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Mar 24 18 tweets 6 min read
On Monday, we released a report showing that our counter-disinfo campaigns DO have a significant impact on the factual knowledge and opinions of Passive Information Consumers. 2/17… Who are Passive Information Consumers (PIC)? Pple who spend a lot of time online, but don't read news. @pewresearch estimates they are about 20% of US adults. @knightfdn 100 Million project shows that of people under 35 who didn't vote in 2016, 54% were PIC. 3/17
Jan 20 8 tweets 6 min read
Last night a #VotingRights bill died in the #Senate as two Democrats sided with Republicans against changing the #FILIBUSTER rules.

So what is a filibuster? Check out our #thread to find out the history of this controversial practice. You might be thinking of a #filibuster as a sweaty congressman holding the House hostage by talking for hours. That’s not really the case anymore.
Jan 19 8 tweets 5 min read
Don’t be fooled by bad actors who use #disinformation to scare you. Fight the #fear with #facts.
#Thread People have been spreading a false narrative that they are teaching #CRT to kids in school. In #reality CRT is a complicated theory created in law school. Way above the difficulty level of any k-12 curriculum.