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🧙‍♂️ 𝗥𝗲𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗔𝗶𝗿𝗱𝗿𝗼𝗽 𝗦𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗴𝘆 - #𝟬𝟭 🪂

A new series for regular #DeFi degens for any retroactive airdrop!

- Speculation For Retrodrop
- Simple & Easy Strategies

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Lets deep dive in 👇 Image
🚨𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐫: This is only for 𝐄𝐝𝐮𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐏𝐮𝐫𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐞s!

🔹Tweets aren't financial advice (𝐍𝐅𝐀)!
🔹Always 𝐃𝐘𝐎𝐑 before interacting with smart contracts.
🔹Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto!

🧵1/17 Image
🧪Table Of Contents:

🔹Potential Projects for RAS-#01
🔹Will there be Airdrop or Not?
🔹Supported Chains
🔹Retroactive Airdrop Strategies
🔹Real example of this strategy

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I love good ponzis and there is one on #Arbitrum with high IQ mechanics, good team and an awesome design.

Keep reading and turn on the printoooor brrrr.
🥕 🧵 👇 Image
There is no better way to earn some Dollars than buying a good ponzi at the right time.

You will find following topics in this thread:

🥕Debase mechanics

Total supply 3,324,324,324,357
LP 55%
Presales 35%
Team 10%
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Just came across a game-changing project that introduce an innovative concept compared to current #DeFi protocols!

@Chibi_Fi & its #Chibiverse catching my eye today, just want to share some findings

A Thread about $BCARD🧵👇

#arbitrum $BCARD Image
1⃣ What is it?

@Chibi_Fi is an innovative #DeFi platform that aims to create a #DeFiVerse

It's like combining the best of #DeFi elements with the #Metaverse realm

Alright, this is like robot talking about technical side, right? I’ll ELI5 it for you Image
🔹@Chibi_Fi is like a magical world called #ChibiVerse, where you can do lots of things with your #Crypto & #NFTs

🔹It's kind of like a mix of the Sims game & Monopoly, where you can play games, hang out with friends & even try to grow your digital money
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Wombex @WombexFinance has been making significant strides in recent weeks, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of #DeFi

I witnessed that team has been very active since its launch on @arbitrum

A recap of the most important milestones till now 👇 Image
1⃣ New Pools Added

🔹On April 8th, @WombexFinance pools were added to @DeBankDeFi, followed by new pools & yields added to @DefiLlama on April 12th

🔹On the same day, #Wombex added $BOB, $Frax, $MAI, and $MIM pools to the #Arbitrum Dapp Image
2⃣ Increasing TVL

🔹Just a day later on April 9th, #Wombex joined #Arbitrum X @WombatExchange AMA on Twitter, which helped to increase its visibility

🔹By April 29th, #Wombex had passed a total of $70M TVL on its platform, indicating strong growth & adoption Image
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"Fuck, shitcoins are dying, what do I do?!"

Follow the money, pleb.

History always repeats - Meme money's already starting to flow back into DeFi.

But don't worry, you don't have to be a missoooor like always.

I've got my eyes on $ROOT @Root_Genesis - and you're early! 🧵 👇 Image
But before I tell you "WHAT" Root is, it's important that you understand "WHY" Root is...…
DeFi exists to provide free access to financial services, which is great right?

But the reality for inexperienced users is a minefield of complex game theory, varied UI/UX, and an inability to do everything in one place

Oh, and "Exploits".

I forgot about the "Exploits".
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6 reasons WHY @traderjoe_xyz is THE BEST #Avalanche DEX 🚀🚀

Take a deep dive into this groundbreaking DEX project and discover how it's changing the game 🧵 Image
1/ The power of the liquidity book has made Trader Joe one of the most efficient Dexes on Avalanche:
✅ Supports all tokens
✅ Configurable markets
✅ Fungible liquidity positions
✅ Volatility adjusted fee
✅ Compounding fees
2/ Liquidity Book lets you swap fully on-chain, with the best rates and zero slippage, thanks to the innovative discretized architecture

on #Avalanche #BNB #Arbitrum Image
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FIEF - the multichain protocol behind @fiefverse, has deployed to #Arbitrum and landed on the Trader Joe DEX.

With the approaching release of @FiefProtocol newest card battler - Glarbageddon - Liquidity Book will become the key source of liquidity for the $FIEF token. Image
What is @fiefverse?

Fief have been quietly building this bear market and have produced something truly special. Fiefverse is a vast, limitless voxel world.

Users can take charge of an avatar, explore across a number of immersive sub-worlds, engage in battles, trading and more. Image
What is $FIEF?

A multi-utility token with a fixed supply that is used as a currency within the sprawling Fiefverse.

The token can be staked to produce off-chain ‘influence points’ or spent on ecosystem items such as Land, Avatars, Breeding and in-game rewards. Image
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你在 #Aptos 上错过了1400美元,在 #Sui 上错过了2100美元,甚至在 #Arbitrum 上错过了4000美元,但现在可以弥补一下!!🎈

请仔细阅读下面的内容🧵 Image

@zksync 是一个 ZK rollup,它是一个无需信任的协议,利用密码学有效性证明在以太坊上提供可扩展和低成本的交易。

在现有的 Layer 2 扩容解决方案中,#zkSync 在安全性和可用性方面表现出色🔭 Image

@the_matter_labs 是 zkSync 的创建者,他们开发了一个旨在消除交互障碍的以太坊扩容 dApp。

他们的主要目标是降低加密货币支付的成本,并可用于扩展任意的智能合约⛓ Image
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New product - more utility given to Spartan NFT holders and $Sparta token.

@Spartadex_io introduced #SpartaPad - a launchpad feature on its ecosystem that helps new #Arbitrum projects approach #Arbinauts.

#DEX #Gamefi
Fundraising will include a pre-public round for #NFT holders and WL, where each NFT corresponds to a part of the allocation.

Currently, Spartan NFT is trading at a floor price of 0.13ETH on OpenSea.……
Additionally, SpartaDex has increased the $Sparta TGE on SHO Dao Maker to 30%.

This means the circulating supply of $Sparta is 5.3M Sparta at TGE. Image
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Sparta is not just a dex, but the whole ecosystem⚔️🛡️

And it's time to announce our 2nd product - SpartaPad, which gives huge utility to NFT holders and $SPARTA token!

Also, we've listened to our community and we'll implement minor changes to the tokenomics🧐

More info🧵👇 Image

SpartaPad - a launchpad on which you'll be able to grab an allocation in top #Arbitrum projects on the early stage is ready and being audited.

Our new product gives huge utility to both Revealed Spartans NFTs and $SPARTA token holders.

Each fundraising will have a dedicated, pre-public round only for NFT holders and WL, where each of the NFTs will translate into a part in the allocation 🔥
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🪂 LayerZero #Airdrop ile $20.000 kazanılabilir mi? 🪂

💰 Bazı arkadaşlarım #Arbitrum airdrop ile 20.000$ kazandı ve yaklaşık 650.000 cüzdan airdrop aldı

🚨 @LayerZero_Labs gelmiş geçmiş en büyük airdrop'u dağıtabilir! Hadi gelin neler yapabiliriz bir bakalım 👇

LIKE RT ❣️ Image
1️⃣ LayerZero Nedir ?

✨Layer Zero, DeFi'ye özel projelerin birlikte çalışabilirlik ve iletişim sorunlarını ortadan kaldırarak kullanıcılara daha iyi bir deneyim sunmayı hedefliyor

🚨 Binance ve Coinbase'in yer aldığı turda LayerZero, Toplam 263 Milyon Dolar Topladı! Image
2️⃣ Bridge

▪️ @StargateFinance bridge'i kullanın
▪️ $STG stake edin ve oylamaya katılın
▪️ Farklı zincirlede desteklenen coinleri stake edin

✨Köprü kullanmak dışında; Dao'ya katılmanın ve likidite eklemenin airdrop kriterleri olacağını düşünmüyorum, ama böyle söylentiler var! Image
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Beaucoup de choses ont changé récemment sur @ede_finance. Je souhaitais faire un thread pour tout résumer.

Voici donc le guide ultime pour @ede_finance et l'opportunité d'investissement qu'il représente
#arbitrum #perp Image

1️⃣ Vue d'ensemble
2️⃣ ELP
3️⃣ EUSD
4️⃣ EDE
5️⃣ EDET
6️⃣ Avis perso
1️⃣ Vue d'ensemble

@ede_finance est un dex perp qui permet de réaliser du trading avec levier.

Le projet est un fork modifié de GMX qui était d'abord exclusivement sur BNB puis qui est passé en début d'année sur Arbitrum. On va donc surtout se concentrer sur cette chaîne.
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A Mega Guide on the different ways to position for @LayerZero_Labs speculated airdrop 🪂

Strategy 1.0🚀🚀

Cost: 👇🏼
Mainnet: From $50 above

Time: According to your discretion

$ZRO #layerzero #Aidrop

A Thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣Bitcoin Bridge

The bridge enables users to transfer #bitcoin ($BTC.b) across supported EVM chains and the Aptos chain as well

Let's say we have just $50 Avax for these interactions. You can bridge or buy from #binance exchange
Don’t mind the price on some of the pics had some pics already on my device from my previous transactions

✨swap $Avax($20) to $BTC.b
✨Swap again (20$ worth) to $USDT on @traderjoe_xyz

leave the remaining $10 Avax for gas fees and miscellaneous use ImageImage
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𝗟𝗮𝘆𝗲𝗿 𝗭𝗲𝗿𝗼 - Low Cost

Not a thread that you have seen over & over again

A really optimized low cost strategy, with a little touch of alpha & above all, realistic
Stop believing that you can farm LayerZero with $15..

💲Cost : $50

#airdrop #airdrops Image
As for #zkSync, I am not selling you a dream...

This strategy will be effective to be eligible for a more modest airdrop in case #LayerZero makes a tier system like #Arbitrum

Tell me in comment if you are interested in a top tier 🏆 but more expensive strategy 💸
What are we going to do in this thread :

▫️Buy $STG - Stargate Tokens
▫️Stake them to get eligible in snapshots
▫️Setup e-mail notification to not miss any vote
▫️Make a bridge loop to use at least 6 different blockchains
▫️Continue to make bridges over time at a lower cost Image
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Liquid staking has been one of the best performing sectors in the crypto space🔥

Among these, protocols such as @WombatExchange offers the best real yield opportunities ( 10%+ APR) for LSDs like wBETH and frxETH.

Here’s thread on the future of LSD yield farming🧵
$WOM $BNB $ETH Image
2/ In case you missed my previous thread about LSDs, where I introduced popular LSD protocols like @staderlabs and @BenqiFinance, don't worry! You can catch up right here:

3/ So, what exactly is @WombatExchange ?

It's a Multichain StableSwap protocol powered by $BNB and #Arbitrum. 🔥

Here, users can deposit, swap, and farm using pegged assets like Stablecoins and LSD tokens. ✅

Now, let's dive into the LSD opportunities on Wombat👇
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Here we go, today i will introduce you in this thread about @mayfairfund launching on 22 May 👇🏻 Letssss checkkk this out ImageImage
1. What is MayFair

Mayfair is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that governs a set of tokenized investment funds and leverage to them, bringing a new class of investment products to the DeFi ecosystem.
DEX Traded Funds are a group of pre-chosen underlying assets representing a wide range of themes and narratives of DeFi. Each DTF offers investors and traders alike the chance to invest, long or short sector funds offered by Mayfair while also earning yield.
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Balaji asked, "What are you bullish on for 2023?" on the last day of 2022.

Here's what Vitalik replied 👇🏻

Curious about #EIP4844 and why it's a big deal?
We've heard it a million times:

Visa is lightning fast, but #Ethereum struggles at 11-15 TPS.

Rollups like #arbitrum and #OptimismFND provide relief, but they can be pricey at times.
But why are rollups pricey? What drives the cost?

It all boils down to data storage.

Approximately 90% of transaction costs are allocated to it. 🤯

Here's the scoop...
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Magpiexyz created their new product @Penpiexyz_io has recently received massive support from pendle_fi

It's not your average DeFi integration.

Revolutionize how you enjoy DeFi with more flexibility & maximization than ever before.

Ready to explore? This thread's for you 👇🏼🧵 Image
2/ In this thread, I'll cover:

- Introducing Penpie
- Pendle Finance
- Pendle's veToken Model
- Pendle Rush
- PNP Token
- Conclusion

Let's Start!
3/ Introducing Penpie

Penpie is the secret sauce that fuels the growth of Pendle Finance and its ecosystem. As part of Pendle's offering, Magpie extends its reach and amplifies its benefits for DeFi enthusiasts everywhere.
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⚡️Does investing in $ARB coins in the stock market result in your money eroding due to inflation? READ!! 😎


▸9% APR
▸No impermanent loss risk
▸No lock-in period

💰Like, retweet, and recommend it to your friends. Sharing knowledge leads to growth.

1/ Image
✨What is @PlutusDAO_io?

Plutus is a liquid staking platform built on #Arbitrum and it currently has a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $14 million. $10 million of this TVL is attributed to $ARB liquid staking.

2/ ImageImage
What Should We Do To Earn Passive Income With $ARB?

👉Go to

👉Convert $ARB to $plsARB

👉plsARB contract if you wish the see on wallet

3/ Image
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@Entanglefi is the first Cross-Chain Protocol utilising Synthetic Derivatives to solve DeFi liquidity problems across blockchain networks

An #airdrop is confirmed for whitlisted testnet users. Good news, I have some WL for you 👇

#airdrops Image
Entangle testnet is public, but to not dilute rewards, only WL people will receive an airdrop.

Very few WLs are available, but I have 20 spots for you 😁

🎁 I will draw among people who :
1️⃣ Like & RT first post of this thread
2️⃣ Drop wallet address in comment

💠 What is @Entanglefi ?

It's a protocol that allows you to earn CrossChain Liquidity Rewards & Borrow Stablecoins Simultaneously

Entangle allows user to gain exposure to high APY stablecoin & crypto LP yields across multi chains, without bridging funds or switching network Image
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We all know that the major problem with providing Liquidity in #DeFi is the issue of IMPERMANENT LOSS.

Well, I came across a DeFi project that aims to SOLVE THIS ISSUE finally @Belugadex

Let's take a deep dive👇👇

A Thread 🧵🐬 #Web3 #Crypto Image
We will be covering...

🐬-What is Beluga Protocol?
🐬-Safety & Audit
🐬-Official links
🐬 -Conclusion

Let's dive right in 🤝

💦NAME; Beluga Protocol (or Beluga)

💦PRODUCT; @Belugadex

Beluga is an ecosystem of DeFi products built on #Solana, #Arbitrum and other #EVM chains with the goal of simplifying DeFi and a focus on excellent customer experience.
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🔥 The simplest, most effective, and cost-saving @zksync #Airdrop Strategy

▪️ Have you gone through too many steps❓
▪️ Have you incurred excessive gas fees❓

🪂 This thread for you, save it now 🧵👇
#zkSync #zkSyncEra Image
🎯 We liken this strategy to hitting multiple targets with a single arrow:

▪️ @HoldstationW
▪️ @syncswap
▪️ @zksync
▪️ @Orbiter_Finance
(All confirmed will #Airdrop)

Let's go 🚀
Step 1⃣

▪️ Download @HoldstationW for your device

💢 Why is @HoldstationW ❓ You will soon know the reason in the next step
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@GNDProtocol is a project that gives its investors #RealYield

In 3 weeks from launching on #Arbitrum they have amassed 31M in TVL

And their $GND token is up 6x from launch

But how exactly does it all work? 🧵👇 Image
At the core of the protocol sits $gmUSD an algorithmic yield-bearing stablecoin

gmUSD is fully backed by $gmdUSDC and $gDAI from #Arbitrum heavyweights @GMDprotocol and @GainsNetwork_io

And is expected to produce 15-25% APY

👇 Image
To maintain the peg GND Protocol uses minting and redemption arbitrage through the PSALM (Protocol Smart Arbitrage Leveraging Mechanism)

But the difference here is only GND Protocol can mint and redeem

All profits from arbitrage go to the protocol and benefit investors

👇 Image
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Testnet by SpartaDex on Arbitrum with confirmed airdrop

@Spartadex_io is the first gamified DEX on #Arbitrum

💰 Rewards: 2% of tokens are allocated for airdrop (50%TGE + 3m linear vesting)

What to do? 🧵 Image
SpartaDex also plans to launch on DAO MAKER

More details here 👇🏻…
Here we go!
- Go to Galxe, connect your wallet and social networks…
- Complete the tasks and claim OAT Image
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