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1/ #BREAKING The ground in #Lebanon is rumbling. So much going on that requires surveillance.
Economic collapse, #Hizbullah mischief along #Israel's border, government collapse, & a ticking bomb that was set 15 yrs ago, which could blow up Friday and collapse the whole house. 🇱🇧
2/ #Breaking #Lebanon.
@yonibmen has excellent piece (in Hebrew for now) on the terrorist incursion along #Israel-#Syria border last night.
Little doubt Hizbullah's behind it & seeks to deflect the IDF from attacking Leb. These attacks have history.
3/#Breaking #Lebanon.
Hizb, #Iran & Syria worked to set up a Golan liberation militia to attack #Israel from Syria.
First leader, Samir Kuntar, a vile terrorist who smashed a Jewish baby. Killed on Golan in 2015 in Israeli air strike.
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While Khamenei was hailing #Iran's supply of arms to Palestinian terrorist groups with money stolen from #Iranians, workers were on the streets demanding months of unpaid wages.
- Municipal workers in Mahshahr, SW Iran, say they have 5 months of unpaid wages. #IranProtests
Hamedan, W #Iran
Workers and employees of the Ali-Sadr Cave gathered today to protest being kept in a state of limbo and not receiving unemployment insurance despite the closure of the popular tourist destination due to #COVID19. #IranProtests
Report: The managers of the Lamerd Cement Factory in SW #Iran sacked workers who had protested and demanded their unpaid wages. The workers have at least 3 months of unpaid wages. #IranProtests
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IRGC hoards health masks and disinfectants amid Iran’s #COVID19 crisis.
#Coronavirus #CoronaOutbreak @WHO #pandemia
@UN @ForeignOffice @usadarfarsi @StateDept @SecPompeo @USUN
Iran is suffering from a drastic shortage of medical supplies, like masks and disinfectants, because the regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (#IRGC) is stockpiling them and selling them to the public at a major mark up.
#Coronavirus #COVID19 @WHO #pandemia
State-run media reports that health masks priced at 2,000 rials are being sold for thirty times more in many places across #Iran. In some places, they now cost 150,000 rials. Yet still, people wait in long lines to pay big money for these essentials that are in short supply.
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Thread: As I’ve been talking to #Iranians in #Iran over the last couple weeks, some family & others friends I came to know over course of my yrs of field research in Iran, I’ve collected some of the more illuminating, interesting & at times heartbreaking comments 👇🏽
“After the nuclear deal we should’ve been flying in new Boeing planes, not shooting them down. How far we have fallen is truly sorrowful. From the hope of a different future, a moment of change, to not only broken promises, but what feels like darker days from the past”
“More than anything I’m scared. I believed in nuclear deal, it gave me hope for a better future & #Iran abided by it. It seems like we were punished for that. Now I’m scared of war & what might become of us. Iraq, Libya, Syria? The examples around us are grim”
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1) Random musings from an average #QAnon Patriot trying to make sense of the #Iranian Puzzle.


2) I have been doing my best to make real-time and future predictions during evolving geo-political events.

Like most Anons I try to provide a point of difference from the MSM and interpret with the benefit of a #QAnon Research background.
3) Recently I made a gaffe on the run and now I feel pretty silly.

In this game it is an occupational hazard; but I reckon to date most stuff has been close enough to the mark or not too much of a howler.
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Full solidarity with #Iranians. It is their right to protest and they must decide where and against whom.

Protesters in Tehran have chanted calls for the resignation of officials, after Iran admitted it accidentally shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane.…
Relatives and friends of those who died held a vigil near the Amirkabir University of Technology on Saturday.

Videos uploaded to social media show a crowd gathered, with some chanting for their country's leaders to resign and calling officials "liars". #Iran
Condolences to all who lost loved ones in the downed plane.

And the Trump regime - especially that zealot Pompeo - should shut the fuck up.

This is about #Iranians exercising their right to protest. The US administration doesn’t give a flying fuck about them.
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#Thread: The World War III that the mainstream media had been screaming that President #Trump is about to start is over and it only lasted for 1 day...
Check out the summary below:

1- Iranian-backed militia fired rockets killing an American soldier and a few American contractors in Iraq.
2- Trump ordered a retaliation strike on the #Iranian-backed militia, killing at least 25 of them.
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How Dangerous is the Situation Between the U.S. and #Iran?

I joined @vali_nasr and @MicheleDDunne for a debate over Trump's decision to kill #IRGC-QF Cmdr Qasem #Soleimani, the fallout, and what will likely come next. Full episode video at the link:
@vali_nasr @MicheleDDunne The idea that the US lacked justification for taking out #Soleimani is bonkers. It's not even a matter of how imminent an attack is; it's all the American blood already on his hands. I explain 👇
#Iran #Iraq
@vali_nasr @MicheleDDunne As I explain, "we're at a point right now where most mainstream media in the US and the talking points among leading Democrats - including presidential candidates - are more pro-Iranian regime than the Iranian people are." #Iran #Iraq #Soleimani 👇
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(1/)Something has been on my mind since yesterday evening, so I’m going to ask if any of you have been thinking the same thing too.

I’ve noticed leadership in the Dems Party had to impeach
.@POTUS “because he’s a threat to national security.”
(2/)@SpeakerPelosi is still refuto send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

So is our .@POTUS a threat to our national security, or not?

It appears he isn’t that much of a threat, since .@SpeakerPelosi is holding onto them!
(3/)Now Iran is sabre rattling, doing what they do best, threatening to retaliate against the USA.

The Iranian Foreign Minister, ON
.@CNN, stated @POTUS “has been fed misinformation.”

I don’t believe that for a hot New York second!
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#Iran's Soleimani’s funeral: The hallmark of a theocratic propaganda machine
Taking sheer numbers for legitimacy is an insult to the people of Iran who bravely took part in #IranProtests &lost 1000s of their loved ones.…
1. According to #Iran's state-run media, millions of #Iranians attended the funeral of the regime’s top military commander in Tehran. They published pics of Soleimani’s funeral, saying sheer numbers proved ppl supported the regime and its chief terrorist.
2. Mainstream media were quick to push the regime’s agenda. What they fail to mention is the most fundamental feature of the current #Iranian state. It’s a theocracy & dictators are good at forcing the masses to attend propaganda gatherings.
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#Iran regime & MSM(@CNN @NYTimes @NBCNews) in the #US are portraying a criminal, a Child Killer &a war culprit in #Syria,#Iraq & a prime executioner in #Iran(#QassemSoleimani)as "revered"&N.Hero.
To MSM: Stop this dirty business. It's legitimizing the massacre of #IranProtesters Qassem Soleimani's criminal record.
@CNN @nytimes @NBCNews @IranNW @GiulioTerzi @iran_policy @STRUANSTEVENSON @USAdarFarsi @USAmbUN @StateDept @RichardGrenell @FoxNews @UNHumanRights Let's examine this here in the next few tweets. Is #Soleimani really a "hero" to #Iranians like what's being portrayed out of #Iran's state media, given the censorship,&lack of any freedom 4the ppl to show their true feelings?

@USAdarFarsi @foxnewsalert
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Future Proves Past @SecPompeo "..We didn't send pallets of cash to the #Iranians..we didn't create a deal which would have given them a clear path to develop Nuclear weapons" #Iran
👉Kerry traveled WW and meet with foreign heads of State some enemies of the US to undermine Potus
@SecPompeo #Soleimani helped plan the Benghazi attacks
“Soleimani was basically the Osama bin Laden of the Shiite world,” remarked Klein. “Iran is the largest state-sponsor of terrorism in the world, and Soleimani was the commander of that state-sponsor of terror #Iran
@SecPompeo #Soleimani behind the Benghazi massacre of American diplomats
Obama refused to deploy military
Pres. Trump, within hours, sent forces to Iraq, and now, taking out the terror commander who organized that assault on the American embassy #Iran…
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Qassem Soleimani was killed in an air strike by the #US in #Baghdad. Equivalent to Jiang Zemin in #China, Soleimani was a dominant figure in the military, politics and oil industry of #Iran. Most of his family reside in #HongKong, #Shanghai and #Beijing.
#China’s Bank of Kunlun was established by Soleimani family in collaboration with the #CCP. The actual #Chinese main shareholders are Jiang Zemin, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu (and Zhou Yongkang before jailed). Its asset has increased from $17 billion to $28 billion.
#Bank of Kunlun is a tool of #Iran’s Soleimani, Khamenei and the #CCP kleptocrats to launder money and evade the #US sanctions @robert_spalding @MischaEDM @WarrenPlatts @geoff_p_wade @DanRDimicco @Jkylebass @BenKTallmadge @IndoPac_Info @BoycottHegemony…
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1: The key here is the reaction of the people.

Most Iraqis don't like the Iranians and the Iranian influence. The anti govt protests there were against a govt controlled by the Iranians and against the Iranians themselves. The PMUs were the ones using snipers to shoot protesters
2: With regards to #Iran, this is a big event that can't go without retaliation. The situation can easily lead to a full scale war. Everybody in the region is now preparing for the eventuality of war.

If conflict starts, It'll be a regional war including Israel, Hezboallah, etc
3: Let's not even talk about the price of oil if conflict starts. This is the oil hub of the world & doesn't matter is a country is self sufficient in oil or not. Oil follows an international price. So if the fireworks go in big scale, oil will skyrocket & the economy 👎
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#Russia #Moscow #Spain #Madrid
What dose this say?

The #Iran forbidds his #chess player to travel to the championship in #Moscow. This latest spell by the #Iranian Ministry of #Sports is in response to an incident in mid-December during a tournament in #Spain.
Grandmasters Parham #Maghsoodloo and Amin #Tabatabaei had #played against an #Israeli #FIDE champion in a blitz tournament. Competition with #Israelis has been banned from #Iranian athletes for 36 years.
Now the best chess player of #Iran Alireza #Firouzja rejects this ban of the #Mullahs and wants to play in #Moskau under #FIDE flag. #IranProtests
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The frozen body of 14yr old border porter Farhard Khosravi was found today in the W province of Kurdistan #Iran. Farhad was forced to carry heavy loads on his back to make a meager living. The regime spends billions on its proxies while #Iranians live in poverty.
Large crowds gathered today in Marivan, W #Iran for Farhard Khosravi's funeral procession chanting, "martyrs don't die". They blame the #Iran regime for the 14yr old death's, forced to carry heavy loads on his back in freezing weather to make a meager living. #IranProtests
Locals gathered to bid farewell to 14 year old Farhad Khoravi in Marivan W #Iran chant "theIRGC is responsible for the death of border porters", who are forced to carry heavy loads on their backs to make a living. Many porters are shot & killed by the IRGC or die from accidents.
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Thread: Why nationwide #IranProtests will erupt again, more radicalized
1.There have been major nationwide protests around every decade in #Iran, each one more radicalized than the last. The Iranian regime has always had enemies from among the people due to its theocratic nature.
2. As a result, during the 1980’s, known as the dark era in terms of the blatant suppression of dissent, at least 30,000 political opponents of the clerical regime were executed in prisons across #Iran.The regime never announced the number of executed political prisoners.
3. Eleven years later, in 1999, a Tehran University student uprising was violently suppressed by security forces. More than 4 students were killed while hundreds were injured. In the aftermath of these incidents, more than 70 students disappeared. #IranProtests
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On Thanksgiving Day, #Iranians should thank God that @realDonaldTrump is the President of the United States.
If @POTUS and @SecPompeo had said anything in support of the coup, on the first day of the demonstrations, the #IRGC would have killed ...
… thousands more to make the #coup look wider & replace the #Iranian regime with the #MEK.
#RezaPahlavi would then have become the king, like the Queen of England!
Now that their fabricated coup has failed, the regime must arrest the real protesters.
And of course, the internet was shut down so that the leader of the #Restart_opposition could not turn the coup into a real demonstration like in Dec 2017-Jan 2018.
It is interesting to know that in January 2018, Restartees were changing the regime...
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What Explains Latest #BBC's Anti-#MEK Tirade in the Service of #Iran Mullahs…
#FakeNews #BlackListMOIS
#BBC has published an utterly bogus report on the Mujahedin-e Khalq (#MEK).In its entirety,it has rehashed the #Iranian regime’s threadbare,baseless &false allegations through the voices of 2notorious functionaries of #Iran's Ministry of Intelligence(#MOIS)#FakeNews
So outrageous is the scope of lies and distortion in this report that it raises an obvious question: What kind of a deal has the #Iranian regime offered to the #BBC to secure such an inexplicable and vulgar hit-piece? #FakeNews…
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A 29 year old poet, Hassan Heidari, died yesterday under suspicious circumstances in a hospital in the SW city of Ahvaz. Locals believe he was poisoned by the #Iran regime. Following his death, hundreds gathered in Ahvaz to demand answers. #IranProtests
29 year old Arab-Iranian poet, Hassan Heidari, killed under suspicious circumstances yesterday in the SW city of Ahvaz, reciting one of his poems. Locals say he was killed by the regime. #IranProtests
Following Hassan Heidari's death, locals in Ahvaz demonstrated in vast numbers chanting for "Ahvaz to rise up". Angry protesters obstructed the main roads in the city demanding answers on the death of the popular poet, detained last year by the regime for his poems. #IranProtests
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#Iran arrests more #Baha’I followers
The Ministry of Intelligence told the state-run Mehr News Agency (MNA) in Fars province that the detainees had been holding a Baha'i ceremony to celebrate the birthday of one of their faith's primary figures,...…
#MEK order to overshadow the annual Shiite event known as Arbaeen. (Arbaeen marks the 40th day following the death of Shiite's third Imam in the 7th century, in the city of Karbala, in #Iraq.)...…
#Iranfreedom #freeiran #MEK #Iran
...This is a ridiculous assertion. A person peacefully celebrating their holy days does not stop others from doing the same for their religion...…
#Iranfreedom #freeiran #MEK #Iran
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24. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
1 to 20. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
21. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
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1. @iran_policy respects freedoms of all #Iranian national minorities as stated in its finding constitution. #NCRI is built upon solidarity, therefore it does not hold the least interest of hurting this foundation.
#IranConferenceNYC opened this topic:
2. Ali Bahrami of Iranian Kurdistan Party (Khebat) at #IranConferenceNYC
He said, D only solution 4a #FreeIran is #IranRegimeChange
Khebat crosses out negotiations with religious dictatorship, believes unity is key among all Kurdish parties.
3. Farzin Hashemi, #NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee says thru sheer repression & terror mullahs try2 prevent flare-up of popular uprising in #Iran to stop spreads of explosive rage by compatriots in Kurdistan, Khuzestan, Baluchistan...

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