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10 Jun
1/ This is a good question. @MPJulian hammered the Liberals for giving the Big Banks $750 billion within days of the pandemic yet by October 2020 they hadn't fulfilled their commitment to provide financial aid to people with disabilities.
2/ April 29, 2020: Liberals agreed to raise the CESB student benefit to $2,000/month for students with disabilities (and/or those with kids). This was one of the NDP's demands to pass the bill. It was limited to students but was a policy win.…
3/ In June 2020 the Liberals tried to bundle a one-time relief payment for people with disabilities into an omnibus bill which had many provisions the opposition parties could not support. NDP criticized the limited eligibility and fought for a new bill.…
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9 Jun
1/ THREAD: I see a lot of Liberals scoff when people rightly claim the NDP were responsible for many of the best aspects of the government's COVID relief benefits (a robust $2K/month CERB, 75% wage subsidy, CESB, $2K/extended CRB, and CRSB paid sick days). So here's the receipts.
2/ March 18, 2020 the Liberals' initial pandemic response was to expand EI access with an Emergency Care Benefit ($1800/month/15 weeks), boost the CCB, a one-time GST rebate, student loan payment deferrals, 10% wage subsidy, and tax deferrals until August.…
3/ March 23: The NDP demanded a 75% wage subsidy instead of 10%, and called for $2K cheques for *every* Canadian adult + $250 for each child (Mar 23). They also called for a mortgage/rent/utilities moratorium, and boosted domestic PPE production.…
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8 Jun
As someone who has seen their home value go up exponentially in under 3 years, I can honestly tell @TOAdamVaughan that I'm perfectly fine with a 30-50% price drop to improve housing affordability. Stop helping those who don't need it. #HousingCrisis #cdnpoli
2) Skyrocketing prices don't actually help home owners that much either because they're contingent on low interest rates. If you need to move you still end up with a mortgage because *everything* costs more. Tapping into equity also requires paying more interest to banks/lenders.
3) Flippers, foreign investors, and money launderers are buying up supply and driving up prices. But it's clear that @TOAdamVaughan and the @liberal_party have a vested interest in rising prices; with their partial ownership scheme they've now become shareholders of real estate.
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28 Feb
1) The NDP needs to get better *presenting* their platforms as common sense, modest Social Democracy. What do I mean by that? I mean they need to be able to appeal to centrists by not couching things in ideological terms, *without abandoning their core values or bold objectives.*
2) If you ask people if they want Canada to have universal pharmacare & dentalcare, free childcare & postsecondary education, while at the same time see the gov tax big banks, mega-corporations and billionaires more, the vast majority will agree. None of these things are radical.
3) But voters have been conditioned to believe that wanting more is unrealistic or unachievable. That such goals can only be ever realized very gradually, if at all. Yet all those aforementioned policies already exist in other countries, and are achievable with political will.
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20 Sep 19
1/8 For those saying they need to "strategically vote Liberal" to keep Scheer out: here are at least 75 ridings where you should strategic vote NDP, based on results in the past 8 elections, incumbents, returning MPs, etc.
#Cdnpoli #Elxn43 #UniteTheLeftVote #ElectProgressives
-St. John's East
-St. John's South—Mount Pearl

-Dartmouth—Cole Harbour

-Rimouski-Neigette—Témiscouata—Les Basques
-Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie
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12 Sep 19
This #elxn43 vote FOR the #NDP that will ACTUALLY deliver progressive policies, like:
1) Reducing Wealth inequality:
✅Wealth Tax on richest 0.1% (net worth of $20 million +)
✅End subsidies for fossil fuel/big telecom corps
✅Tax reform to close #TaxGap + stop tax evasion
1) Reducing Wealth inequality (continued)
✅Increase corporate tax rate to 18%
✅Increase inclusion rate on capital gains to 75%
✅Federal foreign buyer's tax on real estate
✅Increase federal minimum wage to $15/hour
✅Mandatory Pension-insurance program
✅Ban unpaid internships
2) A Green New Deal including:
✅300,000 green jobs
✅Paying to re-train workers in fossil-fuel industries
✅Subsidizing FREE public transit
✅Banning single-use plastics
✅Subsidies to retrofit homes for energy efficiency
✅Meeting Paris climate targets
✅Carbon-neutral by 2050
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