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Detailed THREAD on #Russia-#Taliban alleged deal to kill #US military:

*The picture is of 27 November 2001
Author: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP
Title: “A Northern Alliance fighter and a Russian soldier compare their weapons"
1. The @nytimes stories have been making waves in the #US but they have been making waves in #Russia as well, so here’s a bunch of views on this from #Moscow…
2. OFFICIAL reaction: #Kremlin predictably castigated stories as “ridiculous” & “elaborate hoax”, added that #US,#Russia military have “their own dialogue system that contains restricted information," & “none of American reps have ever raised this question” [with #Moscow]
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I did an article about the curious case of poisoning #Bulgaria citizen mr Elimian Gebrev, of which 3 #Russia #GRU operatives are sought for. The article is behind a paywall and in Finnish, so a thread will follow.…
At least 1 of the Gerbev poisoning suspects is related also to the #Salisbury poisoning incident which almost lead to the death of Sergei and Julia #Skripal . That was 2018. Mr. Gerbev was attacked in #Bulgaria in 2015, three years prior to Skripal. 1/…
The poison that was used in the murder attempts of Gebrev is yet unidentified. Was #novichok used in Europe already in 2015? 2/
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We should presume these are Putin’s Little Green Men, just like Crimea in 2014. Any force with no insignia should be presumed to be the #GRU. ⁦#ThisIsNotADrill @EsperDoD⁩ ⁦@FBIWFO⁩ ⁦@CIA⁩ ⁦@DCPoliceDept⁩ ⁦…
They don't appear to have long guns. Are they from the Russian Embassy? Working to protect Putin's puppet?
Here they are in Crimea. How can we tell they are US forces? How can we defend America from Russia's little green men? Should we presume no insignia means GRU force? They didn't do that in Crimea and now they are Russian slaves. @senatemajldr #MoscowMitch @thejointstaff
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1. When the term #Antifa first popped up on the national radar, I initially suspected it was part of a #GRU active measure. A propaganda meme that the Trump White House and Fox News then weaponized. I thought it was in a Seattle riot but I couldn't recall.
2. I did a little checking. Here is my search of the times Trump mentioned Antifa. I think July 27, 2019 was when he first mentioned it and called it "a major Organization of Terror." Trump also posted after the August 4 Dayton OH mass shooting and curiously he name checks @OANN.
3. So he's called for the terror listing listing before today. Nothing came from it. But if his political crew was involved in the recent riots, we might want to look at the OANN comms to see if they were in the loop. @NSAGov @FBIMinneapolis @FBIWFO @NewYorkStateAG
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This is a bigger deal that you know. We are now in a very dangerous place. He should refuse and force them to go through the procedures. Everyone get ready. @NSAGov @CIA
The warrants are an excuse amplified by GRU directed Fox News disinformation. They are trying to remove him because of the ongoing counterintelligence investigation. They may be trying to get Wray to resign in protest. It's the #GRU in the @TheJusticeDept. Barr is a traitor.
These are very risky acts by Trump and Barr. I fall back to my belief Russia has told Trump that Trump is going to lose in #SCOTUS and Trump and Barr are going to burn it all down between now and the time the opinion is released. I thought by end of June.
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1. I have been expecting @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump and his KKK supporters to bring violence to DC to use as an excuse to move to a fascist dictatorship. I think @parscale and #GRU had done the ground work. The #gerogefloyd murder combined with Trump's knowledge
2. that he is going to lose this month in #SCOTUS caused them to advance their timeline and begin Trump's realization of Charles Manson's hallucination of #HelterSkelter now. If we are smart we can turn this on the white supremacists and help defeat Trump.
3. Now is the time for Black leaders to stop encouraging conduct that will ultimately harm their communities. Trump has taken over the demonstrations. That means advancing demonstrations works to help Trump. Go home. Be united in the goal to defeat Trump and fix the problems
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@MiaFarrow At some point we will discover that the Trump crime family had a financial interest in the testing and PPE in January and February and the hydroxychloroquine scam.
@MiaFarrow I don't get many Russian trolls for reasons one once explained that relates to my geographic location. This #Hydroxychloroquine post drew a bunch out.
@MiaFarrow Now it’s moved to QAnon trolling. Russians and now Q is more confirmation of my suspected initial suspicion of a #GRU Q connection.
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Exklusiv: Der @GBA_b_BGH hat einen Haftbefehl gegen einen russischen Cyberspion erwirkt. Er soll am Bundestagshack beteiligt gewesen sein. Unsere @SZ @WDRinvestigativ - Recherche: Mehr in diesem Thread ⬇️ #APT28 #FancyBear #Spionage #Justiz #BKA
Dmitriy Sergevevich Badin ist russischer Staatsbürger, geboren 1990 in Kursk, Russland. Er soll der Cyber-Einheit 26165 des russischen Militärgeheimdienstes #GRU angehören.
Badin wird bereits von den US-Behörden gesucht: Wegen der Beeinflussung der US-Präsidentschaftswahlen 2016 (#DNCHack) und dem Cyberangriff auf die Welt-Anti-Doping-Agentur #Wada.
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1. Why @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump's reaction to declining polls may accelerate the fall of the @GOP in key @SenateGOP races.

First, @parscale IMO has been tasked to use #GRU model sock-puppets to attack @JoeBiden and to create buzz in Trump's Nazi base by a criminal occupation of
2. Michigan state house. Trump gets a rush between his Adderall hits & Parscale goes back to counting the money he's looted from Trump's campaign. But, as the images of these dangerous domestic terrorists playing the role of #AmericanISIS covers the news, more and more
3. moderate Democrats and Independents will be repulsed by the Koch owned @GOP that is the source of funding these criminal acts. So rather than re-charging Trump's diminishing base, the actions that Koch and Parscale are engaged in will accelerate Trump's crashing polls.
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1. I use my knowledge of Shakespeare as a resource to analyze leaders. If I step back for a moment and match Trump to a tragic character, I would start with the Scottish play. Ambition leads to a crime that leads to power and then hopefully defeat by a noble warrior.
2. IMO Trump gets regular internal polls that show him losing in November. Reality is not fun for him so he reverts to his glory days of TV that he may actually think was why he won rather than the GRU's masterful micro-targetting operation in three swing states.
3. But this is not 2016 and the #GRU is not as free to operate. So what does Trump think of when he plots? He thinks of the specter of January 20, 2021 and being out of power. He's hidden Russian and Chinese financial entanglements, engaged in bribery and graft on an epic level.
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1. Winning: Much of @TheDemocrats' advertising is focused on how unfit Donald Trump is. There is so much available that it's no surprise we have seen so much quality political media that show Trump as dangerously unfit. I fear however that his followers need to be addressed as
2. members of a cult and not with the traditional media approach applied in a normal campaign simply tune it out. IMO #MAGA as cult members are immune to this approach. They see Trump as their savior.
3. The Russian directed propaganda that posts daily in spaces like @YouTube and @Facebook continue to create a media force-field that protects Trump from the impact of traditional media methods. So we continue to see his poll numbers with an apparent floor of about 42%.
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1. Let me add to this. I spotted Sanders being helped by the Russian #GRU in 2016. (See pinned tweet.) They were helping him at least up to #NH recently. Then when the #NSA turned on the lights GRU rats scurried away and @SenSanders got torched from then on.
2. In Jan 2021 the Sanders Campaign will be the target of a real @FBIWFO counter-intelligence investigation. The #FISA 702 intercepts will be produced and any complicit people in his campaign charged on a variety of major crimes.
3. @AOC @RashidaTlaib @Ilhan will be defeated in the primary. And if Bernie is convicted will can be sent here to live out his life. And Vermont gets the nuclear waste depository. We'll name it, The Bernie Sanders National Nuclear Waste Facility. Make Vermont howl. @vprnet
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1. Why am I going after @BernieSanders? I caucused for him in March 2016. Later, I spotted the Russians helping him and by July 2016 I posted what I saw. See my pinned Tweet. I never believed that Sanders and Manafort's partner Devine didn't know. They had to know if I did.
2. Then last week Sanders admitted he knew for the month he was moving up in the polls that the Russians were working to help him AGAIN and AGAIN he kept his mouth shut while they did their work. Fool me once. . . @JoeBiden @MikeBloomberg @PeteButtigieg @amyklobuchar
3. Our election has already been influenced by criminal foreign intelligence conspiracy. We can't afford to have zombie candidates elect a Russian asset. We appreciate the work and the policy focus of the folks who ran in @TheDemocrats nomination but only Biden and Bloomberg are
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Protesters Arrested at Joe Biden's Des Moines Campaign Office via @whohd
@WHOhd John Reardon, 22 years old, resident of Clive
Michael McKinley, 68, resident of Des Moines
William Floyd, 22, resident of Des Moines
Denise Cheeseman, 21, resident of Iowa City
Kiran Loewenstein, 19, resident of Grinnell
They face a charge of criminal trespassing. They were released at the scene after the arrest, with a summons to appear in court.

Not clear that they are @BernieSanders supporters or #GRU agents like in 2016. 😎
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“Contacts were pulled from service member’s devices and family members have been getting threats and disturbing messages from hackers...deployed 82nd troops have been hacked and that messages were sent to family members to scare them.”…
Strangely enough, you know who did the same thing against the spouses of US service members? Russia’s #GRU hackers, #APT28. Total false flag attack framing ISIS as an info op.…
This would be surprisingly easy to pull off. Just look through public records of any troopers assigned to @Strike_Hold, send them phishing emails, gain access to their contact list and send emails. Spammers do this all the time (just not threatening emails).
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1. @RepMattGaetz may have already been indicted or is under investigation for a crime alleged in #Mueller #GRU indictment.

"On or about August 15, 2016, the Conspirators, posing as Guccifer 2.0, received a request for stolen documents from a candidate for the U.S. Congress.
2. The Conspirators responded using the Guccifer 2.0 persona and sent the candidate stolen documents related to the candidate's opponent."

Based on my research Gaetz is very likely to be that member. So what we are seeing here is likely Trump using his pardon power to influence
3. Gaetz and force him to be a shill in the hearings. Ordinarily that would not be unlawful but as furtherance of the GRU conspiracy and as a quid pro quo for Trump's pardon it becomes a crime for both Gaetz and @POTUS Trump. And if I'm right, @FBIWFO has a wire on Gaetz.
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1. I have a theory that folks who engage obvious anonymous #GRU trolls on @Twitter are also likely to open a phishing email. Just check the account before you engage and when in doubt, don't open the email link and block the anonymous @Twitter troll accounts. Don't engage. Block.
2. I think @google & @msftsecurity can easily create email filters to spot the mismatches in the email addresses. It might slow mail systems down a bit but that is worth the benefit of avoiding the hacks. Also, if you're on Chrome or Firefox your should run @BotSentinel.
3. And sending the @BotSentinal team a few bucks for the fine work they do would be nice too. We will win the war with Russia but we all have to accept we are on the front lines and have to behave like it. 😎
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1. W niniejszym opracowaniu zademonstrujemy, w jaki sposób, niepostrzeżenie, tylnymi drzwiami, jesteśmy eksponowani na rosyjską propagandę w mediach społecznościowych. Materiał ten nie podsumowuje tematu, a stanowi jedynie do niego wstęp.
2. 26 kwietnia 2016 to początek nowej ery w polskich mediach społecznościowych. Poseł Dominik Tarczyński organizuje internetową armię #DrugaZmiana. To właśnie od tego momentu mowa nienawiści w social media zyskuje nowe oblicze.
3. Wchodząc w słowne, wulgarne utarczki z bohaterami #DrugaZmiana buduje sobie rozpoznawalność, popularność i zasięgi konto #KenLewak. Przedstawia się jako zwolennik lewicy. Wkrótce razem zrozumiemy, jakim celom ma w rzeczywistości służyć jego obecność na TT.
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We have a # of delightfully smoking guns - Pence too

Another WB!

Trump’s phone calls w/ world leaders are beyond cray, absolutely frightening WH officials say.

More details emerge re Veselnitskaya’s lobbying to repeal Magnitsky Act re DonJr’s TT Meeting.

UKR will review probes into owner of gas company linked to Biden's son

2nd Official Is abt to Blow the Whistle on Trump’s UKR Dealings

WH Floats Potential DOJ Investigation Into ‘Joe Biden and His Family’

Pompeo and decency do not mix. He needs to resign

In one of his first calls with a head of state, Trump fawned over Russian President Vladimir Putin, telling the man who ordered the attack on/interference in America’s 2016 election that he was a great leader & apologizing profusely for not calling him sooner.
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1. Here’s a link to US Senate impeachment rules. I think @TribeLaw has the right approach: Impeach Trump and then move on to defeat @POTUS @Trump on policy and morality. Don’t hold the trial.…
2. So simply stated, the House just needs 218 votes and they can impeach Trump. I would make it for treason. Go big or go home. Name all @SenateGOP in #2016Class who took Russian money as material witnesses so @senatemajldr will have to think twice about messing with the rules.
3. The evidence of the Russian money is sitting in he #SDNY Natalie Edwards case with a ~recused USA Geoffrey Berman running the case. The @HouseJudiciary needs to move on that grand jury for the 6(e) material. The next move should be to create a massive social media storm
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Articles of impeachment introduced against Trump

Biggest drug COs flooded country with 76 BILLION opioid pills #Guiliani

House votes to condemn Trump’s tweets as he again lashed out

Epstein allegedly had 'improper sexual contact' w/ young women while in 'jail'

John Paul Stevens, longtime leader of Supreme Court’s liberal wing, dies at 99

A divided House votes for resolution condemning Trump's racist remarks

RU’s Elex Hackers Are Back & Targeting Soros TOC v WLD

Prosecution of Child-Sex Traffickers Plummeted Under Trump

A summary of Epstein’s assets made public shows he has $56M in cash, with another $500M divided between property & investments.

The bare-bones accounting estimates his homes in the U.S. Virgin Islands, one of them on his private island, are worth $85 million.
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1. Why does the 2020 census matter so much? I think it matters in a lot of states but few like it does Texas. If the GOP loses its grip on Texas, IMO, it's finished as an effective political party. Here's why. 36 House seats. 23 @GOP and 13 Dems.…
2. My read of Texas' house and senate says 2020 may see the Dem's take one house. So the map is going to be difficult to gerrymander. Let's take a look at my new BFF & apparent #GRU troll farmer @DanCrenshawTX's TX 2nd. A classic gerrymander.
3. Now that political gerrymanders are okay with #SCOTUS, @TheDemCoalition's goal must be to take the Texas House and/or Senate. 16 of the 31 Senate seats are up in 2020 plus all the House seats. Both houses are close enough to be doable but I defer to Texas folks who know better 2019 Texas House 2019 Texas Senate
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1. #July4th celebrates our founders' act of defiance against a tyrant. @realDonaldTrump, a tyrant wannabe, defiles their memory, our flag & our Capital by his presence in our @WhiteHouse. If you go this embarrassing event please treat our service members with the respect
2. they truly deserve. And to all of them, I promise you will never be used as a prop to re-elect a @KremlinRussia_E puppet again. When we have fumigated our @Whitehouse from the #GRU stench, we will make #Putin pay a price that will show our enemies in Moscow the cost
3. of attacking the US. Any network broadcasting it should be shunned and the names of the @GOP traitors who conspired with @Trump to defile our #4thofJulywill be made public so that we can identify the enemies of our great Republic and their
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1. Federal cases have limited jurisdiction and standing is the principal way the concept is expressed to litigants. So, who would have standing to seek to declare 2000 DOJ "President is a King" memo unconstitutional? Personally, I think we all do. But I learned early in court
2. that personal views in federal court seldom prevail. So, standing generally requires that you have suffered, or are imminently threatened with, a real injury the law can remedy. I think @TheDemocrats as Plaintiff in the law suit pending against #TrumpCampaign #GRU & others
3. in #SDNY have standing but that case is dragging along. I get what SDNY is like. I had a case there against Jones Day AND Kirkland & Ellis and the case went through six Art III judges until we landed on a taker. So I get it. But this may be the end of the Republic and even
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