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16 Sep
QUESTION: Japan's Prime minister Shinzo Abe is leaving office. Who is Prime Minister-Designate Yoshihide Suga and how will he impact North Korean human rights? We asked @rosainhaepark Rosa Park, @committeehrnk Director of Programs and Editor.
ANSWER: "North Korea has been abducting citizens of other countries for decades. Nowhere is the issue more prominent than in Japan. The total number of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korean agents is estimated to be upwards of 883 people.
Prime Minister-designate (PMD) Yoshihide Suga, who was elected to lead the Liberal Democratic Party on Monday, has been a leader for the North Korean human rights issue in Japan. When PMD Suga was Chief Cabinet Secretary under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,
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4 Aug
UPDATE: His family @freepaulwhelan tells me, and other sources confirm, that he arrived in the Republic of Mordovia on Sat. Aug 1. They say it can often take prisoners weeks to reach a camp on the prison train...
So despite reports he was last seen in Lefortovo last Wednesday, he may have left long before that. According to Russian prison officials, Paul will be quarantined for 20 days in camp IK-18 and then moved to his permanent camp, IK-17.
This is clearly troubling for the family because this move, further isolates him from them, his lawyers and embassy personnel -who check on his well being. But as one source told me, this is precisely the point of moving him there.
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