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Oct 29 10 tweets 4 min read
If you have kids (or take care of kids), it is a bad idea to document their lives on social media. This behavior is called sharenting, and it can have negative consequences for the child.

An uncomfortable thread about children's #privacy:

(1/10) Most adults don't realize they are sharing the child's pictures online to get the dopamine hit that comes with likes, comments & shares. There is no positive outcome for the child to be seen by the parent's online connections (or strangers).

Oct 27 8 tweets 3 min read
"Why Certain Technologies Are Creepy - And What Engineers Can Do About It" - This week's edition of The Privacy Whisperer is out, and it's about #privacy and creepy #technologies:…

🧵 (1/8) Technology is immensely powerful, it can bring so many positive transformations. However, humans must always be the focus. It does not matter how innovative a certain technology is, there should always be adequate constraints and mechanisms to support humans & prevent harm.
Aug 10 9 tweets 5 min read
#Amazon got access to the interior of your home without you even knowing it. They can now share it with whoever they want - incl. the police. #Privacy (thread 1/9) Amazon acquired #iRobot, the company that makes #Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners, for $1.7B. It can now have richer data about the interior of your home and share with whoever they see fit, also with the police, even if you've never consented to it (2/9)
Aug 9 11 tweets 3 min read
🔥What are the 9 #GDPR principles and why they matter for you: 1. Lawfulness (Art. 5.1.a): your personal data can only be collected, processed or used according to what the law establishes. For example, Art. 6.1 specifies six situations in which your data can be processed lawfully, consent is one of them.
Aug 1 22 tweets 15 min read
New to #privacy & #dataprotection? Here are 18 books (in English) you should read to give you a thriving start: 1- Privacy’s Blueprint: The Battle to Control the Design of New Technologies by @hartzog. [To understand how #technology - software, hardware, algorithm & design - is not neutral: it can easily manipulate us and negatively affect our #privacy]…
Jul 31 25 tweets 19 min read
These are the 23 reasons why #TikTok is problematic in terms of #manipulation, #addiction and #privacy & why #children and #teenagers should be kept away from it:

(for those interested: the full article about the topic, with all relevant links:…) 1- Reduced space for #autonomy and #choice; videos are pushed to the user since 1st use. In a web that respects human dignity, people - especially #children and #teenagers - should get used to choose and think about what they want to be exposed to