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13 Jan
The areas the air strikes just targeted in Deir Ezzor:

🔴- Al-Bukamal:

Al-Thalath area (IRGC)
Beer Hammar (IRGC and 47th Regiment), from which oil tanker lorries move to al-Imam base
Al-Seiba area (IRGC)
Hamdan Airport Road (Zainabiyon)
Al-Hajjana Street, vehicles park (Zainabiyon)
The area near al-Bukamal border gate, about 3 km from it (Iraqi Shiite Hashd)
The vicinity of Aysha Hospital (Hizbollah)
🔴- Al-Mayadeen :

The farms on the International Deir Ezzor Al-Mayadeen highway (IRGC)
The area behind al-Makif building (Fatimiyeon)
The surrounding of Al-Rahba Castle (Fatimiyeon)
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12 Jan
Violent successive explosions were heard from the side of al-Talai'e and al-Panorama in Deir Ezzor city, which is under Assad's control. These areas are full of Fatimiyeon militias.

The explosions were caused by airstrikes as aircraft were heard clearly. An exclusive source confirmed that Aiyash warehouses are the main target, as they include Iranian militias.

#Breaking: Warplanes targeted Iranian headquarters in the outskirts of Al-Mayadeen city a few minutes after Aiyash warehouses, which contains Iranian militias western Deir Ezzor were targeted.
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11 Jan
● - Tribes dignitaries aren't safe.
● - Civil Council members aren't safe.
● - Local NGOs aren't safe.
● - Innocent civilians aren't safe.

● - Daesh is penetrating security.
● - Iran's cells are penetrating security.
● - Assad's cells are penetrating security.
● - Smugglers and gangs are penetrating security.

- The security mockery continues, so what security are you talking about?!
For the thousandth and millionth time:
● There are no solutions in Deir Ezzor without completely removing the corrupt leaders of DMC.

● There are no solutions in Deir Ezzor without realy activating the Arab role, not just in appearance.
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28 Oct 20
Thread and please watch the video:

Dialogue sessions between the Autonomous Administration and Arabs started in Deir Ezzor to prepare for a national conference for people of the al-Jazeera and the Euphrates areas.
2️⃣ :
Amena Omar who is the joint head of the Syrian Democratic Council attended the sessions. Deir Ezzor’ people’s response was so clear regarding most of the points that Omar tried to address, including the Assad regime and Russia.

Many of them totally rejected any dialogue with the Assad regime. The people responded to the rejection of the Syrian flag that the Assad regime adopts as a formal flag,
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7 Oct 20
The fragile security situation in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside and the scandalous farce
A clear and explicit question..
Have the Kurdish leaders, the decision-making authority in the region, had a serious intention to establish security and stability in Deir Ezzor for two years until now?
Actually, none of this is tangible on the ground, all that is going on is just military campaigns by the SDF but at the same time, Daesh, Assad and Iran cells are intensively active in the region.
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5 Oct 20
Thread :

Let's agree on one important thing which is:
al-Hol camp which houses civilians is not the same camp that includes Daesh families. There is a section dedicated to Daesh families and a section for the civilians who fled hostility and Daesh,
Since the fighting against Daesh began in Deir Ezzor, tens of thousands of civilians were forced to flee their homes and cities due to heavy fighting in the west and east of the Euphrates. Most civilians fled to the areas controlled by the international coalition and the SDF.
Civilians fled because they categorically reject Assad, Daesh, Iran and Russia, but later their presence in al-Hol became a complex and bureaucratic issue that has strained all parties.
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27 Oct 19
The position of Deir Ezzor's people regarding al-Baghdadi's death:

First, let us agree that the blood of those killed by #Daesh has not been wasted, regardless of the circumstances and who killed al-#Baghdadi, people have been satisfied, especially in #Syria.
In my hometown in the eastern #DeirEzzor countryside, Daesh killed more than 270 people during the fighting between the people of Deir Ezzor and #Daesh in 2013.
Young people in their prime, some of the best of Deir Ezzor's youths, were killed and tortured by Daesh before the international coalition was formed and before any international party intervene to stop this organization.
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10 Oct 19
Many important files came all in one tweet.. please have patience and read to the end:

The most important:

Saudi file in Syria:

The recent visit of the Saudi Minister al-Sabahan to Syria was supposed to make a significant change to the Syrian reality,
especially regarding the reconstruction file, but until the Turkish invasion, nothing happened.

especially in #DeirEzzor in June 2019, everything was changed and KSA decided, because of its war against the Houthis, not to engage in new experiences,
especially in an area full of adversaries, this happened after they were greatly enthusiastic that the region should be ruled by its people's decision in partnership with the Americans,
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10 Oct 19
I repeat it once again as repetition can be useful:

Opposing the Turkish invasion for several reasons:
The opposition, which is fighting alongside Turkey, left the Assad regime and Iran, and turned to carry out the agenda of some countries under the name of fighting YPG, PKK etc
This matter is between Turkey and these factions, and must not be at the expense of civilians in Syria, especially in our regions.
The issue of the repatriation and settlement of refugees through military battles and by force is not a guarantee and cannot be achieved.

The #Assad regime is gradually regaining a legitimacy, that it has been looking for for years,
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9 Oct 19
Read to the end, please:

- "The Kurds will hand over our areas to the Syrian regime" a message that was circulated by Turkey, but it has been proved to Syrians that Turkey is the one who has been contributing to the handover of the territories to the Assad regime, not "the SDF"
,, whether by failing to maintain its "understandings" with #Russia or because of its acceptance of the repeated campaigns.

-The Syrian who wants #Turkey to expel the #SDF from the eastern regions should have second thoughts.
- Turkey has also prevented the Syrian opposition from coordinating with the Kurds against #Daesh, prevented it from many opportunities.

- Turkey is Russia's biggest gain in #Syria after ensuring Assad's survival and his regime and securing it militarily after 2015.
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27 Jul 19
Qasem Soleimani's recent visit to Al-#Bukamal city and his inspection of the Iranian militias carries several messages, mainly:
- To reaffirm the promises he made to the elements and leaders of the Iranian militias when he visited #DeirEzzor in 2017-2018 during fighting against #Daesh, where he still repeatedly gives those promises of victory and the achieving of the goals set by the #Iranians.
- a message to the Syrian Democratic Forces (#SDF) "you cannot stand against us, no matter how powerful militarily you are."
- A message to the #USA that #Soleimani can move whenever and however he likes without being targeted "a kind of provocative act".
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15 Jun 19
For years till now, the Americans have not realized the extent of the mistakes they have repeatedly made with regard to the tribes file particularly in #DeirEzzor.
Since the #SDF started their battles against Daesh in #DeirEzzor, they have begun forming a lobby of tribal figures in Deir Ezzor to be under their wing, but unfortunately these tribal figures,
who appear every time with the personalities visiting the region are only for filming and photography and has no real influence in the sense of the tribe or the clan,
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