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Things I hope Dems consider as we rush again into a #filibuster fight: #Abortion is still legal in 1/2 the states. Some Rs are pushing a *nationwide* ban. As we often have won't Dems need the filibuster in coming yrs to hold the line/protect access where women still have it? 1/10
Will it help to spend floor time on another doomed-to-fail plan to eliminate a tool which history shows we’ll need to stave off a nationwide ban? Will it help contrast the views of those who support-vs.-oppose abortion rights, or help Dems win competitive general elections? 2/10
To progressives complaining about the message of “elect more pro-choice Ds” b/c “we already did that”... we didn’t really. Our party *lost* 13 House seats in ’20 + some Sen. races we thought we’d win. We won the Senate but w/ an historic hair-thin majority built w/ mods. 3/10
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If Dems do manage to end the #filibuster, and then NOTHING is passed afterwards, will you vote for Dems in the midterms?
And if you hesitated for even a second before saying yes, then that's exactly why Dems won't end the filibuster.

Because if Dems end the filibuster, then their voters need to come out no matter what is blocked by senate procedure, stripped by the parliamentarian, etc.
What do I mean "if nothing is passed?"

Because there are a LOT of ways to prevent legislation from passing that aren't the filibuster.

The filibuster is the easiest to defeat, just need 60 votes.
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Last night a #VotingRights bill died in the #Senate as two Democrats sided with Republicans against changing the #FILIBUSTER rules.

So what is a filibuster? Check out our #thread to find out the history of this controversial practice.
You might be thinking of a #filibuster as a sweaty congressman holding the House hostage by talking for hours. That’s not really the case anymore.
Instead it’s more of a silent game of #political #chess.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/18/2022…
Euler’s 243-Year-Old ‘Impossible’ Puzzle Gets a Quantum Solution | Quanta Magazine…

#EncodedInformation, #QuantumMechanics, #EulerPuzzleSolution, #Mathematics
Transmission T-026: Eric Maskin on mechanism design for the market | Santa Fe Institute…

#MechanismDesign, #ExtraordinaryCircumstances, #ComplexityScience
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There is a moment in Season 4, Episode 8 of #TheCrown that explains the #VotingRights impasse. 1/ #MLKDay
In this e8, The Queen want to unite the Commonwealth to oppose Apartheid, but she must get the one holdout to sign on first—Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher won’t budge. 2/ #VotingRightsAct #thecrown
Round after round the Queen’s men bring her edited versions of the coalition’s statement. Each time she whips out her red pen sniping, “No. No. No.” 3/
#VotingRightsAct #thecrown
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1/ Dems are attempting to gut the Senate #filibuster rule—used for nearly 200 years to ensure bipartisanship & consensus-driven decision making—in order to force their federal takeover of elections into law via #HR4.

Lean more about the Dem power grab ⤵️…
2/ #HR4 is a grab-bag of liberal policies that would effectively abolish #voterID, subject states to crushing mandates & penalize them for cleaning up outdated voting procedures.

Their goal? Rig the system in Dems' favor & silence conservative voices to preserve their power.
3/ #HR4 would force states to seek permission from the federal gov't to pass/change their election laws—giving the Biden admin veto authority over laws they don't like.

In reality, it's never been easier for Americans of every voting group to register & vote than it is today,
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@DNC sent me an email asking me for info about myself-how often I want to hear from them!
My Response!
Why? So you can ignore anything I have to say while pressing me a Senior on a fixed income to donate more money? I have voted Dem for over 50yrs-never missed a vote!
I will continue to vote Democratic but to be honest I expect more from the @DNC Leadership than knee jerk reactions to everything-but hey do not ask my opinion about anything just keep asking me for money & when you can send me notifications of what our leaders decide to do.
whether we want it or not- By the way-when deciding to give away money to everyone across the board whether they need it or not - do Democrats not know how to do a #SlidingScaleForPayments?

@DNC I need my party to wake up and listen to us!
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Waiting for the Apocalypse: The Unnerving New Normal @ruthbenghiat… Keeping optimism alive means not falling for the crisis stories the Republicans churn out daily to delegitimize the Biden administration...@NormOrnstein @jennycohn1 @BrynnTannehill
,[false]depictions of the president as incompetent, and blaming him for global supply chain shortages, inflation, & rising crime, are gaining traction). It means being careful not to internalize the negative framing that even centrist,liberal media outlets use @MediaActSquad
One of @ruthbenghiat well-informed readers of her substack makes the following sensible points:"From my perspective, Biden's refusal to place his political capital behind hardening democracy is as key to his falling poll numbers as the media coverage..."
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The always prescient @BrynnTannehill, author of American Fascism, tells hard truths about democracy's end that most institutions, political leaders & media aren't willing to… @froomkin @NormOrnstein @Heidi_Cuda @jennycohn1 @TheBradBlog @sarahkendzior
In her book, she predicted that unless there were strong #votingrights laws, #filibuster reform,aggressive prosecution of Trump & his top cronies leading to prison then this authoritarian nightmare was almost certain to take place, starting in 2025. Is she wrong? @NormOrnstein
@stuartpstevens explains how the GOP became a white grievance party on @BulwarkOnline
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Of 15 #Republican candidates for Secretary of State (the office that oversees #elections), in 5 battleground states,

10 lack confidence in the 2020 results or flat-out claim it stolen.

Only 2 of 9 interviewed acknowledged #Biden as the legitimate winner.
In 2020, #Trump, and #GOP legislators, not only undermined trust in elections, with false claims repeatedly debunked, they told partisan state legislators to send electors for Trump in states where voters selected Biden; a blatant rejection of #democracy.
It was only laws, and honorable officials holding to those laws, that prevented the #coup from succeeding.

The GOP are not done. Those protections are only going to get weaker with time.
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If you listened solely to Democratic talking points & the so-called mainstream media, you would be convinced that America is a systemically racist & Republicans are hell bent on disenfranchising large swaths of voters. Both notions are patently false.
In fact, in 2021 it is easier to register and vote now than at any point in American history – no matter what color your skin is. This is a measure of progress of which we should all be proud.
Despite these facts, Dems in Congress have manufactured a myth of widespread voter suppression to impose a federal takeover of elections via #HR4, the #JohnLewisVotingRights bill, introduced (and never passed) in the last Congress as #HR4.
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#BackToSchool#Filibuster” is a funny word. It rolls off the tongue surprisingly well for a blocking tactic! Its history is longer than you’d think.
Here’s a look at the filibuster, how it works and the current political firestorm over it.…
Unlike the House, the Senate places few constraints on lawmakers’ right to speak.
Senators can easily use the chamber’s rules to hinder or block votes. Collectively these procedural delays are called #filibusters. 2/20
Senate records say the term began appearing in the mid-19th century. The word comes from a Dutch term for “freebooter” and the Spanish “filibusteros” that were used to describe pirates. 3/20 #Filibuster #Pirates
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Divided Republicans reunite to mount defense of filibuster… While Democrats have struggled to unite members of their Senate caucus, especially their centrist holdouts, to get rid of the #filibuster, Republicans have been lockstep in opposing changes (1/5)
Conservative outside groups have been organizing overtly and covertly to counter Democratic pressure to gut the #filibuster. Heritage Action is targeting “constituencies of Democratic senators in which we have a very large footprint– Arizona, Georgia, West Virginia” (2/5)
Americans for Prosperity, another outside group, funded by Charles #Koch, has launched a six-figure ad campaign focused on Manchin and Sinema (3/5)
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Today over 350 scholars of the filibuster, the Senate, and American democracy—including a dozen Pulitzer Prize winners—sent a letter to U.S. senators calling for filibuster reform. See the letter here, and read our thread below 🧵⬇️…
The letter argues that the Framers of the Constitution explicitly rejected supermajority thresholds for regular legislation in the wake of the Articles of Confederation, “which prescribed a supermajority for a variety of federal actions” and led to paralyzing gridlock.
As Alexander Hamilton warned in Federalist No. 22, minority vetoes in Congress would “destroy the energy of the government” by keeping it in “a state of inaction.”
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New AFP-NH ad, grassroots campaign urges Hassan to ‘keep her word’ on filibuster… Americans for Prosperity is targeting New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan to oppose changing the #filibuster rule (1 of 4 )
Americans for Prosperity this week is unveiling a six-figure social media and radio ad campaign – coupled with a grassroots effort – urging “select senators” to oppose the push by Democratic Senate leaders to do away with the 60-vote #filibuster rule. #KochNetwork (2 of 4) Image
The ads link to a web page urging visitors to sign a letter that says: “Dear Senator Hassan: Do not end the #filibuster." Reform is a “partisan tactic to make it easier to ram through one-sided legislation” and “increase partisanship and division …”(3of4)… Image
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.@SenatorSinema is doubling down on her support of the #filibuster in emails to constituents today. 🧵
At the same time Sinema argues that she cares more about process than policies that help people or restoring our democracy for the people, the Arizona legislature leads the nation in proposed voter suppression bills.…
And it's a crisis. "Some of the 19 proposals would limit or eliminate no-excuse absentee ballots, make it harder to obtain an absentee ballot, impose stricter ID requirements and even give the legislature the right to pick presidential electors despite election results."
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/04/2020…
Study blows 'greenhouse theory out of the water'…

#ClimateChange #greenhouse
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What a discussion as we began "Part 3: How To Make America A Democracy Again" of @danpfeiffer's "Un-Trumping America" on Monday night.

Follow along for a recap, but if tl/dr, sign up for our final week: #BookClub #Democrats #Grassroots
Q1: “The best way to fix our elections is to win more elections at the state & local levels.” What state/local candidate are you providing #grassroots support to?

A1: @katejbolz, @ACampaNajjar & @CharlieCrist were mentioned.
A1 (cont): Some of our #BookClub members have joined us for #PostcardsToVoters. You too can support candidates like @candacefor24, @ChristinePMarsh, @BrendanTJohnson & more. #Grassroots #Democrats

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