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On the Canadian Disability Benefit:
Angus Reid Poll
89% of Canadians are in favour
59% believe existing support/benefits are inadequate
63% believe it should be set above the poverty level
@JustinTrudeau @djnontario @CQualtro
This should be rapidly adopted, not 3 years!
Types of Disabilities among Canadians.
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1/ This is a good question. @MPJulian hammered the Liberals for giving the Big Banks $750 billion within days of the pandemic yet by October 2020 they hadn't fulfilled their commitment to provide financial aid to people with disabilities.
2/ April 29, 2020: Liberals agreed to raise the CESB student benefit to $2,000/month for students with disabilities (and/or those with kids). This was one of the NDP's demands to pass the bill. It was limited to students but was a policy win.…
3/ In June 2020 the Liberals tried to bundle a one-time relief payment for people with disabilities into an omnibus bill which had many provisions the opposition parties could not support. NDP criticized the limited eligibility and fought for a new bill.…
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I’m so fucking sick of this shit, we’re now in the middle of a third wave, with a province wide shutdown, and we’re getting no help from the government despite Covid cases rising here in Ontario, and with everything from increased costs of using grocery delivery services ... 1/9
the rising cost of groceries, plus having to buy PPE, this is, well, let’s just call it what it is, the genocide and culling of disabled people by the government (both provincially and federally), especially when the only option in front of us is MAID ... 2/9
which the government has made clear by passing Bill C7, honestly how the fuck am I and others relying on social assistance expected to survive this pandemic, hell we’re not even prioritized early on the vaccine list despite many who are immunocompromised ... 3/9
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Fellow Canadian disabled peeps. If you want to notify the United Nations (convention on the rights of disabled persons) of whats happening in to us Canada this is their email Here is link to them . Cont.…#pwd #odspoverty
1) disabled were excluded intentionally in pandemic planning and funding. This was despite research done by them showing the need and despite Human Rights Comm. Recomendations See links…
Ontario Human rights recommendations ignored.
#pwd #odspoverty…
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This Valentine's Day, Sun., Feb. 14th, we are celebrating #ODSPovertyHeartbreak.
2. In the EVENING we’re asking you to send an email about an aspect of #ODSPoverty of your choosing to 3 different groups of people. It can be the same email, but it has to be sent out separately to 3 different groups. Copy & paste the text, just change the To: & CC: fields.
3. You can choose to write about your own experience on #ODSPoverty or anything else about #ODSPoverty that you want to highlight. You don't have to be disabled or on ODSP to write the letter. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to write!
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Feeling lately: complete & utter hopelessness. A giant pit of it I can’t get out of and every time I try to look up to possibly see a way out, I seem to just get dirt in my eyes from shovelers up above. I cry myself awake and to sleep. #ODSPoverty #MAiD #BillC7 #Disabled #PWDs
Instead of calls for rates to be raised, I see instead calls to rally behind horse owners who undoubtedly have received CERB, business loans or both. Themselves & their horses are not starving & they are not applying for assisted suicide, others who have received no help are....
...but let’s rally behind them & encourage help for disabled, says NDP Joel. Ok, so where is the Ontario horse owners for disability rates to be raised Twitter page? Where is their group letter to parliament? Or was it just a one-off mumbling from the horse owner community? #ODSP
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THREAD: Many were angered when the province announced financial help for equine businesses, while people with disabilities have languished on poverty incomes during COVID. I reached out to some equestrians, who are speaking out in support of raising ODSP rates. #ODSPoverty 1/6
Here’s what Amanda Holt, a horse owner, told me: “I take strength from my horses when I connect with them. And I hope that you, the strong equestrians of Ontario, will use that strength to raise your voices for those who need our support now..." #ODSPoverty 2/6
"If you own a horse, love a horse, ride/drive a horse, or just like looking at these gorgeous animals, raise your voices in gratitude for what we have and in concern for those who need immediate assistance.” #ODSPoverty 3/6
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Today is the 28th annual #InternationalDayofPersonsWithDisability (#IDPWD2020 ) and, on a day meant to celebrate disability pride and push for disability justice the Canadian government is set to move forward with Bill C7, making it easier for disabled people to "choose" death.
I'm horrified that this is happening today...of all days.

But Jeff, you may be asking, isn't this a good thing? Isn't it a win for disabled people to have the right to choose death? To be 'free' from suffering?
Yes, disabled people across this country suffer every minute of every day. But we suffer from #odspoverty and support programs that mandate us to lives of poverty. We suffer from employers passing us by because they assume we'd be "too expensive" to accommodate.
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1/10The need to self-isolate increases needs and costs. Getting to the grocery store is not an option all on ODSP now. Transportation is disrupted and more costly. Those with compromised immune systems can’t risk the trip. This leaves grocery delivery services cannot be afforded
2/10“For people on ODSP, watching others receive $2,000 a month from the federal government is a bitter pill to swallow.” This is how a working #disabled person gets ALL the time minus pandemic. And they work under circumstances where most doctors say NO working #ODSPoverty
3/10On April 21st, more than a month after we went into self-isolation, the Ford government announced how they would treat CERB. While the federal government urged the provinces and territories to let recipients receive the CERB without a clawback to social assistance,
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1/4I feel those that chose not to wear a mask are selfish because it is not themselves they are protecting. They are protecting others. I heard in Asian continents if you DO NOT wear a mask you are considered an outcast. People do not like you. They do not want you around them
2/4It is about respect for human lives. About respect for your fellow man NO MATTER what you believe. WEAR A MASK. If you do not and find out you have COVID. I hope these APPS eventually tell you how many #disabled #seniors #kids #sick that you passed it on too and killed.
3/4And Canada needs to make it so the disabled can afford PPE. The Right kind and keep it clean or be able to wear three. I want to save lives not take them. I need this Because I cannot afford to stay in and have groceries delivered. In fact I go without food. #ODSPoverty
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1/3Who truly thought if a catastrophic event like this virus happened that the most vulnerable on earth would be ignored??? Never in my wildest nightmares with the poverty we already live in I thought they would be making sure the #disabled were ok. #ODSPoverty
2/3This Pandemic opened this #sick woman's eyes to the things people have been telling me for years. But for some reason I took what I got (not much) #suffered in pain but was grateful to have something to eat and a roof most of the time. I just never felt entitled. #ODSPoverty
3/3But now I see that being #disabled I have rights and am to be protected by my country. And I am not neither is my community. Does the govt not understand the the disabled are the ones spreading the virus unable to afford PPE or grocery delivery. #ODSPoverty
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1/3 I had a lot of time to do thinking while in this fleabag motel. As I thought I recalled a speech I think it was Harris but do not hold me to that. It was said that the OAS pension would run out by 2021. If anyone can find that on Youtube or newspaper I would appreciate.
2/3As I have not hidden this tweeter who is disabled and 51 yrs old believes #seniors #disabled #vets and anyone who relies on the govt, are being culled. Does it not seem strange that this vaccine MAY be ready by the END 2021. We have the biggest population of #seniors right now
3/3 Baby boomers are aging and are Seniors. So since the OAS is running out. And #disabled are being completely ignored during this WORSE time during the pandemic. Yet they say there are discretionary funds for the #disabled but TRUST THIS TWEETER there is nothing. #ODSPoverty
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1/3I had the worst week of my life. The infrastructure in this park that he is trying to evict everyone from the arborist told him trees must be felled. Yet nope. I went without power for 4 days. Spent 3 nights at a hotel fleabag 100 dollars a night was cheapest #ODSPoverty
2/3 Hydro One did their job but how old the infrastructure is here taking a hit like that when the put new transformer in it kept blowing. SO they unhooked all our panels till OWNER fixed it. He did. 3 days later. It got cold as you all know Quinte Brighton area. #ODSPoverty
3/3 Lost all my food. That I bought with gift cards out the kindness of a charity. All gone.I finally get home and in my mailbox are two gift cards. From same Charity. May God Bless this Pandemic help that our Government is not helping us with
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Quick recap of the #ONBudget:


➡ No immediate financial relief for post-secondary students, only a freeze of over-priced pre-pandemic tuition fees
➡ Inadequate funding to hire more educators for smaller, safer classes - students and faculty need help

#onpse #onted

➡ Ignored our #homelessness crisis
➡ Absolutely ZERO funds for direct rent relief
➡ Raised hydro rates for residential properties, instead of the promised reduction of 12%
Health and LTC

➡ Hospitals have a $850 million #COVID19 deficit, no action plan to expand public healthcare
#LTC boutique tax credits doesn't fix our broken private care industry
➡ No details on achieving four hours of direct care for every LTC resident in Ontario by 2025
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Dear @fordnation , my name is Jessica F, and this will be my 3rd attempt to contact you. I understand that you are incredibly busy, and I apologize if my messages are a burden, but this matter is important not only to me but my community as well. #ODSPoverty
@fordnation On August 7th, when asked why the $100 Covid-19 relief was cancelled you cited those who were able to collect CERB as well as ODSP, saying they were up a couple hundred bucks and those who are healthy enough to work should get a job. #ODSPoverty
According to the @ODSPAction , only 8% at most of ODSP recipients were able to work at the end of 2019, meaning when you cited those who could work, you left out approx. 92%, including myself who physically cannot work without severe risks to my physical health. #ODSPoverty
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I've enrolled in MAID, seeing as I can no longer afford to live, nor can I afford the food & medicine I need to get better. @fordnation is killing me slowly, but not just me, which is why I had to wait over an hour the first time I called. @OntHumanRights #ODSP #ODSPoverty
When you call, they will try to say that you need to be in a terminal state, or close to death. All you need to do is to remind them that on their website, due to the newly relaxed terminology of @fordnation, that is no longer true.
Once I got past that little hurdle, it was smooth sailing. They're super friendly & accommodating. You even have the choice of having assisted suicide at home or in a facility. Fast service too-only a 10 wait period after final approval. If only raising rates was just as fast.
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