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To those spouting at #PWD’s on #ODSP to “get a job”, may I remind you that #ODSP is for ppl who are #DISABLED that either can’t work or can’t work F/T, & even if we attempt to try and find work #ODSP claws back 50% of every $ made above 200$ … 1/6
it is #legislatedpoverty, we only receive 1,169 a month to live on, can you live on that ? I dare you to come up with a budget on that amount rn, guess what, you can’t, no one on #ODSP is living high on the hog I can guarantee you that … 2/6
yes there are #benefits but it’s a #bureaucratic nightmare, everything needs to be approved, forms need to be filled out, these are often #discretionary and the caseworker can deny it if it doesn’t meet a certain #eligibility 3/6
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No government, provincial or federal has done anything to effectively address the distressing poverty of persons with disabilities to date. A number that at last count was 6.2 million people across Canada. (1/5)
They're addressing the needs of millionaires, billionaires, companies, corporations, children, seniors, property owners, landlords, & the working class.....but they have entirely ignored the disability community. (2/5) #disabilityadvocacy #Discrimination
This is effectively like showing up to a house on fire and helping all the people outside and around the house while those within it are left to watch & die. It's nonsensical, it's cruel, and it borders on a crime against humanity. (3/5) #disabilityawareness #PWD #poverty
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Yesterday during a canvass on Cumberland, I met some folks enjoying the weather on the driveway & were eager to talk.

One asked upfront: "so what are you running for?"

My admittedly flustered response: "@OntarioGreens?"

"No, what principles?"

Well, let me tell you 1/6 #onpoli
My principles demand I bring attention to the #ClimateCrisis. Despite what someone else told me during one of my first canvasses, not every party is 'green' now.

Only @MikeSchreiner & @OntarioGreens bring focus to the threat. The others twiddle their thumbs and waste time. 2/6 Image
My principles encouraged me to run to lift people out of poverty. Whether you're in #ODSPoverty, are able to work but are drowning in this cost of living crisis, or facing a steep financial curve starting a new family.

We all need help - we've gotten none for 30 years. 3/6 Image
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Hey Autistic Person with Large Following/Reputation in Canada Here
Ontario doesn't need an Autism Program and emphasis on it in politics is driven by lobbyists that push services that aren't evidence-driven/highly correlated to trauma
#ABAisAbuse #OnPoli
The Ontario Liberals, when faced with the issue of #ODSPoverty(disability supports being legislated poverty), decided they can't commit to raising #ODSP significantly

Instead they are using #50KisNotOK to feign action on Disability
The evidence-base for #ABA is so bad they call it needs-based instead and the reputation for ABA is so bad they won't even call it by name instead calling it needs-based therapy #ABAisAbuse…
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1/ To be blunt, I don't want to hear about how you didn't find the leaders likeable, or the campaigns inspiring. I don't want to hear about the flaws in platforms, or how the polls look. There are so many people in this province counting on us to defeat the Ford PCs this #onpoli:
2/ Vote for the most vulnerable Ontarians with disabilities who are trapped in poverty, some of whom are seeking medically-assisted suicide (MAID) because of #ODSPoverty. #VoteForTheDisabled #VoteToEndODSPoverty

Vote to improve autism supports.
3/ Vote for our doctors and nurses, the people you called heroes this pandemic and who are pleading with us to vote the PCs out of power and elect a government that will actually invest adequately in healthcare again. #VoteForNurses #VoteForDoctors
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Dear disabled peeps,
Heres info on the next U.N. disability conference. Please take a moment and tweet your opinions to @UN_Enable as to how Canadians with disabilitys are treated in comparison to how we r supposed to be treated under U.N. law which u can read in the
Topic u might want to address that THE U.N. may b concerned about
-severe poverty
Lack of pandemic plan
Maid expanded during a pandemic
Lack subsidized housing
Lack of homecare
Impossibly complex processes to get disability supplies/ equipment
Lack of legal aid
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Still surprises me 2 find blatant discrimination in violation of human rights laws. New " affordable" housing 1 bed apartments but u MUST Have a job or self employment
Must earn at least $15,000
Province funded 11.5 million to the building. PWD receiving benefits need not apply!
Ticks me right off!
How can they advertise offering units at rents as low as $375 then pwd dont even get to apply. Brand new building fully rented out.
On govt site theg complement them!!!
In the province where this is located its interesting that the maximum disability payment is about $15,000 a year so to qualify to apply a pwd wud have to earn enuf to lose their mthly disabilty check and related benefits. Reminds me of a house my parents looked at to buy many
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Dear peeps with disabilitys, on June 15th is the next big big meeting by the United Nations on CRPD. Here is the info link and a link to watch it live.
But do u have something to say about how u r treated as a disabked person in Canada? Yes? So tweet to @UN_Enable
Links follow
What do u think of our below poverty level income? Inability 2 obtain housing that is vacant? The Canada Disability Benefit fiasco?…
Dat3s to watchbitvare June 14- 15
What do I think of Carla Qualtrough?
Getting Maid as our pandemic plan instead of monthly aid?
Govt allowing provinces to do discriminating hospital triage ?…
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The United Nations inspected a country & were truly shocked at the level of poverty of its disabled citizens. The U.N. travels around the world and sees really nasty stuff. A country covered by both Human Rights and Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons law
Why ? Because they said Canada is such a wealthy country . No excuse for the state of its disabled citizens. U.N. was also concerned that the government created Maid and enlarged it to cover this same population.
So vote
Make sure its a decision u can live with & b proud of
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@lmhnewman @DrSylvainRoy For a very impressive resume u did not "get it not even in the same ball park.I dont know if u ever will but u can at least read the following links .Comparing your family member with a family on odsp does not relate. U have money to help them. At least
@lmhnewman @DrSylvainRoy Your child has heat, hydro, internet, SAFE housing, even ligjtbulbs. A kid in a odsp family may have none of the above or intermittently. Thats odsp!…
@lmhnewman @DrSylvainRoy Canada signed this 12 years ago voluntarily. Its actually insulting to disabled how either unprepared or intentionally blind u were to the fact that disabled have RIGHTS based on law not a Amazon wishlst.
Recommendations from U.N.…
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If u don't know who to vote for this is a real eye opener as to whether a person of any party understands the concept of inclusiveness in society. I was shocked that yet again that 2 parties thought a wheelchaitvramp was accessibility. Also surprised that they don't realize
CASH is how the abled get housing but they think somehow cash is not how disabled do it. Talk of building more housing and "tiny" homes more instead of providing enuf cash so disabled can live in units presently vacant . Only 1 mentioned disabled dying. But all 3 "think" they
They understand disability. Only 1 recognized our right to RUN for election. No mention that a lack of support services and their cost determines if u take a shower on a 6mth waitlist. Frankly they all need to read the CRPD As no one said we have CITIZENSHIP RIGHTS!
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Come on @StevenDelDuca - You can do better for #ODSP than "10/10/2/2/2oh they died".

Play back our zoom from March 28th.
(you recorded it, right ?)

Listen to what the community has been through.
there's -NO- reason the OLP platform should be comparable to Fords 1/ #OntarioVotes
Right now your tied for 4th best platform for #ODSP.

LONG term, Ford's is actually better.
because while you've got those two 10's..
you're gonna chase it forever with 2% ?

Ford's is horrible at 5% but it can never get worse with inflation indexing, yours can @StevenDelDuca 2/
if we have 5 straight years of 5% inflation, the PC plan puts people on ODSP at $1566 (which still is literally criminally low. 2027 and $1566 ? Jesus Christ)

Your plan with two 10% bumps chased by 2% raises after puts ODSP at just $1501 in 2027.
@MitzieHunter @jillpromoli 3/
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@CQualtro Dear@CQualtro If i did my math right..
Since 2013 minimum wage has increased $5.25 hr in Ontario.
Based on 40 hrs week odsp went up .48 CENTS!
$10,920 a year.
Thats why disability rates need to be more than doubled then add on the extra cost of disability &
@CQualtro The present soaring cost of living increases that r especially impacting food, rent , meds etc.THis is why its an emergency. This us why u need to get emergency checks out to disabled now! & then get Can. Disability Benefit implemented fast!
@CQualtro @HonDavidOnley Minimum wage ( govt must think its the min 2 syrvive) went from $10.25 (in 2013) to $ 15.50=from $21,320to $32,240
And odsp went from $1086 mth or $13,032 yr to $14025yr or 1169mth
So min wage went up $10, 920 year.
While odsp went from $6.27 hr $13,032 to $6.75 hr or $14,028 a
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Dear@CQualtro If i did my math right..
Since 2013 minimum wage has increased $5.25 hr in Ontario.
Based on 40 hrs week odsp went up .48 CENTS!
$10,920 a year.
Thats why disability rates need to be more than doubled then add on the extra cost of disability &
The present soaring cost of living increases that r especially impacting food, rent , meds etc.THis is why its an emergency. This us why u need to get emergency checks out to disabled now! & then get Can. Disability Benefit implemented fast!
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TW: medically assisted death, eugenics, ableism

What the fuck is not giving disabled people enough money to live if not "outside pressure or influence" to encourage us to unalive ourselves?

We can't Consent if we have no other options. That's not how consent works. Screenshot of Canadian gove...
Multiple people have sought MAID after advocating for Years to get access to housing that would have saved their lives. They didn't want to die. They could have lived good lives. If they could afford to live them.

That is not voluntary consent.
I am Not considering MAID. But I Am currently looking for housing and unable to find affordable, accessible, scent-free housing in Ontario. It's terrifying to know that other people in similar circumstances got forced into this route.
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Why, other than it being the right thing to do, should you care about disability or welfare if you're not on it?

Put simply, self interest.

If you think you can separate their material conditions from yours, you're deluding yourself. 🧵


#Canlab #LivingWage
The low wages and rollback of labour rights for the worker under neoliberalism are connected to the low rates and degradation of those on benefits. The insufficiency of benefit programs, feeds a ready supply of labour to low wage paying employers. Trapping the working class

into a cycle of poverty whether they earn a wage or receive assistance.

If you are poor and look down on people on disability or welfare and support punitive measures intrusiveness, cuts and austerity etc. to social welfare recipients, what you are unwittingly supporting

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The cost of living is skyrocketing, inflation rates are going up. So why aren’t social-assistance rates too?

@OntarioGreens continue to call on the Premier to double the rates for #ODSP 1/4
#PWD have been asking for help during COVID, struggling to survive on a maximum of $1,169 a month — all while the price of food and housing is going through the roof.

Over the past year, the cost of shelter has gone up 4.8%, and food is up 3.9%. #onpoli 2/4
We know persons #PWD have borne a disproportionate burden of the pandemic.

Ontarians shouldn’t have to choose between paying their rent or putting food on the table. The situation is dire. #ODSPoverty 3/4
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Our research showed that 59% of households relying on social assistance in Ontario (#OW/#ODSP) were food-insecure before the pandemic. @ODSPAction #ODSPoverty

@TheAgenda recently reported on the increased difficulty of making ends meet amid the pandemic & rising inflation. (1/6)
📺 @mr_lois_lane and @JeyanTVO discussed how ODSP rates are inadequate for meeting basic needs and have gotten worse as they haven’t kept up with inflation or increased at all since 2018 (2/6)
They also highlighted important research by @MacLabour @stephross_mac @PGraefe, showing that half of those on #OW/#ODSPH went days without food during the pandemic. From:… (3/6) Bar graph titled "Food and COVID by type of government
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Thank you #Barrie Women’s and children’s shelter and the survivors sharing their stories of domestic violence #endVAW but you all want justice and the right kind #VoteNDP
Being a survivor of domestic violence myself. I’ve been called ‘Detective Annie’ for all the nonsense I’ve been through
The following add on tweets is what I’ve read yesterday and took screen shots of this write up (warning some may be disturbing to some)
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On the Canadian Disability Benefit:
Angus Reid Poll
89% of Canadians are in favour
59% believe existing support/benefits are inadequate
63% believe it should be set above the poverty level
@JustinTrudeau @djnontario @CQualtro
This should be rapidly adopted, not 3 years!
Types of Disabilities among Canadians.
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1/ This is a good question. @MPJulian hammered the Liberals for giving the Big Banks $750 billion within days of the pandemic yet by October 2020 they hadn't fulfilled their commitment to provide financial aid to people with disabilities.
2/ April 29, 2020: Liberals agreed to raise the CESB student benefit to $2,000/month for students with disabilities (and/or those with kids). This was one of the NDP's demands to pass the bill. It was limited to students but was a policy win.…
3/ In June 2020 the Liberals tried to bundle a one-time relief payment for people with disabilities into an omnibus bill which had many provisions the opposition parties could not support. NDP criticized the limited eligibility and fought for a new bill.…
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I’m so fucking sick of this shit, we’re now in the middle of a third wave, with a province wide shutdown, and we’re getting no help from the government despite Covid cases rising here in Ontario, and with everything from increased costs of using grocery delivery services ... 1/9
the rising cost of groceries, plus having to buy PPE, this is, well, let’s just call it what it is, the genocide and culling of disabled people by the government (both provincially and federally), especially when the only option in front of us is MAID ... 2/9
which the government has made clear by passing Bill C7, honestly how the fuck am I and others relying on social assistance expected to survive this pandemic, hell we’re not even prioritized early on the vaccine list despite many who are immunocompromised ... 3/9
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This Valentine's Day, Sun., Feb. 14th, we are celebrating #ODSPovertyHeartbreak.
2. In the EVENING we’re asking you to send an email about an aspect of #ODSPoverty of your choosing to 3 different groups of people. It can be the same email, but it has to be sent out separately to 3 different groups. Copy & paste the text, just change the To: & CC: fields.
3. You can choose to write about your own experience on #ODSPoverty or anything else about #ODSPoverty that you want to highlight. You don't have to be disabled or on ODSP to write the letter. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to write!
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