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Former KGB, FSB, GRU agents/officers and how the West has a tendency to see them.
With my 45 years experience of working with the Russians, their security services and in 90s and early 2000s with security detail for the extremely wealthy Russian elite Image
I deem myself experienced enough to express my opinion about the topic here...
What we in the west often do is as soon as a former agent but preferably officer makes themselves known to us we put them on a pedestal and take their words for gospel. Image
I have met so many Russian security agents/officers over the years both when I have been questioned by them in USSR/Russia and when I have met former agents/officers and a vast majority of them are simply cogs in a massive wheel working on pretty mundane assignments and very,very
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Thread: 11 May 2022: Day 77 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Croatia alarmed by #Hungary's irredentist noises. Have been similar problems with #Ukraine.
The equivalent of the whole population of Estonia has been deported from Ukraine to Russia.
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#Russia`n ex-#FSB and #GRU agent Igor"Strelkov" Girkin make an analyst about current situation in #Ukraine

#Turpo #säkpol Image
Operational situation:

1. After the "successful completion of first stage of the operation" (which ended in a large-scale RETREAT from territory of the #Kiev, #Chernihiv & #Sumy regions) - there is redeployment & concentration of forces in #Donetsk sector of the front.
Apparently (& according to statements of political leadership of Russia), it is here that it is planned to carry out the "second stage" & solve problem of completely clearing territory of the LDNR from enemy groups.
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Because most of people don`t know who that #Russia`n ex-#FSB and #GRU agent Igor"Strelkov" Girkin is, it's probably best to tell something about him. Image
Girkin was 20 years old #spetsnaz when #SovietUnion collapse. He take part of war against #Moldova. #Russia form a puppet state called #Transnistria there. Area still exist today and is occupied by Russian forces. Russia don`t have border with the area.
After that Girgin go to #Bosnia fight for #Serbia maybe part of #Russia`n army or just a volunteer for political reasons. In 1993 he graduated with a master’s degree in history.
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#Russia`n ex-#FSB and #GRU agent Igor"Strelkov" Girkin make an analyst about current situation #Kyiv #Sumy #Chernihiv #Ukraine

"All right, let me be a traitor but I will tell the truth. Within reasonable limits of course. Our division fighting on the right bank of Dnipr at Hostomel, Bucha, Irpin, is bogged down in the urban fighting, bogged down in the forests and marshes of that area. "
"And once those forests green out in a month they will be shot at from every bush. Despite the large amounts of machinery and troops they don’t have enough to take on this terrain."
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Putins geheimes Netzwerk
Wie Russland den Westen spaltet
Die Doku deckt auf, wie ein kaum bekanntes Moskauer Netzwerk, Gefolgsleute des russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin, Medienkampagnen in Fernsehsendungen und Sozialen Netzwerken steuert
Frontal21 zeigt, wie russische Internet-Trolle in Deutschland und Europa Meinung machen und Angst schüren. Insider, die als Trolle eingesetzt waren, enthüllen, wie in Sozialen Netzwerken systematisch Falschmeldungen verbreitet werden,
um die angebliche Dekadenz des Westens zu belegen und die europäischen Gesellschaften zu destabilisieren.

Wie mit Russland umgehen?
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Thread on #APT grps, #hacktivists, #Ransomware gangs with their ‘likely’ associations (as per TTPs and reports) that are playing a significant role in impending #Ukraine #Russian conflict. Correct me if i am wrong or missing any one. 1/
Firstly on Russian 🇷🇺side there are #GhostWriter (#Belarus Govt Backed) #CozyBear (Russian Foreign Intel aka #SVR) #UNC1151 (Minsk based) #FancyBears & #SandWorm (Russian Military Intel aka #GRU) #Turla and #Gamaredon (Russian Internal Intel #FSB Former KGB) 2/
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#Singapore, #Japan, and #Taiwan joining the Western effort to sanction #Russia for the assault on #Ukraine…
Details on the #NATO (re)deployments to cope with the fallout from #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Details on #Ukraine's reservist mobilisation: far from complete (since that would require martial law), but still of a scale that it will take weeks to complete ... and the assault on the capital is days away at most
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Made a mess of these threads. Integrating them here
#Ukraine's President Zelensky said a few hours ago he is still going to Germany tomorrow for the Munich Security Conference. Whether this is supposed to promote calm or what is unclear; it's a hell of a time for him to leave his capital.
President #Biden just said in his White House address that the US believes the #Russians will invade #Ukraine in the next few days and "they will target Ukraine's capital, Kiev". Image
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How do you know #TruckersForFreedom is an op as well as a grift? Because of the scores of troll network accounts, followed by troll farm accounts, posting fake pictures, endlessly promoting this operation. Who’s behind these troll networks? #KochNetwork #CEC #CanadaProud #GRU? ImageImageImageImage
How you know #TruckersForFreedom is a con & an op part 2. #Conservative politicians are using this lie to data mine with fake “petitions” while they pump out disinformation & fundraise off it. Gratuitous lying like from Melissa Lantsman. #RageFarming #NeverVoteConservative ImageImageImageImage
#TruckersForFreedom grift & op part 3.

I’ve now lost count of all the pictures & videos taken from other countries & other times claiming to be a convoy in 🇨🇦. Like this one. Claiming a video of a backed up highway at rush hour is a ‘massive convoy against vaccine mandates’ 🙄. Image
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Exclusive: Leaked Putin papers appear to show #Russia’s plot to put a “mentally unstable” Donald Trump into the White House – my story with @julianborger in Washington and @dansabbagh in London…
The papers from inside the #Russian presidential administration suggest Vladimir #Putin ordered a wide-ranging spy agency operation after a closed meeting of his national security council on January 22, 2016
At the time Donald #Trump was the frontrunner in the Republication Party's nomination race. A classified report by Putin’s expert department – No 32-04\ vd – recommended #Moscow use “all possible force” to support Trump's bid to become US president
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#Habeck und Waffenlieferungen an die #Ukraine - Kontext: Was tut Russland?

Seit 2014 gab es hunderte Expertenberichte über russische Waffen und Waffenlieferungen in den #Donbas im großen Stil. Der bekannteste Fall ist der der abgeschossenen Boeing #MH17.

In jüngster Zeit haben 2 investigative Recherchen das Bild weiter vervollständigt:

Erstens ein Bericht über die Zugladungen voller Waffen und Munition, die Anfang 2015 während heftiger Kämpfe von Russland in den #Donbas gingen.

Und zweitens die Berichte darüber, wie der Kreml Geheimdienst-Killer nach #Tschechien & #Bulgarien schickte, um mit Bombenanschlägen und Attentaten #Waffenlieferungen an die #Ukraine zu verhindern.

#GRU #Novichok #Skripal

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Is TOC (OrganizedCrime) Going into the aircraft hijacking business?
The Greeks will not be pleased...
Whether or not its for snatching a Belarusan dissident or ransom of some sort? It IS Air Piracy.

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A pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign about the #GRU attack in #Vrbětice is rapidly emerging in the #Czech information environment, according to a diagnostic analysis by #SemanticVisions. @mlrchtr 1/4
"Such a significant and coordinated shift in focus within the #Czech disinformation ecosystem indicates the emergence of an aggressive pro-#Kremlin #disinformation campaign aimed at deflecting blame from #Russia and obscuring the truth about what really happened in #Vrbětice. 2/4
"We should expect this campaign to mirror the same tactics seen, for example, in the aftermath of the Salisbury poisoning and the downing of Malaysian airliner MH17." 3/4
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Bulgarian prosecutor's office details how 6 person spy-ring with access to the Bulgarian military and parliament operated.
#espionage #russia #gru #natsec #intelligence #counterintelligence #bulgaria @NATO @EU_Commission @NSAGov @CIA @NCSCgov #EU #SCS #security #cybersecurity Image

The #GRU tasked for #SECRET info on #Bulgaria, #EU, #NATO & specifically the NSA, CIA and their joint SIGINT entity the SCS

#espionage #russia #gru #natsec #intelligence #counterintelligence @EU_Commission @NSAGov @CIA @NCSCgov #SCS #security #cybersecurity ImageImageImage
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Looking back at some of my reporting and info from dozens of sources over the last 5 years + interviews with people like @anders_aslund @MarkWarner and @Billbrowder and reading the excellent work of @lukeharding1968 and @gordoncorera, there is absolutely no doubt that
the #CapitolRiot was a conspiracy that went well beyond some of those that participated in it, but it was a carefully orchestrated campaign of deception and incitement that was rooted in years of #Kremlin disinformation that some US officials had to know about.
What happened on 1/6/21 was the result of many, gullible people listening to false information that was pumped out by a US based troll operation for years that operates much like Russia’s troll factory in #StPetersburg. And a source tells me #GRU fingerprints
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Here's an extract from my book #Collusion on the KGB's operation to cultivate Donald #Trump, including during #Trump's 1987 trip to Soviet #Moscow via @politicomag
The former #KGB officer Yuri Shvets today corroborates my Collusion account, saying the spy agency cultivated #Trump as an asset for 40 years. Per my sources he was classified as 'doveritelnaya svyaz' - a confidential contact…
Archive material in Prague reveals that the Czechoslovak secret police first began spying on #Trump in 1977, after he married a woman from behind the Iron Curtain, Ivana Zelníčková. The StB intelligence service shared its product with the #KGB…
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The #CapitolRiot. How did we get here? About 6 years ago the firehose of disinformation in the US was turned on full blast. The source was #RussianIntelligence. BUT THEN, they stepped back, because the seed was planted.…
The fissures in American society they were seeking to exploit, exploded open. When the dust settled, some of our fellow Americans bought fully into the lies the #GRU was pushing, even prominent educated citizens, journalists, politicians and others.…
Then in 2016 many of the conspiracy theories pushed out by groups like Qanon became convenient fodder for politicians, business people, journalists and everyday citizens seeking to push their own agendas. #CognitiveDissonance THAT is when the dangerous talk about #CivilWar began
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1.A reminder what really happened in 2016. 11 days out here's a comparison of poll averages. @HillaryClinton was 3.9% ahead. @JoeBiden is 7.9%. With Hillary in a much closer position, James Comey, under pressure from the @HouseGOP & @SenateGOP broke policy and IMO violated 6(e).
2. That opened the door to a massive #GRU direct action attack, mostly on @Facebook, that targeted @TheDemocrats who were wavering in their support and interest and who were identified by Cambridge Analytics by Facebook violating its own policies in a few key precincts.
3. That swung WI, MI and PA to Trump. It was brilliant but it was an act of war facilitated by Americans and an FBI head who violated the rules and the faith. Mueller, under the gun, was not able or willing to identify the members of Congress.
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Drugs, a mural of Stalin, and Boris #Johnson - our exclusive investigation into Evgeny Lebedev's "hedonistic" parties in London and Italy and his decade-long relationship with the British prime minister. By me and @dansabbagh…
Johnson made Lebedev a peer in July. He's due to take up his seat shortly in the House of Lords. Security sources tell us he is *still* deemed to be a potential security risk, albeit a low tier one, because of his #Moscow-based father Alexander who was in the #KGB
In March the House of Lords Appointments Commission wrote to Johnson calling for Lebedev's peerage to be withdrawn, as reported by @BylineTimes. This followed a #security briefing. No 10 resubmitted Lebedev's name in July, when the Commission reluctantly approved his appointment
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BREAKING: @TheJusticeDept charges 6 #Russia|n #GRU (military intelligence) hackers for #cyber attacks to destabilize or retaliate vs #Ukraine #Georgia; cyber attacks on #France’s 2017 elections & 2018 Olympics
Per @TheJusticeDept, the attacks caused nearly $1 billion in losses

All 6 hackers traced back to the #GRU’s Unit 74455
Asst Atty General John Demer calls the #Russia|n GRU #cyber operations "the most disruptive & most destructive series of attacks ever attributed to a single group"
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1. Be ready for the amplification of Russian directed propaganda. I've noticed that @Twitter appears to have new tools that allow it to act like @Facebook and YouTube in ways that assisted the 2016 #GRU attack. It's recent. Just in the past few days.
2. Imagine you're shopping for a new car. You go online to look at car makes and models and you're narrowing your searches to a single car model. For example, you decide the car you want is a Toyota Camry. If you allow cookies and other trackers, your decision making has
3. been under surveillance. As you're planning your day you decide you will contact the dealer to buy the new Camry. Suddenly your social media accounts are flooded with content that show that Camry is a death trap. Worst car ever. All false but all directed at you as you're
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1. My investigation concluded that this was #GRU. I think Parscale was involved but the massive number of bots and SockPuppets came from the St Petersburg troll farm. I spotted the flaw in July 2016.
2. In summer 2016 noticed I was getting a lot of calls on my land line that is unlisted. I traced the calls to the Democratic Party database and after a bit of investigation I spotted the basis for a propaganda nuke.
3. Beside identity and phone information, the parties are given vote frequency data. So when Trump’s campaign gave the Russians the data they could micro-target high frequncy Democratic Party voters that they could sort with data mined from social media or buy it from a broker.
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