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L’#EI annonce un nouvel audio via #AlFurqan qui diffuse les grosses productions & les audios du calife ou du porte-parole
L’audio #AlFurqan #EI est du porte parole Abou Hamza al-Mouhajir
AbouHamza fait un rapl des étapes en #Irak avec une défense du choix de Zarqawi de combattre les US mais aussi leur alliés locaux, puis la constitution de l'alliance des Mouatyabins et de l'Etat islamique en Irak qui mettra un terme au projet de confédération & démocratique
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Qassem Soleimani was killed in an air strike by the #US in #Baghdad. Equivalent to Jiang Zemin in #China, Soleimani was a dominant figure in the military, politics and oil industry of #Iran. Most of his family reside in #HongKong, #Shanghai and #Beijing.
#China’s Bank of Kunlun was established by Soleimani family in collaboration with the #CCP. The actual #Chinese main shareholders are Jiang Zemin, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu (and Zhou Yongkang before jailed). Its asset has increased from $17 billion to $28 billion.
#Bank of Kunlun is a tool of #Iran’s Soleimani, Khamenei and the #CCP kleptocrats to launder money and evade the #US sanctions @robert_spalding @MischaEDM @WarrenPlatts @geoff_p_wade @DanRDimicco @Jkylebass @BenKTallmadge @IndoPac_Info @BoycottHegemony…
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Breaking: Both @AlMayadeenNews & #Iraqi TV confirm the assassination of #IRGC #Quds Force commander, #Qasem_Soleimani & commander of #Iraq's #PMU (Hashd al-Shaabi), #Abu_Mahdi_al_Muhandis .
#Iraq #العراق
.2/ The consequences of assassinating #Soleimani & #Muhandis will be catastrophic for #Iraq, the region, as well #US & #Israeli interests in #Mideast.
#Iraq #العراق
.3/ The decision to assassinate both these commanders, is a clear #American message to escalate in Iraq & to draw #Iran into a military conflict.
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Just Out- “Part 8- #LeMesurier Death - Day 9: Siphoned-Off Evidence, Missing Key Testimony & The Mystery Book” with Sibel Edmonds Reporting from #Turkey Only via #Newsbud. Watch Full Episode Here:
#LeMesurier Death - Day 9: Siphoned-Off Evidence, Missing Key Testimony & The Mystery Book” with Sibel Edmonds. Watch Preview via #YouTube Here:
Subscribe & Join Sibel Edmonds’ #Newsbud- Where Media Integrity Matters
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Don’t Miss!- “KEY Events Leading to the Death of White-Helmet Founder Le Mesurier: The Telling Timeline” with Sibel Edmonds #LeMesurier Watch Full Episode Here via #Newsbud YouTube:
Day 9 in #LeMesurier Death in #Turkey. No Full #Autopsy Report Yet. Key Evidence & Testimonies Quietly Siphoned-Off...
#Bolivia #IranProtests #HongKong #Baghdadi #Syria #LeMesurier: Another Major #Geopolitical Wave Coming. Don’t Become #ToneDeaf by Depending on #MSM. Join #Newsbud.
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1/ #EXCLUSIVE This is big: Documents I obtained show #Baghdadi compound in Barisha had internet connection.

Internet installed on 1/2/2019. Connection username: mhrab. Until 12hrs before U.S. raid, residents of compound were connected. I also got docs with IP addresses.

٢/ حصري: حصلت على مستندات تظهر ان المجمع الذي اختبأ فيه ابو بكر #البغدادي في باريشا كان مزودا بشبكة إنترنت.

الاشتراك بشبكة النت بدأ بتاريخ 1/2/2019 وكان اسم المستخدم: mhrab.

استعمل سكان مجمع البغدادي النت قبل 12 ساعة من الغارة الامريكية على المكان.

3/ Internet connection in compound where ISIS chief #Baghdadi died was organised by the owner of the house, Abu Muhammad al Halabi.

2 yrs ago Al-Halabi purchased that compound. Documents I obtained show the internet subscription there started on 1st February 2019.

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US facing expanding radicalization problem - National Counterterrorism Center acting Director Russell Travers warns during talk at @WashInstitute the number of people in the #NCTC datat base has "grown by a factor of almost 20"
@WashInstitute NEW: "We have no indication that foreign terrorists have tried to exploit" the US refugee system, per #NCTC acting Dir Russell Travers
@WashInstitute Goal should be for US to have "near real time biographic & biometric screening" to keep terrorists out of the country, per #NCTC's Travers
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@ABC @abcnews @jamesgoldston
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump @ICEgov Children have been raped and murdered because FAKE NEWS didn’t tell the truth about Jeffrey Epstein’s Island & Child Trafficking by wealthy politicians & celebrities. Shameful. @arobach 🍕🌭
@arobach @jamesgoldston @FBI Fake News / Epstein Cover-up. @ABCNetwork @abcnews @ABC @realDonaldTrump @POTUS ABC endangered children and protected sexual predators by not sharing the truth for 3 years. @CBSNews @NBCNews @ChrisNagusKMOV @KMOV @GayleKing @NorahODonnell #RealNews 🍕
In 2016, ABC killed a story about a pedophilia ring.

3 years later the story became public.

How many children were raped in those years? How many child rapists got away?

Why kill the story?

Bill Clinton was implicated & @HillaryClinton was running for President.

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Fascinating details in this report with #Baghdadi's brother-in-law about the hunt to the ISIS leader. Interesting insights on how ISIS used sheep herders to move around, and how these shepherds ended up stealing about $70m from an ISIS hideout:

July 2019, Iraqi National Intelligence Service intercepts a person by the name of Mohammed Ali Sajet al-Zoubai, Baghdadi’s brother-in-law & close aide. He crossed into Iraq and was traveling under “Othman Ahmed Farhan.
He‘d been tracked for a month after he entered the Iraqi borders. Within a month, he was captured as he entered Baghdad wearing his suicide belt, carrying a message to cells in the capital.
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Well. I hate to say it but.... I fucking told you so.

Islamic State group announces successor to al-Baghdadi -- and he's Quraysh.…
Here's the thing. #Baghdadi's replacement, like I've been saying (and unlike Trump), is not ONE person but multiple candidates waiting in the wings.

I hate hate hate to be correct about this because it is NOT a positive sign -- but the successor announced is also Qurayshi.
Al-Furqan announced it (ISIS media), and refers to the new caliph as 'Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi.'

That's about all we know.

And guess what?
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BREAKING: Audio from new official spokesman of #ISIS, “Abu Hamza al-Qurayshi.” Statement confirms Abu Hassan al-Muhajir's death, saying that he was a Saudi. Also confirms death of Baghdadi, announces "Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi" as new leader/"Caliph."
The message warns America not to rejoice in killing of its leadership. Asserts #ISIS is not limited to Middle East and that it will continue its mission.
The new message tells followers to continue to follow up on the call of Baghdadi's last audio message (released September 2019)--specifically in releasing Muslim prisoners and to make recruitment and outreach.…
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The Pentagon has released footage of the raid in which ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed.

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The general who oversaw the US raid on the compound of ISIL leader #Baghdadi provided the most detailed account yet of the operation.

He also said the US was on alert for possible "retribution attacks”
ISIL has confirmed the death of leader al-#Baghdadi and names Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi as its new chief
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So, the New York Times is reporting that the leader of ISIS was hiding out thanks to the protection of at least one other radical anti-Assad rebel group—the final nail in the coffin of the preposterous talking point that Assad & ISIS were on the same team.…
So it turns out #Baghdadi was working with at least one radical rebel group in Idlib.

Now consider how the international community supported the rebels and chided both Syria and Russia for wanting to conduct counterterrorism in Idlib.
With the Iraq war, the American political establishment sold the public a bunch of nonsense.

And there was outrage.

With the Syria war, the American political establishment sold the public a bunch of nonsense.

And there’s no outrage.

At least yet.
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Just in.

ISIS media outlet, which usually limits its productions to news about its leader or spokesman and top-level events, is announcing something soon.
A significant announcement by ISIS coming up.

I’ll be sharing, translating and analyzing on the go, here.
Isis announcement just dropped.

A new spokesman by the name of Abu Hamza al-Qurayshi, who just confirmed the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the spokesman Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir
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50. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria
#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21 to 40. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
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Could this be behind the closing of the #IsraeliEmbassies? Eliminating protection from dual-citizen asylum? Some big criminal names on this list. #TickTock #Qanon saving #Israel for last. Was #Mossad behind 9/11?
“All #Israeli representations over the world are closing”
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Trump is the world's greatest hypocrite. He not only bragged about himself repeatedly during his #Baghdadi announcement, he's now using the alleged killing to raise campaign money for himself.
After his announcement, his campaign sent out an email saying: "It is a great day for the United States of America, and for the rest of the world. Under the fierce leadership of our Commander-in-Chief, the radical ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead."
You are then directed to an opinion poll on Trump that only allows you to choose between "Great", "Good", or "Okay". (Which is funny, considering how much he mocks polls he doesn't like).
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1. @POTUS Trump and @EsperDoD @thejointstaff taking credit for the Kurds' successful mission. #SDF caught #Baghdadi and Trump and @RTErdogan tried to stop it. These grocery clerks are just lying for an ISIS affiliate in the @WhiteHouse.

And the oil will go to Assad. that's what
2. Trump and @EsperDoD betrayal of the SDF has guaranteed.

They are now pretending the US has a role in Syria. It's pathetic.

In 2021 @TheDemocrats will have @TheJusticeDept and will expose the treachery of the @DeptofDefense working for ISIS & Al-Qaeda protecting Turkey.
3. Every 4 star who touches this cl*lsterf*ck will lose their pension. They have one chance to keep their $20,000 a month. Expose Trump and @EsperDoD to Congress. @DefenseIntel @CIA Tick-tock folks.

E-1 retirements in your futures. @DoD_IG .
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Happening now: @DeptofDefense Sec. @EsperDoD and @thejointstaff Chairman, Gen. Mark Milley, brief on the US takedown of #ISIS leader Abu Bakr al #Baghdadi...
@DeptofDefense @EsperDoD @thejointstaff Death of #ISIS' #Baghdadi "marks a devastating blow for the remnants of ISIS, who are now deprived of their inspirational leader" per @EsperDoD
@DeptofDefense @EsperDoD @thejointstaff "Our services members conducted themselves with incredible skill and professionalism" per @EsperDoD "They executed the raid, in all of its facets, brilliantly"
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Polat Can (@PolatCanRojava) is among the most respected members of the SDF hierarchy. You can take this thread to the bank. On line translations of this thread:
1: Through our own sources, we confirmed that Baghdadi had moved in April from the Dashisha area of Deir Ezzor to the Idlib area. Since May 15, we have been working together with the @CIA to track #Baghdadi and monitor him closely.
2: One of our sources was able to reach the house where Baghdadi was hiding. Al-Baghdadi changed his places of residence every time. He was about to move to a new place in #Jarablus.
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National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien *mostly* strikes the right balance here: it was standard procedure to give the Russians a heads up about US troops ahead of raid to kill #Baghdadi. We’ve been doing this since Russian intervention began in 2015. 1/3
It’s also true, as O’Brien says that Russia even though “Russia presents a great danger to the US” we shouldn’t foreswear cooperation if it’s in our interest 2/3
But it’s a totally blatant falsehood for Trump and O’Brien to insist that Russia has been an ally in the fight against ISIS. Trump’s been repeating this nonsense since 2016. Russian forces were sent to Syria in 2015 to save the Assad regime. Nothing more, nothing less. 3/3
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𝘏𝘢𝘮𝘪𝘳𝘥𝘦𝘷𝘢 of Ranthambore fought and perished against Alauddin Khalji in 1301. He died protecting Alauddin's general who came pleading for life, hounded by Alauddin for some 𝘏𝘢𝘳𝘦𝘮 𝘐𝘯𝘵𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘶𝘦.

Source - Radhakrishna Choudhary's History of Muslim rule in Tirhut
#Baghdadi was similar to a man our history books conveniently chose to forget. Minhaj-us-Siraj was a trusted Turk cleric who wrote 𝘛𝘢𝘣𝘢𝘲𝘢𝘵-𝘪-𝘕𝘢𝘴𝘪𝘳𝘪. This book remains the only source of #History of Bengal in Delhi sultanate till 1259 AD, when it ends abruptly.
Tabaqat-i-Nasiri chronicles a 𝘒𝘩𝘢𝘭𝘫𝘪 worse than 𝘈𝘭𝘭𝘢𝘶𝘥𝘥𝘪𝘯. Ikhtiyar ad din Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khalji was a #Turkish slave from Afghanistan, in search of military opportunities.He was denied service by 𝘎𝘩𝘶𝘳𝘪𝘥s and 𝘈𝘪𝘣𝘢𝘬 of Delhi.

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Given Trump’s “speech” on #Baghdadi, I really need to do an extended thread about this issue.
The oft-mentioned "orange jumpsuits" in Trump's #Baghdadi's speech refer to the costumes #ISIS forced their victims to wear.

Guess why.

Those are the same uniforms worn by detainees at Guantanamo and other venues of indefinite detention in the War on Terror.

One reason why British and American hostages (use their NAMES: Jim, Steven, David, Alan, Abdurrahman [Peter]) were grouped according to nationalities was a specific "fuck you" to key partners in the Global War on Terror, and particularly - black sites, torture, rendition, etc.
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Baghdadi is a “well-read” Muslim, with a PhD in Islamic studies. The Taliban spend a lifetime studying the Quran. If that doesn’t make them “true Muslims” then Allah’s word is not very effective, is it?
Two arguments are being given against this. First some random criminal doesn’t represent the religion. But #Baghdadi was no random criminal. His aim was to establish the Islamic Caliphate and #ISIS meticulously followed Islam law. See:

Secondly, that #Baghdadi was helped by the CIA. Well the CIA do associate with all kind of unsavory characters. But when #ISIS was attacking Yezidi it wasn’t force converting them to Christianity or American capitalism. Guess what religion?

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