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🎁 Goal3 launch gasless experience

Beyond sports betting aspect, as an #airdrop hunter, it can be a very good way to increase your activity on #zksync 🪂 without spending money

To celebrate this, Goal3 offer us a $1000 #Giveaway 💰

How to participate :

@Goal3_xyz Winners 1 to 10🏆


Comment this tweet with your wallet address and tag @Goal3_xyz

@Goal3_xyz Winners 11 to 20 🏆

Comment this tweet with your wallet address and tag @Goal3_xyz

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For months, I've been showcasing new, amazing artists that deserve recognition right here on Twitter.
We've built a fantastic network of artists across Ether and Bitcoin.

Now, we're about to take it up a notch...

#ArtOnBlockchain #brc20…
We're venturing into the Bitcoin blockchain to introduce a new BRC-20 token, crafted to highlight these phenomenal artists, especially those creating ordinals. 🎭🖌️
#BlockchainArt #ordinals #BRC20
3/5 Introducing, the Artist Launchpad! 🎊

Get ready to earn extraordinary rewards just by holding this token! #CryptoRewards
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⚡MIYAKO- 都 Edition
We will build strong, solid and borderless community.
✅MINT Details
Supply: 650
Price: TBA
Chain: ETH
Mint Day: 28th June JST 22:00
⏰In 48H, you have opportunities to get OG🎉
Not company, Not DAO. We are CLOSEPA.
Through NFT, we aim to "Build a society full of opportunities" instead of "Donation only".
2⃣Unique founder
3⃣10 new businesses
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@Entanglefi is the first Cross-Chain Protocol utilising Synthetic Derivatives to solve DeFi liquidity problems across blockchain networks

An #airdrop is confirmed for whitlisted testnet users. Good news, I have some WL for you 👇

#airdrops Image
Entangle testnet is public, but to not dilute rewards, only WL people will receive an airdrop.

Very few WLs are available, but I have 20 spots for you 😁

🎁 I will draw among people who :
1️⃣ Like & RT first post of this thread
2️⃣ Drop wallet address in comment

💠 What is @Entanglefi ?

It's a protocol that allows you to earn CrossChain Liquidity Rewards & Borrow Stablecoins Simultaneously

Entangle allows user to gain exposure to high APY stablecoin & crypto LP yields across multi chains, without bridging funds or switching network Image
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Stargaze Marketplace 1-year anniversary 🎉

Total Marketplace Volume: $5,375,266.45
Sales: 165,465
NFT Buyers: 19,762
Creator Royalty Earnings: $357,865

To celebrate: Bad Kid #giveaway 👁️
(RT + comment your Stargaze Name). 1 winner. 24H.

$STARS Image
Stargaze Marketplace Revenue

Cumulative Revenue (Fair Burned): $110,082
Stakers earn real yield from half of the marketplace revenue. Image
We're only getting started. Here's what's next for Marketplace:

- Live Auctions
- Bundles
- $stSTARS / $qSTARS support
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🪂 @BNBTurbo Airdrop Campaign

🏆Prize pool: 6.9 billions #TURBOAI ~ 50.000 USD
🐸Winners: Top 5000 rankings


Snapshot: May 26, 12 PM UTC
Distribution: May 28, 12 PM UTC

#BNBChain #BNBTurbo #Turbo #TurboAI #Giveaway $TURBO #Airdrop #PinkSale Image
Token Airdrop allocation on Tiers:
🥇 Rank 1-500 (30%)
🥈 Rank 501-1500 (35%)
🥉 Rank 1501-3000 (25%)
🥜 Rank 3001-5000 (10%)

#Memecoins #MemeCoinSeason #MemeSeason #BNBTurbo #Turbo #TurboAI $TURBO #Airdrop #PinkSale #Giveaway
Whitelist Campaign for:
🐸Complete Zealy quests to get 500 WL spots and join @BNBTurbo Launchpad on Pinksale (KYC📃+Audit 🛡)

⚡️How to qualify? Be in Top 500 ranked on:… Image
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Hi Guys,

I just wrote you this thread about #StrikeX. It's a #RWA project & I'm going to tell you why I do believe @TradeStrikeBVI will be in the TOP 10 of #Cryptos.

So read through this thread and you'll have more info about potential of $STRX 🔥🔥🔥

❤️&RT Image
2/25 "Over the last two years here at #StrikeX, we have been methodically laying the foundations for an ecosystem capable of delivering the full potential of tokenised" #RWAs

👉 @TradeStrikeBVI
👉Stock Token Bridge
👉 StrikeXWallet ✅
👉 TradeX ✅
👉 Xchain
👉 $STRX ✅ Image
3/25 Introducing @TradeStrikeBVI - the 24/7 digital marketplace for any asset. TradeStrike is a revolutionary platform that combines the blockchain technology of a #cryptocurrency exchange with the intuitive design of a traditional stock trading platform. #RWA Image
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1/ announced free domain name to all those who got OG role during testnet
Time for a 🎁

Simple rules, not a sponsored #giveaway, no crappy farming engagement :

👉 RT & ❤️ that's it

In 24 hours I'll draw 5 people who can mint Starknet ID for free
Why this giveaway when I never do it?

I'm a big fan of #Starknet, unfortunately at the time of Starknet ID testnet I was not yet active on Twitter, so I couldn't share this strategy with you
Just a way to reward you for your support. I don't earn anything, I don't get paid 😉
A precision, it is a mint ⛏️

Winners will be able to get a free 💸 Starknet ID of their choice, but you will have to mint it yourself

If you have never used Starknet before, you will need a mainnet address and a few cents for the gas fees
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zkSync Era 主网已上线,目前大多是测试项目,支持主网项目很少,重点说下几个可主网交互项目。

下面是 #zksyncera 操作步骤


#Crypto #ETH #BTC #Airdrop #Testnet #NFT #Giveaway #Alpha
Network Name: zkSync Era Mainnet
Chain ID: 324
Currency Symbol: ETH
Block Explorer URL:

2)使用官方桥跨链至 Era网络

3)Mute @mute_io
Mute 的核心是一个 DeFi 平台,为所有基于zkSync 的协议构建流动性中心。


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#Crypto #ETH #BTC #Airdrop #Testnet #NFT #Giveaway #Alpha #作业笔记
@CyberConnectHQ (未发币)产品Link3,二期200x宝箱抽奖,目前市场几百U一个。另外每期还有10万碎片抽奖,市场也几U一个。
传说门 (填邀请码1.39倍加成:8q61Z2xk)

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Community is everything ❤️ I can never let you guys down

🎁Testnet Wl GIVEAWAY🎁

For those who missed out,
30WL to 30 lucky winners

Draw in 24hours |

▪️Follow @Samtopexchangeand @WhiteholeFi { on 🔔}
▪️RT&Like 🤍🖤
▪️Tag 3 frens

#whiteholefi #arbitrum #giveaway Image
Winners 🏆

Dm with you EVM address {metamask address} now

Winners 🏆

DM with your EVM address {metamask address}now
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1/📑 Weekendowe podsumowanie tygodnia nr 11.

👉 Zapraszam na podsumowanie wybranych wpisów z tego tygodnia.

🪂 W związku z #airdrop od #Arbitrum przedstawiam także miejsca, gdzie działam cyklicznie, aby powtórzyć podobną nagrodę!

Dodatkowe materiały:
3/📑 Ważne informacje co do przyszłości projektu @aztecnetwork - koniecznie się z tym zapoznajcie jeśli tu działaliście
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HOW TO GET @CeloOrg DOMAIN NAME (FREE) powered by @getmasafi

#GIVEAWAY ALSO(Will give the gas fee needed to claim)

Potential #Airdrop

A Short Thread 🧵
It is written on their site "Get rewards by using your passport in celo ecosystem" (coming soon)

With time we might get rewarded for doing some tasks, domain name might be a criteria, so we will just claim the domain name now, since it's free for now..
N.b:- for this, you will need small amount of CELO for gas fee( around 0.02 CELO)
You can get from exchanges, like binance, okx, kucoin etc.


You can follow me, and drop your wallet address in the comment section, will be sending to as much as i can🫂
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这次连续2个空投,让市场又焦虑了不少。不用去羡慕,接下来认真的做。接下来那些 zkSync、starknet、Scroll、L0、0L、Sui这些都会比较卷。下面给

#Crypto #ETH #BTC #Airdrop #Testnet #NFT #Giveaway #Alpha #L2 Image
1)Arbswap (@ArbswapOfficial
Arbswap 是 Arbitrum 上的自动做市商 (AMM) 和去中心化交易所 (DEX),它将通过为所有用户提供本地流动性选项来提高协议的采用率。

传送门 Image
thirdweb 是一个完整的 web3 开发框架
如果领不到 领完后 跨链
传送门 Image
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How I Recently Made A x10 $Profit 🏌️‍♂️

When it comes to #crypto, don’t invest after the hype has settled.

The early adopters dominate the market. Be the $early adopter.

If possible, #invest even before the hype becomes public

A 🧵, Like and RT for others🍷
#Crypto isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. It's a get-rich-early scheme. Your odds of success increase exponentially With When you enter the market.

Time is an investor's best #asset in cryptocurrency.

The early bird catches the worm.
#Core #Sui #Optimism #Arbitrum
The frictional costs of being an early adopter are high. More $USD are made

If you're already in the crypto world, take advantage of being early in building and scaling #projects.

Start early, Execute early, and you'll have a Greater potential to become $richer.
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To all the #bettingtwitter folks out there!

Introducing $BCB - Blockchain Bets which is a fully decentralised betting platform which includes tons of sports and live casino games

Bet, Earn, Repeat 🚀💯🤑🚀

Let's dive right in! @BCBerc20 Image
What is $BCB?

A decentralised gasless betting platform that offers a unique combination of sports betting, online casinos, and staking rewards to the users.

$BCB does not require any KYC verification, making it an easy and private platform for users to engage in online betting. Image
What do they offer?

A fully functional decentralized betting platform with tons of sports with the best odds.

There are different betting features like Asian Corner, 1X2, Over/Under goals, 1st Half Goal Line prediction etc..

Check it out ->

#ETH #bcb Image
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EPIC Cash Mega Thread👇

EPIC is scarce, scalable, private, fungible, censorship resistant P2P electronic cash.

EPIC Cash is 98% of #Bitcoin's DNA, updated with 2019 tech, and then some.

Find out why EPIC is the future of crypto.

#Giveaway in final tweet.

Let's go!🔥🚀

History & beginning

The first EPIC block was mined on 2nd Sept 2019

Like #BTC, EPIC had:

No Pre-Mine
No VC's
No Company

100% volunteer developed & driven

Why is this important? EPIC fails the Howey Test, meaning it is not a security under the SEC.

Scarce Asset

There will only ever be 21 million EPIC coins.

EPIC is therefore not only able to act as a private medium of exchange, but it is also a store of value - a vital function of money that most do not appreciate.
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🐄 We are thrilled to announce the @_HappyFarm_ x @LFGSwap overflow #IDO

📅 March 6th, 9:00 am - March 8th, 9:00 am UTC

😄 $HAPPY IDO allocation: 10,000,000
💎 Quota: 300 LFG -13,000 LFG
💰 Total raise: 3,000,000 $LFG
🍅 1 $LFG = 3.33 $HAPPY

👇 Threads…
😎What's fun with this #IDO?

♻️ Referal bonus design for you to earn extra $HAPPY rewards, refer your frens to earn together

👬 Increased quota to 26,000 $LFG after 5 invitations

👨‍🌾 IDO Yield Farming to grant you early access to farm $HAPPY, which is claimable upon listing
🤝 Help us spread the words little birds

🎁 #Giveaway 50 $HAPPY to 5 farmers

💗 Like, Rt, Follow @_HappyFarm_

✨ Join TG
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With 6 days remaining until @xPortalApp's release, I created a detailed thread outlining its features and my desired additions for the future.

It will also contain a #Giveaway because I want the info to reach as many people as possible to increase adoption together.

1/ What is #xPortal?

As an evolution of the #MaiarApp that we knew, xPortal is a true social portal that will notably introduce a messaging system and the possibility for users to create an avatar to interact in the various #metaverses while creating their own identity.
2/ How is #xPortal organized?


1⃣🏠Home TAB: Will have a few sections that aim to provide users with greater control over their digital assets:

💳The Wallet section: xPortal wallet will be non-hosted, giving you complete control over your assets.
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𝗦𝘄𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗲𝗱 𝗙𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲 ♾️

@SwappedFinance is the leading Automated Market Maker, Decentralized Exchange, Yield Farming and Staking on #Shardeum

( small OAT #giveaway at the end of thread, no financial value but unlock a role on Guild 🎁)

2/ I know that some people don't like Shardeum, because testnet often has bugs 💀

I tested again this protocol on the Liberty 2.X network before making this thread and everything works 😅

If needed, a little tuto to help you to pass your transactions 👇

3/ Swapped has not officially announce airdrop but using the DEX leader on a blockchain is essential in my opinion, just in case...

And I remind you that 5% of $SHM ( Shardeum tokens) supply is intended for #airdrops to the community 😏
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Chapter 1: A Fresh Start

(🧵/30) ImageImageImage
The only light of the night came from the moon and stars shining in the sky. The protagonist wandered aimlessly through the forest, consumed by rage and despondency. He was expelled from his kingdom for an offence he never committed: theft.

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( & airdrop strategy 🪂 )


@AvaultOmni is a one-stop omnichain yield platform that aims to help users to use Web3 Dapps easily, powered by #LayerZero_Labs

Build on #Arbitrum & #Astar network
2/ So we gonna see :

1️⃣ A quick presentation of Avault
2️⃣ How to claim Galxe #NFT 💰

🤚SPOILER: This project is not in testnet, to claim NFT, you will use your money and we don't know yet what to expect in return

However, you will get stablecoins, so the risk is very low ☺️
3/ 1️⃣ 𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙞𝙨 𝘼𝙫𝙖𝙪𝙡𝙩 ?

At the origin, Avault means Astar vault

Avault was a yield aggregator platform that provides DeFi users with automated compounding yields on @AstarNetwork
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🧵#Thread and #GIVEAWAY🎁
We have decided to offer you 5 #WL spots before the release of our #whitepaper :

You have to :
✅ Follow @PrometheusArbi
✅ RT + Like
✅Tag 2 Frens
✅Enable Notifications 🛎️

But first what is PROMETHEUS FINANCE ? 🧵🧵👇


#Arbitrum #Whitelist
Prometheus is an Auto-compound protocol with NFT ecosystem on #Arbitrum with many features : Dex, Loans, launchpad, P2E, Bets and DAO.

Phase 1⃣
- Prometheus provides a decentralized financial asset that pays users with a fixed compound interest sustainable formula

We focus on long-term sustainability, opting for a viable model with more modest returns rather than typical protocols that promise higher returns but will inevitably collapse.

Prometheus gives $PRMTS automatic staking and compounding features with interesting APY and daily ROI.
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The #Giveaway has been so successful that we've extended it until February 13th, midnight UTC, an exceptional move to accommodate your demands.

Thank you to the 10'000 Braavos users who have already created their subdomains!

Read more info here 👇 Image
As we believe that you deserve a better experience than a 0x072...be7, we offer Braavos users to register a subdomain for FREE until February 14th, midnight UTC✨

This new feature allows to support ‘.stark’ domains and is the result of our partnership with @Starknet_id 🎉
With your customized registered domain or subdomain instead of your address, you'll enjoy an intuitive experience when transferring funds and NFTs 🎊

Quickly register the domain you want before it becomes unavailable! ⚡️
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