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With 21% of Ontarians fully vaccinated, we have surpassed the threshold to move to reopening Step 2. With more than 1% of the province getting a second dose each day, we should reach 25% fully vaccinated on Monday, the threshold set for Step 3.
CFIB calls on @fordnation to prepare to skip Step 2 & move the province to Step 3 next week. This would allow personal services, malls, gyms, entertainment/event venues & indoor dining to reopen (w capacity/other restrictions). These services are currently open in most provinces.
Malls: Ontario is the only province still in lockdown (4 provinces have been fully open in 2021).
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Some #NDP news, I have to be honest with myself that I was put into burnout by the ableism of the staff and particularly Anne McGrath at the @NDP Federal Convention & after, which has destroyed my work and coping capacity.

I've given my time, energy, body to this party for years
I'm in the process of figuring out wtf to do.

An exposé? Keep doing heartbreaking work to try and make the party what it claims to be? Quit, admitting I wasted years on phony career politicians? I don't know. I just know this burnout can be tracked squarely to #NDPConvention2021
People I loved are dying and my capacity to handle it has been ransacked by this burnout.

Burnout caused by the party I go around to doors saying will stand up for marginalized people "forgetting" that disabled party members exist.
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Last weekend @NDP convention delegates adopted a constitutional amendment on labour affiliation & convention delegate entitlement. In this 🧵, I try to make sense of the change by providing some historical context for the #NDP-union relationship.

#canlab #cdnpoli
.@CanadianLabour is a founding partner of the #NDP having played a significant role in the formation of the party in 1961. But the relative strength of labour’s institutional ties has varied over time.
At the @NDP founding convention in 1961, 35% of delegates represented affiliated unions. For the first few decades thereafter, union delegates typically made up a quarter of NDP convention attendees.
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Peter Kormos passed away 8 years ago today. Despite having served 18 of his 23 years at Queen’s Park on the opposition benches and fewer than 6 months in cabinet, the former #NDP MPP commanded a profile that was the envy of most cabinet ministers. THREAD⏬

#onpoli #PeterKormos
Kormos’ populist brand of left politics, his oratorical skills and his in-your-face style of political engagement made him stand out from the crowd. His wicked sense of humour and ability to produce witty one-liners and punchy sound bites made him a media favourite.

Kormos had a gift for getting under people’s skin. In May 2003, he had an amusing run in with Ontario PC MPP John O’Toole, the father of current Conservative Party leader @erinotoole.

#onpoli #PeterKormos
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Damning report from the Information Commissioner of Canada reveals that the #RCMP is not taking the ATIP process seriously – affecting public transparency. Saying “the situation at the RCMP is critical and may soon be past the point of no return.” #NDP #canpoli
One person requested records related to the Nova Scotia shooting under #RCMP jurisdiction, but was told that the RCMP had no relevant records – which of course makes no sense. Not until the commissioner began her investigation were thousands of records identified.
#NDP #canpoli
This is unacceptable and only further creates distrust between the public and the #RCMP. Minister @BillBlair is responsible for dealing with this head on and right away to make sure that Canadians have access to the information promised to them under federal law. #NDP #canpoli
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If you can help @HarvestHillsYYC Please do. They're unfairly being targeted by UCP Conservative Party Trolls & are being harassed by people who are going after their organization.
They've even gone as far as demanding Jenn retract any & all statements she made in regards to being critical of the current Alberta Government.

We are indeed dealing with a cruel & heartless government.
These EVERYDAY heroes, are the very people that are stepping up & filling the GAP that our government is refusing to fill.

The @Alberta_UCP can't see the damage that is being done to the province that I & others love so much. From Doctors to Parks, Everything is being attacked.
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Fascinating, Leslyn Lewis won... Saskatchewan. #cnpoli #CPCLeadership #cpcldr
Lewis’s win in Saskatchewan is interesting. She had solid support from some conservative heavyweights in the prov. She is a social conservative, pro-life. Fascinating to note the impact of groups like Campaign for Life Coalition on the ground/at the ballot box #cpcldr #cdnpoli
It is indeed interesting that a Black woman candidate to the Conservative leadership won in #Saskatchewan. #CPCLeadership #conservativeleadership #cpcldr #cdnpoli
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What in the FUCK is going on here? Can we take a step back and ask why in the hell are we going on about the goings on at WE? We have a fucking pandemic right now and THIS is the shit #CPC/#NDP / #cdnmedia is wasting our time on right now?

#cdnpoli Image
So now we get to hear from the MP, Michael Cooper, who read part of the #Christchurch terrorist's manifesto into #Canada's public record.

"Ethics", according to @AndrewScheer's #CPC.

#cdnpoli #WEscandal Image
So there were layoffs at #WE b/c of #Covid19.



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The #WE scandal surrounding Cnd. PM Justin Trudeau (& Finance Minister Bill Morneau) broke at the end of June. June 26 2020: "Trudeau accused of cronyism over giving #WE Charity a contract to run $912-million student #volunteer program".…
"#WE Day events for young people [] frequently feature Mr. Trudeau & his wife, Sophie Grégoire #Trudeau, as #keynote speakers. Ms. Grégoire Trudeau is a volunteer "#ambassador and ally” of the WE Well-being initiative."

Grégoire Trudeau's daughter, Ella-Grace, & her mother-in-law, Margaret #Trudeau – spoke at an indoor WE Day event in March 2020, attended by 13,000 people. Margaret Trudeau received $250k for 28 event appearances (since 2016) from sister co. #MetoWe.

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THREAD: Nora and I have a new episode out about what's next. And I want to take a minute to address something that comes up in the episode.

#BlackLivesMatter #DefundThePolice #CdnPoli #ONPoli #topoli…
We are witnessing quite possibly the largest social movement in our lifetime with the continued protests against anti-Black racism all over the globe. @BLM_TO has personally received support requests from the UK, Finland, Belgium, Australia, and Brazil.
In Canada, we're trying to track where all the demos are happening (currently mapped on the front page of We have what we know is an incomplete list, with over 60 cities in every province and territory in Canada. I've never seen anything like it.
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~ Today, Jagmeet Singh proposed a motion that would hold cops accountable, fight racism, save the lives of Black and Brown Canadians.

A MP of the BQ (Bloq Quebecois) voted against it. Image
Jagmeet Singh then proceeded to call that vote racist, was then ordered to not only retract his statement, but also apologize, and when he refused and stood by his opinion, he was kicked out of the parliament.
This is racism, this is silencing the voices on people of colour in Canada, so vote against such a reasonable and important motion and then silence a man of colour who pointed out the racism in that decision, is censorship.
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(1/3) Li nov sondages politic in #Canada monstra que li #Liberales vell posser reintrar li majoritá, con un subtention de 38.5% (circa 184 sedes). Poy seque li #Conservatives con 29.4% (93 sedes), li @BlocQuebecois con 8.0% (38 sedes), li #NDP con 15.3%

#Occidental #Interlingue Image
(2/3) (20 sedes), e li Vertes con 7.2% (3 sedes). Ma null partise vole intrar un election denov actualmen, nam li #Liberales ne vole crear li impression de profitar del crescent apoy durant li crise de #coronavirus, li altris pro li cadet percentage, e mem li #BQ in ascendentie
(3/3) pro su memories del election in 2011 quande it aprobat un nov election in quel it suffret un subit cade de su suporte e perdit 43 de su 47 sedes, deveniente durant un decennie un partise mort. Erst in 2019 it finalmen agrandat se til 32 sedes e nu ne vole "agitar li bote".
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What we've learned today? @jkenney @shandro are #Gaslighting bullies who continue to rob all of #Alberta to feed #UCPcorruption while crying when someone questions their ethics or lack thereof #ableg #abpoli

Oh &
@Albertadoctors want every one to be nice #abhealth
Guess what, MLA letters & petitions aren't stopping the dismantling of this Province.

The only one who can stop it is
Her Honour Lois Mitchell.

Your Honour I'm asking you will you use #RoyalAssent to stand up for democracy & justice?… #ableg #abpoli
So much for nice today, for all those in DMs no I'm not an #ndp staffer.

Here's a little history lesson #AbLeg

My parents were in #healthcare my entire childhood spent in #yqr #sask

My mom was a chapter leader for @SUNnurses in 1988.
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Good Question! Ms. Sawhney, Your constituents who are on AISH or Alberta Works would like to know: “How do you sleep at night??” You know....since you have ruined so many lives and even driven people to suicide! Care to respond? @RajanJSaw
Oh I forgot we can’t talk directly to anyone in the current sitting there a number I can call you know to lodge a complaint that will never get looked into? Or would I have to purchase a bus pass in advance with money I don’t have first to travel to your office?
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In hoog opgeleide blanke (en bruine😉)kringen is het een ‘opinion chic’ om vóór legalisering van drugs te zijn. Een elitaire opvatting die van weinig empathie getuigt.…
Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf
Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network
🤓 video…
Lockerbie links to Franklin, #Dutroux, #Mossad, McKee
A Pan Am investigation believed that the #lockerbie bomb was targeted to kill a small band of US Defence Intelligence Agency operatives who had uncovered a #drugsring run by a #CIA unit in Lebanon.…
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Thank you @jkenney for making the lives of Albertans an absolute living hell!

Let me elaborate (Thank you to Tanya Keebler & Chris R Keeler for your story)

(1 of 10) Image
(2 of 10)

When the UCP (Jason Kenney) got elected, I was kind 'meh, whatever'. We're a white, straight, young(ish), middle-classed, healthy (for the most part) family. It won't affect us, I told myself.

#UCPcorruption #UCP #NDP #AbLeg #abpoli #abgov @jkenney @RachelNotley

But then, UCP lowered minimum wage so H trying 2save up for University took a bit of a hit. It's ok we'll have 2 cut spending. Then he cut the STEP program. So H can't go back to the job that she loved and learned so much from. I guess she can try McDonalds or something.
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1/25 #CDNpoli #Thread RE Implosion of #NDP

I accept several followers may block me after this statement, but that doesn't make it any less important to confront partisans with the truth, or spark debate when a Canadian political party becomes a threat to democracy & human life
2/25 #CDNpoli #Thread RE Implosion of #NDP

Once upon a time the @NDP repped the conscience of bleeding hearts, democracy & diversity, but that party exists no more

In its wake is a hollow shell that is now directed by disinfo campaigns on Facebook, in lieu of facts & reality
@NDP 3/25 #CDNpoli #Thread RE Implosion of #NDP

Curiously @theJagmeetSingh has proven to be out of touch with political events & indifferent to the best interests of his constituency

One example of this ego-driven defiance is opposition to the new #NAFTA at the direct cost of unions
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Today on @TheWestBlock we kick off with @MichelleRempel on what she thinks of Andrew Scheer's resignation and the private school tuition donor money was paying for. What does she make of the party's executive director signing off on it? And will she run for leader? #cdnpoli #CPC
@TheWestBlock @MichelleRempel Then we sit down with NDP leader @theJagmeetSingh to ask about his top up - how normal is this for party leaders? We'll also ask whether or not the NDP will be supporting NAFTA after being unsure earlier this week and is time for Canada to get tougher with China? #cdnpoli #NDP
@TheWestBlock @MichelleRempel @theJagmeetSingh Our journos break it all down with @RobertFife and @IvisonJ walking us through the civil war that is still raging inside the Conservative party, how Mr. Scheer's resignation went down, and what the fallout will be #cdnpoli
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Niet meer op #NDP (partij van #bouterse) stemmen vanwege koers en corruptie
#Corruptie, criminaliteit en de wisselkoers zijn de belangrijkste redenen waarom mensen besluiten niet meer op de NDP te stemmen.…
Voormalig legerleider Desi #bouterse, nu president van het land, is onlangs veroordeeld tot 20 jaar celstraf voor zijn rol in de 8 December-moorden.…
Er is tussen Suriname en China, een leenovereenkomst getekend voor het moderniseren van onze JAP-luchthaven.…
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People are asking me what they can do to express their anger & concern with the way @jkenney is attacking our education system, our most vulnerable, our pockets, our jobs, our collective agreements, our pensions, & now, our democracy. Here are some things you can do: /1 #ableg
1. If your MLA is #UCP, write your MLA and cc members of the opposition and Cabinet members. Definitely write your MLA if they are a Cabinet Minister! /2 #ableg
2. If your MLA is #NDP, we have your back and are fighting for you, but please write to us too and cc the @jkenney and Finance Minister Travis Toews. /3 #ableg
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Nous sommes au QG les candidats néo-démocrates à Saskatoon. Les partisans sont sur place. On va notamment surveiller la course dans la circonscription de Saskatoon-West, où la néo-démocrate Sheri Benson affronte notamment le conservateur Brad Redekopp #rcsk #Elexn43 #polcan Image
Derniers résultats dans Saskatoon-Ouest, 48,3% pour Brad
Redekopp contre 39,8% pour Sheri Benson. Un tiers des bulletins ont été dépouillés dans la circonscription #exln43
Ambience de détente chez les partisans du NPD au centre masonique de Saskatoon #elxn43 #canpoli #ndp Image
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Lizzo's boys as #NDP candidates: thread

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #InItForYou
I like big boys
itty bitty boys
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This #elxn43 vote FOR the #NDP that will ACTUALLY deliver progressive policies, like:
1) Reducing Wealth inequality:
✅Wealth Tax on richest 0.1% (net worth of $20 million +)
✅End subsidies for fossil fuel/big telecom corps
✅Tax reform to close #TaxGap + stop tax evasion
1) Reducing Wealth inequality (continued)
✅Increase corporate tax rate to 18%
✅Increase inclusion rate on capital gains to 75%
✅Federal foreign buyer's tax on real estate
✅Increase federal minimum wage to $15/hour
✅Mandatory Pension-insurance program
✅Ban unpaid internships
2) A Green New Deal including:
✅300,000 green jobs
✅Paying to re-train workers in fossil-fuel industries
✅Subsidizing FREE public transit
✅Banning single-use plastics
✅Subsidies to retrofit homes for energy efficiency
✅Meeting Paris climate targets
✅Carbon-neutral by 2050
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