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Listening to the (non-#CapitolRiot) sentencing in an Arizona court for Tim "Baked Alaska" Gionet. Prosecutors are asking for him to serve 6 months for assaulting, trespass and civil disorder.
The prosecutor is playing part of Baked Alaska's livestream from inside the Capitol on January 6 now. As an aside, that stream has helped the FBI identify probably dozens of #CapitolRiot defendants at this point.
Gionet's attorney argues that this assault case is his client's only run-in with the law — which was true in December 2020, but is decidedly not true now. Since that arrest, he's been charged in the #CapitolRiot case and for damaging a Hanukkah display at the AZ capitol.
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BREAKING: DOJ confirms arrest and indictment of Oath Keepers president Stewart Rhodes and 10 other members of the militia on seditious conspiracy charges in connection with the #CapitolRiot. Full indictment here:…
MORE: Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes and 10 other members of the militia are now the first #CapitolRiot defendants to face sedition charges in connection w/ the January 6 attack. Developing story here:… @wusa9 @EricFlackTV
In the days after the 2020 election, Oath Keepers president Stewart Rhodes called for his followers to reject the results and said, "We aren't getting through this without a civil war."

Then, he shared a step-by-step plan on how to overthrow a government.
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The detention hearing for Tim Boughner is finally set to begin at 2 p.m. It's been delayed multiple times over the past two weeks. The DOJ says Bougner confessed to assaulting police on January 6 and also to attempting to flee capture. Docs:… #CapitolRiot
Boughner's attorney says his client helps care for his disabled brother-in-law and his nieces and nephews. Also points out that other #CapitolRiot defendants accused of assaulting police have been given bond, even Robert Scott Palmer, who's now serving longest sentence yet.
"I'm sorry to say Mr. Boughner, I do believe detention is warranted in this case," Faruqui says, saying there's "clear and convincing evidence that you are a danger to the community."
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The next #CapitolRiot plea hearing is scheduled for noon, when Willard Peart, of Utah, will appear before Judge Friedman. He was one of a number of rioters who entered the Capitol wrapped in a Trump flag.
There's some back and forth about whether Willard Peart could have been charged with a felony. DOJ agrees the initial affidavit could possibly have led to that. Peart was ultimately only charged with misdemeanors.
Peart says he's grateful he's able to enter his plea virtually from Utah instead of flying to D.C. "Utah's a nice place," Judge Friedman says. "Come visit anytime you want," Peart tells him.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/08/2022…
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Flashback: In May 2020, mobs of fat-left rioters tried to storm the White House. They were repelled by police, who were assaulted and hit with projectiles. Democrats and leftists condemned law enforcement at the time for stopping the rioters. #CapitolRiot
Flashback May 2020: At night, the far-left rioters surrounded the White House and tried tearing apart the protective barrier so they could storm the building. Secret Service and law enforcement were injured by the violent extremists. #CapitolRiot
Flashback May 2020: The far-left rioters tore apart the barrier outside the White House piece by piece in an attempt to storm the building and burn it down. Many in the mob called for the president to be lynched. #CapitolRiot
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In January 2017, mobs of violent #Antifa militants & their comrades carried out violence & arson in the US capital to violently oppose the inauguration of Trump. Over 200 were arrested & leftist & liberal groups claimed the arrests was evidence of…
Flashback: Video of #Antifa carrying outs of organized violence in the capital in January 2017 to try and overturn the election of Donald Trump. #CapitolRiot
Flashback: Roaming mobs of #Antifa extremists cheered on by a crowd of leftists attacked parts of the U.S. capital in January 2017 to try and overturn the inauguration of Donald Trump. #CapitolRiot
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On this somber #January6th anniversary, we officially launch the #InsurrectionIndex.

We hope it serves as a tool for voters, organizations, and media outlets to keep these individuals out of public office.

2/6: After the #CapitolRiot we went after receipts before they could be deleted.

TY to partners @AdvDemocracy @accountable_us @weareoversight, @TTP_Updates, @Accountable_Org + @mmfa. Public Wise added the Capitol Breach cases @TheJusticeDept.

3/6: The Insurrection Index tracks incumbents and candidates who were at the insurrection and/or support #TheBigLie. ​​Important, as the 2022 election cycle heats up.

Here’s who’s on our radar now ⬇️…
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NEW: Garland parries criticism of Justice Dept. response to Jan. 6 #CapitolRiot. Story w/@kyledcheney… A few thoughts on speech….
Garland made noises about DOJ prosecuting higher-ups or inspirers, without naming names, but there's been no sign that's actually happening and there are ways we would expect to know. He did say they're following the money. May relate to reported probe of Powell-linked groups
Garland has been EXCEEDINGLY circumspect about public comments on Jan. 6, because just as he arrived at DOJ, judges were slamming prosecutors over interview acting US atty Sherwin gave predicting sedition charges…
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Starting now: A sentencing hearing for Robert Scott Palmer, of Tampa. The DOJ says he should serve the longest prison term yet in a #CapitolRiot case.… @wusa9 @EricFlackTV
Palmer is asking for a downward variance to a sentence of 24 months in prison. You can read his sentencing memo here:…
"When you threw the plank and the fire extinguisher at the officer, were you acting in self-defense?" Judge Chutkan asks Palmer.

"No your honor, I was not," he says.
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Happening now: Sentencing hearing for Anthony Mariotto, of Florida. DOJ says Mariotto was part of and filmed a crowd that charged through police as they yelled, "Hands up don't shoot!" and "I can't breathe!" #CapitolRiot
Prosecutors play a video of rioters, including Mariotto, walking through the Capitol banging on doors and trying to open them. Says we know there were staffers at the time hiding from the rioters. "What would have happened if they'd found someone?"
DOJ says it's "particularly concerning" to the government that Mariotto was part of the crowd that went around banging on doors and yelling "Where are the traitors!?" Mariotto eventually made it into the Senate Gallery.
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Alright, this hearing is getting started before U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras. #CapitolRiot
Robert Chapman tells Judge Contreras he has an associate's degree. Has never been treated for a psychiatric illness. Not under the effect of any drugs or alcohol.
DOJ reading the facts of the case now. Robert Chapman traveled from NY to see Trump speak. Entered the Capitol around 2 p.m. Was inside the building for ~45 minutes. Took photos in Statuary Hall and posted them to social media.
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We've heard a lot about Oath Keeper planning leading up to January 6, but in a new filing, the DOJ lays out specific statements from Thomas "Commander Tom" Caldwell *during* the #CapitolRiot it says show an agreement with those around him to take the Capitol. @wusa9 @EricFlackTV
There's also more about the "quick reaction force" staged at the Comfort Inn in Ballston "should things go high order."

Plus, new messages from Oath Keepers president Stewart Rhodes (Person 1) saying OKs would have "no choice" but to act if Trump failed to do so. #CapitolRiot
As I wrote about earlier this month, Oath Keepers president Stewart Rhodes has still not been charged in the case — and defense attorneys want to know if he's going to be or not.…
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Good morning all. We'll kick off today at 10 a.m. with the sentencing hearing for Andrew Hatley.
The government is asking today for Andrew Hatley to serve 2 months of home detention and 3 years of supervised probation. His attorney says 1 month of probation and community service is sufficient.
DOJ says Hatley's actions were on the lower end. He entered the building, posed for photos in the crypt, and then left after minutes. But he also admitted to FBI he saw the chaos as he came to the Capitol, climbed through a broken window.
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Detention hearing ongoing now for Justin Jersey, aka #fingerman, who is now indicted in one of the most violent assaults on police attempting to defend the Capitol. Here's the DOJ's pretrial detention memo, filed Sunday:… #CapitoRiot @wusa9 @EricFlackTV
You can see the man the DOJ has identified as Justin Jersey in this BWC video while he and other defendants, including Jeffrey Sabol and Jack Wade Whitton, repeatedly attack police.…
The ever-on-it @ryanjreilly wrote about how the FBI identified Justin Jersey via a rather conspicuous tattoo here:…
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At 1 p.m. Brandon and Stephanie Miller will be back in court for sentencing before Judge Tanya S. Chutkan. #CapitolRiot @wusa9 @EricFlackTV
The DOJ is asking for three months of home detention for Brandon Miller and two months for Stephanie, along with 36 months of probation for each. DOJ is asking for the extra month for Brandon due to his live streams during and after downplaying the #CapitolRiot.
Stephanie Miller kept her #CapitolRiot messages in the DMs, writing that, "We're hoping we don't get charges, but we'll proudly take them if so." She also wrote that she and her husband "enjoyed every part of what we did and was a part of."
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I'll be attempting to juggle this and the Cleveland Meredith Jr. sentencing, so, we'll see how that goes. I'll tweet a link for you to watch once the stream starts. #CapitolRiot
If you're interested in @AGKarlRacine's January 6-related announcement starting shortly, you can watch live here (I will do my best to live-tweet it as well but I'm also monitoring the Cleveland Meredith sentencing):…
Per my colleague @BruceLeshan, the D.C. AG's Office is filing a civil lawsuit accusing the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and others of violating the Ku Klux Klan Act on January 6. Similar to a suit brought by 7 Capitol Police officers earlier this year.
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Good morning. At 9:30 we'll start off today with the sentencing for Cleveland Meredith, the Georgia man who threatened to shoot House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.… #CapitolRiot @wusa9 @EricFlackTV
U.S. District Judge Amy B. Jackson is presiding this morning. She says a portion of the hearing will go under seal at the defendant's request when they discuss materials relating to his mental health diagnoses and possibly service-related PTSD.
Defense attorney Paul Kiyonaga, says Meredith's parents as well as two family friends are in court today to speak on his behalf. Court also has letters from Meredith's son and from physicians who have treated him.
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Good morning. At 10 AM we have a status hearing for "zip tie guy" Eric Munchel and his mother, Lisa Eisenhart. We haven't heard much about them since March, when their cases helped define the terms for pretrial release for other #CapitolRiot defendants.…
The hearing has started but there's an awful whistling sound coming from an unmuted line.
DOJ and defense say they are working on a compromise to release conditions that would allow Lisa Eisenhart to work.
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Jacob Chansley will be back in court at 2 p.m. for a status hearing, at which point we'll hopefully get some clarification on this development last week while I was off.
The status hearing for Jacob Chansley is getting started now before Judge Royce Lamberth. Attorneys Albert Watkins and John Pierce are both present so Lamberth can sort out which one will be representing Chansley going forward.
We all got kicked off so hopefully they restart the public line. We've seen some issues with this so far today...
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John Lolos will be in court today at 2 p.m. for his sentencing. DOJ is asking for a month behind bars.
Plugged in a little late and Lolos is fired up, wants to make sure his crime is in "context." Denies there was any violence against police. "Everyone was respecting each other," he says.
Lolos is ranting about receiving multiple ballots and some guy at the airport using homophobic slurs. Says he and the guy drew a crowd because they were "being loud" talking about the riot. Also says "half the plane" was yelling "Trump 2020!" when he was pulled off.
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At 10 a.m. Texas 3%er Guy Reffitt will be back in court for a motion hearing. He tried and failed last month to get a change of venue. Now he's one of the many #CapitolRiot defendants trying to get the felony obstruction charge against him thrown out.
I don't know that we will get a ruling on that question today, but earlier this week, defense attorneys in a different January 6 case said they believed the judges hearing those challenges were getting close.
Judge Friedrich has arrived and announces she has lost her voice and, indeed, she is very croaky.
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Back in Judge Nichols' virtual courtroom, where David Mish, of Wisconsin, is being sentenced. Mish pleaded guilty in August to one misdemeanor count of parading. The DOJ is asking for 30 days in jail. #CapitolRiot
"Mr. Mish's conduct inside the Capitol falls on the less egregious side of the spectrum," the DOJ says. No evidence he participated in violence or destruction.
"Most mitigating factor is his level of participation with law enforcement," DOJ says. He contacted DC Police to say he had witnessed the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. Told the FBI in an interview he heard her telling police to "just open the door. They're not going to stop."
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