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This is a letter which has been sent out by the ICMR DG yesterday. Now that multiple folks have confirmed genuineness, let me raise some issues with this letter on #vaccine #trials during a pandemic, in this case #COVID19
What are the ethical issues in this letter? Read on. ImageImageImage
For a vaccine for which pre-clinical development is still ongoing, as per the letter itself, how can clinical trial recruitment be starting on 07th July?
And that the vaccine will be launched on 15th August? A vaccine trial completed in little over a month, efficacy pre-decided?
How were the clinical trial sites mentioned in the appendix chosen--on what criteria? eligibility? From what list? was this selection done by ICMR or by BBIL? Some of these seem to be small nursing homes/hospitals- are they the apt place to run a pandemic #vaccine trial?
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This week @US_FDA called for confirmed infection (+-symptoms) as a primary or secondary endpoint in #SARSCoV2 #vaccine trials. Last year @rebeccajk13 @Steve_Bellan Rui Wang and Matt HItchings we recently proposed efficient, unbiased approach:…
Link to the FDA guidance…
One subtle point: preventing infection detected serologically (without symptoms) may be a very difficult endpoint for many vaccines.
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The @HumanVaccineProject lab mtg is today is Shane Crotty from La Jolla Institute is speaking on T cell immunity for COVID. 100% of survivors make CD4 resps., 70% CD8 against broad viral antigens. And never-infected make CD4 reaps based on Common Cold histories.
Here's my take on this:
- the immune response to #COVID19 involves both antibodies & the T cellular arm of the system;
- blood samples from pre-COVID 2015 show high levels of reacting T cells (CD4 & CD8): Why?
- it's likely T-cell reactions to common cold viruses, not COVID
Are the high reactions anti-common cold good news or bad for #COVID19 vaccines & long term immunity for survivors? Well, it's clear an effective #vaccine will need to trigger BOTH antibody & T cell resps.
BUT common colds circulate all the time, and despite having had..
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I've become passionate about "SIGNAL" BREAKING. See all this? Auto companies signalling celebs, black hats, deep state and cabal. They're #streetstrong ⁠— suppliers equipt for COVID "wave 2". @realDonaldTrump Do they think we are stupid? #QAnon #QAnons ImageImageImage
I wanted to know what the "590W690" on the #Ford windshield was. With 5G at top of mind, the search results were very interesting. I know Ryan Reynolds is Canada's "ambassador", so I thought I'd dig further for fun.
#COVIDIDIOTS #COVID19 #Plandemic #QAnon ImageImageImage
.@realDonaldTrump New themes everyday. Definitely a "dot" and "spot" theme happening since "Mary Poppins Returns". How many SHERMANS are there? Shermanmania? Maybe they're just mad with 'fury' because #JFKJrReturns too. #COVIDIDIOTS #COVID19 #Plandemic #QAnons #MadMax #BlueDot ImageImageImageImage
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1/6 Thread: In time to mess with your weekend and (my) Father's Day: Latest #COVID19 numbers for Harris County (#Houston) #Texas (@HoustonChron @bcmhouston @TXMedCenter) show numbers climbing rapidly in terms of cases, hospitalizations, ICU admissions. Let's start with #Texas:
2/6 Thread: Harris County #COVID19 Cases
3/6 Thread: #COVID19 hospitalizations in our @TXMedCenter (world's largest medical center where I work)
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Dear Calethia of "Infinite Clinical Trials":

Who actually believes that "A #vaccine might not work in #AfricanAmericans if they don't participate in the clinical trials to create the drug."

Guess it's time to trace, track, test Rioters!

"#TuskegeeStudy of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male"

"That 'dark' past remains a hurdle to clear," writes the #MSM.

"Dr. Larry Graham, a retired pulmonologist, understands the lack of trust but insists that African Americans have to get over it."



You guys wasted no time, did you? #blacklivesmatter to who exactly?

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More than two decades after assaulting Czech children with lipidated OspA “vaccines,” UConn declares, “It’s the lipids, stupid!”

“Chemical removal of the lipid portion of purified M. pneumoniae lipoproteins eliminated VED...”[vaccine-enhanced disease]…
WHY do “scientists” still think it’s cool to inject lipoproteins (especially of the highly acylated variety)? WHY is UConn suddenly saying, oh, isn’t it amazing how we solved the mystery of the century! WHY???

Because #LYMErix.
We had a #Whistleblower for that, and she, @KMDickson, got the standard whistleblower treatment so the #pharma criminals wouldn’t have to answer for their crimes. And here we are 20+ years later, with one of the same institutions involved in the OspA scam telling us #lipidsbad 🤬
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Starting in a couple of minutes:
#COVID19: Updates from #Singapore, a weekly seminar on the #coronavirus situation in Singapore

This week's guest is @mpkieny.

Hosted by: @profdalefisher, Dr. David Allen

Registration webpage:
Fall in #COVID19 death rate in past few months, situations in most regions appear to be stabilising

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/16/2020-2…

Capitalism's Case for Abolishing Billionaires - Evonomics…

#billionaires #capitalism
Using Evolutionary Social Science to Deal with Pandemics - Evonomics…

#social #coronavirus #evolutionary #complexity
Petroyuan’s stature grows on Shanghai exchange, helping world’s largest energy importer cut dependence on US dollars | South China Morning Post…

#petroyuan #oil #energy
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WOW!!! 😮
#Breaking #BreakingNews
Members of Parliament of #Brazil break into hospital that claimed to have 5,000 infected & 200 deaths from #COVID19 & CAUGHT THEM RED HANDED NOT ONE PERSON, they have FRAUDED THE WORLD!! #Italy #Spain #ArrestBillGates
Brazilians Translated:
5 Members of #Brazil parliament went to hospitals under encouragement by #Bolsonaro to break into hospitals & check to see the number of patients there. This hospital late to be finished but claiming 5000 ppl with COVID19 and 200 dead, so need this hospital
Officials broke in to check it & found the hospital is an absolute mess, not finished, and no patients. The governor is frauding the state and nation and taxpayers & LYING about the numbers to pad the numbers. Embezzlement scheme & to help bring down the country &push #vaccine
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#vaccinefacts :Child diseases r mild &not life threatening!

Media,@WHO,CDCs use MASS HYSTERIA,repeatation of lies,slogans &persuasion devices to push #vaccineagenda &force a shift from natural immunity & create prescription dependency

They use fear &make people do their bidding
-use your idols to advertise
-They start #vaccines (birth) to get rid of control groups because u will see without vaccines immunity is better
-use #BigTech to "flood the zone"
-They never waste a good crisis-COVID19
-They use photo's of inventors &revist "History"
#HIV /AIDS & Polio?

Why obsession abt #polio &why liken #COVID19 to HIV from day 1 in -mainstream

What happened wn they tried to eliminate polio 32 year ago?HIV pandemic was started &wiped a generation.

HIV was spread thru Polio #Vaccines
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MUST READ analysis of the U.S. "Warp-Speed" #COVID19 #vaccine effort, warns that rushing may be dangerous and: "An effective vaccine that is too complex to make in bulk, or is difficult to formulate, is highly unstable without
refrigeration or freezing, is challenging..."
" administer or that requires too many doses over a
prolonged period may represent a Pyrrhic victory for science, but not the answer to the problems faced by the societies that science serves. The complexities of developing a #vaccine at ultra-short notice..."
"...are best tackled by the melding of minds irrespective of wherever the bodies are geographically located. Will this happen? We hope so, but fear it may not."
From John Moore @WeillCornell
@GaviSeth @sciencecohen @greg_folkers…
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Aug 2018: Bloomberg article -
Does #China Have What It Takes to Be a #Superpower?…
Dec 2019: In the #UN, #China uses threats and cajolery to promote its worldview…
Apr 2020: #China is handed a position on #UN #HumanRights Council despite long-record of human rights abuses and wide-spread suspicions they have lied over #coronavirus
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Retweet:💥#Kawasakidisease- #Vaccine Connection 💉

"What's really interesting & they never talk about this - of course - is that the #kawasakidisease has been reported fairly extensively as side effects go ... having been caused by #vaccines," @BusyDrT tells @delbigtree

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/05/2020-2…

Bruno Latour, the Post-Truth Philosopher, Mounts a Defense of Science - The New York Times…

#philosophy #postmodernism #Science
Leading with the Unknowns in COVID-19 Models - Scientific American Blog Network…

#models #uncertainty #DecisionMaking
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In 2017 the mumps outbreak at Syracuse University had affected more than 100 students.…

"All students who have contracted the mumps have been properly vaccinated."

Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a myth.
24 cases of the #Mumps confirmed at the University of #Florida. All 24 had been VACCINATED.…

Vaccine herd immunity is a myth. The vaccinated herd is NOT an immune herd & never will be.

#WakeUpAmerica #InformedConsent #MMR
#Mumps Outbreak in #Harvard: 50 Confirmed Cases…

"Almost all of the infected individuals were fully immunized against the mumps prior to contracting the disease."

#Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a myth.

#WakeUp #InformedConsent
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Both @NEJM & @TheLancet are reviewing #Hydroxychloroquine papers they pub'ed, authored by a company called Surgisphere, claiming death rates increased among #COVID19 patients taking the drug. The company seems highly suspect, cherry-picking results.…
2/ Because of these papers @WHO stopped supporting clinical trials of #Hydroxychloroquine for #COVID19 treatment.
Now that use of the drug is thoroughly politicized by, on one side, #Trump & on the other, by Surgisphere it may be impossible to get a valid scientific consensus.
After reading the @ScienceMagazine paper I'm getting quesey about all of the "warp speed" #COVID19 treatment and #vaccine work. Every journal is rushing peer review, regulatory agencys are under pressure to speed approvals, & there's too much lose $$.…
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A #COVID19 plague, uprisings, unemployment -- yet stocks are soaring.
The S&P 500, Tues at highest level in 3 mos.
Nasdaq is up 40% since Mar23.
The Dow jumped 400+ pts today.
"The market is broken. It no longer reflects a forward outlook..."

"...that is truly aligned in the real economy. The public will say these markets are rigged."
2 reasons for stock soars:
- $trillions in stimulus from the Fed
- investors expecting monster returns once the economy recovers. from #COVID19.
Though >105,000 Americans have died of #COVID19 the markets think a #vaccine is around the corner, & the US epidemic is waning - pop the champagne.🍾
Banks are happy because historic job losses haven't left them holding $billions in unpaid mortgages. Bizarre disconnect.
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#STUDY: Vaccine (Oka Varicella) Meningitis in Two Adolescents

"Like wild-type varicella-zoster, vaccine varicella can establish latency & reactivate as herpes zoster, rarely leading to serious disease."

#InformedConsent #LearnTheRisk #VaccineInjured
#STUDY: Vaccinated for #SHINGLES Can Infect Others with #Varicella Zoster Virus…

58% of immunized individuals shed #vaccine VZ virus DNA in saliva over 4 weeks.

It's not unvaxxed kids who are spreading VZV, it's vaxxed adults.

#LearnTheRisk #SHEDDING
Another example of vaccine #SHEDDING

#STUDY: #Vaccine Strain Varicella Zoster Virus Transmitted Within a Family from a Child with #Shingles Results in Varicella #Meningitis in an Immunocompetent Adult…

#LearnTheRisk #InformedConsent #VZV #VaccineInjured
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1) A thread on #ContactTracing. Yes, it's here. We are watching the #NWO #Agenda21 script play out right in front of our eyes. First we'll show what this is, then I'll share an Anon's opinion of what is really going on. No fear....
2) First, THOUSANDS of #ContactTracers are being hired all over the country. The evidence of this is clear.…
3) Now, who would be attracted to such an invasive job? How EXCITED your neighbor might be to be able to decide the future of your kids and other family members through #ContactTracing! 🙄 Controlling flags, grass length and noisy dogs is just not enough!
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Let's talk "herd immunity" & #COVID19 :no country is getting there simply by letting the virus spread. Sweden -- the most radical case -- has only achieved abt 30% infection, and even that is only in Stockholm. NYC w/largest urban epid in world = 16%.
2/ The only hope is mass #vaccination for #COVID19 to get >90% of the population immunized. That should stop #SARSCoV2 in a country like US.
But new poll shows only 50% of Americans willing to get a vaccine when it's available.
So, NO herd immunity.
3/ Will @POTUS #Trump allow TV cameras to film him being vaccinated, as Pres. Gerald Ford did for swine flu in 1976? Will he lead by example? Or will do with a #COVID19 #vaccine as he has with masks, refusing to follow his own experts' advice?
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The #vaccine killing machine is at full speed. The objective: hundreds of millions of shots by the end of the year for everybody. And along with it comes the... #microchip
And #Trump is in it...
#FakePandemic #CovidHoax
P 1/3
The #vaccine killing machine
#FakePandemic #CovidHoax

P 2/3
The #vaccine killing machine
#FakePandemic #CovidHoax

P 3/3
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1. Mandated #MRNA vaccines are coming.… The fear campaign of #Covid19 has failed. People are not scared any longer of #Covid, but that's not the problem anymore and truthfully Covid never was.
2. The problem is now that #Covid failed and you are
seeing this chess game of #totalitarian control unfold,
let me tell you what is really coming. If this is a
#mandatoryvaccine campaign and it gets rolled out
rapidly, you better be aware, educated and terrified.
3. #Globalists in the next 2-3 months will magically find the
cure for #Covid and roll it out in a mass #vaccination
campaign. This #vaccine is #MRNA vaccine. This roll out
will come out very fast for two reasons.
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$MRNA: IT's a classic pump and dump story.

(The purpose of this thread is to link all the information and save it for the future record/reference)

Let's look at insider selling/buying closely...

Shares of $MRNA is up 222% in 1 year

Most of the rise in the stock price came after mid-February on the hope for a vaccine for #COVIDー19
In this 1 year period,

Insider bought ~$1m worth of shares in the open market. Great!

But how much they sold in the open market? Well, about $130m!…

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