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A thread sharing 17 tactics used by the #Kremlin to destroy Western democracy. There is an army of trained, Kremlin-paid political technologists, a supporting army of troll farms in and outside of #Russia, and their allies using these tactics. Graphics by @LuluLemew
"Agent of influence uses his or her position to influence public opinion or decision making to produce results beneficial to the country whose intelligence service operates the agent. (Source:…)
Agents of influence are often the most difficult agents to detect, as there is seldom material evidence that connects them with a foreign power, but they can be among the most effective means of influencing foreign opinion and actions.
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Thread alert 🚨: (1/5)We asked our Postdoctoral Fellow @RiccardiSwartz to tell us a bit more about her research.
(2/5) “My work interrogates the political ideologies of rural American converts to Russian Orthodoxy, contextualizing them within the global drama of both the new “cultural wars” and the New Cold War.”
(3/5) “Converts I have worked with see the Russian Orthodox Church, and by extension #Putin and the #Kremlin, as moral arbiters of #truth and authentic Christianity.”
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Protest for #Navalny in #Siberia. Attempted poisoning of #Navalny augments anger over the jailing of a popular local governor on trumped up charges. Will the Siberia Navalny protests spread to #Moscow, or is fear of death already the object lesson? #KGB #Putin #NATO #Belarus
1) Coverage of the protests by #Belarus's largest TV station. As U can see, #Lukashenko has lost control of at least part of the media & no one seems to be stopping them. Earlier in the week it was reported that some #Belarus military units were also in the protest. #Putin #NATO
2) Meanwhile, #Lukashenko announced that #NATO is marshalling forces for an attack & has ordered most of his forces to his western border. This conveniently gets his troops out of harm's way if #Putin invades from east to stop #Lukashenko's collapse. NATO denies intent to invade.
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Thread: 😡Medvedchuk’s pro-Russian channel 112 has televised Kirill – Patriarch of #Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and a known propagandist of #Kremlin narratives – and his speech commemorating the Day of Christening of Kyivan Rus.
😈We have recently written about ROC and #Kremlin expropriating the topic of Kyivan Rus in general, despite having no historical or territorial claim to it:
🔎Here you can read a report from our colleagues @ICDS_Tallinn about ROC, which sheds light on the political role of this church in authoritarian #Russia:
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Detailed THREAD on #Russia-#Taliban alleged deal to kill #US military:

*The picture is of 27 November 2001
Author: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP
Title: “A Northern Alliance fighter and a Russian soldier compare their weapons"
1. The @nytimes stories have been making waves in the #US but they have been making waves in #Russia as well, so here’s a bunch of views on this from #Moscow…
2. OFFICIAL reaction: #Kremlin predictably castigated stories as “ridiculous” & “elaborate hoax”, added that #US,#Russia military have “their own dialogue system that contains restricted information," & “none of American reps have ever raised this question” [with #Moscow]
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Worth using google translate to watch the #propagandalive as @Erkanomia is in #Moscow to cover the #Kremlin #Military parade #HappeningNow. Some ++good #OSINT & #IMINT in his #live & candid coverage. 😎
For example, while the #Moscow #Elite typically use a black #SUV with license plate ending in 88 (sometimes 888 for family of senior officials & oligarchs who must #Drive themselves), here we see the first of the latest #cars with new #licenseplatedata.

Close-up I made from the #Finland team's #photography showing @mod_russia's Army #celebrity #swag bags for the Diamond Jubilee #celebration of the #Soviet #WWII win... ignoring 1939-1941 🙄

The Hon Minister Mr Singh, #IndianArmedForces, is a special guest at #VictoryDayParade.
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Exclusive: MPs who drew up the #Russia report were told the #Kremlin has a "likely hold" over Donald #Trump and there were "indications" #Moscow interfered in and may have covertly funded the 2016 #Brexit vote  - my new book Shadow State reveals…
The evidence - given by former MI6 officer Christopher Steele - is the most compelling explanation so far as to why Boris #Johnson still refuses to publish the missing #Russia report, which he suppressed before last December's UK general election
In a confidential 2018 memo to the British parliament's intelligence and security committee (ISC) Steele accuses Theresa May and Johnson - at that point foreign secretary - of putting "party political interests" above "national security" - a "serious mistake", in his view
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THREAD: Many in the West believe that dire economic impacts of the pandemic and oil market crash will suppress Putin’s appetite for foreign intervention. That view seems misguided if one looks through the lens of Russia’s deployment of #PMCs. 1/10…
Private military companies (PMCs), such as #Wagner, have emerged as a cornerstone of the #Kremlin’s off-the-books pursuit of an activist foreign policy agenda. They are a low-cost, low-risk, and deniable tool of power projection. 2/10…
In #Libya, Wagner has played a key role in the surge on the battlefield of Khalifa Haftar (the principal rival of the UN-backed GNA) since the last fall. @USAfricaCommand recently uncovered Russia’s deployment of fighter aircraft in support of #Wagner in Libya. 3/10
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THREAD: On July 1 Russians will vote on Putin’s attempt to appoint himself president for life. How are the demands of staying in power subverting his desire to strengthen the state and pulling the curtain back on the shadowy regime it coexists with? 1/10
Many in the West continue to see #Putin as the symbol of 21st-century authoritarianism. In fact, the demands of staying in power continue to chip away at Putin’s state, explains Nathaniel Reynolds. 2/10
On the one hand, Putin covets a strong, centralized state, which he believes with messianic conviction to be a prerequisite for #Russia to be a great power. 3/10
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Reuters allowed the Kremlin-run TASS news agency to join Reuters Connect. The Kremlin might use this access to spread its false narratives among Western audiences under the veneer of objective reporting- a campaign ISW has tracked in detail. THREAD 1/11
TASS CEO Sergey Mikhailov said the deal will help present news from Russia "as objectively & reliably as possible." 2/11
Joining Reuters Connect is a gain for the Kremlin and its efforts to make Russia’s global information space less vulnerable to counter-disinformation efforts. 3/11
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1/Last night a Police station was taken over by protesters and demolished. The Police had to flee
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THREAD: The U.S. needs a global democracy strategy to win the great-power competition.
1/ In 2018 the U.S. identified great-power competition as the core of its National Security Strategy—a shift away from decades of U.S. foreign policy focused (mostly) on combating terrorism.
2/ What does this look like? For authoritarian regimes like the #CCP and the #Kremlin: Debt trapping, disinformation campaigns, restrictions on independent media, to name a few. The goal? Undermine democracies that threaten their geopolitical interests.
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INFOGRAPHIC🔎Timeline of @FBI’s #FISAAbuse in Trump Campaign Investigation

#EpochTimes provides a comprehensive timeline of details from the #IGReport, describing how the #FBI rushed to #Spy on the Trump campaign and the flaws in its case.

See more:…
In its pursuit of establishing #Surveillance on the Trump campaign, the #FBI turned its attention to @CarterWPage in the spring of 2016, culminating in the issuance of a #FISA warrant—which allows for some of the most intrusive #Spying methods on an US citizen.
As part of this process, the #FBI relied extensively on the flawed #SteeleDossier, leading an @FBI legal counsel to note that this was “essentially a single source FISA.”
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News Analysis🔎The belief that Lt. @GenFlynn was set up by the @FBI has been backed up by a string of evidence in documents released by the #DOJ. (Thread👇)…
#Flynn pleaded guilty in 2017 to one count of lying to the @FBI.

On May 7, however, the #DOJ dropped the case against him, saying that when #FBI interviewed #GeneralFlynn on Jan. 24, 2017, the investigation into him was “no longer justifiably predicated.”…
—The @FBI opened a case on #Flynn on Aug. 16, 2016.…

The stated reason was that @GenFlynn had “ties” to some entities “affiliated” with #Russia, and visited Russia the year before.
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What is the #Wagner Group?

The Wagner Group (Russian: Группа Вагнера, tr. Grupa Vagnera), also known as #PMCWagner, #ChVKWagner, or #CHVKVagner, is a mercenary outfit that operates on behalf of GRU and directly under the Kremlin.
Putin's right-hand man, oligarch Yevgeniy Prigozhin, was in touch with both the #Kremlin and #Assad before #Wagner mercenaries launched an attack on U.S. troops in #Syria, which led to 200- 300 dead mercenaries in Feb 2018.…
The #Wagner Group founder is Dmitriy Valeryevich Utkin, who was born in Kirovohrad Oblast (then the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of the USSR) in 1970, currently a military intelligence reserve commander for the Russian government. Circled below.
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Revealed: Russia 'hired network of Britons to go after enemies of #Putin', according to testimony given to parliament’s intelligence and security committee - the #Russia report, suppressed by Boris Johnson. My exclusive with ⁦…
The @guardian is publishing Bill Browder’s evidence to the ISC, delivered in 2018. We don’t know if it features in final report. It paints a depressing picture of British former intelligence officers, MPs, PR guys lobbying on behalf of #Kremlin interests in return for £££££
The eventual report contains two sections - one public, the other secret. The confidential part has already been ‘published’ or circulated inside Whitehall, among spooks and government insiders. It’s this section which is likely to discuss #Russian emigre donations to #Tory party
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A lot has changed in #Idlib/NW #Syria in recent days & much of the focus has been on hour-by-hour developments & less has been said on what it all means going forward.

Here's a lengthy thread laying out some of my thinking.
2 weeks ago, pro-#Assad forces were rampaging through #Idlib, overwhelming opposition defenses & swallowing up #Turkey's military observation posts almost at will.

The world stood virtually silent - or indifferent - as 1 million people were methodically & brutally displaced.
#pt: Amid the pro-#Assad advances, #Turkey ramped up arms supplies & intel sharing with #NLF/#SNA opposition proxies - in an attempt to bolster their offensive & defensive capabilities.

Then #TSK artillery support was added, along with a low-tempo campaign of covert UAV strikes.
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Short THREAD on my take on #Russia's [in]action to #Turkey's onslaught on #Syria/n army within last 48 hours
[Caveat - this is just my specualtion based on how I read RUS foreign policy, #Putin-#Erdogan relations, and I may be totally wrong]
1. Following killing of TUR servicemen, #Putin, #Erodgan had phone talk where #Turkey's president asked #Russia/n counterpart to "to stand aside in #Syria" and "do what is necessary”, i.e. let Turkey fight Syrian government forces alone"…
2. In this piece for @AlMonitor I discuss the kind of debates in #Moscow over the crisis with #Turkey and what's at stake for #Russia in #Idlib (and, actually, beyond that). No doubt #Kremlin considers all of this when chosing options on #Syria…
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5 years ago, Boris #Nemtsov has been murdered in front of the #Kremlin towers.
He joined the long line of those killed for telling the truth to a criminal power & defending #freedom.
No, #Russia is not #Putin, but those who want to make it a dignified & decent country.
Today, I am re-upping my 2016 essay on the pressing message of the Russian dissidents to the West.
Never give up! Never compromise with Putin's #Russia!
And, please, read also this excellent thread (in French).
Yes, the bloody second #Chechnya war has been a starting point.
At that time, quite no one paid attention (but André #Glucksmann & a few others in the West) to what it meant and inaugurated.
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News Analysis🔎US Attorney #JohnDurham, tasked to look into the origins of the @FBI’s “#CrossfireHurricane” investigation, is now “investigating @CIA resistance to sharing #Russian secrets,” according to a report in @NYTimes. (Thread👇)…
#Durham is reportedly looking into “whether and how information from foreign governments or the C.I.A. played any role in stoking suspicions at the F.B.I. about Trump campaign links to Russia.”
It had previously been reported that #Durham was expected to seek an interview with former @CIA Director @JohnBrennan as well as former Director of National Intelligence #JamesClapper, following an expansion of his investigation.…
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1. How to make the Senate remove @POTUS Trump.

1/3 of all senators are elected every 6 years. The 2020 cycle has 18 running and 3 retiring seats. 21 plus 47 is 68 and Trump would be gone. How can we get them all to vote to convict? Unlikely we can. But 53 GOP are on the spot.
2. We should create a database that details every member of the @SenateGOP and what crimes they can be charged with with the proof. Make the ones running in 2020 know that they will face those crimes during the campaign. But for the other 35 @SenateGOP put them on the list.
3. Make them aware of the facts that could expose them to criminal charges. Use social media posts to flood their campaigns' time lines. Now that all rules of comity have been burned and we are in the post-Trump USA, we can pursue them for criminal charges.
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#Germany #Russia #USA #Denmark #Bornholm

The #sanctions against the #BalticSea pipeline decided by the #US #Senate meet with resistance in #Moscow, criticism also came from #German Chancellor #Merkel. The #Kremlin still expects #NordStream2 to be completed.
Meanwhile, #Russia accuses the #UnitedStates of violating the law with pipeline sanctions.The punitive measures #violate international law and are an example of unfair competition, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow. "Such actions do not please Moscow or the #European capitals;
they do not like #Berlin or #Paris," said Peskow. He accused the #US of violating #international law and "expanding its artificial dominance to the #European market". Chancellor Angela #Merkel has also criticized the #US Congress's sanction resolution.
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NEW signs #Russia's relentless info ops targeting US troops are paying off-almost half (46%) of armed services households now say they see #Moscow as an ally

Worried @DeptofDefense "actively working to expose & counter" the #Kremlin's efforts

More here:…
@DeptofDefense Defense & security officials have told @VOANews #Russia has been targeting US military personnel, specifically, with a ramped-up influence campaign starting as far back as 2017 so that they would be predisposed to view #Moscow in a more favorable way
Now a survey by the @RonaldReagan conducted in October found 46% of armed services households in the US see #Russia "as more of an ally"

In comparison, only 28% of all of those surveyed & just 30% of those w/"very favorable" views of @POTUS saw #Russia as an ally
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#Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

01 - #Tories admit and apologise for a doctored, misrepresentative video of Kier Starmer. Tory MPs like @JohnnyMercerUK leave it on their feed and actively continue to spread.
@JohnnyMercerUK #Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

02 - #Tories Boris #Johnson gets booed out of Addenbrooke Hospital by staff and patients alike, unmentioned by #BBC, who were right there.
@JohnnyMercerUK #Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

03 - #Tories MP Jacob Rees Mogg blames #Grenfell victims for their own deaths. It takes him four days before he's forced to retract and apologise.
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