do so, even though it’s not an SOE.
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7 Feb
BREAKING: The over 1 million AstraZeneca vaccines that arrived in SA on Monday expire in April. This was only picked up when they arrived in SA. They have a 6month life span.
#Vaccine #VaccineforSouthAfrica
The AstraZeneca vaccine was meant to be rolled out by Wednesday to healthcare workers. Scientists need to complete further studies due to new variant, therefore the rollout of #AstraZeneca has been put on hold.
Dr Zweli Mkhize says the #AstraZeneca vaccine will NOT be sent back. He says scientists will be concluding studies linked to the efficacy. But until then they won’t be sent back. They might be swapped out for newer stock as they expire in April. #AstraZeneca #Vaccine
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7 Feb
JUST IN: The rollout of AstraZeneca vaccine which had been scheduled to begin this week is now on temporary hold.
Instead there will be an expedited rollout of the J&J vaccine for health workers. #Vaccine #VaccineforSouthAfrica
From next week, for the next 4 weeks the country will be getting J&J and Pfizer vaccines. This will be used for healthcare workers. For now we keep AstraZeneca and wait for scientists to provide further studies on what to do. #VaccineforSouthAfrica
Dr Zweli Mkhize doesn’t give a clear answer if and when the AstraZeneca vaccine will expire. This means there needs to be clear indication how much time we have for studies to conclude around the AstraZeneca vaccine. #Vaccine #VaccineforSouthAfrica
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7 Feb
Minister of Health Dr Zweli Mkhize together with others will brief the nation tonight regarding the vaccine. Reports have emerged that the AstraZeneca vaccine might not be as effective with the new 501Y.V2 variant of SARS-Cov-2. #vaccine
Minister Mkhize says this briefing is two fold, to give an update on the research done so far and secondly it’s to respond to the policy review to adjust some of the findings. #VaccineforSouthAfrica #Vaccine
Minister Mkhize says the trials done linked AstraZeneca have shown good results around the world. He does hint to some work still needing to be done here in South African and the vaccine. #VaccineforSouthAfrica #Vaccine
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5 Feb
Workers at #SAA have had it really hard since March. This a message got from someone this morning:

“Hi Heidi. Ex colleague apparently died of stress related illness. Another committed suicide last year. Others from Covid. I'm in hospital now...”
More messages from #SAA workers

I was the mom who gave her family everything. No body was short of anything... eventually I became the mom that gave disappointing answers to my 2 little kids when they asked for something and I couldn’t afford it....

...I was the mom who fed my kids soup& bread or soup and rice for supper 3 times in a week...cos my cupboards where drying. Today I’m the mom crying silently hoping for SAA to realise how much this has impacted not only me or us but also little people who also depended on SAA ...
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1 Dec 20
After 8 months of no flying, Comair is back in the air.
Airline went into business rescue from 5 May. Kulula will fly today with BA SA flying next Wednesday.
Airline has managed to find investors and get back into the air despite #aviation globally on its knees.
3,2,1 and take off. Crew informs passengers that this is the first time in 8 months that #Kulula is flying again. It’s been a tough time for the crew but Comair has managed to retain 1500 jobs.
#Comair recently faced court action from #Numsa
The union took the company & Solidairty to court to try and declare that the business rescue Practitioners are operating income a procedurally unfair manner. NUMSA lost. #Comair tells us it was a significant win for them.
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12 Oct 20
JuST IN: A Deputy national police Commissioner has been arrested. She is being processed at Hillbrow Police station.
This arrest is in connection to supply of emergency warning equipment to SAPS in 2017

She is charged with corruption, fraud, theft and money laundering
Suspect will appear in Palm Ridge Mag court. The arrest is in connection with supply of emergency warning equipment.
Total exposure of the police fiscus was R191 million however only R65m was paid to the service provider. She is implicated for aiding and abating in this crime.
The top cop was arrested at her house this morning. She is the 13th accused expected fo appear today in court on charges of theft, fraud, money laundering and corruption.
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18 Apr 20
BREAKING: In a document seen by #eNCA
#SAA business rescue Practitioners table a proposal to terminate the employment of the entire #SAA work force by 30 April.
This is after government denied R10bn additional funding for the airline.
The propos shows how over 4700 workers will get serverancr packages.
One weeks remuneration per completed heat of service
Payment of one months remuneration in lieu of notice pay
Untaken leave
Pro rated 13th cheque were applicable. #SAA will have to dispose of assets.
Part of the proposal shows the following assets will be sold and disposed:
Rotables (aircraft parts)
Trade debts
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9 Apr 20
Economies in Sub-Saharan Africa could lose between $37 billion and $79 billion in output losses in 2020 due to #COVID19 according to a new World Bank regional economic analysis.
The region could face a severe food security crisis, with agricultural production expected to contract between 2.6% and 7% #COVID19
According to the latest Africa’s Pulse, the World Bank’s bi-annual analysis the #COVID19 outbreak has set off the first recession in the Sub-Saharan Africa region in 25 years, with growth forecast at -5.1% in 2020 from a modest 2.4% in 2019.
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20 Mar 20
BREAKING: SAA will suspending ALL regional and international flights immediately.
The decision means #SAA will only render services domestically between Johannesburg and Cape Town.
The suspension of flights follows an official government notice prohibiting the embarkation and disembarkation of crew and passengers from SAA’s three international destinations. The regulation is effective from Friday March 21. #SAA
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11 Sep 19
Nigerians have gathered outside the Nigerian consulate. They are getting into the busses so that they can be transported to the airport. First flight out of SA is at 9am. We understand over 600 Nigerians have opted to leave SA due to the recent #XenophobicAttacks
Many mothers with their children are queuing to get a seat on the bus as quick as possible. Over 600 Nigerians have taken up the option to leave the country due to the recent #XenophobicAttacks
One bus has already taken the first load. There are two more busses stationed outside. No one is allowed to speak to the media. A clear instruction from the consulate they say. #XenophobicAttacks
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22 Jul 19
#PICInquiry resumes today at 9:30
Dan Matjila will be on the stand for the 3rd week. He was meant testify on #Ayo today. But assistant to Commissioner Gill Marcus is absent & the whole team needs to be present. Matjila will speak on Erin Energy, Daybreak Farm & EchoBank. #eNCA
#PICInquiry PIC got into a number of questionable companies, allegedly not following proper processes. Matjila will answer to these allegations and define his role in the investments. #eNCA
#PICInquiry Matjila starts off by speaking on the #DayBreak Farms deal whether the PIC invested into the company that was basically insolvent. Matjila says Roy Rajdhar explained in detail about the investment & it was made to drive transformation in agriculture sector. #eNCA
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