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Ikke... Beste Jacco, beste Jaap.

Ik ben natuurlijk helemaal niet aardig voor jullie geweest in de laatste maanden. Dat wil ik nu goedmaken.

Dus ik wil jullie een vriendelijke vraag stellen:

#coronavirus #vaccinatieplicht #coronavaccin
Dit is wat jullie vertelden aan het Nederlandse volk:

Wallinga: "De Gezondheidsraad gaat over het vaccinatieprogramma, maar het OMT gaat over de virusbestrijding. Vaccins dragen daaraan bij. De impact van vaccinaties van de 12-17-jarigen zou best groot zijn.
"In de meeste gunstige scenario's, zonder de deltavariant, ligt het reproductiegetal in de winter rond de 1. Met de deltavariant komt het zelfs in de meest optimistische scenario's hoe dan ook boven die 1."
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Ontario Canada: "The world's longest #lockdown will come to an end next week" (Step 3, July 16/21).

No. It's not over.

New chief medical officer of health, Dr Kieran Moore makes clear #endemic state will emerge in fall w/ Ont. "doing all the due diligence to prepare." Image
Let's explore numbers behind "world's longest #lockdown", Ont., Canada. Gov't of Ontario website updated July 11, 2021.

"Active cases" in Ont. as of July 11 2021 under 20 yrs of age: 0

Deaths under 20 w/ #COVID19 - 3.

Estimated pop. of Ontario: approx. 14.73 million people. Image
Under 20 yrs:

Jan 15 2020 to July 11 2021:

Resolved cases: 68, 280

Active cases: 0

Deaths (WITH #covid19): 3

[Keeping in mind that Covid tests are inaccurate (false positives) & largely meaningless as testing positive can mean mild to no symptoms whatsoever.] Image
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#EnVivo 🔴 Sigue con nosotros la conferencia del presidente @lopezobrador_. Arranca con la presentación de "El Pulso de la Salud"
@lopezobrador_ #ConferenciaAMLO 🔴 "En unos días, uno de cada tres adultos mayores de 18 años en México habrá recibido al menos una dosis de la vacuna contra la #COVID19, " asegura el secretario de @SSalud_mx, Jorge Alcocer.
@lopezobrador_ @SSalud_mx #ConferenciaAMLO 🔴 El subsecretario @HLGatell informa que se registra un incremento en los casos de #COVID19 de 9%. Advierte que para el sábado pudiera haber un incremento de 15 a 18 puntos, por lo que recomienda seguir las medidas de precaución y #SanaDistancia.
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Und mal wieder der aktuelle Wochenbericht zu den #Impfungen nach Eintreffen der Lieferzahlen der letzten Woche.
Keine großen Neuigkeiten, aber mal wieder interessante Details.
#Vaxxitainment 🤓
Fangen wir mal wieder mir #Biontech an. Läuft weitgehend regulär, aber.... 2/n
3/n Neuen Spitzenraten steht eine leichte Bestandserhöhung entgegen. Heiße Diskussionen in der Impf-Tracker-Community führen zu der Schwarmerkenntnis, dass niemand weiß wo die Impfungen der Betriebsärzte bleiben. Diese bekamen in der letzten Woche nämlich 700.000 Dosen.
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JUST IN: After reviewing FDA data SAHPRA says it has decided not to release any #JohnsonandJohnson vaccines in SA produced using the drug substance batches that were not suitable.
SAHPRA saysthere are approximately 300 000 doses from batches that have been cleared by the USFDA that meet the requirements and will subsequently be released and shipped to South Africa. #JohnsonAndJohnson
What isn’t clear, and SAHPRA will need to clarify is, out of the 2 million #JohnsonAndJohnsonVaccines how many are not suitable?
Over 2m are sitting in the EC. Maybe all or some will not be suitable?
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JUST IN: Department of Health says there is now a real possibility that the #JohnsonandJohnson vaccines in the EC may not be be suitable for use following FDA announcement however SAHPRA needs to further assess and will advise if they are suitable for SA or not.
JUST IN: Dep of Health says 300 000 J&J doses are cleared to be shipped to SA as a matter of extreme urgency. #JohnsonAndJohnsonVaccine
Dep of Health says the FDA announced that, after careful evaluation of these doses, they approved an extension of the expiry date after determining that the vaccine can be stored in 2-8 degrees celsius (normal bar fridge) for 4,5 months instead of 3 months. #JohnsonAndJohnson
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BREAKING: Reports suggest that the FDA has ordered Johnson & Johnson to throw out about 60 million doses which were made at the Emergent BioSolutions plant. This is due to possible contamination. #JohnsonAndJohnson
South Africa has been waiting on the FDA to give an indication on whether or not the Johnson and Johnson vaccines they were packaged in the EC can be released. Now that the FDA is ordered for 60m doses to be destroyed, does that include batches brought to SA?
Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize said on Tuesday batches 5,6,7 & 8 could have been contaminated. Especially batch 8.
Minister also said J&J was going to provide additional vaccines to bridge the gap while SA waits on the FDA. We wait to hear if SA is affected.
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Now this a good ongoing study in South African, #SisonkeStudy .. published in @NEJM .. studying safety data of vaccinated health care workers (HCW), with breakdown of reported adverse effects thus far.. 1/n…
Sample size of HCWs receiving the Ad26. COV2. S #vaccine or the #johnsonandjohnson is very significant !! n = 288,368 .. 2/n…
Results: out of total 288,368 HCWs who received the #johnsonandjohnson #vaccine fr 17th Feb 2021 till 12th Apr 2021.. ONLY 5,898 (2%) reported adverse events.. And even from these 5,898, 4,777 (or 81%) only reported mild to moderate reactogenecity.. 3/n…
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@SDullien and I have updated our vacccination forecast for Germany first published in March.
Developments since then require some adjustments, but basically 🇩🇪 remains on track ... with some risks.
Short thread on the main findings 👇
Our mid-March forecast was that 75% of German adults (52.5m people) could be completely vaccinated by end of July. At the time this was highly controversial, but the marked acceleration in vaccinations since has largely borne out the prediction.
2/ ImageImage
Overall the delivery schedules are such that dispensing the requisite number of shots by end July shld not be a problem.
There are two problems, however: the gap between 1st and 2nd shots & issues relating to the vector-based vaccines from #Astrazeneca and #JohnsonandJohnson
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Question is what would #India spend on?
Did we have a successful vaccine ready prior to December 2020?
Answer is no.
The #USA gambled $16Bn on 7 vaccines in June 2020 . 3 succeeded, one in trials & 3 failed.
The #USA essentially lost $6-7Bn in the gamble.
Acceptable odds for us?
You make the mistake of thinking BB was successful in the first try . Dr Krishna Ella tried & rejected two prior vaccine designs before settling on Covaxin . Also covaxin needs BSL4 & BSL3 facilities so cannot be made everywhere.
Also other older facilities are being upgraded to BSL3/4 for Covaxin but these will come online in a few months from now , not before. Haffkine in Mumbai should produce Covaxin from December 2021, a facility in Odisha from June 2022 .
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Meeting highlights from the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) 3-6 May 2021 | European Medicines Agency…
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If you think this will be over after first round of #vaccinations - you could not be more wrong. This is a permanent program for #4IR era of global #surveillance, #data harvesting & future #biotech.

#Pandemic Action Network’s 100+ partners - "for a more pandemic-proof world." ImageImageImageImage
Launched April 2020, members include #BMGF (#Gates Found.), ONE (Bono), Global Goals, #GlobalCitizen (financed by Gates), #Rockefeller Foundation, #JohnsonandJohnson, UN (partnered w/ #WEF), #Wellcome, etc.

#GlobalGoals (#SDGs) are emerging markets. ImageImageImageImage
First follows chosen by #Pandemic Action Network Twitter account include members:

1. #Gates Foundation
2. Federation of American #Scientists
3. Global Health Strategies
4. #CDC Foundation
5. #GlobalCitizen
6. #GHTC
7. iHeartMedia - #media & #entertainment

#PandemicPlaybook ImageImageImageImage
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[Thread]. 1. This morning @ZweliMkhize announced that the Sisonke trial, which uses #JohnsonandJohnson’s #COVID19 jab, will resume on Wednesday. So what happens now?
2. Up until now, the Sisonke trial has vaccinated about 300 000 #HealthWorkers. @SAHPRA1 paused the trial in April, after the FDA/CDC in the US temporarily halted its #JandJ roll-out due to the occurrence of 8 rare blood clotting disorders among about 7 million vaccinated people.
3. None of the blood clots that occurred in the US, occurred in SA's Sisonke trial (likely because it’s so rare and we’ve only vaccinated about 300 000 people vs. the US’s 7 mil). The US unpaused its #JandJ roll-out on Fri after the FDA cleared the jab.
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There are 175 corps/institutions now overseeing your children's #education going forward. They will be shaping/molding your child's #ideologies &
#worldviews - all while harvesting their data.

Global Education Coalition Members (announced Mar 18 2020):
"Civil society & non-profit organizations" (those serving capital & elite institutions) include:

-Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
#ONE (Bono)
-Global Business Coalition for #Education
#Sesame Workshop

See image. #4IR
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Del 20 al 27 de abril se vacunarán a más de 90 mil trabajadores del sector educativo e México

La vacuna #COVID19 de #CanSinoBiologics, se aplicará a docentes tanto públicos como particulares.

Por eso hoy les daré algunos datos sobre esta vacuna.

Abro hilo 🧵
¿Qué tipo de #VacunaCOVID19 es #CanSino?

Es una vacuna vector, quiere decir que ocupa otro virus que se hace pasar por el #SARSCOV2, en este caso un #adenovirus, el cual al introducirse al organismo induce la producción de anticuerpos creyendo que es el #coronavirus.
Esta vacuna se construyó utilizando una plataforma conocida como #Admax.
¿Y como la hicieron? Les cuento, al adenovirus Ad5 le quitaron sus genes E1 y E3, con lo que al entrar a nuestro cuerpo se generan anticuerpos en el día 14, con un pico máximo de estos al día 28.
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[Thread] 1. Just in from Wednesday's cabinet briefing:
* The #CovidVaccine roll-out is still scheduled to start on May 17.
* There are now 3 338 vaccination sites (a list with the names hasn't been released).
2. When will can we start to use the 31 million #JohnsonandJohnson jabs that we've bought and will the first 1 million (from Aspen in SA) still land this week? We don't know. Neither @SAHPRA1 (our regulator; it needs to authorise use) nor @healthZA have made an announcement.
3. What do we know? Sahpra has recommended that the Sisonke trial (it uses J&J jabs) should resume. But before that can happen, Sahpra has to approve new docs submitted by the researchers (the study has to adhere to new rules set by Sahpra, e.g. better screening for blood clots).
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Academische Kakkerlakken

"Veel mensen twijfelen over het nut van #vaccinaties. Die twijfel heeft goede gronden. De recente geschiedenis van #vogelgriep en #MexicaanseGriep heeft dat aangetoond."…
Groot-Brittannië :

Regering meldt 847 doden,
12 hersenbloedingen en
112 blinden
na #Corona-vaccinatie…
het Zwaard van Damocles

the Sword of Damocles

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#BREAKING Blood clots should be listed as rare Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine side effect: Europe's #EMA drug regulator
#BREAKING Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine benefits outweigh risks: Europe's #EMA drug regulator
#UPDATE Blood clots should be listed as a "very rare" side effect of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine but its benefits still outweigh the risks, the EU's drug watchdog the #EMA said on Tuesday #JohnsonandJohnson
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#BREAKING: #SaudiArabia’s new #coronavirus infections exceed 1,000 for the first time since August: Al-Arabiya
#BREAKING: #SaudiArabia records 1,070 new #coronavirus cases, 940 recoveries: Al-Arabiya
#BREAKING: EU regulator finds possible link between #JohnsonandJohnson #COVID19 vaccine and blood clots, but says benefits outweigh risks
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Thread on MSM reports of premature deaths & serious injury/illness caused by #covidvaccines.

Hashtag #CovidVaccineVictims

How big is the iceberg beneath the tragic stories that hit the headlines?

Join #FreedomAlliance in our fight for medical freedom.…
BBC presenter Lisa Shaw "developed severe headaches a week after receiving her #astrazenecavaccine and fell seriously ill a few days later.
She was treated...for blood clots and bleeding in her head."
She died last Friday.

17 year old "started complaining of severe chest pain three days after his second dose. It worsened on the fourth day...they ran blood work and did an X-ray and discovered he had pericarditis"(inflammation of lining outside the heart).
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[Thread] 1. People in South Africa who are 60 years and older can register on the government's electronic vaccination system from 4pm today (it was announced at a press briefing this morning).
2. At this stage, the system will only allow you to register and not yet allocate you a site or date to get vaccinated at (because a vaccination date depends on when our first batch of vaccines arrives and when Sahpra makes an announcement about the resuming of J&J's roll-out).
3. #ZweliMkhize: What do you need to register online? Internet access (smart phone, tablet, computer), an ID or passport, a cell phone number (so the system can send you text messages re appointments) and if you have a medical aid, your med aid number/card.
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Ik krijg het verzoek om mijn blogs over Pfizer en Moderna nog eens onder de aandacht te brengen, vooral omdat de vaccins van #AstraZeneca en #JohnsonandJohnson voorlopig niet gebruikt gaan worden.

Bij deze:

#coronavirus #coronavaccin #PfizerBioNTech #moderna…

Inmiddels is er wel wat meer bekend, vooral aan de hand van de situatie in Israel.
Inderdaad lijkt het vaccin van Pfizer/BioNTech effectief te zijn in het voorkomen van ernstige ziekte en overlijden, waarbij opgemerkt moet worden dat in Israel de meest voorkomende variant de Britse variant is.

In Israel is alleen het vaccin van Pfizer/BioNTech gebruikt.
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Information regarding the six patients who have developed CVST after the #JohnsonandJohnson #CovidVaccine
- All were white females
- Only one was on oral contraceptives
2/ Clinical features of the patients
3/ Location of CVST
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Afternoon peeps. I was asked by @DataDrivenMD to provide some FDA context to his thread on the #JohnsonandJohnson vaccine pause. #Thread 🧵
I’m going to start this thread by asking you to think back way beyond what you had for breakfast. All the way back to me bitching about low trial size.
My concern then was that we did not have enough ppl enrolled to truly find the weird stuff (J&J had their EUA based on 22k trial participants).

Fast forward to today!

We have finally reached enough ppl in the vaccine trial to find the weird stuff.
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