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The #G7 this weekend renounced its role as #globalhealth leader, @kentbuse and I argue in @bmj_latest:…

A thread on what next for global health & #healthsecurity.
Speaking at #G20 Rome #GlobalHealthSummit in May, German Chancellor #Merkel had raised the question, “if not us, who?” to end the global #Covid19 #pandemic.

At #G7UK this past weekend, #G7 responded with "Not us," committing to donate 870mn #vaccine doses when the need is 11bn.
Instead of engaging with recommendations of @TheIndPanel to strengthen #pandemic preparedness & the #globalhealth system (, strongly backed by @antonioguterres (), #G7 noted it would "explore" different proposals.
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India's far-Right Internet warriors are so quick to jump on the desi v Amreeka bandwagon. This @Twitter exchange is being shared on Whatsapp groups with comments s/as: "Typical mentality that keeps us enslaved psychologically".
The US FDA's action might seem arbitrary, and Pfizer's demands may well seem arrogant, but to link the two in some kind of #Bharat as #Vishwaguru v America as Foreign #Angrez #Gora bad guy is silly, unhelpful, and won't get us anywhere. There are two questions that are relevant
Q1. Is the @US_FDA singling out @BharatBiotech's Covaxin for discriminatory treatment because it is a #desi #vaccine?. BTW, that is not my descriptive term it was used by @blsanthosh.
A. No. Not if you consider that so far ONLY 3 vaccines have had #EUA from the FDA.
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There's nothing more important over the next 6 weeks than increasing *effective* #vaccine immunity of two doses for everyone. That depends on timely supply, quick dose administration, ability to target highest risk targets, AND accessibility/acceptance./2
#onpoli #covid19ontario
If one of these links is lagging, progress falters. This is especially true if the highest risk populations are not getting the *effective uptake* needed. Peel as a prime example remains a concern. Moderate vaccination levels are not good enough in a high positivity/delta zone./3
The province has wisely chosen to target delta variant risk areas. But history shows that more levers may be needed in certain areas than just opening a clinic. It seems time that new levers be used to complement this effort by /4…
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#InternationalBankingCartel Themes at 2021 G7 Meeting



#PublicHealth & the #ChinaVirus Outbreaks


Gender "Fluid" + LGBT + Anti-Testosterone (Strong, Aggressive White Men are Bad)

Where have All the Cowboys Gone ?

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A chemical engineer from Andhra Pradesh became viral on social media by talking against vaccines. He now appeared in mainstream media channels and quoted that every family will have one death in the third corona wave.
#Vaccine #misinformation
Thread 👇 (1/n)
He has made multiple misleading claims on Vaccines which may raise #vaccinehesistancy among the public. let's see the facts (2/n)
#AndhraPradesh #coronavirus #CovidVaccine
He claims that Vaccine #efficacy was reduced to 60 % against delta variant (which is first found in India). He also says that out of 100, only 60 people are safe, and the remaining 40 people are will surely get coronavirus which he termed as vaccine are not safe. (3/n)
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While the "numbers" are plummeting & horror news about #India has fallen silent, some media flood us with news that 🇮🇳#Ivermectin has been removed from the list of #Covid_19-#therapeutics.…
What's really going on?
2/ Back on 4/28/21, the Indian Ministry of Health included #Ivermectin in the list of treatment options for asymptomatic and mildly ill #Covid_19 cases:
3/9 Despite a low #vaccination rate at that time, the "numbers" dropped steeply since then. Wherever #Ivermectin was introduced in #India, the situation improved very rapidly, due of course to other causes:
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2. Stew Peters' interviews #DrJaneRuby, outs the CDC for "lies" -- confirms a "well known" but experimental ("not for humans") technology called #magnetofection that magnetizes cells (for the purpose destabilizing the cells; enabling changes to mRNA):…
... I will attempt to keep this thread updated of news re: people becoming magnetized as a result of AT LEAST the #Moderna toxins.

more news soon...
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This is my favourite modern public health experiment ever. After years of my life focusing only on this crappy #Aedes mosquito I could not be more happy to read this. But, hidden here amongst the incredible science is what it took to get this to work 1/5…
To make this successful, and when I say successful I mean wildly successful: 77% reduction of dengue in an urban setting! Urban is hard! They undertook some of the best #CommunityEngagement I have ever seen.2/5
They used 10,000 #volunteers to place containers full of mosquito eggs in people’s back yards. They had community meetings. They let people in to see the labs. They used Whatsapp engagement. Do you know what it takes to get everyone to agree to this? It’s amazing! 3/5
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Robert Bryson
Breaking News: All over the #U.S. news and media channels are reportings on Anthony #Fauci regarding his funding and involvement into gain of function Frankenstein viruses like #Covid, that appears to have been manufactured from within a laboratory in #Wuhan China.
None of these major breaking news headlines are being presented by the #U.K. news and media outlets or even #politicians - instead, this most corrupt #government are more focused on giving out dodgy contracts to donors and pushing the #vaccine agenda.
Anthony #Fauci has been questioned numerous times by the Senate, but has denied and lied numerous times about his involvement and funding to the #Wuhan laboratory in China.
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1/ #Vaccination #Adivasi #COVID thread; day begins with an orientation meeting to #Solega #Adivasi leadership on #vaccination at a hamlet; we address doubts and misconceptions; leaders criticise the stereotype of #Tribal Community as being hesitant and "running away";
2/ ask that officials & NGOs engage meaningfully and respectfully with their leadership at multiple levels; refuse the idea that they are ALL hesitant which often prevails among "others"; they explain what is the best way of engaging #Adivasi communities
3/ They offer to identify #COVID volunteers in each podu (hamlet); volunteers can be oriented in small groups & shall help with obtaining proper consent and participation of their elders;
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A gist of what Dr #Fauci said last night in a Zoom chat abt #COVID19 & #science organised by @niemanfdn
A thread:
Asymptomatic transmission has been most worrying when it comes to the #pandemic. Interested to understand long #Covid going forward, the profound impact it can have.
#Science is a self corrected process but had been interpreted as flip-flopping. If you don't evolve with data you're doing something wrong.
People should not confuse #socialmedia for media which has no quality control. Classic #journalism hasn't changed. We are looking at a battle between distorters and truth-tellers.
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Tomorrow, the European Parliament will vote on their global vaccine strategy 💉🌍

🗣 Ahead of that, we thought we would share the 6 things to know about the #vaccine waiver and arguments for it.

Fact #1 

Yes, we can ramp up manufacturing 💪

There are nearly 150 manufacturing facilities that could make #covid19 vaccines... IF we had an open system with distributed manufacturing, tech transfer & we waived intellectual property 🗣💉


Fact #2

A licensing approach will not work 🚫

A 'fair licensing approach' sounds nice in theory, but the power still lies in the hands of #BigPharma.

They have already made their billions, how we step in to save the millions? 👩🏻👨🏽👱🏿‍♀️


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Nieuwe draad.
@ADnl pakt het op: ziek na vaccinatie
Oa mensen met verzwakte afweer bv kankerpatiënten aan chemo/immuno-therapie!
Probeer hier al lang bewustwording voor te krijgen @hugodejonge @MinPres @GGDGHORNL @rivm ...zie draadjes/tweets
Blijft verontrustend dat kankerpatiënten onder behandeling (oa chemo-, immuuntherapie, immuunonderdrukkende medicatie) algemeen advies krijgen #coronavaccinatie
Kankerpatiënten in trials uitgesloten.
Elke kankerpatiënt is uniek, dus maatwerk nodig!
#Covid_19 #Vaccinatie
Veel artsen volgen algemene richtlijnen/protocollen.
Dus ook algemeen advies eigen "koepel" ook tav nieuwe #mRNA
Dit terwijl kankerpatiënten uitgesloten waren van vaccin-trials en geen/minder immuunrespons te verwachten is bij bv chemo/immuuntherapie.
#Vaccinatie #Covid_19
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#LiveToday: Join @PrasanthTweets, @VrindaBhandari, Dan Yair, & @sardarbinyan as they discuss the current state of COVID-19 litigation at @rightscon 2021.…
#DigitalRights #Covid19
. @SFLCin has assisted in the filing of a writ petition challenging the Liberalised Pricing and Accelerated National COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy before the Kerala High Court.…
#petition #Vaccination #VaccinationForAll
The liberalised pricing policy has allowed a multi-track procurement process & a differential vaccine pricing mechanism where vaccines will be supplied by the two Vaccine Manufacturers, @SerumInstIndia as well as @BharatBiotech to the Center, the States & private hospitals.
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Can people with allergies get #Vaccinated ?
Can pregnant women/lactating mothers take #COVID19 vaccine?
Do I get enough antibodies after getting vaccinated ?
Is blood clotting common after taking vaccine?

Answers to all questions on #COVID #Vaccination 👉… Image
Can people with Allergies get #Vaccinated?

If someone has a significant allergy problem, then #COVID19 vaccine should be taken only after medical advice

- Member(Health) @NITIAayog


Can pregnant women take #COVID19 vaccine?

Member (Health), @NITIAayog
Dr. V K Paul and AIIMS Dir. Dr. Randeep Guleria answer doubts about #COVID19 vaccines

@MinistryWCD @PIBWCD

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📣NEW📣 Our monthly #INFOGRAPHIC is here, with all you need to know about how #African countries are responding to #COVID19.

Our headline?

While deliveries are still far too low, #China has surpassed #COVAX as #Africa's top vaccine source. How and why? Read on 🧵👇🏾!

2/ The first fact to be aware of is that #Africa accounts for under 3% of global cases, under 4% of global deaths, and under 2% of global vaccines administered.
3/ African governments and the @_AfricanUnion have so far ordered doses to cover 50% of the population. But only 1.9% of the population could be covered right now. It's a huge discrepancy, because deliveries are too slow.
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Hey dude, the fact that countries generously donated to help #India fight #COVID19 #SecondWave, is not the credit of the Indian government. Its to their credit and it’s a failure of the government to be so unprepared for the second wave!
It’s not entirely true that Indian government failed to vaccinate people in the 70s and 80s. In cooperation with @WHO, #India managed to eradicate #SmallPox by 1988. That was a huge achievement and this speech just belittles that!
yes #India did come up with #COVID19 #Vaccine in a record time, but to claim that this is #IndianExceptionalism is untrue. Making a #COVID19Vaccine in record time wouldn’t have been possible without global collaboration. If anything Covid showed exceptionalism isn’t the way.
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Government regulators: “Be rest assured that we have done rigorous testing for the #vaccine’s safety & efficacy, and it’s also really safe for children and pregnant women. Just get the shot.” #Pfizer #Moderna #Janssen #AstraZeneca
P2… These are the charlatans and #BigPharma mattress backs who are responsible for waving through this insane experimental mRNA gene cocktail…
P3 - If you’ve made it this far and are still feeling cool about being a human guinea pig for the Pharmaceutical Industry, then this next clip is specially for you…
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PM @narendramodi ji chaired a high level meeting to review the progress of India’s vaccination drive.  Officials gave a detailed presentation on various aspects of the vaccination drive. 1/2

#VaccinationDrive #Vaccine #LargestVaccineDrive ImageImageImage
PM was briefed about the current availability of vaccines and the roadmap for ramping it up. He was also apprised about the efforts undertaken to help various vaccine manufacturers ramp up production of vaccines.
Government of India is actively working with vaccine manufacturers & helping them in terms of facilitating more production units, financing and supply of raw materials.

PM reviewed the status of vaccination coverage in health-care workers as well as front-line workers. 3/4
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Have questions on Covid19 recovery?
We answer the most important ones in this master thread. #stayaware

❓Is a #Covid test required to confirm recovery?

If you do not have any symptoms 14 days after confirmation of Covid, a repeat test IS NOT required.

❓When can I consider myself recovered from Covid?

➡️ 14 days after date of test.
➡️ 3 consecutive days of no symptoms.
➡️ If you had severe symptoms, consult your doctor for discharge criteria.
➡️ No need for a repeat RTPCR test.

❓Do I need to continue wearing masks inside my home after recovery?

No. One does not generally transmit the virus after Day 10 of infection. After 14 days of room quarantine, there is no need to wear a #mask inside the house.

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.@RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta will announce the bi-monthly monetary policy statement today

Watch LIVE, from 10 AM:

📡Live Now📡

@RBI Governor's address to cover:

Monetary policy decision and rationale
Assessment of growth and inflation
Guidance on liquidity and financial markets
Additional measures
Broad approach of RBI going forward

Live Now :
Policy Repo Rate to remain unchanged at 4%

Accommodative stance of monetary policy to continue as long as necessary to revive & sustain growth, to mitigate impact of #COVID19 on economy, ensure inflation remains within target

- @RBI Gov. @DasShaktikanta

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A B-lister (woman) who used to be, not only my Facebook friend but, someone I had frequent private conversations with, & who is the wife of a well-known A-lister’s father, have lived in Singapore & Thailand for many years. The husband/father has owned, 👇
2/4 and later worked for a biotech company, that based on my conversations with her, obviously gets funding from the US. As well, they often attended HRC fundraisers. In a private message, she told me her hubs was helping the Chinese work on a #vaccine. 👇
3/4 When I began to question this entire PLANdemic scenario, on my own FB page, she went on the attack (ya gotta know who butters your bread, right). When I asked her about her husband’s dealings, she immediately blocked me. 👇
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We’re just starting our National Rural Business Summit on #COVID19 vaccines!

It’s not too late to join Gov. Dirk Kempthorne and @SecVislack for this timely conversation:…
.@TheCOVIDCollab Co-Chair & Former Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne: “Instead of talking about vaccine hesitancy, we should talk about vaccine confidence. We need to tell why we’re confident that these vaccines are working and safe“
“To once again get all our children back in school, we need more citizens vaccinated or we run the risk of another year of virtual education,” Gov. Kempthorne says. “Today’s summit is not just about talking — it’s acting” to vaccinate #rural America. #healthaction
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Today's update to the #COVID19 Dashboard is experiencing a short delay.

An update is expected soon. Please check back here.
Due to technical difficulties, today's update to the #COVID19 Dashboard is delayed. Please check back here. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Today's update to the #COVID19 Dashboard is experiencing a delay.

On Thurs 03 June 2021, 5,274 new cases and 18 deaths within 28 days of a positive test were reported across the UK

A total of 39,758,428 people have now received the first dose of a #vaccine.
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