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Inside: Saving the news from Big Tech with end-to-end social media; Hey look at this; and more!

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1/ Image: EFF https://www.eff....
Saving the news from Big Tech with end-to-end social media: The final installment in my EFF series on saving the news.

2/  Image: EFF https://www.eff...
Hey look at this

* Logistics Co Recruiting in American Truck Simulator Amid Driver Shortage…

* Social Case for Bright-Line #Antitrust Rules…

* #Ontario #NDP hearings to lower phone bills/improve ISPs

3/ Image
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THREAD: Guess it's advanced voting day 1. Let me tell you when I was a Wildrose campaign worker. Youth campaign coordinator to be more precise. I was on Bruce McAllister's team. I looked up to him as a smart, funny Global News anchor every morning growing up. #ableg #abelxn Image
Got a few friends on board who wanted to increase youth voter turnout and instill real change in gov. We beat Ted Morton (who's now simping for Smith). I was elated. My first (real) campaign success. But only two years later, our success was in vain.. #abelxn #abpoli #abvotes
My colleagues and I felt so betrayed. Our hard work against the PC dynasty, momentum for the WR, all but vanished during that press conference. McAllister and Smith turned their backs on the party, their constituents, and all the volunteers like me who believed in them. #abelxn…
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1) @Woodsideful Canada’s financial heavyweights are trying to convince the federal govt. to let them keep pumping money into the oil & gas sector, confidential docs obtained by @NatObserver reveal. #BigFiveBanks #BigOil #CAPP #cdnpoli #LPC #NDP…
2) Conveniently enough, the Sustainable Finance Action Council (SFAC) also has its own 'institute', and appears to be affiliated with @queensu in Kingston, ON.
#AstroTurfing #Greenwashing Image
3) JW: Including carbon capture for oilsands production in a transition definition is greenwashing, climate advocates say, because it can only capture emissions from the production stage, which represents only a fraction of oil’s emissions. @GreenMission @EcologyAction @ecelaw
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Ask @JustinTrudeau Qs! Mine thread: /1
1. Where's the promised disability benefit?
2 Are females their own demographic entitled to our own words, sports, spaces and activism?
3. Should women be allowed to express dissent about gender identity ideology and censorship #billc11 Image
/2. How much funding goes to promote the idea that TQ+ "identities" are marginalized and should be tied to LGB activism and organizations, even if LGBs don't agree? How does rebranding white, affluent college students as "diversity" via blue hair and they/them pronoun demands Image
help really promote diversity in Canada. Can't we promote the acceptance of diverse men and women without paying to medicalize them and fund them as non-men and non-women? How much money goes to programs like Gegi.Ca instead of poor, disabled and indigenous Image
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Letter: CJPME has written to @theJagmeetSingh expressing appreciation for his principled policy positions in support of Palestinian human rights. As Parliament resumes this week, we urge the @NDP to translate these commitments into meaningful action. #NDP
@theJagmeetSingh @NDP The increased courage, initiative, and visibility of the @NDP on Palestinian human rights over the last two years has not gone unnoticed, and this principled commitment to oppose injustice is deeply appreciated.…
@theJagmeetSingh @NDP The @NDP’s positions on a range of issues – from forcible transfer in Masafer Yatta, to Israel’s raids against Palestinian NGOs, to reports of Israel's apartheid – reveal a close engagement with civil society and attention to developments on the ground.…
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How can @bcndp justify expanding Methane #naturalgas @BCNDPCaucus ?! HOW? 😔

We HAVE TO get off fossil fuels ASAP.. that's part of the emergency #lngcanada #bcndp #ndp #bcpoli #cdnpoli
Hey @Dave_Eby hope you will have the courage to step up here. The planet needs ppl/leaders who can step-up & lead in this crisis #ClimateCrisis
@BowinnMa @KellyRichmondBC
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Good morning everyone in #cdnpoli who's about to read this thread and learn about an #NDP antisemitism scandal involving @MPJulian.
On August 11, @jonkay posted about an account (variably @Laith_Marouf and @MaroufLaith) posting vile and violent antisemitic content. He asked why this content isn't prohibited on twitter.

In the replies, someone reveals that the individual in question is a paid "anti-racism consultant" for @CdnHeritage.

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Wildly insulting. He's online and responding to tweets.

Why does @MPJulian care about some forms of hate and not others?

Why doesn't he care that the Ministry for which he's a critic pays a Nazi to indoctrinate public servants with hate?

#cdnpoli #NDP #JulianDoesntCare
Hate crimes against Jews up almost 50%. Jews the most targeted religious minority in Canada by a wide margin.

@MPJulian: "Fuck 'em."
It's fine, Pete. It's just government-financed hate speech and incitement to violence against Canada's most-targeted religious minority.

Whatever, it's not like you're an opposition critic for the federal ministry handing out the dough, right?
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We have a failing government and rising costs. A sad time for BC

#BetterBC #NDP #bcpoli #cndpoli
@BCNDPCaucus @BcND
and watersheds are suffering. The Site C Horgan dam is continuing to rack up ridiculous debt and there is no leadership away from fossil fuels. Land defenders on unceded land are jailed for protecting their territory, old growth logged.
Public health has become a personal DIY project with more than one virus spreading at pandemic levels without public protections (ventilation, masks, vaccines) and without data or public education to make personal risk assessments.
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1. Most of you know I have been a vocal + consistent supporter of an Independent Alberta. After 115 years of trying to improve our position within Canada, without any measure of success, I remain so committed.
2. But I would like to explain my pivot from supporting #WIPA to supporting @ABdaniellesmith with the #UCP. This is important and every person desirous of more autonomy for Alberta, up to and including complete Independence, should seriously consider all of these factors.
3. #WIPA’s original stake was for gradually moving towards a referendum under the Clarity Act. Starting with our own Police Force, our own Revenue Agency, and our own Pension + Unemployment fund. This was a good strategy, all doable under the existing Constitution.
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Within 48hrs, 4 articles in Canada's leading newspaper show the rot that's at the heart of the #Trudeau gov:
Ethical breaches
Secrecy………… #cdnpoli
And, please remember, the #NDP is enabling all this. #cdnpoli #TrudeauCorruption #JagmeetSingh
"Bloc House Leader Alain Therrien on Thursday accused the minority Liberal government of using its confidence agreement with the #NDP to create 'a parallel Parliament with its own rules.'" #TrudeauCorruption #cdnpoli
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Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates Solar & Wind are cheapest source for 90% of world’s electricity👀⚡

Being held back by misinformation & myths..

3 Myths About Renewable Energy & Grid 👉DEBUNKED
#bchydro #bcpoli #vanpoli #yyjpoli #cdnpoli #ndp…
Myth No. 1: A grid that increasingly relies on renewable energy is an unreliable grid

Myth No. 2: Countries like Germany must continue to rely on fossil fuels to stabilize the grid and back up variable wind and solar power.
Myth No. 3: Because solar and wind energy can be generated only when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, they cannot be the basis of a grid that has to provide electricity 24/7, year-round.
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#NDP ¡Atención, comunidad universitaria! Aprobamos las disposiciones para el financiamiento de la implementación de Centros Universitarios de Conectividad (CUC) en universidades públicas. Conoce más sobre los CUC aquí. 👇
La implementación de CUC en universidades públicas permitirá brindar las condiciones adecuadas y asegurar la continuidad educativa de estudiantes de pregrado que han sido afectados por la pandemia, a través de un nuevo sistema virtual-presencial universitario.
El objetivo de los CUC es garantizar que las estudiantes y los estudiantes accedan a recursos digitales, a nivel de hardware y software, y cuenten con el acompañamiento adecuado para mejorar sus procesos de aprendizaje.
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🔴 EN VIVO #NDP: Presidente @PedroCastilloTe y ministro @RosendoSernaR inauguran la nueva infraestructura de la emblemática IE N°. 7070 Dra. María Reiche Grosse Neuman de San Juan de Miraflores, ejecutada por el Minedu, a través del @proniedperu. #JuntosPorElRetorno
Con una inversión de más de 15 millones de soles, esta escuela de nivel primaria cuenta ahora con 24 aulas, servicios higiénicos, laboratorios, biblioteca, entre otros nuevos y remodelados ambientes que beneficiarán la calidad y comodidad de cerca de 1300 estudiantes. ImageImageImageImage
Ministro @RosendoSernaR: "En estos días vamos a inaugurar varias escuelas, y contaremos con la visita del presidente @PedroCastilloTe a lo largo y ancho del país. Hay que tener presente que para cubrir la brecha de la infraestructura se necesitan 111 mil millones de soles". Image
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🚨Heads up🚨

This resolution is NOT supported by the Party’s own Disability Committee.

Please vote it down.

Folks need to stop speaking over disabled activists in #OurNDP
#ONDP #disabilityinclusion Resolution 12:15 Needs Based Supports for Children w/Autism
For context - a resolutions committee that includes many unelected staffers pre-prioritized the hundreds of resolutions.

Their picks on disability issues were chosen over those submitted by the actual Disability Committee (PLWD).

This is ableism @OntarioNDP
While we’re talking ableism in politics.

This whole Convention is again centered on inaccessibility - which don’t end with closed captioning FYI.

No lead time to read resolutions. 400 in 24 hours!
No details on elections.
No way to contribute via chat - must be able to speak.
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Today I’m going to talk about this ‘Full Slate’ the NDP had in #Elxn44

There were amazing candidates on there. In fact, our grassroots is full of people perfect for the job - and determined to do the work.

But it wasn’t what it looked like.

And the stories keep rolling in…
Sure, we filled every spot.

But how did we get there?

Was it democratic? No

Did locals get a say in their candidates? Mostly, no.

Did it impact our result? Absolutely!

December 2019, just after the election, a group of Toronto area candidates gathered for dinner.

Guest caller: Jagmeet

He makes us all a promise.

To thank us for our commitment, our dedication to the movement, he tells us…
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So why didn’t I run again?

Because I spoke up.

I ran for Party President last minute on a platform to challenge the divestment of resources from the #NDP grassroots.

We ran to challenge an establishment slate that was bound to continue this strategy.
Over 30% of the Convention delegates agreed with us.

We exposed the rebate debacle for what it was. We challenged their handling of Convention, and their refusal to make the space accessible.

We challenged the National Director’s vision.

That was in April 2020.
The @NDP have cut off all contact since I publicly challenged them.

To me and @NDPYorkSimcoe - of which I am President.

Not one returned phone call or email. Not even when the writ dropped.

They tried to erase us.
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NDP federal council took the rebates from the local Ridings and poured it all into @theJagmeetSingh’s image and campaign.

We invested nothing in the ground.

Two elections : Down 11 seats.

PPC made more gains than us.

We’re not a movement. We’re an ad campaign.

It gets better. Those links to donate to your local? They don’t all work.

Many of them go directly to Central, even with active Riding Associations.

This leaves many Riding Associations unable to even use the standard system (Populus) available for NDP campaigns.

The Party still charges the Ridings almost $1700 for the use of a website and Populus.

This is beyond the budgets of many.
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My Grandma was moved from #Lethbridge #yql ICU to the #Edmonton #yeg ICU to await a transplant.
Her liver and kidneys are both failing.
She is one of the ones drawing a short stick in the triage world.
she is too sick to wait and they need the room in ICU for the increasing #COVID19AB cases in the province.
She has now been taken off the transplant list, and they are going to decrease her life support.
We will lose her within days, none of us can see her, none of us get to say good bye. She will "live" her final days with no loved ones and only medical staff surrounding her.

She didn't end up with COVID but it was ultimately COVID that will take her away from us.

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Yesterday: I pointed out the Big Oil connections of some supporting @JustinTrudeau's climate plan.

Today: @SethDKlein - my bro-in-law & renowned progressive climate policy expert - wrote a detailed and devastating critique of the modelling behind that fatally flawed plan.🧵
Tonight at the leaders debate, @JustinTrudeau will pretend that a couple recent op-eds from economists means that their party has the blessing and support of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (@IPCC_CH).

But that’s simply not true.
The NDP has a better climate plan than the Liberals - one that would kickstart what the @IPCC_CH actually calls for: "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society." #climateemergency
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