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Dec 12, 2023 • 16 tweets • 6 min read
PRYZM public testnet is now live,

Best way to stay positioned here 👇

Wallet: Keplr
Chain: PRYZM

Reward: possible #Airdrop

A short simple 🧵 {retweet for others to see} Image @Pryzm_Zone is a Layer-1 built for yield tokenization & trading. LSDs, yield tokenisation, liquid governance powers, yield DEX, TWAMM, Proof of Liquidity & more
Jul 20, 2023 • 5 tweets • 3 min read
Supra Airdrop is not what you should miss 🥂

You will get 1500 $SUPRA Instantly For All Users

Zero hype with huge airdrop expectation

Total funding: about $15m

How to qualify 🧵 Image Let go straight to the point :

🥂 open the link above
🥂 Get Started
🥂 Sign Up & Verify Email
🥂 start kyc and finish it in less than a minute
🥂 Click ‘Lets Go’ & Next
🥂 click the three line at the to locate Start Mission


May 4, 2023 • 7 tweets • 4 min read
Use 1min of your time to join @officialloozr early supporters and drop your address which will qualify you for posible drop


Complete step by step guide on how to create account is here

A 🧵 retweet for others to see Image @officialloozr is a Social music streaming platform that allows everyone to #Listen2Earn per second, trade, invest in artistes & music tokens ☘️ 💿

Let go straight to the point 👇 Image
May 4, 2023 • 21 tweets • 10 min read
A Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Interact On @soonswap Incentivized Testnet

#Note 📝 you have limited time testnet ending on "8/May"

This guide cover all the task you need to perform to qualify for Drop


A 🧵 retweet for others to see Image @soonswap is first NFT marketplace with Limit order & AMM pool model & Farm to enable more #NFTs to circulate in real-time

Rewards? All I will say is don't fade ✍️t
Apr 5, 2023 • 9 tweets • 6 min read
A tutorial on How to and all you need to know to go about the @poseiswap testnet.

Potential #Airdrop confirmed.

At the end make sure you fill participants form

A Thread 🧵 retweet for others to see tag friends to see as well Poseiswap is Building 1st #DEX on @nautilus_chain
Built to provide the best trading and liquidity provision experience for user s and project developers
Apr 4, 2023 • 10 tweets • 9 min read
If you are holding $lens ID use 3 minutes of your time

to go through this guide on how to get @t2wrld [#t2 World] Early Role & Whitelist

To be eligible for posible future #Airdrop

This is to prevent your lens ID

A 🧵 don't be stingy tag friends & retweet for others to see @t2wrld is decentralized social network around reading and writing. Sign the Future of Social Manifesto with your voice. Building on @LensProtocol

Presently there is Early Role opportunity given to $lens ID holder

To claim yours follow guide bellow 👇
Apr 4, 2023 • 19 tweets • 13 min read
A must not miss this 📢 Don't fade 📢

This is complete step on how to claim your #web3 #AIMail

🚀 @Dmailofficial Free Mint event for BAB
@binance & @SpaceIDProtocol Holders on Dappbay is still ongoing!

A 🧵 retweet for others to see

#Airdrop? won't say more than potential 🤭 I will advice you to use new wallet if you just want to claim your BAB token

And you can use new browser if you want to import your Binance Defi wallet into metamask extension

There are numerous browser you can use
Like [brave browser,kiwi browser,mises browser,carbon browser]
Apr 2, 2023 • 5 tweets • 2 min read
GM guys

I brought this to you guys to make work more easier for you

A 🧵 retweet for others

If you are encountering difficulties setting up an Alchemy Account to claim gETH faucet from for most Testnets, there are alternative options available such as try these 3 alternatives;
1. - Drips 0.2 daily.… - Links to other goerli faucets
Apr 2, 2023 • 14 tweets • 9 min read
We have to complete what we started

Third phase of Nahmii 3.0 testnet is here

These is complete Step-By-Step on how to perform the #testnet

#Airdrop confirmed

A 🧵 If you have been following me since you must have done first and second testnet 🥂

If not you can still do that check bellow before we proceed on #testnet 3.0 👇
Mar 23, 2023 • 9 tweets • 7 min read
Register For @tocen__ Private Beta Testnet

_Don't fade

Don't forget to tag your friends.

A 🧵 RT for others to see and on tweet 🔔 for more of this @tocen__ is Building New-generation Launchpad on @SuiNetwork

So we will need either martian or sui wallet to do this

To get this wallet we have to download it on our browser extension I am using @Mises001 browser to download my wallet

If you are new to @Mises001 browser 👇
Mar 23, 2023 • 9 tweets • 5 min read
A must read 📚

You are still looking for posible way to get .lens?

This is guide on how to qualify for phaver frens

Note you need minimum of 1000 @phaverapp
Point to do this

🥂 Which can later qualify you for lens protocol handle

A 🧵 □ To start open first open your phaver account

🥂 Go to your phaver page and search for FRENS APPLICATION and select
Mar 23, 2023 • 10 tweets • 7 min read
A must do this 👌 this will take you less than 1 min

A step-by-step guide on how to register for ALEX Bridge Incentivized Testnet Whitelist

#Airdrop confirmed 👌

A thread @ALEXLabBTC is Building platform where 🌉 A Bridge between Ethereum <> Bitcoin can be done

ALEX Bridge: All Roads Lead to #Bitcoin   🚀

Bringing Bitcoin value to the multi chain beginning with USDT on ETH <> sUSDT on ALEX

Mar 23, 2023 • 16 tweets • 10 min read
A complete Step-By-Step guide on how tp partake in @SFTProtocol #Testnet and how to qualify for the upcoming $SFT Airdrop.


A Thread 🧵 SFT acts as a voucher token that represents your staked assets and staking rewards attached.
SFT protocol entire ecosystem is built surrounding SFT enabling liquid staking to function.
Stake your tokens and receive SFT in return.
Learn More

There is plan for #Airdrop
Mar 21, 2023 • 11 tweets • 9 min read
Step-By-Step guide on how to perform @PheasantSwap #Testnet

$PST #Airdrop confirmed.

Don't Fade this 😮‍💨

In the form there is requirement to fill in address holding BAB TOKEN ✨️

Also there is guide on how to get that in the thread 🥂

A thread 🧵 retweet for other to see Image @PheasantSwap Is Building a trustworthy Decentralized Exchange on #ENUS

📝 $PST Airdrop Confirmed

To do this testnet I will use @Mises001 browser i.e I will download metamask on my mises browser

If you want to use mises browser with me
Follow bellow guide
Mar 20, 2023 • 10 tweets • 8 min read
Do this testnet under 10 min

Complete Step-By-Step on how to perform
#Testnet on @QuasarFi

Mainnet is so near which is 23rd of March let just try it out

#Airdrop confirmed
Ending soon,may be 4 days left

A thread 🧵 RT for others to see and on tweet 🔔 for more of this @Quasar is a decentralized appchain enabling interchain digital asset management.

🥂 Note @QuasarFi raise approximately $11m

🥂 Source of the information is here :-…

🥂 team promise airdrop for those who participate in #Testnet
Mar 20, 2023 • 9 tweets • 5 min read
Don't tell me that you are not aware that #SocialFi might toke over soon

I guess you will not like to Fade

That is why you need to take @phaverapp and other #SocialFi built on @LensProtocol serious

If you don't have account before follow the thread to get started

A 🧵 Before we start note this
These are things you need to do to be well positioned all the guide is bellow

□ How to get started

□ How to upgrade to stage 2

Know more about phaver below
Mar 19, 2023 • 20 tweets • 15 min read
Complete Step-By-Step on how to perform @Nahmii_io #Testnet

#Airdrop confirmed

□ New task are
🔷Deploy an ERC-721 Contract
🔷Mint your NFT
🔷Transfer the NFT on Nahmii network

A thread 🧵 RT for others to see and on tweet 🔔 for more of this ---Let continue from where we stop

If you could remember that our last task is Deposit and withdraw test ETH into Nahmii 3.0

Now follow me ✍️
Mar 19, 2023 • 4 tweets • 8 min read
Community is everything ❤️ I can never let you guys down

🎁Testnet Wl GIVEAWAY🎁

For those who missed out,
30WL to 30 lucky winners

Draw in 24hours |

▪️Follow @Samtopexchangeand @WhiteholeFi { on 🔔}
▪️RT&Like 🤍🖤
▪️Tag 3 frens

#whiteholefi #arbitrum #giveaway Image Winners 🏆
• @MaiFeelz
• @cryptosdave
• @Roxbic
• @Nmeso1234
• @OlRifat
• @jerryjaywale
• @Nitishsutar3
• @kabakud
• @AgataLarenz

Dm with you EVM address {metamask address} now

Mar 18, 2023 • 9 tweets • 5 min read
This is to inform you guys that

@zetablockchain Incentivized Testnet for Validators application form is out

I will guide you on how you can apply for Validator

#Airdrop confirmed Image Check the picture bellow to see the quality they want

Phases for this testnet includes the following:

Phase 1: Validator setup and network genesis.
Phase 2: Stress and scenario testing.
Phase 3: Security-focused battle-testing.
Phase 4: Maintenance and long-term testnet plani Image
Mar 9, 2023 • 8 tweets • 5 min read
You need to take this serious

#Airdrop is around the conner

You have to mint NFT on testnet to be positioned well {just like Aptos did}

Step by step guide on how to mint this #NFT

If you are using an iPhone this guide get you covered 😉

#Airdrop confirmed

A 🧵 □ Add RPC in your wallet first
🥂 setting

□ Details

Network name:Genesys Testnet
Network URL:
Chain ID:42440
Currency symbol: GSYS
Block explorer URL:
Mar 9, 2023 • 17 tweets • 12 min read
Today I will walk you through how to participate in @PantosIO

@PantosIO Raised a total of 🔥 $546M 🔥 in funding over 6 rounds

A must do this

🥂 No barrier for iphone [iOS] user

A Thread 🧵
#testnet is the first multi-blockchain token system by @bitpanda

💰 Rewards: 1% of tokens are allocated for airdrop
⏱ Time to complete: ~5-10 min

Let just go straight to the point 👌

#Testnet ✍️

□ I am using @Mises001 browser for this testnet