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Two Years of Capitol Riot Polling.

A story in four parts:

1. January 2021 - Half of America wants Trump removed from office and incarcerated.

@AdamSchiff @Liz_Cheney @FBI @realDonaldTrump @Bannons_WarRoom @julie_kelly2 @IngrahamAngle @TuckerCarlson
2. May 2021 - 58% of voters support a commission to investigate the Capitol Riot.
3. December 2021 - 58% of voters think the Jan 6th Investigation has become a 'partisan committee weaponized against innocent Americans.
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A picture of the reconfigured Religious Right since the Trump era: Congress intervened to take the Nat’l Prayer Breakfast away from the controversial Fellowship Fndn (aka The Family), so an alternate right-wing event moved to the Museum of the Bible. No surprises so far. 1/
Tony Perkins (FRC) opened w/ a prayer. No surprises so far. Then Perkins handed it off to his co-host Jim Garlow, a key Indep. Charismatic Trump advisor w/ deep ties to the #NAR. He led the “Election Integrity Prayer Calls” in late 2020, a key organizing force for #January6th. 2/
Garlow intro’d a theme of repentance, and then had an (evidently Xn) man blowing a shofar, dressed in a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl). This Xn appropriation of Jewish liturgical symbols comes out of the Indep. Charismatic sector, and was key to the Xn symbolism of #January6th. 3/ ImageImage
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BREAKING: The DOJ has filed its sentencing memo asking a judge to order Guy Reffitt — the first J6 defendant convicted at trial — to serve 15 years in prison. They argue his actions warrant a terrorism enhancement. Link:…
The PSR estimated Guy Reffitt's sentencing guideline range at 9-11.25 years. That would already give him, by far, the longest sentence to date. But DOJ argues his sentence should be much higher. One reason: An illegal silencer found at his house.
Another reason? The DOJ says on at least two occasions, Guy Reffitt allegedly placed the barrel of his gun against his wife's head— and fired it near her head on one of those. Reffitt's wife has written a letter to the judge asking for leniency.
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Four takeaways from the sixth day of Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot hearings
@Reuters #Trump @moirawarburton…
-@RepLizCheney: General Flynn, do you believe in the peaceful transition of power in the United States of America?
-#MichaelFlynn: The Fifth
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NEW: The DOJ says it's learned of an "overseas cargo shipment" headed for accused California Three Percenter Russell Taylor that contains two knives and two axes. Prosecutors note Taylor faces three felony charges for allegedly carrying a knife on Capitol grounds on Jan. 6.
This comes as Russell Taylor is asking Judge Lamberth to order his GPS ankle monitor removed. DOJ says modifying Taylor's release conditions, considering new allegation of shipment of knives and axes, would be "inappropriate."
Russell Taylor was one of six alleged Calif. Three Percenters indicted on multiple counts last summer in connection w/ the #CapitolRiot. He was also a board member of co-defendant Alan Hostetter's American Phoenix Project, which DOJ says promoted violence.…
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The @January6thCmte is back at 1 p.m. today for a hearing focused on the plan to send slates of "alternate electors." Witnesses include Georgia Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger, who Trump told to "find" votes for him. Image
Today's first panel of witnesses have filed in. Hearing to start shortly. Image
Chairman @BennieGThompson says when Trump faced resistant from Pence, he turned to trying to get states to send "alternate electors." And when people wouldn't go along with that, he threatened them with retribution.
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INDICTMENT: Grand jury returns seditious conspiracy charges against 5 Proud Boys, including ex-chairman Enrique Tarrio. That brings the total number of #CapitolRiot sedition defendants up to 16. Two, both Oath Keepers, have already pleaded guilty. Link:…
All 5 Proud Boys were already facing charges of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, which, like seditious conspiracy, carries a max of 20 years. The sedition charges accuse them of trying to prevent the govt. from enforcing the 12th Amendment.…
A sixth Proud Boy who would be in the indictment, Charles Donohoe, pleaded guilty in April to conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding and assaulting a police officer. He's now cooperating with the government's investigation.…
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At 11 a.m., Williamsburg, VA, resident Jonathan Genarro Mellis will be before Judge Sullivan to request bond. He wants the judge to allow his girlfriend to act as third-party custodian. DOJ argues against release generally, and against her specifically.…
DOJ says judges in other #CapitolRiot cases have previously rejected romantic partners as custodians, saying they couldn't be trusted to report release violations. A woman claiming to be Mellis' girlfriend spoke last September at a "Justice for J6" rally.
Mellis, who was indicted on 10 counts (including multiple counts alleging violent acts) has been in pretrial detention since last February. His attorney says other J6 defendants with more serious accusations have been granted bond, including Matthew Beddingfield.
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Testimony starting today in Timothy Hale-Cusanelli's trial. Will post periodic updates.
Opening arguments have finished. DOJ told jury Timothy Hale-Cusanelli "genuinely believes" in civil war and that Jewish interests control President Biden. That's why, they said, he entered the Capitol. He lamented they didn't have enough people to hold it indefinitely.
Hale-Cusanelli's attorney, Jonathan Crisp, described his client as "bombastic" and "antagonistic."

Crisp: "He is the guy you have met who just wants to say things to agitate things." But, he said, that's all it is.
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I've only been listening, not live tweeting, but Matthew Ryan Miller's attorney just told Judge Moss his client should only get a year and a day in prison because it would be more beneficial to focus on treatment for his drug addiction (to marijuana). Moss... skeptical.
“Seeing pictures of my inebriated behaviors that day sends shivers down my spine,” Matthew Ryan Miller tells Judge Moss. “My intentions that day were to wear a wild outfit, drink some beers and have a great time.”
"Every time I think of the events of that day, I feel sickened by what happened," U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss says.
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Judge Nichols' novel reading of the 1512(c)(2) statute continues rippling outward. Now one of the #CapitolRiot defendants who pleaded guilty before him, Gina Bisignano, wants to withdraw that plea, citing his ruling in the Garrett Miller/Joseph Fischer cases.
Judge Nichols is the only judge in the D.C. District to find a document requirement in 1512(c)(2) — the obstruction statute under which many #CapitolRiot defendants are charged. Even his three fellow Trump appointees have explicitly rejected it.…
Gina Bisignano's plea deal was unusual: it was filed under seal and was one of only a handful that specifically mentioned witness protection.

That's likely because Bisignano had a meeting w/ other #CapitolRiot defendants after Jan. 6, including Danny Rodriguez & Ed Badalian.
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Jurors are back this morning to pick up deliberations in earnest. Thomas Webster faces six counts, among them multiple felonies.
NOW: The jury has notified the court it has a verdict in the case against Thomas Webster. Stand by for more.
Jurors deliberated for about 2 hours this morning before coming to their verdict. The stakes for Thomas Webster here are high. He's charged with multiple felonies with dangerous weapon enhancements.…
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Jury selection didn't quite wrap up yesterday, but I'll be at the courthouse today when the trial for Thomas Webster begins in earnest.
Trial starting off this morning with testimony from USCP Capt. Carneysha Mendoza. She was the first person to testify before Congress about the Jan. 6 attack.…
Court almost seems normal today. Jurors, who during other trials have been spread out in the public gallery, are in the jury box. And the gallery is populated with journalists & spectators. Masks remain except for witnesses who are testifying and lawyers speaking at the lectern.
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NEW: An anti-abortion activist indicted for blockading a D.C. clinic in 2020 wants to serve as an interpreter for a relief mission on the Moldova-Ukraine border. Yesterday, a judge shot down that plan.…
Heather Idoni, one of 9 defendants indicted earlier this month for forcibly blockading the Washington Surgi-Clinic, says she and her husband have 10 adopted children from Ukraine. She speaks Russian. She's planning on one more plea to the judge.…
Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, presiding over the case, said Heather Idoni's "commitment to volunteerism is admirable." But she wants her inside the U.S. ahead of a status hearing on the federal indictment charging her w/ felony conspiracy against rights.…
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NEW: Daniel Egtvedt handwrote two letters to a Maryland sheriff asking him to intervene in his #CapitolRiot case. He also, allegedly, threatened to fight police if they transferred him to D.C. He wants a judge to suppress all of that at trial.…
Daniel Egtvedt was originally arrested while trying to physically prevent his mother from being vaccinated. He claimed the vaccine was a population control measure.

During, and after, his arrest, he also used language associated w/ sovereign citizens.…
Daniel Egtvedt reportedly brought up "maritime law" and seemed to suggest the federal government was a "foreign" power — both major sovereign citizen signifiers.

His attorney, though, says she doesn't know of any links he has to sovereign citizens.…
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Morning all. We're back at the federal courthouse in D.C. today, where jurors will resume deliberations in the trial of Thomas Robertson. Here's where they left off.…
All parties have been called back to the courtroom for... a jury question about the definition of "obstruction." That's Count 1 in the indictment. Question received at 5:11 p.m.

They are not coming back with a verdict tonight.
JK!!!! They have a verdict!
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ELSEWHERE in #CapitolRiot land, Charles Donohoe, a North Carolina Proud Boys leader charged in the PB conspiracy case, is pleading guilty to at least one felony count before Judge Timothy Kelly.…
Donohoe is pleading guilty to CONSPIRACY and ASSAULTING POLICE on Jan. 6, both felonies. His plea agreement will include cooperation in the ongoing case against other Proud Boys, including former national chairman Enrique Tarrio.
Judge Kelly says Charles Donohoe will have an estimated offense level of 27 with no criminal history, which would put his recommended sentencing range at 70-87 months in prison. Even at the lowest end, that would be the longest sentence handed down in a #CapitolRiot case to date.
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Good morning all. The trial of Thomas Robertson resumes today with cross-examination of fellow former officer Jacob Fracker.
Some legal wrangling this morning as: 1.) A juror reports a close COVID-positive contact, and 2.) DOJ wants to enter evidence rebutting what they say are false statements entered by the defense about Thomas Robertson's military service.
Here's a preview of what we'll see today. The DOJ's case-in-chief is getting close to the end, although they now have this request to rebut Robertson's military service representations. They'll have a chance to put on a rebuttal case, likely tomorrow.
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Judge McFadden has been notably more antagonistic to the DOJ's #CapitolRiot cases than even other Republican-appointed judges on the D.C. District Court. Nevertheless, this is still a federal judge saying it's plausible some rioters were allowed into the building.
It may not matter too much in the long run unless you're a similar misdemeanor defendant who's happened to draw Judge McFadden for your case. But it could impact the DOJ's decision on whether to oppose bench trials going forward.
Unlike a jury trial, you do not have an absolute right to a bench trial. Prosecutors can object. DOJ may still be inclined not to, though, because they're generally much faster than jury trials.
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At 2 p.m., Andrew Griswold, of Florida, will be before Judge Cooper for a change of plea hearing. He was indicted on six counts, including felony obstruction of an official proceeding. #CapitolRiot
Griswold is pleading guilty to one felony count of civil disorder. Attorneys estimated David Alan Blair, who pleaded guilty to civil disorder yesterday, would face 8-14 months in prison.…
However, DOJ says Griswold will face an estimated sentencing guideline of 0-6 months in this case. Not sure how a felony winds up with that recommended sentence, but the calculation should be in the plea agreement filed later today.
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Coming up next, at 11 a.m., Bryan Ivey, of Tennessee, will be before Judge Cooper for sentencing. Prosecutors say he was right next to Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola when he breached the Capitol. He then helped others enter through a door. They want him to serve 14 days in jail.
Judge Cooper says he's reviewed the case law and the decisions by Judges Lamberth and Kollar-Kotelly and he's not going to impose split sentences for petty misdemeanor cases until the D.C. Circuit rules on it.
AUSA Leslie Goemaat says Bryan Ivey led the mob into the Capitol through the broken window. They say he was the 14th person to enter the building on Jan. 6.
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Florida P.E. teacher/football coach Kenneth Reda appearing for sentencing now before Judge Hogan. Says he's normally a "free thinker." Hopes his teaching certificate will be reinstated so he can resume working.
Reda was a big Parler user who used the site to encourage others to travel to D.C. on January 6.

Judge Hogan compares the rabid energy on J6 to lynch mobs. But also says he weighs the fact that Reda lost his job as a teacher after his arrest.
Reda says he's been retraining to work in real estate, which he did earlier in his career. However a recent minor stroke has delayed that.

Judge Hogan says he gives his attorney credit for not trying to play the stroke up for leniency.
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Coming up at 11 a.m., David Alan Blair will appear to enter a guilty plea. He was indicted for multiple felonies, including assaulting police w/ a lacrosse stick adorned with a Confederate flag. He was scheduled to start trial in early May. #CapitolRiot
David Alan Blair will be pleading guilty to count 2 of the indictment against him: interfering with a police officer during civil disorder. It's a felony with a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison.
In addition to the lacrosse stick, Blair had a knife in his backpack that was discovered while he was being processed post-arrest. He told police he brought it to the Capitol because he was worried about "antifa."
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At 11 a.m., Jason Hyland will appear before Judge Cooper to plead guilty. Hyland was part of the group, along with Jenna Ryan, that took a private plan from Texas to D.C. for the 6th. This is a misdemeanor case. #CapitolRiot
One of Hyland's co-defendants, Jenna Ryan, pleaded guilty last year and was sentenced to 60 days in jail. His other co-defendant, Katherine Schwab, is currently scheduled for trial on June 20.…
Hyland is pleading guilty to the misdemeanor parading charge. That's the same charge Jenna Ryan pleaded guilty to. Hyland, however, didn't pose next to a broken window or go on an ill-advised posting spree.
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