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Introducing opBNB, The newest layer 2 solution.

👉 Game changer for blockchain based Games!

👉Powered by $OP, backed by #Binance

👉 Live on Testnet!

will there be a token & an airdrop? 🤷‍♂️

Learn about opBNB & how you can engage with its testnet, A thread👇

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1/ Image

In this thread:

🔸What’s opBNB:
- How it works
- key features

🔸game changer for blockchain based games industry

🔸How to add opBNB network to metamask

🔸How to get faucet tokens

🔸3 Tasks u can do to engage with opBNB testnet:
- opBnb bridge
- bridging from orbiter

Official announcement from @BNBCHAIN of launching a Layer 2 solution named opBNB:
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New interaction on Base by Mean Finance

@mean_fi is the state-of-the-art DCA open protocol

💎 Rewards: potential airdrop
💲 Cost: 0$
⏲ Estimated time: ~10 min

A step-by-step guide 🧵
#testnet #Base $MEAN Image
The project has hinted at a future AirDrop of $MEAN tokens, which will likely only be available to early users
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@BNBCHAIN recently revealed the introduction of #opBNB, a beta version of Ethereum-compatible Layer 2 solution for Optimism – opBNB🔶

🔆From June 19, #opBNB is available on the TestNet network. We can already test the bridge and install the node.

1 ⃣What is opBNB
2 ⃣How…… Image
1/ What is opBNB?

🔸 Merging Optimistic Rollup with ZK Rollup 📷 Enhance BNB chain's transaction processing efficiency and speed.

Ease of migration for developers and users, strong compatibility with current DApps.

Exploit metadata for cross-chain and metaverse……
Testnet has just launched, so there is a high probability that early users will receive rewards after the main network is launched

Official announcement
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🔶 BNB Chain announces the launch of their Layer 2 solution for Optimism – opBNB

🕐From June 19, #opBNB is available on the TestNet network.
We can already test the bridge and install the node.

Testnet activities might become some kind of airdrop criteria in the future 👇 Image

What is opBNB?

To put it simply, the new Layer 2 from Binance is designed to unleash the full potential of BNB Chain, and besides, it is worth mentioning the network fee - $ 0.0005 and performance - 4000 transactions / sec.

Testnet has just launched, so there is a high probability that early users will receive rewards after the main network is launched

Official announcement
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🧧✨ Week 7 Pro :
Linea Voyage - Social and Entertainment Week!

Clear and Short as this is clearly Incentivized 🫡

@LineaBuild is an innovative Layer 2 solution for Ethereum. A thread 🧵 -~#linea #testnet Image
⛳ Visit playlist :…

Select the Quest you want... Image
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🧧 Linea Voyage :: Week 7 Task
(I'm a First Class Citizen)

(Reward Potential)
Includes Hint on @zksync gitcoin

@LineaBuild is an innovative Layer 2 solution for Ethereum. A thread 🧵 -~#linea #testnet Image
In this week's guide, @LineaBuild clearly wants to eliminate the bots and this time, they've decided to use the @Galxe, @guildxyz and @gitcoinpassport Passport Image
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🪂Linea Voyage #5th Week Task, let's Participate in These Task and Earn Points For Future Benefits

🧵Let's Dive Into Below Thread

🔁Retweet &
💰Join Tg for Early #Airdrops -

#Airdrop #Testnet Image

💠 Go to Here:

🚨Complete All The Galxe Task And Earn 65 Points For Future Benefits

⏳Estimed Completation time : 8 Min Image

✅Follow These Below Steps:

1️⃣Hapi - Send Transactions, Investigate and Post: Create the L Letter!

💠Create Alternative 2 New Metamask Account
💠If You are Seeking for Testnet Eth Follow this Thread-

🔽🔽🔽 Image
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Airdrop ihtimali
@BuildOnBase Base ağındaki dexlerin yol haritasına bakınca Haziran ayında Mainnete geçeceği yazılıyor.

Ağ zaten hızlı, ağdaki tx sayımızı arttıralım. Bugün parçalşı şekilde kullandığım platformları yazacağım, eksikleri olanlar tamamlasın.
2/ goerli ağında faucet al base ağına köprüle buradan isim al, waitliste katıl. Detaylı bilgi alt floodda


Cloud Base Testnet

swap likidite farm pool stake vb. yap
Feedback ver Discord:

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For my Degens out there,

Meet the first-ever Web3-enabled platform that lets players at all levels challenge their peers in high-stakes prediction battles.

It's called @VisionProtocol and it's a game-changer.

Here's a detailed thread on it 🧵 Image
2/ Introduction

users can earn by predicting the movement of tokens price: including BTC, ETH & BNB

Players of all levels can challenge peers in high-reward prediction battles or customize and host their own predictive games for others to compete.
4/ Vision Protocol is hosting its Alpha Testnet with a $5,000 incentive. Categories:

1. Join and compete in Testnet Leaderboard
2. Content creator contest
3. Exclusive NFTs (airdrop potential?)
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🧧✨ Linea Week 4 Campaign

🏆 Reward Potential

@LineaBuild ✨: an innovative Layer 2 solution for Ethereum.

A thread 🧵 #linea #testnet Image
⛳Task ::
✨ Retweet
✨ Vote on Swag
✨ Watch Space on Youtube
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1/ Another day, another AIRDROP #27🪂

@SeiNetwork AIRDROP is confirmed🤑

There is not much time left, we only have 3 days left👇

Estimed time : 5 min
Cost : FREE ✅
Potential gain: $10,000 💰

Step-by-step guide to participate in all missions (#8 and #9)

*FREE NFT 👀 Image
2/ Yes, right now I'm only doing threads on SEI, and that's because we don't have much time left !

I understand that this may disturb some people, but don't worry, once all the SEI missions are done, we will tackle other protocols
3/ But what is SEI ?

SEI is a Layer 1 blockchain optimized for trading.

It provides the best infrastructure for DEXes and trading apps of all types.

SEI aims to solve the congestion issues that are prevalent across all Layer 1s and make it optimized for DEXes.
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Eğitim alanını NFT ekosistemi ve blockchain ile birleştirmeyi başaran @Edu3Labs 🪂

#testnet #airdrop 🪂

Proje ile görüştüm ve private testnet'e katılım hakkı elde ettim

Ödül havuzu 500.000 $

Yapmanız gerekenler +++

Bize özel formu doldurun… Image
Forma telegram, discord, twitter ve metamask adreslerinizi girin ve basit sosyal medya görevlerini yapın

Ödül havuzu yüksek ve private testnet linkler public olmadığı için değerli olabilir, o yüzden mutlaka formu doldurun

Testnet başladığında duyuru geçeceğim Image
Projenin erken aşamada Amazon Web Services'den 250.000 $ yatırım alması ve @CertiK denetimine başlanılması oldukça pozitif

Bu konuda gerekli linkleri aşağıya bıraktım…

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🧧✨ Week 3 : Linea voyage 👏
COMPLETE GUIDE (easy steps)
🏆 Reward Potential

@LineaBuild ✨: an innovative Layer 2 solution for Ethereum.

A thread 🧵 #linea #testnet Image
✨ Open galxe campaign
✨ Complete & Verify all tasks

⛳ Claimable Period
2023/05/16 14:00 - 2023/05/23 04:59 GMT+01:00
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A comprehensive Guide on how to go about the @dracula_fi ongoing Testnet and their NFT.

Potential #Airdrop, Snapshot on the 20th of this month.

A Thread

#DraculaFi #Testnet #YieldFarming Image
1/ In this thread, we'll dive into:

1️⃣ What is Dracula Finance?
2️⃣ A step-by-step guide to their testnet
3️⃣ The unique NFTs they offer 🎁

Deep Dive below
2/ 1️⃣ What is Dracula Finance?

@dracula_fi is not your ordinary #DeFi protocol. Built on the Zksync Era, it's reshaping yield farming with a unique model inspired by ve(3,3) - but with a twist! Increased rewards & stability are at the heart of this innovation. Image
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🪂Millions have been earned on $ARB $SUI, now it's time for #EigenLayer 💸

💰@eigenlayer Raised Almost 64.5M$ and Their Strategic Investors are Coinbase VC, Polygon Capital And So On🚀

🧵Let's Dive Into Detailed Thread to Know More🔥

Hit ❤️
🔁 Retweet &
Follow us for more💰 Image

🌀We Will Cover Up Some Things Here About EigenLayer:

1️⃣What is EigenLayer
2️⃣Funding Rounds Of EigenLayer
3️⃣Participate EigenLayer Liquid Restaking
4️⃣Join EigenLayer Discord

🧵Let's Dive Into Below Threads:

#testnet #airdrop #eigenlayer

1️⃣DYK: 🙅‍♂️

❓What is @eigenlayer?

✅EigenLayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that introduces restaking,a new primitive in cryptoeconomic security. EigenLayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that introduces restaking,a new primitive in cryptoeconomic security.

#testnet Image
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⚡️You won't miss Venom #airdrop opportunity. They recently announced $1B ecosystem found to support the dApps..

🎁 22% of $Venom supply are intended for the community. We can earn significant amount of #airdrop from here 👀

Let's see how can we do it 👇

LIKE RT ❣️ Image
1️⃣ What is #Venom ?

@VenomFoundation has introduced a groundbreaking blockchain technology featuring asynchronous dynamical sharding, which offers unparalleled scalability, enhanced security, and decentralized operations. Image
⚡️ Venom is building the first layer technology, licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market

✨ Creating a self-sustaining blockchain ecosystem is their primary objective. They have partnered with Iceberg Capital to establish a $1 billion venture fund known as Venom Ventures Fund Image
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🪂Testnet with airdrop possibility 🪂

🚨 Eigen Layer most funded and hyped project nova days so let's firstly dive into it Eigen Layer..👇

⏳Estimated time : 5min
💸 Cost : Free
🎁 Rewards : Potential

LIKE RT ❣️ Image
⚡️What is Eigen Layer?

EigenLayer is a protocol on Ethereum that allows users to restake their ETH or LST in smart contracts, extending cryptoeconomic security to multiple applications and earning more rewards. By using EigenLayer, Ethereum stakers can secure many services 👇 Image
⚡️simultaneously, which reduces costs and increases trust guarantees.EigenLayer solves the problem of fragmented security for new decentralized services on Ethereum, 👇 Image
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Projects have used these same lines and still ended up doing an Airdrop for it's community.

But not #SUI , the revolutionary L1 blockchain.

I will still be getting an airdrop on #SUI, @Suibug_ got me covered 🧵

A MUST READ ‼️ Image
Here's all I'll covered in this 10X thread :

1⃣ The #SUI "No Airdrop" Dilemma.

2⃣ Airdrops : A community Incentive.

3⃣ Welcome to Suibug.

4⃣ Suibug Airdrop plans

Let's get started👇.
1⃣ The #SUI "No Airdrop" Dilemma.


We were all shocked when the SUI team made true their early statements regarding airdrops as a form of community incentive.

#Sui $SUI #SuiCommunity Image
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🧧✨ PolyHedra X Galxe

✨ Reward Potential
(Earn Loyalty point ✍️)
Polyhedra is an infrastructure offerings using zero-knowledge proof technology to send assets between Web2 and Web3 systems.

A thread 🧵 -- #retroactive #testnet Image
Incase you may have forgotten,
@PolyhedraZK has raised $10M+ from Binance Labs, Polychain Capital, Kucoin Ventures & more Image
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1/10 CryptoWeek 19 Insights: 10 Key Points to Watch 🧐🌐 I'm back with my weekly guide to the crypto markets 🚀. Every Week I send an overview to almost 2 million subscribers on Here is a summary of the ten crucial points I'll be monitoring this week:
2/10 📈 BUSD selling may continue, pushing #BTC up. Watch for a possible price drop if BTC wells into TUSD. 📉
3/10 🔍 #Binance faces #DoJ scrutiny. Will this lead to criminal pursuit? Binance's move into #Bitcoin could hint at insider knowledge. 🤔
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@_zkSwap announce official testnet, follow guide and earn up to 5,000$

Don't miss your chance like $ARB and $SUI 👇🧵 Image
1/ Testnet $ETH

● Get Goerli $ETH in zkSwap discord
● Add zkSync Era Testnet network

zkSwap discord - "!faucet yourwallet" Image
2/ Bridge

Goerli ETH to zkSync Era Testnet

● Go to zkSync bridge & connect your wallet
● Select amount and Deposit
● Bridge Goerli ETH to zkSync Era Testnet Image
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Tusima Network Could be the Next Big Airdrop (+$3200) 🪂

Duration : 20 min
Cost: $0
Bonus: Free Mint
Confirmed : ✔

Let's see how to qualify for the Tusima Airdrop 👇🧵 Image
The concept of Tusima Network :

.@TusimaNetwork is a Layer 2 financial network with controllable privacy features, high TPS, and modular design.

It integrates zero-knowledge proof and homomorphic encryption technologies for on-chain data privacy protection.
The Airdrop Requirements :

Earn Tusima points :

⏤ Complete Tusima testnet tasks
⏤ Compete Zealy Quests…

Zealy XP will be converted to Tusima points at a 1:1 ratio.
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🧙‍♂️ Airdrop Strategy 🪂

Another great strategy to kill two🐦with one 🪨

🔹 @combonetworkio Airdrop & Cobee NFT Mint
🔹 Potential @PolyhedraZK Airdrop

A🧵| Like❤️, RT🔁 & Comment✍️

Make your position for the airdrop👇 Image
🚨𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐫: This is only for 𝐄𝐝𝐮𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐏𝐮𝐫𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐞s!

🔹Tweets are Non Financial Advice (𝐍𝐅𝐀)!
🔹Always 𝐃𝐘𝐎𝐑 before interacting with smart contracts.
🔹Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto!

🧪Table Of Contents:

🔹Tokenomics & Partners/Backers
🔹Cobee NFT Mint & $COMBO Airdrop
🔹Potential @PolyhedraZK Airdrop

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🪂Millions have been earned on $ARB, now it's time for @VenomFoundation

Let's dive into detailed thread🧵& perform all possible #Testnet tasks to be eligible for $Venom Airdrop🚀🚀

Hit ❤️Button
🔁 Retweet &

#Airdrops #Airdrop #VenomTestnet Image

DYK: 🙅‍♂️

❓What is @VenomFoundation😬

✅The Venom Foundation envisions a global economy where governments, businesses and consumers operate with vastly expanded transactional

🚀🚀Venom Foundation launches $1B fund for Web3 and blockchain😍😍

#Airdrop #Venom Image

1️⃣Venom Safely store, send, and receive tokens with our non-custodial wallet is now Launched🚀

💴Chrome Extension🔗

🚨Create Your Wallet and Save backup Key. Image
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